Outtallectuals Is 3 Years Old [24/02/2011 - 24/02/2014]

24 February 2011 - 24 February 2014. 

Outtallectuals is officially 3 years old.

BIG.UP.Y'ALL Outtallectual Artists & Outtallectual Scientists 

Seriously. I have no idea how many hours I’ve put into the articles, compilations and content I make for this cause, but I fuckin love it and if those of you who keep posting, giving me mixes, music, photos, articles, new information, invite your friends, spread that word of mouth… and most of all educate me weren’t so persistent in your support, this would have not had such longevity. 

Outtallect till I die.

One love. 


This album was originally organized with the idea to build a science lab at Shree Prabhat Higher Secondary School in Dhawa, Gorkha, Nepal. Unfortunately the 7.9 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal the day after release, destroying most of Dhawa, including the school. The country needs billions in funds to recover from this tragic event and in our small way, we are redirecting our efforts through this project to create a fund for rebuilding Dhawa. PLEASE consider donating to our cause in exchange for a cutting-edge music compilation and help us restore normality to a highly vulnerable community.

BUY / DONATE link: https://outtallectuals.bandcamp.com/album/outta010-dhawa-sunrise

Many thanks


It is finally time! Excited to reveal the details of ‘Dhawa Sunrise’, our new charity compilation. Forward-thinking bass music for future-affirming initiatives.

Watch video for details.

Download and full stream link: outtallectuals.bandcamp.com/

The second compilation album released by the Outtallectual Collective. With this album, we will be showcasing music from a range of genres, producing sounds that challenges the current boundaries of harmony.

11 tracks from Australia, USA, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Nepal, Italy and Canada.

Starting up with Sawtooth, Kameronessi and Yokai, respectively we have metal, psychedelic and ethnic dubstep, followed by a trip-hop contribution by Hexus. Kromatic and Baumeister demonstrate different perspectives of future garage and SoundPalette taking us to a mix of moombahsoul and and trap music. The album carries on with two vocal tracks by Keeplove and Cultivation with folk and reggae enfused dub. Kappah provides us with a psychedelic instrumental hip-hop tracck and we finish off with Mo'Reza’s 6/8 ethnic electronic experimental.

Artwork by Outtallectual artist Mujura.

Beautiful Decay #001: Soular Order – Roamer EP — Outtallectuals

After a decision to expand our music blogging so more specific categories, we can now present to you ‘Beautiful Decay’. In this feature, we will be focusing on blissful music that verge on the more ambient side of the spectrum and would roughly be described by some as nighttime / lounge listening.


New Outtallectuals Guest Mix by The Creature.
For fans of neurostep/neurohop music, get some monster music in your soul. 

Track List:

Intro (The Creature Remix) - Sum 41
Majesty - Joe Ford
Flare - Carvar & Clock
Flare - Meta
Red (Chasing Shadows Remix) - Laid Blak
Culture - Joe Ford
Starscream - Meta
Dead Leaves - Kursa
Rare Candy (MakO Remix) - Kursa
Gotta Get Some Sleep - CloZee
Vacuum Imploder - Audeka
Funk Blaster - Koan Sound
So What - Pegboard Nerds
Anti-Sprial - Kursa & Hurtdeer
Bill Bro Baggins - Opiuo
Southern Hospitality - Ludacris