Oh God.  Maggie got a little too into trying to fix something electrical and since they are not used to electrical things, she managed to kill herself inadvertently.  Death approaches, and I tried to get someone to plead her case, all to no avail. 

Wondered if I should let it go….probably not.  Decided not to save and just exit game.  Can’t remember where the older save is at, so it’ll be a surprise when I re-enter game.  Le sigh.

Xerxia writes

I made myself a spot for all of my drabbles and ficlets :)  Shameless self-promotion ;)

My Everlark Drabbles and One-Shots


A bit of Bend (Outttake from Strong Enough to Bend, Modern AU)

Get over here now and bring a tarp (Modern AU, fluff, first sentence prompt)

I know you’re afraid… (Canon post MJ, fluff, first sentence prompt)

In my defence, I thought this would go a lot more smoothly (Modern AU, humour/fluff, first sentence prompt)

Just Once (Modern AU on dating, humour, first sentence prompt)

Mother’s Day (Canon post-MJ, fluff)

Regrets (Modern AU)

So We Meet Again (Modern AU, situation prompt)

That Can’t be Unseen (Canon post MJ, TW: mentions of suicidal thoughts)

You Fainted… (Modern AU, first sentence prompt)

Wintry Headcanon (Canon post MJ)

One Shots

21  (Modern AU, all smut, written for Tumblr but never posted here)

A Gift of Love (However Small) (Canon one-shot, fluff and smut, written for The Love Games)

A Visit (Canon post MJ, written for the Everlark Games)

Anything for the Audience (Modern AU, fluffy)

Control (Modern AU, smut, BDSM-lite, moderately NSFW)

Deadpool (Modern AU, angsty)

Everlark Spring Break (Modern AU)

Frosting Words (In-Panem AU, this would have happened anyway, fluff)

Inevitability (In Panem AU, for Prompts in Panem TW: child abuse)

It’s Like the First Time All Over Again (Canon post-MJ, for Prompts in Panem)

Join Me (Canon Post-MJ, smut, rated explicit)

Life Lessons (Modern AU)

Something More (Modern AU, written for the Everlark Games)

Your Mark on my Soul (Modern AU fairytale, written for the Everlark Games, part 2 can be found on my AO3 page)

Why is it suddenly purple? (Modern AU, angst, TW: cancer, TW: character death, first sentence prompt)