i think we always knew gabe was extra...

… but this deleted footage just really cements it.

Straight Couples can do one (1) un-stereotypical thing in terms of labor distribution (a man did his daughter’s hair??? awwww!! a woman is a housewife but actively chose to be a housewife because she enjoys it? right on sister!!) and be considered radical pioneers of gender equality, but Gay Couples have to impossibly perfectly balance our presentation and behavior at all times or we’re just mimicking straight people and replicating archaic misogynistic ideals 

soft girls, who look at girls through their bangs, then quickly turn away to hide their blush.

stern girls, who dart looks at girls from across the room, piqued with interest but never approach. 

bold girls, who flash radiant smiles at other girls on the street, eyes brimming with warmth and kindness.

quiet girls, pretending to look past other girls towards in the coffee shop, silently observing the poetry of their movements from the corner of their eyes.  


Your baking is as good as your dancing

A recent one about getting misgendered multiple times by different people in a short timespan. I left the restaurant in tears.

Misgendering doesn’t always get under my skin too bad, usually it’s a frustrating lil pinprick- guess I didn’t have the strength this day.

It adds up over time.

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