outwitting everyone else

Gosh wow don’t get me started on ZelGan.

Zelda not taking his melodramatic crap

Ganondorf being nonplussed when Zelda reveals she can fight because of course you can fight why wouldn’t you

Friendly diplomatic relations between Hyrule and the Gerudo

Zelda and Ganondorf constantly trying to outwit each other

Zelda and Ganondorf constantly succeeding in outwitting everyone else

Zelda having to restrain Ganondorf whenever someone’s a huge jerk

Ganondorf being amazingly, weirdly good with kids after all his practice with little sisters and nieces

Ganondorf and Zelda fighting about everything from policy to domestic habits

(but always making up)

The two of them being an unbeatable, terrifying, fantastic team

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I was wondering (if hasn't been done) how well each house does in a scavenger hunt?


We’d be super enthusiastic about it and have tons of fun. We’d probably take lots of pictures of the process. We’d have a pretty good chance of winning, due to being competitive and fast paced, but if someone where to outwit us somehow we might find ourselves on the losing end.


No, I will not make that joke.  Anyway, we would work together as a team , listening to people from all sides try to figure out where the items are located.  We would care less about winning and care more about being thorough and having fun, as well as completing it 100%.


We would get really passionate about finding the items, running around and dodging people and jumping over things and just going for it. Instead of teaming up to find the items, we’d go it alone, trying to outwit everyone else while taking a completely different path. After all the headstrong determination, we’d be incredibly disappointed if we were to lose, but would eventually congratulate the winner. Hey, props, man. 


I think we’d start off really competitive but eventually would devolve into playful sabotage. We’d try to move the items around so people couldnt find them, change the clues, stall the other teams, etc. That would probably be our strategy honestly. Half the team for sabotage, half for searching.

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Could you tell me more about Davros in Big Finish?


Davros has his own story arc in Big Finish, which is completely gorgeous and gives him a lot of character depth.

His first arc, collected as “I, Davros”, introduces him at age 16 and explores his life on Skaro, his rise through the Kaled Military ranks, his first experiments as a scientist and the assault that destroys his body:

  1. Innocence 
  2. Purity 
  3. Corruption 
  4. Guilt 

Later in his life, we see him in episodes set in between TV stories. During these stories, he comes to admire the Doctor’s mind and, particularly with the Sixth Doctor, forms a bond that almost borders on friendship. These episodes are all standalone. In release order, they are:

  • Davros — exploring his psyche, his friendships throughout his life, and the long periods of agony.
  • The Juggernauts — Davros vs. Melanie Bush!
  • The Curse Of Davros — in which the Doctor becomes closer to Davros than he ever wanted. 
  • The Davros Mission — in which Davros, in captivity, still manages to outwit everyone else. 
  • Terror Firma — taking place much later in Davros’s life, this episode sees him encountering the Eighth Doctor, with a number of twists. (Although roughly standalone, this episode also ties into Charley Pollard’s arc — see my guide here.) 
  • Daleks Among Us — featuring Dr. Elizabeth Klein. 
  • The Lights Of Skaro — part of The New Adventures Of Bernice Summerfield volume 1, a standalone story box set in four episodes. 

Additionally, Big Finish explores what might have happened if the Third Doctor had been a very different person. In this alternate timeline, the Doctor (in a David Warner-shaped body) starts his Earth exile in the 1990′s, and as a result never joins UNIT, never prevents the Master from manipulating Earth history, never regenerates into Tom Baker, and is never sent to Skaro to meddle in the Genesis of the Daleks. This reality is explored in a two-parter: 

  1. Sympathy For The Devil
  2. Masters Of War

I utterly adore everything that Big Finish has done with Davros, and Terry Molloy does an incredible job portraying him. The entire arc slots in perfectly with established TV canon. If you liked Davros in The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar, definitely check out some of these stories.