even more deleted scenes!! some highlights:

• charles breaking doors down
• gina’s work ethic
• terry’s coffee cup
• don’t. poop. on. the. subway


thebetteradversary said:

how does the king dragon stay on during filming? doesn’t it fall off? 

oh, if i do ANY sort of movement, the crown falls off ALL THE TIME, it is a precarious balancing act, here is a video of outtakes for the King Dragon Rap that shows how frustrating this is       

This had to be one of the most random and left field outtake moments on Parks and Recreation lol. Just amazing how Chris Pratt dropped the bomb, and the cast was not ready lol


Keanu Reeves photographed by Simon Emmett for Esquire Magazine (March 2017)

“I loved to go to the movies as a kid and I loved watching movies. I don’t know if it was escapism. Even the act of going outside to the movies for me, and watching them in a room. I wanted to be there, you know? I wanted to do that. And that happened in Hollywood! So, I wanted to act in movies. In Hollywood. It was my dream! Whatever that meant.”