ova and ova again


Favorite friendships: 「No.6」

↳ Inukashi and Shion

OVA 8 Gruvia Interactions:

Now that I have seen the OVA, here are a few things to look for on the Gruvia front:

- “Anime Gruvia”: a classic filler scene where Juvia gets heart-eyes and Gray gets creeped out.

-“Team Nor'easter”: when searching for the treasure, Gray, Juvia, and Wendy form a team. Gray and Juvia both get overzealous: Gray knocks a tree on himself and Juvia floods the forest.

-“Aww, Teamwork”: Gray digs up a piece of rubble and Juvia rinses it. Simple act of teamwork.

-“The Marshmallow”: Juvia roasts Gray a marshmallow, thrusts the stick at him, and he reacts. Then, he eats her little gift.

All in all, there’s not much to it for the Gruvia shippers. Granted, it might seem a little irritating to have the swooning Juvia/irritated Gray schtick now, but this is an OVA, filler material, and pre-timeskip. I look forward to watching the OVA again with subs.