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He who hesitates

Based on that food truck Klance photo that’s been circulating :)

Keith wasn’t one for crowds.

They were loud, pushy, and had no concept of personal space, and it was on more than one occasion that he found himself glaring down several people who fell into those categories.

It had been better that morning, when only the early risers and keeners were out and about, sporting whatever festival merchandise they had somehow already managed to secure. T-shirts with band names in large print, flags and scarves with music quotes, and the ever abundant ball caps that were handed out willy-nilly by festival volunteers. Keith had one of the latter, but the gaudy bright colours were not really his style.

Unfortunately the others had outvoted him for their group photo, which had been posted to both Shiro’s, Matt’s, and Allura’s Instagrams. Pidge had more or less been on the same page as Keith, blatantly opposing the fluorescent pink and blue head gear with ‘Altean Summers Fest’ written on the front, but, being the younger members, had no say in the matter.

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emetoandotherthings  asked:

Can I get a nauseous and uncomfortable Jasper? Like proper long drawn out build up with lots of hiccupping? :)

Yay, thank you for the request! I love to torture Jasper, I should do it more. I did feel a little bad for this though. He’s so sweet, I shouldn’t be so mean to him. I hope this is okay for you.

“Do you ever get the urge to shove somebody onto the tracks just as the train is coming?” Alistair asked thoughtfully, as if this was completely normal.

He’d been quiet ever since they descended into the subway station, disliking the crowds and the winding tunnels and the eerie roar of the trains. If they had to take a holiday in London, he wished they could walk places rather than go on the underground, where there were people and noise and the heat was oppressive. But Julius, Isabelle and Jasper had outvoted him three to one, and Alistair was dragged down to the platform. Julius squinted at him now, giving him a playful nudge.

“No, I really don’t, Alistair. And on that note I’m going to move you away from the edge of the platform,” Julius joked, wrapping his arms around Alistair’s waist. They stood close together with their hands entwined, clearly a couple now. Isabelle watched them fondly - they wore their love like a brand new jacket, glossy and warm and comfortable. Isabelle had never seen Julius with such light in his eyes, and only Julius could ever make Alistair laugh like that. It made her smile.

Jasper would usually be enjoying spending time with his friends, but right now he was far quieter than usual. He was stood stiff and tense, his notebook clenched tight to his chest. His belly had been in a turmoil all day, gurgling and bubbling uncomfortably, but he’d been doing his best to ignore it, not wanting to spoil their holiday. But the pain and nausea had increased dramatically in the last hour, and his chest kept hitching with queasy hiccups.

So he /couldn’t/ speak - his hiccups were always a dead giveaway that he was feeling sick, and he didn’t want to worry Isabelle. She turned to him now nonetheless, looking mildly concerned.

“You okay, Jaz? You’re very quiet. Are you feeling claustrophobic?” she asked sympathetically. Jasper had been so focused on his churning tummy that the stale underground air hadn’t bothered him anywhere near as much as usual. Jasper forced himself to smile and shake his head, though he still didn’t dare speak. Isabelle squinted at him, not convinced.

“Are you sure? You don’t look so good.” She moved to check him for a fever, and Jasper stepped back worriedly, sure he had one.

“Hic - I’m fine. Nothing - hic - nothing wrong,” he said, flustered. He winced, because it was obvious even to Jasper that he was a terrible liar. Isabelle wrapped a fond arm around him, tender now.

“Is your tummy bothering you?” she asked. Jasper sighed and nodded miserably, giving in.

“Oh Jaz, you should have said,” she scolded gently. Alistair and Julius glanced over curiously, wondering what was going on.

“You two look fucking miserable.”

“What’s wrong? Are you alright, Jaz?”

“He’s not feeling well,” Isabelle explained, as Jasper slumped against her, hiccuping sadly.

“You feel sick? You do look peaky, Jaz,” Julius said, looking worried. “We’ll be back at the hotel in about half an hour. You can rest there.”

Jasper nodded, smiling weakly. From the way his stomach was clamouring, he wasn’t sure if he’d even make it back to the hotel. He just needed to get through the train ride; surely he could manage that. Then he could have Isabelle whisk him to the public toilets in the station. He tried to breathe deeply as the train roared into the station out of the dark tunnel.

Since Alistair was adept at pushing and elbowing others out of the way, he managed to bag them four seats in a row, all lined up against the window. He spread out across them triumphantly as the other three tramped onto the train more sedately.

Jasper slumped gratefully on the edge next to Isabelle, leaning against her heavily. He clenched his teeth firmly, but he couldn’t stop the juddering hiccups from escaping now. The subway was rattling noisily, but the hiccups were clearly audible to the people in their carriage, and the other passengers watched him warily. Jasper excused himself each time, his face flushing crimson, looking so wretchedly miserable that even Alistair bit back his snide comment.

The motion of the tube train and the continual stopping and starting only increased Jasper’s discomfort. He hunched forward in his seat, groaning softly, as Isabelle rubbed his back and Alistair and Julius looked on anxiously.

“What do we do if he pukes on here?” Alistair whispered in Julius’s ear. Julius clenched his fists.

“We help all we can. Don’t let anybody say anything mean to him. Glare at them until they stop, okay?” Julius said determinedly, and Alistair nodded. Jasper was the baby of the group - even Alistair didn’t have the heart to tease him.

Jasper suddenly sat bolt upright, his eyes widening with alarm. He tugged on Isabelle’s sleeve desperately.

“Iz, I have to get off. Now. I have to get off right now,” he gabbled frantically, his face draining white. Isabelle shushed him, putting an arm around him. They weren’t anywhere near the next stop - Isabelle had rather accepted what was inevitably going to happen.

“It’s okay, Jaz. Just relax, you can get through this. I’m right here,” Isabelle whispered. Jasper shook his head, terrified.

“No no no, please, I can’t, not here! There’s too many people, Iz, please!” Jasper cried, fearful tears running down his cheeks. Isabelle rubbed his back firmly as poor Jasper heaved into his hand, whimpering.


Jasper’s body eventually took over, and he retched up a thick wave of vomit onto the floor of the train, the mess splattering loudly. He coughed and winced, his face flushing crimson, squeezing his eyes shut. Isabelle patted his back and stroked his blond mop of hair, Julius reached over and clasped the blond’s hand, and Alistair yelled angrily at anyone who dared to look disgusted or make a comment.

Poor Jasper was vomiting and dry heaving for more than ten minutes before he could take a proper breath. By that point he was crying in earnest, staring down at the mess he’d made in shame. Isabelle pulled him back into her embrace gently, and Jasper hid his face in her neck miserably.

“Izzy… Everyone saw me,” he whispered forlornly. Isabelle hugged him tighter.

“It’s okay, you couldn’t help it. You’re sick,” she whispered. Jasper just sniffled.

“I want to get off.”

“Okay, Jazzy, we’ll get off at the next stop.” Isabelle turned to Alistair and Julius. “You two can stay here if you like. We’ll walk the rest of the way.” Alistair pulled a face.

“Gross, don’t leave us with the pile of puke! How are we supposed to explain that?” he cried. Julius sighed as Jasper groaned into Isabelle’s neck.

“What Alistair meant was that we’re not going to just leave you both when Jasper is sick. We’ll help you get home. Don’t worry about this, Jaz. Alistair has been sick on public transport lots of times,” Julius said kindly. Alistair nudged him.

“How about you fucking tell everybody that, Jules?”

Jasper stayed pressed against Isabelle until the train screeched to a stop at the next station, when he stood quickly and dashed unsteadily onto the platform. Alistair, Julius and Isabelle followed, surrounding Jasper protectively so they moved in a cluster, like bacteria. Jasper sighed miserably, holding his notebook in front of his red face.

“I can’t believe I did that…” he muttered. Alistair glanced at his companions.

“Maybe next time you’ll listen to me and we can all walk around London.”

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mavinsay: they find a hurt kitten and take it home with them.

So I’m pretty sure that Gavin has a cat named egg, ad Michael’s not a big fan of cats. If I’m wrong on either front please correct me. My ladyboner for Lindsay might be showing but I hope you like it! :3







Michael sighed as Gavin berated him with begging, something that he was usually totally okay with. Behind the chattering Brit, Lindsay was holding a tiny, sleeping kitten, with a tinier, blue cast around it’s front leg, and talking to one of the veterinary assistants.

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i feel like Ford would be the kinda guy who would watch Star Wars and start thinking about ways to make a lightsaber irl (”The logic in the film isn’t quite sound, however if we did this and this…”)

the next Summerween, Ford goes as Obi-Wan, Dipper as Luke, Mabel as Leia, and they all have real lightsabers

Stan wanted to be Vader because Vader looks cool, but he was outvoted and they made him Han. Soos is Chewy