P S A !!!

So, tumblr’s activity has been rather WONKY lately ( @’s aren’t working every time, tags are no longer alerting me, and I have to manually CHECK followers to see when I’ve gotten new followers. ) Please SPREAD the message so more people will know they’re not being IGNORED!!! ( my friends are also having the same issue ). I will also go into your messenger and alert you of any starter I’ve sent, but please don’t think I’m being PUSHY at all!!! Take all of the time any of you need to reply to me. This is only me alerting you because of the activity messing up!!!  ALSO, IF ANY OF YOU HAVE SENT ME ANYTHING REGARDING A STARTER OR REPLY I HAVEN’T GOTTEN TO YET  P L E A S E  LET ME KNOW!!! THANKS!!!


Watch the official music video for “Outta My Mind” directed by Nick Walker.

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