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The Experts by Sophie Franz @sophiefranz (nominated by outstanding minicomic) @bigplanetcomics

A horror story with tons of atmosphere and touches of sardonic humor about 3 “experts” in a remote scientific facility, gradually losing touch with their mission and, perhaps, with reality.

For fans of John Carpenter’s The Thing, Olivier Schrauwen, Sweet Tooth

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True bravery

Not directly related to Outlander - but I was reminded recently of a true story of outstanding courage and bravery. It will give you chills.

A few years ago, a man named Bill Millin died. You don’t know his name - there’s no reason for you to - but he played a small role in perhaps *the* most crucial battle in the history of modern warfare.

You see, Bill Millin was a piper. A Scotsman, who - apart from one remarkable day - led a mostly quiet, normal life. But he landed with the British Army at Normandy, on D-Day, wearing his father’s kilt, armed with nothing but his bagpipes and sgian dhu. He played his bagpipes as the soldiers stormed the beach. He walked around on the beach, playing his pipes, as the British Army attacked the Germans. Just like his ancestors had played bagpipes on battlefields. He gave his countrymen strength. Gave them comfort, as they died. Gave them a reminder of home.

Take a second to think about how brave that is. How brave he was. And how amazing it is that he survived.

And what’s even more amazing about this - and this is the tiny tie-in to Outlander - is that he was commanded by Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat. Yes, *that* Fraser of Lovat.

Here is an excerpt from his obituary in the Washington Post. Read the whole thing, Google him even. There are some adorable interviews of older Bill on YouTube.

What a class act Mr. Millin was. An example of such bravery, amid something so terrible. True heroism.


Dressed in the kilt his father wore in World War I and armed with only a ceremonial dagger, Mr. Millin was a 21-year-old soldier attached to the 1st Special Service Brigade led by Simon Fraser, better known by his Scottish clan title, Lord Lovat.

As Lovat’s personal piper, Mr. Millin played rousing renditions of “Highland Laddie” and “Road to the Isles,” energizing the advancing troops and comforting the men whose last moments were spent on foreign soil.

“I shall never forget the skirl of Bill Millin’s pipes,” one Normandy survivor, Tom Duncan, later told the London Daily Telegraph. “It reminded us of home and why we were fighting for our lives and those of our loved ones.”

Despite the racket going on around him, Mr. Millin’s music was heard up and down the coastline. It was so loud, in fact, that one soldier told him to knock it off unless he wanted all the Germans in France to hear of the invasion.

Mr. Millin was the only bagpiper to take part in Overlord, because British high command had banned pipers from the front to reduce casualties.

“Ah, but that’s the English war office,” Lovat told Mr. Millin. “You and I are both Scottish, and that doesn’t apply.”

Marching along the crater-pocked sand was oddly a “relief,” Mr. Millin later said, compared with the boat ride to the shore, which had made him seasick.

Despite his brigade’s heavy casualties – nearly half of the 1,400 commandos were killed – Mr. Millin survived without a scratch. (His pipes, however, were wounded by shrapnel after a mortar round landed beside him. Luckily, it was a superficial injury, and Mr. Millin patched his pipes up and carried on.)

Mr. Millin’s unit eventually captured two German snipers whose pinpoint fire had wiped out many in the Allies’ advance. When asked through an interpreter why the snipers hadn’t aimed for Mr. Millin, whose blaring bagpipes would have made him an easy target, the prisoners had a simple answer.

The German snipers didn’t bother, they said, because the man making all that noise seemed to be on a suicide mission and was clearly mad. 

anonymous asked:

Cuphead or Bendy?

I don’t know what exactly your asking, but if your asking us which game and or character we prefer, it’s pretty obvious for my choice ahaha-

Cuphead. I know batim isn’t finished yet, but im way more excited for Cuphead than the 2nd chapter. I’ve heard about Cuphead since they announced it. It is such a very detailed yet breath-taking game, the character designs are adorable and outstanding, the story seems alot more interesting, too. 

And if you meant which character I prefer, Cuphead. I like his design alot more, he’s way more fun to draw than Bendy, and also i love the color red lmao -Mod Straw

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Hey hey!! Thank you so much for last chapter of Niichan. It's truly sad but I feels happy for them, the story is so real. By the way, I heard from a friend that lived in Japan, Harada is a man and probably some of his stories are his experience/his friends so that's why his story always feels so real also that's the reason that his story always outstanding than the others mangaka. Sorry for my bad english orz

Oh! I see… o: I have a friend living in Japan too, I really wanna tell him to go check on Harada to solve this once for all x’DD although it’d be completely fine if Harada was a man as well.

⚠ if anyone ever gets wind of a sainkai (autograph session) that Harada is participating, please let me know!



Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam by Simon Hanselmann (nominated for outstanding story and outstanding series) @girlmountain @fantagraphics

Simon Hanselmann’s Megg and Mogg is a low-key stoner comedy, frequently hilarious, often tragic and always poignantly insightful about the inertia and malaise of its self-destructive principals.  When Megg and Mogg travel to Amsterdam (followed by the uptight and unwelcome Owl), their relationship starts to deteriorate in this New York Times bestselling collection of brilliant stories (originally serialized on Vice).

For fans of Boy’s Club, Ernie Pook’s Comeek, Blobby Boys, Octopus Pie, Girls, Broad City, Trailer Park Boys

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An outstanding story about the Helmet of Dr. Fate will be told in Ep. 18. John’s sexuality will also be developed gradually. Constantine is just getting better and better every week! Give this great show a little bit patience and faith, OK? And the most important is: Let’s try our best to make this happen, shall we? 


I personally think Disney Renaissance is The Best Era for Disney and I love every bit of it(Yes including Pocahontas). Because they have great characters, great stories, outstanding animations, clever writing, and soundtracks are beautiful. Even though The Revival Era is pretty good but Disney Renaissance is hands down a masterpiece.

April Book Photo Challenge | Day 20: short story
I’m really grateful that I bought this last Christmas (I’d admit a large part of it has to do with the cover), because it got me back into reading YA. There are some truly outstanding short stories in this collection, especially Rainbow Rowell’s Midnights, Jenny Han’s Polaris Is Where You’ll Find Me and David Levithan’s Your Temporary Santa. (I think I tend to prefer the less insta-love ones.)