outstanding eyebrows

The Signs Physical Appearances Based on my Personal Friends

Aries: He has red tinted skin. A high forehead and high cheekbones that make his cheeks look hollow. His body is wiry and muscular. His eyes stare into yours, as if he’s challenging you silently. His eyebrows are arched and his features are sharp. In the sun, his hair glimmers red. His lips are tiny but chiseled with a dark pink. His voice cracks like fire. He has multiple scars and beauty marks on his face. His freckles bloom through the summer.

Taurus: Her hair is dark, thick, wavy, her skin is rough. Her bone structure is squarish and harsh while her nose flairs femininely. Her eyelids are heavy, her lips are thick, full and wide. Her eyebrows are nicely shaped as her eyes shine with a domesticated hue. The neck is thick and matches her narrow thick shoulders. She’s fashioned in earthy colors, and has a feminine approach. Her feet are thick, wide, and even when she gains or loses weight, her body shows strength.

Gemini: Her nose is narrow between her eyes and prominent cheekbones. Her hair is big, wild, shagged, showing that she’s active and has no care for appearances. Her eyes are young and intense. Her lips are full and her collarbones stick out with prominence. Her nose is long, big, and her bony shoulders stick out as if her wings are ready to break through her skin. Her posture is birdlike, in poise for flight as her upper body sticks out and her long legs curve back. Her arms hang awkwardly and her hands dangle loosely. Her eyes stick out and her body is modelesque.

Cancer: His body is strong and sturdy, like a tree trunk. He is muscular, thin, but his body is also rounded. His legs are strong, the butt is round and large, and his pecs are prominent. His neck is long, thin, and his lips slightly curve up at the corners. His eyes are beautiful, watery, as if hes about to shed a tear at any moment. He has a melancholic look, like Kurt Cobain. The hair is long, silky, manageable. The nose is attractive and pointed.

Leo: Her hair is thick, light. The chest is big and wide. Her eyes are shaped like a cat’s but are dark in color. Her bust is big. Her cheekbones are high, near her eyes, her spine is prominent and sensitive. Her back is soft, attractive, and arches nicely. Her forehead is high, her eyes are far apart. Her eyebrows are thin but dark. The lips are plump. Her face is round.

Virgo: Her skin is clear. Her forehead is rounded and prominent. Her lips are perfectly shaped, but her mouth is too small for her smile to fully ‘erupt’. The eyebrows are thick and round, slightly curved. The nose is not too small or too big, but full at the tip. Her head is round. The face shows innocence, mainly the eyes. Independence shows in her stance. Her cheekbones are globular, has a fashion-model-seriousness to her look, but the smile is more than friendly. Her teeth are slightly crooked but strong with the top ones being more prominent than the others, so her mouth regular stays open a little bit showing her front teeth through her cupid lips.

Libra: Her face is symmetrical. Her teeth are immensely white and straight. Her lips are prominent and something about them “pops”. She has clear skin, her eyes are a bit far apart and big. The ends of her eyes are wide and slant down a little bit. Her hair is silky, straight, smooth. Her nose is shaped like a ski slope with the end pointed up and her nostrils flared (especially when mad). Her eyebrows are nicely shaped and arched, but have a thick (or dark) aspect about them. She has a dimpled chin and dimpled cheeks, her body is curvy and feminine. She has a happy, innocent look to her.

Scorpio: His eyes change color depending on what he wears, or how he feels. His stare is intense, but quickly turns innocent once his smile blossoms. His eyebrows are rounded, thick, dark, and arched, and are a bit far apart from each other. His torso is lengthy, the legs a short and the arms are long. His neck is thick and sensuous. His hair is dark in color and thick, and he has an abundance of it throughout his body. His chest is flat, along with his stomach. His nose can look either aquiline and concave depending on the angle, but is full at the tip. His lips are full and his skin is pale and full of scars or cuts since he is always risky and athletic. His body is toned, but still a bit lanky.

Sagittarius: One of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen in my life. Her skin is tawny, her hair is dark. The face is “long” with attractive cheekbones and attractive light colored eyes. Her eyebrows are slightly curved, thin, and the eyelashes are long. She is athletic but puts on weight easily. Her hair has a “cowlick” and light, natural highlights. Her teeth and gums are big, but attractive. Her look is jovial and her smile cheers everyone up.

Capricorn: “If looks could kill”. Her eyes are sensuous, serious, nicely shaped. Staring AT you, not into you. Her nose is noticeable. Her bone structure is outstanding, perfect. Her eyebrows are just naturally beautifully shaped, and arch over her long, slightly hooked nose. Her eyebrows and nose make a “T” shape on her face. Her cheekbones are prominent. She always flashes everyone her attractive teeth. Her lips are thin but the shape is feminine and sensual. Her hair is dark, curly or at least wavy at times. Her looks are intimidating. Her legs are thicker than her upper body, and the hips are wide. Modelesque figure. Her neck is long and her eyes show attitude.

Aquarius: Her hair is long, wavy, dark, healthy and frames her face nicely. It often shifts to the side. She is tall in height, her body is flexible, her limbs, hands, and feet are narrow. The torso is long. Her eyes are young, the head shape is elongated with her mouth pronounced from her jaw. Her smile is friendly. The bone structure is thick but statuesque. She possesses the form of a dancer. Her posture is flawed, but her shoulders stand back as her back slouches and her legs are straight. Her eyes gleam with maturity.

Pisces: Her eyes are heavy-lidded and protrude. Her smile is perfect, with her plump lips. Her eyes are beautiful, not intense as a Scorpio’s, but dreamy. She often seems to be staring into the nothingness. Daydreaming look. Her shoulders slope down and her posture is flawed. Her hips are large, and her skin is clear, although she has a few acne scars. Her hair and eyebrows are light in color. Her eyebrows blend in with her skin. Her torso is pear shaped with long lanky limbs. Her hair is thick, “big”, curly, and waves like the ocean.