It’s been eight years since I studied abroad in Tokyo. A lot has changed in that time: I’ve transitioned successfully from photography student to editorial photographer, I moved to Los Angeles, got engaged, turned twenty-eight and got my first (!) tattoo but most importantly,  I returned to Tokyo an eight day vacation, after years of trying to get back to Japan.

I spent time in Kamakura, Itabashi-ku, Asakusa, Omotesando, Shibuya and more. I was able to reunite with my host family, reunite with one of my closest friends whom I met eight years ago while studying abroad, and go on a significant pilgrimage back to Hase-dera to give thanks to Kannon-sama for an auspicious fortune that came true over the course of my eight year long absence.

I found Tokyo to be more enchanting than my last stint there and it fired me up to take language immersion classes to strengthening my Japanese speaking skills! 

I’m excited to visit again next Fall – I won’t allow another eight years to pass spending time in one of my favorite cities in the whole world.

Here are some outtakes of the trip I shot with a Fuji x100S before the battery crapped out on me!