FNaF-themed sentence starters

“I’m not just a creature…”

“I’m all fun and games here!”

“I’m not the crazed killer you think I am.”

“I’m going outta my mind!”

“I’m locking this place down.”

“Just an hour more…”

“The show has just begun…”

“You’ll fear what I can do, but you’ll never run…”

“Our little horror story’s just begun!”

“I’m not the ‘bad guy’, I’m just a bit surprising!”

“It warms my servos and circuits to hear some fresh screams!”

“We’re back, revamped! The madness never ends~!”

“It’s what we’re made to do, you act like WE’RE to blame!”


The Arcs… B-side | My Mind


How have I only just seen this?! 

This video makes me very happy! Not only does Kidoh look ridiculously hot when he curses but he throws the bird @2:28 & joins Supreme Boi in the “p***y wide open” part!