Getting a Good Thwack Going

To get to the final look, I’m iterating on getting more detail into the game. This means more animation and more texture on the graphics side, but also more punch in the game play.

To get a good weapon in a game, you need tight controls and clear feedback. To get a great one, you need to feel the impact it has. This is a function of sound, effects, timing; it’s really a subtle thing.

Along those lines, I’ve been working on getting the Huntsman’s arrows to feel satisfying. In the video, you can see that I’ve moved the arrow count indicator from the hud to the character. I’ve also got the Ogre and the Fire Crows responding to the arrows with a nice kinetic impact effect.

The easy spawn pattern in the video is entirely setup to show off the Huntsman’s strengths, but rest assured that he’ll be just as much a badass when the difficulty ratchets up. In fact, the whole point of the design will be to make all three heroes feel like serious badasses. How else will their fall be epic?