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helloo~ i just finished watching the anime which made me ajdsbsidb and i wanted to read the manga. but im a bit confused, is the 'wan!' is also the light novel series? and where should i also start reading?

Hello! Glad you enjoyed the anime~! Hope this quick list will help:

To clarify, BSD Wan! is just a spin-off that has nothing to do with the canon timeline. One could argue that the anime’s timeline also slightly diverges from the manga/light novels when they moved LN1 to the current timeline though.

And to give an idea of the general timeline in case you’re wondering: LN3 (8 yrs prior) - > LN2 (4 yrs prior) -> LN1 (2 yrs prior)  -> Gaiden (Bet 1-2 yrs prior) -> CH 1-37 ->  LN4 (Set some time bet CH 37-46) -> CH 38 -Present  arc


Assassination Classroom / Ansatsu Kyōushitsu

Seasons: 2 + movie

Episodes: 22 + ova, 25

Genre: Comedy, School, Action, Science Fiction

Personal Opinion: it has a good story and animation you will fall in love with it.

PS:  I love it!! Too good for this life.


Anime/Manga Recommendations

DNAngel phantom thieves, angels, hot dudes, twin sisters, alter ego, little bit of romance, 25 episodes

Pandora Hearts sad, abyss, chains, puppets, Alice in Wonderland, rabbit, time, organization, 25 episodes

Witchhunter (Manwha only) witches, hats, reincarnation, guns, money, family, sad?, hunters

Kekkaishi barriers, demons, supernatural creatures, exorcists, ability users, legends, fighting, sad?, land gods, sacrifice, seal, 52 Episodes

Gakuen Alice cute, sad, children, supernatural powers/abilities, family, school, Alices, festivals, friendship, love, abrupt ending?, time-travel, flashback, death, festivals, 26 episodes

InuYasha sad, funny, fighting, supernatural, demon, half demon, Sengoku period, schoolgirl, monk, wells, jewels, family, shrine maiden, reincarnation, love, 167 Episodes

Ranma ½ martial arts, romance, water, transform, panda, girl, crossdressing (I’m sorry if this is offensive to some…), family, seppuku, school, China, springs, battles, curse, 143 Episodes

Full Moon wo Sagashite magic, wish, music, singing, age, sad, death, Shinigami, sarcoma, transform, friends, cute, 52 Episodes

Kaze no Stigma supernatural, romance, fire, wind, swords, family, demon, contractor, sad, 24 Episodes

Negima! Magister Negi Magi school, teacher, age, magic, dimensions, harem, romance, comedy, fighting, pactio, vampire, father, royalty, cute, 26 Episodes

Special A school, competition, romance, elite, fight, special class, rivalry, romance, 24 Episodes

Magic Kaito (Magic Kaito 1412) phantom thief, family, organization, school, cute, awesome, alter ego, gems, immortality, detectives, 24 episodes

Detective Conan/Case Closed age, detective, mystery, organization, shrinking, love, fighting, death (lots of murder mysteries), long, poison, cute, awesome, movies, 774 episodes (good luck finishing them)’

The Irregular at Magic High School magic, romance, fighting, school, technology, hints of incest (none really but yeah), siblings, segregation, genius, family, 26 Episodes

Darker than Black supernatural, dark (black, lol), contractors, siblings, stars, electricity, dolls, fighting, mystery, alter ego, 2 seasons, 25 episodes, 12 episodes

Tokyo Ravens onmyouji, shikigami, reincarnation, family, crossdressing (not a lot… but sorry?), death, sad, memories, fighting, oni, unsatisfying ending, school, 24 episodes

Nurarihyon no Mago supernatural, fear, family, yokai, onmyouji, succession, half yokai, fighting, friendship, hair, Abe no Seimei, 2 seasons, OVAs, 26 episodes, 26 episodes,

Eyeshield 21 sports, runningback, American Football, speed, guns, gum, team, delinquents, friendship, lose, win, time skip, America, 21, eyeshields, devilbats, cowards, 145 Episodes

D. Grayman identity, dark, fighting, transform, arm, clowns, exorcists, akuma (demon), sad, eyes, innocence, white, Noah, heart, betrayal, swords, 103 Episodes

Kuroko’s Basketball basketball, misdirection, rainbow, miracles, teams, jumping, zone, high school, dogs, friends, sports, 3 seasons, 26 Episodes, 25 Episodes, 25 Episodes

Haikyuu jumping, sports, volleyball, crows, teams, comedy, cute, sunshine, moon, blocking, spiking, high school, height, small giant, friends, bromance, 25 episodes

World Trigger sci fi, neighbors, triggers, trion, death, cubes, bombing, soldiers, competition, defense, portal, gate, monsters, Border, organization, agent, trio, white, black, facial expressions, ongoing, 50 episodes

Hikaru no Go Go, ghosts, internet, divine move, Edo, Heian, clubs, schools, tournements, supernatural, bangs, Korea, Japan, China, 75 Episodes

Shokugeki no Soma food, comedy, cooking, school, love, restaurant, chef, disgusting, red, awesome, new

Nanatsu no Taizai/The Seven Deadly Sins fantasy, knights, Britannia, kingdom, princess, demon, age, giant, fairies, pig, bar, fighting, reflect, immortal, Merlin, Arthur, 24 Episodes

Ace of Diamond sports, baseball, fastball, pitcher, curve, bunt, high school, ace, catcher, translation gap, siblings, roommates, bald, funny laughs, 2 seasons, 75 episodes, 26 episodes

The Knight in the Area brothers, death, World Cup, soccer, football, sports, heart transplant, witch, sports, manager, forward, high school, 37 Episodes

Natsume’s Book of Friends supernatural, cat, grandmother, book, names, spirits, contracts, exorcists, ayakashi, eyesight, sleepdraw, lucky cat, foster parents, 4 seasons, 13 episodes

Initial D racing, street racing, drifting, old style?, Trueno, 5 seasons, (26,13,24,14,4 episodes

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin dark, titans, humanity, shifters, death, scary?, walls, mysteries, royalty, upcoming season 2, great opening (music), OVA, 25 Episodes

Akatsuki no Yona princess, fantasy, romance, dragon, supernatural abilities, elements, beautiful, coup, betrayal, death, tribes, wars, royalty, names, anime not caught up to manga, OVA, 24 Episodes

Jellyfish Princess/Kuragehime dresses, jellyfish, crossdressing (I’m sorry!), nuns, housemates, man-hate (comedy mostly), otakus, neets, cute, redevelopment, romance, fashion, money, 11 Episodes

Big Windup!/Okiku Furikabutte/Ofuri pitcher, stutter, timid, sports, baseball, catcher, school, hate, self-esteem, cute, translation gap in manga, awesome 2nd opening, ace, 2 seasons, OVAs, 26 Episodes, 14 Episodes

Yowamushi Pedal/Yowapeda bicycle racing, sports, climbing, mountains, victory, loss, injuries, cute, flashy, gross, otaku, :D, high school, 2 seasons, 38 episodes, 24 episodes

Soul Catcher(s) (manga only) music, hearts, helping, conducting, awesome

Giant Killing sports, soccer, football, East Tokyo United (ETU), coaching, comeback, nationals, 26 episodes

Get Backers recovery, duo, supernatural, sad, funny, illusions, electricity, past, fighting, gangs, 49 Episodes

ginghateblog, this is for you.

Everyone else, enjoy too!

PS: Add Boku no Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Blue Exorcist, Hetalia

The latest Kill la Kill (キルラキル) poster in Newtype Magazine (08/2014) illustrated by Sushio (すしお). The back of the poster is an extensive Kill la Kill feature, with a studio walk-through interview with Sushio and Ryuko’s voice actress Ami Koshimizu (小清水亜美) as well as a talk about what’s coming up in episode #25 with creator Kazuki Nakashima (中島かずき) and storyboard & episode director Akira Amemiya (雨宮哲).

Tercer vídeo promocional de la OVA con el tomo 25 del Manga de Shokugeki no Soma

El tomo con la OVA se pondrá a la venta el 4 de julio del 2017 en Japón.

La web oficial del Anime adaptación del Manga de Shokugeki no Soma por Yuuto Tsukuda y Shun Saeki, comenzó la transmisión del tercer vídeo promocional para el próximo episodio OVA que será incluido con la edición limitada del tomo recopilatorio número 25 del Manga. El tomo con la OVA se pondrá a la venta el 4 de julio del 2017 en Japón.

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