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With Prussia (and France): Outtakes

((With every session we do, there has to be an outtakes video, because we’re just so stupid and do so much bullshit. We recorded about 34 minutes, ¾ of which was probably just crap likes this. Please enjoy this third video of us.))

Prussia/France: @askawesomepreussen

Meiko Kaji (梶芽衣子)

I scanned this from a magazine named Featured Photo Art (特集フォトアート) with a subtitle Person Photography Techniques (人物写真撮影テクニック).

Wasn’t able to find much info about the magazine online, but most of the pictures look like outtakes from the photo session for the pictures used on the Kaji Meiko No Hajiki Uta (梶芽衣子のはじき詩集) LP and the Golden Star Twin Deluxe compilation.



The Hawke family’s holiday card. Photographed by family matriarch, Leandra Hawke. 

Also, two bonus outtakes from an earlier session with local prince, theologian, and amateur photographer Sebastian Vael. He was trying to make cute twin poses, but, according to Isabela, the scene he created looked more like a dual pregnancy announcement. That pronouncement touched off a tussle between Garrett and Marian over who would carry the child. Which prompted Carver to call them attention whores. Which caused Bethany to question her lot in life. Which lead to Mother canning the prince-photographer, getting the children into some decent clothes, and shooting the little monsters and Bethany herself.