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BTS Reaction : Finding Out That You Have a Choking + Daddy Kink

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jungkook : when he found out, he wasn’t even surprised like you thought he’d be. you were planning to tell him since after the first time you two had sexual intercourse, but you never could. you were afraid of how he would react. so, when he confronted you about it, you were thrown off guard since it was random "do you have any kinks baby? like choking? a daddy kink?“ his voice was gentle and he made it seem as if he didn’t know and was only curious. “yeah…those two…why are you asking me about this?” your body was heating up, half of you was embarrassed but the other half wanted him to take you right then and there. with choking and all. “call me daddy." he cocked his head to the side, did his signature tongue in cheek, and looked at you. you hesitated but it was actually what you wanted. so you did, and his reaction let you know that you weren’t the only one with a daddy kink. "let’s go.” he pulled you to the bedroom, where your kinks were fulfilled.

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taehyung : when you told him, he was both surprised and understanding. although sexual intercourse with him was amazing already, you just felt like there was something missing. and that was choking. it was just something about choking that turned you on (even more). "if you want to call me daddy then so be it princess. we’ll be having sex more often though.“ (calling him daddy gets him heated). when you learned that calling him daddy would do something to him, you didn’t waste any time to get things heated. "daddy..” you said lowly and in a seductive tone, but loud enough for him to hear. “starting already huh?” he looked at you and shot you a sly grin when you responded with a nod. (just know that he turned you inside out that day.)

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jimin : the only reaction that you received from him was a light nod and a slight look of concern written on his face. “so you really want me to choke you? are you sure?” he was concerned because, he’d do it but he needed to make sure that you were being for real. he didn’t want to end up getting carried away and hurting you. when you reassured him that it’s what you wanted, he vaguely smiled. "as long as i get to satisfy you, i’m down, you know this.“ he paused, and thought for a second before speaking again. "we’ll take care of this tonight.” nut.

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namjoon : you totally caught him off guard when you told him. the both of you were just chilling and doing what regular couples did on a regular day. he was quick to become erect at the thought of you calling him daddy. “this was random but i’m glad you told me this.” he responded. you giggled when you noticed his bulge, you were happy that he reacted this way. “daddy?” you said, as you straddled him and watched his reaction. (gif) he didn’t respond with words but instead with actions. he lifted you up and carried you to the bed.

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hoseok : he was happy to find out that you liked choking because it was something that he was thinking about trying for a while but he was too self conscious about it to ask you. “well, that’s something added to the list.” he said which made you smile. when it came to it, hoseok and you were open about a lot of things and did a lot of things during those times. (both of you have a lot of kinks and things that you like to do during sex) “and it’s good to know for sure when you want me (calling him daddy).” in that same hour, you were calling him daddy, getting choked et cetera. and the both of you loved it.

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yoongi : "mhmm..“ he only hummed when you told him. he patted his thigh, indicating that he wanted you to sit there. (something that was regular in your relationship) "so if i grab your neck like this-” he paused and placed his hand on your neck, causing you to lightly moan. “you’d be wet for me..” he said instead of asking since he already had his answer. he tightened his grip, “what’s my name sweetheart?” he eyed you with lust in his eyes, raising his eyebrow. “daddy.” and that was all that he needed to hear, he was as hard as a rock now. “i’m about to fuck you so good.” big nut.

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jin :  not in complete utter shock, but kind of shocked. if it’s what you wanted, he would be willing to give it a try. “you’re really into some crazy shit..but i like it.” he confessed. “can i call you daddy?” you asked him, in a sweet voice. (gif) you noticed how his cheeks became rosy and figured that he probably didn’t like that idea. “you don’t h-” you started to say, but he nodded which shut you up. "that’s sexy.“ (he began to look hot and bothered) there was a sudden raise in the level of sexual tension between the both of you, and you noticed it first. so, you grabbed his hand and led him to your shared bedroom where you two had a workout.   



you know it all

you’re my best friend       

아침은 다시 올 거야

어떤 어둠도

어떤 계절도         

 영원할 순 없으니까                 

                                                                 - “Spring Day”, BTS  

Witchtip: On a Budget!
  • Sigils are pretty much the cheapest magic you can work.
  • Spoken charms and mudras (hand movements) are free.
  • Buying pre-processed Cascarilla is a nice convenience but it’s a lot cheaper to grind your own egg shells. You were probably going to throw them out anyhow.
  • Think Creatively when you shop. Get to know the correspondences of kitchen herbs.
  • white chalk is crazy cheap and has tons of uses in magic. Circle casting, warding, sigil work. When you must buy, buy multipurpose.
  • Learn to sew, by hand or machine. You can get nice fabric at a deep discount at garage sales or cut up nice curtains from thrift stores. Tarot bags and cloths, altar cloths, charm bags, poppets - all cheaper to make than buy.
  • Brush up on local plant lore. Even if you gotta sneak trimmings outta the park. Free is free.
  • Save the brown paper bags from the store. They make good petition papers when torn up.
  • Energy Work. Sometimes you don’t need materials at all to get shit done.
  • Use Birthday candles instead of full size tapers for spells. They’re portable and burn just long enough to work a spell.
  • A lack of organization can work against you and cause you to buy stuff at stores you forgot you had at home. Keep a small composition book and write down your entire inventory of consumable supplies with key words. Example - “Bay Leaves. ½ jar in stock. Allspice, Nearly out. Ginger root. Out.” Take it with you shopping. This way when you have decided to spend, you’re not frustrated coming home and finding that you just restocked something you had plenty of. Update it during the new moon, or whenever you run out of something.
  • Use magic! I have sigils going for all kinds of stuff. Finding useful books at a discount. Finding things I need at thrift stores. Saving Money. Put your magic to work for you.
  • On the subject of saving money - Start a magickal piggy bank. (Mine’s a Pikachu. But still!) When you spend cash, dedicate a certain amount to your witchy fund. Got 75 cents back? 30 percent toward supplies puts one quarter in the bank. It adds up. Bless the bank to draw in Prosperity. Pick up change when you find it. Make a set time when you spend it. On your birthday or maybe every sabbat. Stress free pocket money.
  • Go hiking at the nearest public park trail or wooded area. Bring a backpack full of brown paper bags and small containers. Willow bark, witches burrs, acorns, black walnut hulls and wood, shavegrass, cinquefoil, four leaf clovers, pine resin, juniper berries, cedar boughs for smudge sticks, styrax resin, buck eyes, wild ginger, river stones, moss, antlers - all free. Make a tradition of it with a witchy or open minded friend. Be safe though.
  • Make a ritual of shopping. When you have money to spend, ask your God/Dess, Guides, Angels, or Ancestors to lead you to the things you need at prices you can afford. Leave them small offerings in return.
  • Decide before hand how much you can spend. If you haven’t made an agreement with yourself to shell out cash that day, don’t. The joy of a new purchase made in haste often wanes to be replaced with regret. Don’t taint your magic with regret over money. Your Magic is inside you. It isn’t something you have to purchase access to.