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I respect your opinion and if all you needed this season from olicity was what you got, then i'm happy for you. But I do wanna say that so many people said there's no way this season ends and they don't reunite olicity. So many people said they'd show that olicity were each other's always. I'm glad their friendship is back but they aren't romantically reunited. They haven't said they love each other romantically in a entire season. I'm glad that you got what you wanted but they aren't together.

What I needed from Olicity was to be truly on the same page, Nonnie, and that’s what we gotten. I have said all along that Olicity will reunite this season but to reduce it to romantically makes their story so much smaller than what I believe the writers intended. 

My point is that now they’ve sorted out all the issues between them, the reunion is inevitable. Olicity were always going to get back together, but whether they were going to end up together like they were in 323 (which I thought was rushed and didn’t address any of their issues and was pretty shallow), or if they were going to give us a mature, grown Olicity in that reunion, that was the thing I wasn’t sure if the writers would deliver to what I was hoping to get. 

But they did, and then some. 

I know some people are very intent on the actual reunion scene, and that’s fine, but basically, we got that scene in 323. I was looking for a whole lot more then them saying ILY and let’s spend the rest of our lives together. Been there, done that, and yes, it’ll be lovely to have that reiterated to us again, but them loving each other and wanting to be together was never the problem for these two. They couldn’t work out the how of those two things - and now they have. That’s the payoff for these two. The love and wanting to be together is a given, pretty much like Felicity knowing Oliver was sorry for the lie was a given, what was the real sticking point was the why. 

I feel the same about the reunion. It’s not the actual signing off on getting back together that really matters because we always knew that was coming, it’s knowing that they’re finally equipped to make this last that is the true payoff of the story. The couple of minutes given to the reunion will be lovely and all that, but it’s just icing on an incredible cake. I just really appreciate the cake, because we had the icing before, and it didn’t end up being satisfying or lasting. With the cake and the icing, we’re on a winner, and I’m pretty excited about that. 

I guess the point I was trying to make is that the point of this whole journey is not the actual reunion, it’s the fact that they’re now equipped to make the reunion last, and that’s the thing which should be truly appreciated. Or, at least not just brushed off as a way to get to the reunion. Olicity growing and changing is the payoff, the reunion is the outworking of that journey. It’s going to be a whole lot less satisfying if you look at it the other way round, with the reunion being the payoff and the growth just happens because of the reunion. That’s the opposite to what the writers wanted to achieve, and why they broke them up in the first place. They wanted Oliver and Felicity to grow as individuals, apart, before bringing them back together. 

I get people dying for the scene of the actual reunion, but you’re going to feel pretty ripped off however it plays out because it is most likely going to be only a minute or two scene. And after 18 months of being apart, it won’t feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth. That’s why I’m banging on about this point, so that people won’t feel gypped by how short the reunion stuff will be in comparison to the time spent apart. These last 5 episodes were all payoffs for what we’ve gone through, and yes, the actual reunion will be a part of those payoffs, but it won’t be all of it. 

I’ll be happy to see the actual reunion stuff myself, but I’m also highly aware that the reunion is only a fragment of the payoffs and gifts they’ve given Olicity this season. So, I just intend to enjoy my cake, icing and all. :D

Kid N Leviathan doodle before bed :^0
It’s like 5am now and I’ve been sleeping this late for the past few days just drawing and stuff. I guess I outworked myself. Ahaha
I think I’ll just give myself a well deserved rest and just chill playing Jet Set Radio when I wake up. ;^D
Good Night <3
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Work Bitch analysis

Britney Spears to the bourgeoisie after having just learned about the marxist labour theory of value:  

You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti?
You want a Maserati? You better work bitch
You want a Lamborghini? Sippin’ martinis?
Look hot in a bikini? You better work bitch
You wanna live fancy? Live in a big mansion?
Party in France?
You better work bitch, you better work bitch
You better work bitch, you better work bitch
Now get to work bitch!
Now get to work bitch!

Britney Spears explaining to the bourgeoisie that she has seized state power and its monopoly on violence:

Break it off, break it down
See me come and you can hear my sound
Tell somebody in your town
Spread the word, spread the word
Go call the police, go call the governor
I bring the treble, don’t mean to trouble ya’
I make the governor, call me the governor
I am the bad bitch, the bitch that you’ll never know

Britney Spears motivating the working class to work towards creating the new communist society:

Hold your head high, fingers to the sky
They gonna try to try ya’, but they can’t deny ya’
Keep it moving higher, and higher
Keep it building higher, and higher
So hold your head high, fingers to the sky
Now they don’t believe ya’, but they gonna meet ya’
Keep it moving higher and higher
Keep it moving higher and higher and higher

Work, work, work, work
Work, work, work, work
Work, work, work, work
Work, work, work
Work it out, work it out, work it out, work it out
Work it out, work it out, work it out, work it out
Work it out, work it out, work it out, work it out
Work it out, work it out
You better work bitch
You better work bitch

idek why im drawing this gang considering i never do fanart of shows and stuff let alone of something im not even that into but i really like how this is coming out

work in progress

Want to go to the gym? I know I can outwork you.

800-222-3539 (FLEX)

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So if we're going to be reminded (in 5.21) that Robert was responsible for at least one death, and see Chase try to convince Oliver that Robert made Oliver a monster... that changes my expectation of what Chase wants to do with William. It's not just threatening to hurt William. It's setting up a parallel that Oliver already fears will happen - that Oliver will turn William into a monster. (Taking the kid to Lian Yu is over the top, but fitting.)

Oh snap, @wellitaintnecessarilyso, I just had the same thought when I watched the sneak peek from the next episode. :D

Honestly, the layers upon layers of symbolism and meaning they’ve packed into these 5B episodes is breathtaking. If you’re only in it for Olicity and only paying attention to that part of the story, then that’s fine, but wow, you’re missing out on SO MUCH good stuff. All of 5B has brought the character of Oliver, the man we all thought was knew so well, into such sharp relief and so much of his behaviour that we chalked up to him being a big dumb pine tree, in fact, has roots and justifications. 

Oliver couldn’t risk being in Williams life because he fears passing on the same legacy his father passed onto him - one of death and destruction. Oliver is trying to shield him from that deadly legacy. And that’s why I’m assuming after this, William will be in Oliver’s life, because just like the Olicity reunion, a reunion with his son, are the two major touchstones set up as us knowing that Oliver has embraced his true role as a man and a hero. Oliver will only be able to reunite with Felicity and William once he lets go of the legacy Chase is trying to tell him he has received and will pass on. A proper relationship with Felicity and William will be the external outworkings of an internal realisation. Oliver will never allow those two to be with him properly until he accepts he’s a good man and isn’t going to poison their lives. 

The writing has been setting this showdown up for years now. That’s why it honestly surprises me when I see people doubting whether the writers are committed to Olicity. They’ve built the entire premise of their show around some key relationships Oliver has, and Felicity is top of that list. There is literally no point to Oliver’s journey if they don’t end up together. Everything is set up perfectly. Felicity is ready. She’s just waiting on Oliver. Oliver is building up to his big showdown with Chase, but in fact, the real showdown is with the personal truths he’s been holding ever since his father shot himself and Oliver fell through the ensuing rabbit hole. WM has already told us that Oliver will come down on the right side of that question i.e. he’ll figure out that he is a good man and his legacy will be about honour, giving, sacrifice and love. 

Why on earth would the writers set it up so that we all knew Felicity was just waiting for Oliver to figure out the man he really was, which we’re told he’ll do by season’s end, show Oliver always wanting to reconcile with her ever since the breakup, and then what, once Oliver figures out the man he is, his legacy, Olicity don’t reunite? In what world does that make sense? They have tied Felicity to Oliver finding out the man he really is - she was his guide, his cheer squad - she knows, when Oliver truly looks deep down, he’ll see what she sees - a hero. They’ve set this all up as coming to a head at the end of S5 and people are still unsure about Olicity? This is so surprising to me. 

Maybe the breakup threw their confidence? But surely, by now, it’s plain to see that the breakup did exactly what we said it would and why it was planned in the first place - it brought these two to a greater understanding of themselves and each other. The breakup was done entirely for Olicity’s benefit because the writers are so committed to telling their love story and admitted they rushed it up until that point and wanted to play out more beats between them. And what glorious insight we’ve gained because of that breakup. I loved what it brought us in regards to Olicity. I believe in them so much more than after what we got in 323 and 4A.  They are so much more believable and equally matched now, and I love that. I didn’t want Felicity to have to carry Oliver for the rest of their relationship. And after this season, she won’t have to. They can carry each other in tough times. 

Sorry, got off the track of the OP, but yes, yet another layer is peeled away when we consider Oliver’s relationship with William and what has been the block there. 

And I love it!!! :D

People don’t realize that progress takes time. Keep grinding and be patient. Changes will come. Improvement will come. Appreciate the journey and celebrate yourself.

He had not imagined that a woman would dare to speak so to a man.  For me, I felt at home in this sort of discourse.  I could never rest in communication with strong, discreet, and refined minds, whether male or female, till I had passed the outworks of conventional reserve, and crossed the threshold of confidence, and won a place in their heart’s very hearthstone.
—  Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre
The Weeknd


Oh yeah
Got you drinking out them white cups, sodas
All this shit sounds foreign to you, thick smoke, choking
Baby get familiar with the order
Just crack it, then pour it, then sip slow, then tip low
My eyes red but my brim low, that XO, she climbing
Straight to the top, forget why she there in the first place
No more crying, heart rate’s low, put that rum down you don’t wanna die tonight
I promise, when you’re finished we’ll head to where I’m living
The party won’t finish it’s a fucking celebration

For my niggas out tonight, and they high off Shakespeare lines
There’s enough to pass around, you ain’t gotta wait in line
And the clocks don’t work you ain’t gotta check the time
And the blinds don’t work you ain’t gotta check the sky
We be going all night, til light

I got a test for you
You say you want my heart
Well baby you can have it all
There’s just something I need from you
Is to meet my boys

You’ve been going hard baby, now you rolling with some big boys baby
Got a lot you wanna show off baby, close that door before you take your fucking clothes off baby
Don’t mind, all my writings on the wall
Thought I passed my peak, and I’ll experience some fall
And all I wanna do is leave cause I’ve been zoning for a week
And I ain’t left this little room, trying to concentrate to breathe
Cause this piff so potent, killing serotonin
In that two floor loft in the middle we be choking
On that all black voodoo, got me gum chewing
Call one of your best friends
Baby if you mixing up
Cup of that XO, baby I been leaning
Back from the come down, girl I been fiending
For another round, don’t you blame it on me
When you’re grinding up them teeth and it’s fucking hard to sleep

I got a test for you
You say you want my heart
Well baby you can have it all
There’s just something I need from you
Is to meet my boys
I got a lot of boys
And we can make you right
And if you get too high
Baby come over here and ride it out, ride it out

Work that back til I tire out
Roll that weed, blow the fire out
Taste that lean when you kiss my mouth
Get so wet when I eat you out
Girlfriend screaming that I’m creeping out
If they’re not down, better keep em out
Ex-man hollering, keep him out
Hard to let go, I could teach you how
Take a puff of this motherfucking weed for now
Take a shot of this cognac, ease you out
Just one night, trying to fucking leave you out
Baby, baby

I got a test for you
You say you want my heart
Well baby you can have it all
There’s just something I need from you
Is to meet my boys
I got a lot of boys
And we can make you right
And if you get too high
Baby come over here and ride it out, ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah
Baby come over here and ride it out, ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah

That north north, that up top, that OVO and that XO, [x8]

In the same way that ‘non-liturgical’ churches still have services with a regular structure which both informs and is informed by how they 'do theology’, so Christianities which claim to be 'not about religion’ are still embodied in particular regular practices and gestures. This is becuase 'religion’ is not something which can be abstracted from our relationships with God - it is the physical, embodied outworking of those relationships.

Claims not to do 'religion’ only work as a polemic against other Christianities, and they tend to go hand in hand with an uncritical attitude to the specific practices engaged in by a particular group.

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How do you feel about the information revealed about Ymir? It feels a lot less significant than what the fandom hoped it would be.

I was a strong believer in Ymir being special. I’d hoped she was the reincarnation of The Ymir and a key to the outworking of the story. But you know what? I’m more than ok with the reveal. In fact, I love it. 

Ymir was nothing. She was a freckled street urchin picked up by a con artist and made to play the role of a goddess. She wasn’t special. She wasn’t unique. She didn’t even have a name.

I’ve often wondered why Ymir was drawn to Historia. Why did 12 year old Ymir, hiding in a church, decide to seek her out? What did she want? Why did the story of the hated bastard princess elicit sympathy in Ymir? All Ymir would say is “we were similar.” It’s all a little clearer now.

Irl goddess or not, Ymir’s story is still significant to me. Maybe more so. She was saved, not by her blood or birth, but by a little luck and her own tenacity. And she saved Historia too. When Historia was facing the decision of pressing that plunger, it was memories of Ymir that stopped her. Ymir taught her to stop being a good girl and determine her own fate. Ymir showed her how to live. 

So this turned into a tangent, but learning about Ymir and having her back in the story just made me really really happy (and no, I don’t think she’s dead!) Thanks anon! This was a nice post to end 2016 on.

Church is what you do.
Church is who you are.
Church is the human outworking of the person of Jesus Christ.
Let’s not (just) go to Church, let’s be the Church.”
  - Bill Hybels

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Angsty request for what would completely break the members of the RFA, and how they'd try to cope?

(Just a note;; I havent played through the all of the endings yet, so I dont have all the information but I tried and I hope that even though some of this contradicts the game, as Ive been informed, that you still enjoy this ^^;;)


  • If he found out Rika is still alive
  • And never contacted him
  • And turned out to be in charge of a cult
  • That would break this poor boy
  • What would he do?
  • What could he do?
  • Imagine the pain and hurt and betrayal he feels from V, and multiply it exponentially
  • He would try to deny it, say that Rika would’ve gotten to him if she could’ve, that someone forced her to stay quiet
  • He’d say that Rika never would’ve done any of that, that someone would’ve forced her into it, planted the ideas into her mind and made her do
  • But it would eat away at him
  • He’d break away from everyone slowly, start suspecting everyone of hiding secrets from him, of betraying him
  • Until he’d lose contact with everyone, leaving him alone in his mind


  • Betrayal.
  • Thinking that she could trust someone, and then being backstabbed by them
  • Much like how MC could befriend her, and then could go for Zen
  • It would break her, break her trust and happiness and every belief that she could be cared for, could be anything more than just a robot
  • And that’s what she would become
  • Work.
  • She would work until exhaustion
  • Work until she passed out
  • Work until she would be hospitalized
  • She wouldn’t listen to anyone’s concerns
  • They would mean nothing to her
  • So she would work.
  • Work.
  • Work.
  • Work.


  • If someone got close to him
  • Just to use him for their own gain
  • If they used him to gain popularity, or get money, really anything other than actually caring about him for him
  • He would be crushed
  • Especially if he was falling in love with them, with their little quirks and problems and joys
  • It would break his belief that someone could love him for him without wanting to use him, or just wanting him for his looks
  • And instead of staying true to himself,
  • He would mold into the role expected of him
  • All-about-looks
  • Stuck-up
  • Careless
  • Reckless
  • He’d drink himself until he could make himself believe it
  • That that was all he would ever be


  • If his love, the love of his life
  • Cheated on him
  • He wouldn’t believe it at first
  • He wouldn’t want to believe it
  • It’s just not possible
  • Why would they have spent so much time with him, built up his trust and love for them?
  • They have to be dedicated and loyal
  • Too loyal to cheat
  • …right?
  • No matter how hard he would try to ignore it, it would nag at him. Then eat away at him
  • And he would explode
  • Curse out his love until they left
  • Burn their things
  • Erase their entire existence in his life
  • And lock up his heart so no one would ever be able to do that to him again
  • And he would convince himself he had moved on
  • Yet even the smalllest reminder of his love would cause a part of him to break again
  • And shield his heart even more


  • MC dying
  • because of him
  • Or even if it wasn’t because of him
  • He would blame himself.
  • He would tell himself there was something he could’ve done, should’ve done
  • To prevent it
  • That even if it meant in the beginning, never falling in love with her
  • And never letting her fall for him
  • He told her from the start to leave him, she’d be better off without him. He’s dangerous. She doesn’t belong in that kind of world
  • She’s a lady
  • He’s the tramp
  • And she’s now dead
  • And so he would work
  • And never let another person get close to him again
  • Always hold them all at an arms length away
  • So if the time came
  • They wouldn’t get hurt by him too


Ralph training with pro stuntman Nick McKinless for Coriolanus.  Below are some things Nick had to say about working with Ralph:

Q: Which celebrity have you enjoyed training the most?

A: Ralph Fiennes without question. He is off the chart with his intelligence, humble, kind and always outworked every program and challenge I set him. The man is a machine. Not mega strong but based on his genetics and age, he is phenomenal. One of the greatest actors of our time and becoming a great director too.

Q: Who was easiest to work with/train?

A: Easiest for films, Ralph Fiennes.

Q: What actor has surprised you the most with work out for a movie?

A: Christian Bale is probably the answer. Brad Pitt did an amazing job for Troy. And Ralph Fiennes added 10kg of bodyweight for ONE SCENE of his BACK on Coriolanus!!!

And Ralph’s comments about Nick:

I have really enjoyed our training together and felt in great shape. It was great to have you on set; your stunt was amazing. (Nick was one of the soldiers in the scene where the bus exploded.) Thank you for being such a great support and so encouraging.

“He doesn’t get injured, because he is on drugs”

So today I was at the gym talking to one of my friends. He told me that the floor under one of the squat racks was uneven.

I’ve been squatting there several times and I never really noticed until he told me. He also said he got small injuries because of it.

At this point of the conversation, I quickly get to the fountain to get water. Then when I came back my friend looked me straight in the eyes and asked me “Honestly, have you ever taken steroids?”. So I naturally said no, but I was confused why he asked me this question.

Then I noticed he was talking to a guy who I particularly don’t talk to. When I said no, he turned to him and said “I told you he was not on it”. Apparently, while I was at the fountain this guy told him ​“He doesn’t get injured, because he is on drugs”.

It’s not the first time someone thought I was on steroid. It’s funny how 4 years of consistent hard work can do and my physique is not that impressive. I’m not planning on doing steroids, ever. Unless I’m 50 and my doctor tells me I need it.

I don’t think drugs should be taboo. We’re in an industry where most professional “have” to take them to be competitive. I’m not here to judge, people do whatever they want with their bodies.

When I was younger and I remember thinking about taking them: mainly because my friend were using them. I remember being dedicated 24/7 to this lifestyle, outworking everyone I knew. But they would always be bigger / leaner / stronger … than me. That was very irritating.

Then after years of training, I realized that fitness is not just about being the most muscular guy in the room. It’s about being the best I can be and have a healthy relationship with my mind and my body.

The bottom line is don’t do steroids, they’re bad for you and don’t judge people who do them it’s a waste of your time.