someone: hey studio mir you want me to take your leaked photos down? then confirm klance is canon. that’s right. i’m not gonna do anything unless you make klance canon. it’s that or your leaked photos all over the internet. canon klance or losing your jobs, your choice.

literally everyone else who likes klance:

do you ever get those song cravings, where it’s not like you’ve got a song stuck in your head necessarily, but you just really need to listen to this one specific song, and when you do it’s just so satisfying and perfect?

i just want to be the reason you smile


can u believe season 3 is going to be about Kara and Lena dating? It’s 3AM pls forgive me


i was dreaming of bigger things in
wanna leave my own life behind

hey uh just real quick:

it doesn’t matter  (at least, not to me) that OP of the leaks was a sh//aladin or whatever. they were on a private tour of the animation studio, and should’ve known better than to do what they did, and now studio mir is in hot water for it.

so uh, instead of reducing this to anti vs. sh//aladin yet again, can we look at the bigger picture and realize this time the fandom actually got this studio in trouble? instead of turning it into yet another war over fandom morals or w/e