Lesbian/bi/dont even know girls on tv now

no order whatsoever part 1/??

Luisa and Rose || Jane The Virgin

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Luisa´s description: Sister of the father of Jane´s baby, also the woman who insaminated Jane by mistake, also very gay having an affair with Rose, his dad´s wife. If that ain´t enough drama for you to live with she also has alcohol problems. Can´t describe Rose, you gotta see to know.

status: So far so alive, Rose seen in the pic too. Mondays, the Cw

Clarke and lexa and Nyilah || The 100

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Description: Clarke lives in outter space because the earth died 97 years but the spaceship the human race has been living on is dying so they sent a 100 underaged delincuents to earth to see if they survive. Very bi. and bossy.

status: Aliiiveeeee this bitch scared us a few times. The girl in the pic´s dead thought. This season ended but coming back in october, Wednesdays. The Cw

Camille || Stitchers

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So underrated imma scream

description: no one stands around and holds a tablet like she does. backup means alcohol. bisexual, sassy sarcastic, works for the NSA as a badass agent, also the actress is familiar because she used to date Josh in Drake and Josh, yup. im pretty obsessed with her. i mean, LOOK. AT HER.

status: Pretty alive in the lst episode she fucked. Mondays in Freeform.

Cosima and Delphine || Orphan Black

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Hurry up if you want to watch cus this the last season folks

Description: Hot gay clone, lovely and a genious. God protect this creature of science. Dating Delphine (i think ??) who is a cute french girl she met in college, also a genious, also really hot. I mean the show is gold and we all want to marry Tatiana.

Status: Alive but you never know. Saturdays, BBC

Elena || One Day At a Time

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Description: Gay little cuban munchkin, feminist as fuuuuuck. We need a love interest for her in s2. thanks.

Status; In no danger. netflix.

Sarah Lance || Arrow and Dc´s Legends of Tomorrow

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sorry if the gif gave you a pregnancy

description: Rich girl goes with her sister´s boyfriend on his boat, it drowns and she´s found and entrained by the league of assasins, now is a badass girl saving the time line. Bi but prefers girls. and you can tell.

status: None existent in time but alive after dying but coming back. Thursdays at The CW

Freya and Keelin || The Originals

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Description: 2.000 year old witch that was stolen by evil aunt, her siblings are the first vamps on earth and speak with a british accent for some reason. I mean, it´s been 2.000 years and your accent is intact even living in the usa? whats the need? Keelin is a werewolf btw. dont know much about her.

status: May die in the next ep tbh you never know. Fridays The CW

Waverly and Nicole || Wynonna Earp

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Description: Waverly was born in purgatory a town with demons that only her family can kill, very smart, like, crazy smart, was dating an asshole but then found her unicorn, i mean, gay, i mean she found Nicole. Nicole is a hot sheriff, i mean agent, she cute.

status: Alive. thank god.or wynonna, yeh, thank wynonna. Syfy, fridays.

Alexis and Rachel and Dakota || Famous In Love

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I have watched bad tv shows for the gay, but this one is the worst. soooo baaad.

description: Rich famous actress absorved in herself, can be nice at some points but is a mayor bitch most of the time.

status: How she gonna die in this shit show they need the gays. idk what days who cares but freeform.

Alex and Maggie || Supergirl

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Description: Alex is supergirl´s adoptive sister, she just realized sheñs gay, very hot, works for the CEO and is so smart, dates Maggie, gay pal nonewhite who has always felt weird which is why she goes to an alien bar, also hot, works for the police.

Status: #LesbianLives is how Chyler (Alex) would describe it. Mondays, the cw

Eretria || The Shannara Chronicles

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description: human in a strange world with elfes and wird shit tbh, bisexual, pretty hot, badass and sassy. in love with a three.

status: alive, pissed. MTV

Let me know if i should do a part 2 because obviously Tumblr won´t let me post them all together.

Comment the ones you watch:)


Sailor Moon Pixel iPhone Wallpapers

Gods in the city

The gods are everywhere.

Thor the Thunderer rumbles the underground on the rails of subways and trains. He’s in the thunderstorms that pierce the smog with their lightning and shake buildings with their thunder.

Odin stands over the shoulders of busy students that cram for their exams, marveling at their thirst for knowledge. He walks with us through museums, seeing the art of the worlds and immersing Himself in the history.

Freyja can walk the main streets or stomp across a stage wearing heels and little else, and still cut an imposing figure. Men and woman alike can both fear and admire Her for her attractiveness and tenacity.

Skadi howls with the winds that whip between skyscrapers and down alleys in the winter. She bites at exposed fingers of students walking to and from classes. She scavenges with homeless youth for food during storms.

And Loki, of course, can live on the streets among the lost and the forgotten. The ostracised misfits that have no home anywhere but where they make it. Loki, who reminds you that there is always a way, brings ideas to down and outters, teaching them how to survive.

Our gods can be modern, too.

I am so appreciative of this movie for this particular moment.  Marianne is finally getting to explore the Dark Forest and, though it is still dangerous, Bog shows her how to experience it safely.  Once she’s figured it out, she starts having a blast and gets real into it by jumping and flipping around.

But then she slips.

I love that even though she’s changed so much and is now a badass Tough Girl, she’s still Marianne: the sweet, klutzy dork we saw at the beginning of the film underneath it all.  

And what’s even better about this moment is how Bog reacts.  When he saves her, he doesn’t freak out or make fun of her or scold her for being reckless (unlike Roland).  He doesn’t even say anything.  He just smiles, helps her get back on her feet, and goes right back to their flight.  He knows she’s fine.

Then Marianne starts to sing their love song, because I think she realized that too.  She’s finally met someone that doesn’t judge nor ciriticize her for her quirks, but instead really likes them.  Really loves them, in fact.

This is the precise moment that Marianne’s prophetic words came true!

“…If I find a guy out there who takes my hand and looks me in the eye, and I don’t wanna hit him, I’ll consider it…”

Foam Armor Tutorial

@thewouldbeswedish asked, and I had been wanting to at least make mention of my painting discoveries, so here it is.

I shall add mine to the million or so others out there. I watched damn near every tutorial I could find, scoured Pinterest and combined a few different techniques, as well as coming up with my own(at least I hadn’t seen it elsewhere)



Paper(for your template)

Tape Measure

Exacto Knife/box cutter

Floor Mat foam

Craft Foam

Contact Cement

Hot Glue

Acrylic Paint
black, metallic gun metal, metallic sterling silver

Textile Medium(can be found with the acrylic paint)

Paint Brushes


Rub ‘n Buff(totally optional)

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Wig Hacks Wednesday #3 !

Today I wanna highlight on one of my favorite tools for spiking. This teasing brush cost me only $1 from a local beauty store. It has made my life much easier when it comes to teasing and getting that extra volume in wigs. You could buy it online for a bit more, look up “Diane Teasing Brush”.
This brush is very versatile. Use the tail to pick out hair and section off the spikes. Use the brush part to tease the hair starting from the roots and up (I like to go in at an angle). Then use the brush part again to lightly smooth the outter layer of the spike.
There are many different teasing combs/brushes in the market. But from my experience, this brush works SO WELL and is affordable. I like that its bristles are synthethic, flexible, but sturdy enough. Give it a try and you’ll be able to spike wigs much easier. :)
Wig in pic is Jareth in light grey from Arda Wigs.