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  • me: (sits in bed and stares up at the ceiling)
  • me: (remembers that in the 1996 Sonic OVA, Sonic jumped into a hole and risked death while attempting to save Metal Sonic, a character who spent a good quarter of the film beating the shit out of him, from falling into a pool of lava, and then Metal Sonic swatted his hand away, saying "There is only one Sonic", as he melts away in the lava, and Sonic cries out Metal's name in anguish. and then in the next scene, even though the world is saved, Sonic is visibly upset about what happened to Metal. this shows that even though Sonic can be rude, or egotistical, he is still an immensely compassionate character, and will drop anything to save anybody from danger, even those who have wronged him in the past. this is also shown with characters like Shadow and Knuckles. Sonic is willing to risk his life to help and save anybody in need, even if they have not been the kindest person to him. it is also listed in an official character profile that one of Sonic's dislikes is tears, which only furthers this. he never truly wishes harm or unhappiness on any person. Sonic may have a rather big ego, and can be a major dick on some occasions, but these flaws of his can never erase the fact that he has a big, kind heart)
  • me, crying: Ah,

Can we appreciate the twins being like this, especially Haru; that despite his and Aki’s unappreciative (and rather mean) gestures in S2 to their momonga squirrel, it’s canon that the twins are eternally grateful to dear Dadacha

bonus: they still care


 [Oo°_~( CONNICHI 2017 ! )~_°oO]
         >> Part 1 <<

CONVENTION TIME ( *3*)9 !!~  
I’ve been posting a bunch of photos/videos on Instagram these past days about it, now tumblr can see some photos too :D !

It is to say that this years Connichi Servamp meeting was amazing!!*^* many people attended, a greater variety of characters were there…
and of course funny things happened (*o*) !!
but I’ll just sum up how the day went ( from my perspective ) :

at first I was walking around with my family first, looking for merchandise and other stuff that might interest us ~
but ey, guess what, there was no Servamp Merch at all ;w;)b

After that I ran into the garden were the some friends found me >w>)9 ! At their regular place ServampCosplayer could leave their bags right there, and that’s also the place when we all gathered the other Cosplay later :D!
btw! dearest @kumaikoro sewed this one super cute Tsubaki foxy plush for me !! *3*) THANK YOU A HUNDRED TIMES AGAIN <3 ;///;;; !!

and after gaining a bunch of Servamp Cosplayer we started to play a game :D !
“ Who am I ? ” Servamp edition !
Simply, everyone was given a card of one Servamp character. For example me, I had the ‘inner Lawless’ ( now known as Pudding-Lawless  ).
Everyone knew I was him except me. The goal is just to find out who you are. 
So I was asking things like “ Am I a boy ? a vampire ? Do I belong to the good ones ? am I a THING ? ” etc, and so did everybody ~
It was very hilarious seeing all those desperate faces >:D

Right after that game we decided to do a photo shooting somewhere else in a park >w>)9!
but at first we went to a playground were we, as serious and responsible adults, played there like tiny children xD no seriously, sometimes there were 5 people on the seesaw or Mikuni and Tsurugi sitting on one swing seat.
serious Cosplayer of a series with deep deeeep dark stories or other events such as betrayal and murder, affecting
innocent people’s life…. now playing on a children’s playground =v=)b

Cosplayer :
Freya - @anubisbride
Tsurugi -
C3 Mikuni -
Snow Lilly - @melancholydisaster
Abel @Kasu_Cookie ( Instagram )
Guildenstern - @darocosplay
Lawless -
@rhomilch / @servampfanarts
Licht : Rhomi’s sister
Kuro - @sleepy_Kuro_Servamp_Ash / tired_Shiro ( Instagram )
Sakuya’s sister : MEEEEEE

idk the rest ( - some of them in part 2 : the other Kuro, Rayscent Crazyrabbit, Tsubaki, the other Lawless, Licht, Mahiru.. ) ;w;
 if one does know their social media names then don’t hesitate to let me know =v=)/ !

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Hey uh, what do you think about the drawing style of the rohan ova? I cant pinpoint whats exactly happened but i dont like it? Everyone looks too bulky when they shouldnt??? Maybe its those lips??????? Or their faces are too big?????