Madi Flink. Heaven gained an angel <3

If anyone remembers LifeIsWideOpen (Madi) , she then remade to http://outtahonkytonks.tumblr.com/ well she committed suicide. We lost a beautiful, loving country girl. It sucks that she was hurting so bad that she had to take her own life. She was such a beautiful individual. Her and I used to talk for hours just about stupid stuff. We both adored Jason Aldean more than anything so he was always a good topic to talk about. She used to come to me to ask about guy advice and talk to me about Jack. She was like a little sister to me. Even though I was older, I even looked up to her at times. She had it all. 

I never personally knew her, but I knew that she was an amazing person. Such an amazing friend and I’m sure was an amazing sister and daughter. Words cannot describe how great she was.

We fell apart and didn’t talk for a while, and I blame that on me. I just wish I would have known that she was hurting. I could have tried to somehow help her and keep her mind off of things.

Please, send your prayers and love to her family and friends.