Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016)

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Shinsou is not amused

This is dedicated to the handful of us that likes Kirishin what is rarepair hell

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there’s so few of us I can tag them all jfc (thanks rama for introducing me to it)

bonus (based on @kirishiiman‘s comic):


I present:  Love for the Cold-Blooded, or The Part-Time Evil Minion’s Guide to Accidentally Dating a Superhero by Alex Gabriel

  • it’s funny
  • it’s a world where superheroes and supervillains are common, and they kinda fight each other from time to time, but it’s never serious and no one dies, and honestly they’re all ridiculous cause they strike ridiculous poses that make them look sexy (yeah right), and prepare awful speeches, and they have minions (a kid of a villain ought to ‘serve’ as a minion to some other villain, it runs in a family, it’s called NET-WORKING)
  • Pat doesn’t want to be like his Mom (honestly Pat’s Mom is the greatest though), he just wants to be an urban designer (what a sweetheart)
  • Pat also works as a night manager to Nicholas Anderson aka Silver Paladin aka a hoagie superhero  
  • Silver Paladin is a fucking dork. end of story.
  • ANYWAYS. the plot is ridic, you’re gonna love it
  • the point is, ALL THE FEMALE CHARACTERS TBH. there are so many, and they’re so great. Pat’s sisters - Cea, Zen, HELL (hell yeah), are lovely. Pat’s Mom is the greatest, like I said. Cat. Ariadne and Doc Destiny (mhmmmm gimme a superhero/supervillain lesbian romance asap right now) THEY’RE SO BRILLIANT, all of them, and it’s natural and obvious bc duh
  • honestly the blurb says (among other things) that the book is about “young men loving not wisely, but well” come on??? this is the sweetest
  • (honestly though the romance is cute. they’re both nerds. Pat is a weirdo, and Nick is even a bigger weirdo, and they constantly keep telling each other “you’re the strangest person i’ve ever met” (Nick to Pat), “you’re nuts” (Pat to Nick)
  • (ok uh i should probably mention the book has explicit sex scenes so 18+ my friends)
  • OK BUT the reason number #1 why you should read the book:
  • honestly, my boys. so brave so young so sexy, wearing leather, and being slutty and pretty - and being proud of their job, and responsible and totally heroes. 
  • (AT ONE POINT THEY RESCUE SNAKES AND I’M??? they’re so eager and starry eyed and v brave)
  • i mean, as you can see, this book is ridiculous and funny but also subversive (”Pat’s “I;m proud to be a SLUT!!!” i mean……)
  • you’ll lough out loud 
  • (i mean, ok, this book is weird, and sometimes the writing style is Too Much™ bc Pat babbles so much and it can get confusing? but that’s kind of a point) 
  • also, i almost forgot: android dolphins (do i need to say more) 

VIXX Noraebang Lotto (chaotic dorks) 😂



Love As The Stars Went Out.

A collection of poetry from the end of the world. Poems of love, feeling and emotion, the collection encompasses all of life, and even beyond. Simple and elegant, the book contains all the poetry of existence.

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Annabeth lies spread out on the shore, yellow against white against gold, shining brighter than the sun itself, all long lines dipping into soft curves covered by smooth skin. Percy runs his hands over the cage of her ribs, lets his fingers settle into the spaces between them, holds her together. Her pulse beats in her neck and blue veins bloom along the inside of her wrists, rivers with sandy shores. 

When he kisses her she tastes like ice-cream and sunscreen, simultaneously sweet and musky, the freedoms of summer personified.

When he challenges her to a race, Annabeth runs into the ocean at lightning speed, shrieking as the water hits her ankles and the salt melts into her bones. Percy watches her muscles move, flexing as she jumps over the water rolling endlessly to and fro. The waves break against her legs, foam shattering from crisp lines into efflorescent clouds.

Salt settles into her pores and she shines against the sunset. Annabeth turns her head, golden curls fanning out around her shoulders, and she flashes him a smile that makes his heart stop.

Percy chases after her, dips her below the waves, and steals her breath in a kiss that never has to end.