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A show that is continually looked down upon for it’s low budget, a show that has had the odds stacked against since the beginning, just won an award for Outstanding Drama against major TV shows? A couple that is groundbreaking on so many levels, a couple that continues to show what a healthy relationship is, essentially won an award for the show? I am so proud

If you can’t watch Underground on TV  on Wednesdays at 10 Eastern/9 Central Time OR on the WGN website because, in both cases, your cable provider doesn’t carry WGN…

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I bought it today for $0.00. That is not a typo.


The Executive Producers and the Cast of ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder congratulate Viola Davis on her 2015 Emmy Win for her Lead Role as “Annalise Keating.”

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The African American Film Critics Assn. announced Monday its honors for the best in film and television of the year. The critics recognized Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight” as its top picture (and best independent film) and Ava DuVernay’s “Queen Sugar” as its top show. Also receiving honors were Beyonce’s self-titled film-album “Lemonade” and DuVernay’s Netflix documentary on mass incarceration, “13th.”

“Our members had a plethora of outstanding movies, documentaries and TV shows to choose from this year,“ said Shawn Edwards, AAFCA’s co-founder. "It was an exceptional year in terms of the quantity and quality of films about the black experience. And while this by no means solves the diversity issue in the film industry it was definitely refreshing to have such a wide range of exceptional work to choose from to honor and celebrate with our approval.”

The national organization of black entertainment critics, in operation since 2003, will hold its eighth annual AAFCA Awards in Hollywood on Feb. 9 to formally award those recognized. The event is expected to be a landmark one, especially considering the group dubbed 2016 the best year ever for blacks in film.

“The number of incredible performances by black actors and actresses added to a very competitive field of performances and represents a step towards inclusion that our membership warmly embraces,” said Gil Robertson, AAFCA’s president and co-founder. “We look forward to what 2017 has in store.“


Happy New Year Guys… Make 2015 count every second… I wil… Especially when the most amazing, outstanding and magnificent TV show is ending very soon… 

Glee has thought me about everything to just be who you are when doing something you love… Srew what haters gonna’ say, people expect us to be ‘Perfect’, But we just not… We are who we are and that is already ‘Perfect’… Every peson make mistakes, people says we’re a screw up… Nobody is Perfect… We make mistakes… ‘But we can choose wether or not to run or learn from it’ 

Glee maybe ending… But my love for glee is never ending… Because I am one of those losers that called us ‘Gleek’…

Happy New Years Guys


Congratulations to Viola Davis for her 2015 Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her Lead Role in ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder.

On being nominated alongside Taraji P. Henson: “I just feel that it’s our time. I really do. When we put in the work, I think that it becomes undeniable. It’s our time to be included in the narrative. We’re as much a part of this world and this life as anyone else, and our world and our story and our images, they need to be put out there.”