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I am so appreciative of this movie for this particular moment.  Marianne is finally getting to explore the Dark Forest and, though it is still dangerous, Bog shows her how to experience it safely.  Once she’s figured it out, she starts having a blast and gets real into it by jumping and flipping around.

But then she slips.

I love that even though she’s changed so much and is now a badass Tough Girl, she’s still Marianne: the sweet, klutzy dork we saw at the beginning of the film underneath it all.  

And what’s even better about this moment is how Bog reacts.  When he saves her, he doesn’t freak out or make fun of her or scold her for being reckless (unlike Roland).  He doesn’t even say anything.  He just smiles, helps her get back on her feet, and goes right back to their flight.  He knows she’s fine.

Then Marianne starts to sing their love song, because I think she realized that too.  She’s finally met someone that doesn’t judge nor ciriticize her for her quirks, but instead really likes them.  Really loves them, in fact.

This is the precise moment that Marianne’s prophetic words came true!

“…If I find a guy out there who takes my hand and looks me in the eye, and I don’t wanna hit him, I’ll consider it…”


443-CESTAR [Cetus-Star]
-The Night Time pokemon
-Ability: Pressure/Magnet Pull - Super Luck(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is beleived to come from outterspace, often arriving to earth on meteorites. Their bodies are made of compressed stardust, this make their bodies soft and maleable”

–>Evolves at lv. 28<–

444-HYDRALAX [Hydra-Galaxy]
-The Space Drifter Pokemon
-Ability:  Pressure/Magnet Pull - Super Luck(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon travel trough the outter space in small groups, swimming in the void thanks to their natural ability to manipulate gravity around them. They will feed on metal scrap left by satellites and ships and sometimes they will approach space stations with curiosity”
    -Zen Headbutt
    -Dragon Breath

–>Evolves at lv. 55<–

445-COSTELADON [Constellation-Ladon]
-The Nebula Pokemon
-Ability: Pressure/Magnet Pull - Super Luck(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is often found residing in metal nest made out of space debris that they gather with, in some cases with magnetic attraction.  This Pokemon is composed of star pieces and spacial residue, all united by a great gravitation force this pokemon is able to control.”
-Sig. Move: Graviton “The user hits its foe with blow of concentrated gravity, smashing them against the ground. If the foe is flying up or floating with levitate this move power doubles and the foe will be left vulnerable to ground-type moves for this turn”
   Type: Dark
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 75
   Accuracy: 90%
    -Draco Meteor
    -Dark Pulse
    -Cosmic Power

Imagine Sasuke sitting with Sakura at the lake and quietly telling her about Naruto and how he was the first one to notice and truly be noticed by and things just finally click and she tears up a little and smiles and knows in her heart that the boy in front of her - she does indeed love, but not like she once thought…

She’s moved on and grown and Sasuke just smiles at her a little shy and a little apologetic at his unease of sharing such things and they both kind of just laugh and talk about how Naruto is the biggest dunce in the world but their inflection is so soft and kind and Sakura hears the over pouring of love in every innuendo of Sasuke’s when he mentions the blonde and she knows she’ll be okay and she knows she has so much inner and outter beauty and strength and healing to offer the world and she suddenly thinks of Ino and smiles and wonders what the future holds for her and for her two crazy and beautiful comrades on team 7.

Even though she already knows, Naruto is the one for him. Soul mates but also her bestfriends and she’s happy and Sasuke is content and Naruto is downing ramen and sneezes suddenly…

He hopes it is Sasuke talking about him.


Project 949 Granit / Oscar I
Project 949A Antey / Oscar II

The Oscar-class nuclear-powered cruise missile attack submarine, which displaces more than 18,000 tons when under water, is one of Russia’s largest and most capable submarines. As with earlier cruise-missile submarine, the Oscar was designed primarily to attack American aircraft carrier battle groups.
As with other Russian submarines, the Oscar features a double hull – and inner pressure hull and an outer hydrodynamic hull, with eight inches of rubber between them to muffle sounds. American submarines have a single pressure hull, with additional hydrodynamic fairings, such as the cap that encloses the bow sonar dome. The 3.5 meter separation between the inner and outter hulls on the Oscar provides significant reserve buoyancy, and improved survivability against conventional torpedoes.