outstanding acting

I will always ship Caryl whether or not they go canon

In my mind and heart, they’ve been together for a very long time.

I will ship them forever because Melissa and Norman are fine actors who have chemistry beyond measure. They’ve made Carol and Daryl the most compelling characters on TWD despite the shit writing and Gimple’s fuckery.

Would I love to see them go “officially” canon? Of course. Do I need it to feel my ship is validated? Fuck no. I have 7 seasons of outstanding acting from Melissa and Noman for that.

I will continue to Caryl on.

About guilt...

… and outstanding acting skills….

Bae killed me in this episode. AGAIN. I just…

Look, my personal situation isn’t the very best atm. In fact, i’m literally kind of going through the worst time of my life. And maybe it’s because of this simple fact that I’m so goddamn vulnerable right now. But… you see… Bob Morley, ladies and gents… He already DID a great job this season. Again and again he’s already proven that he’s just one of, if not THE best actor of The 100 - in S4 and even before. I… dunno how to even START to describe what his acting in the latest episode made me feel. But I try, even if there already are dozens of metas about it and no-one’s gonna read this anyway. I just need to get this off me.

To see Bob Morley’s Bellamy sitting in that Rover, not being able to rescue these poor guys out in that storm of black rain, alone and forlorn, completely lost in his guilt and fear and pain, forced to listen to the goddamn screams of the daddy and his already dying son over the radio, the screams of people he swore to protect and to rescue… It’s just too much. Far too much. For him - and for myself too. Something broke inside of me today. And this time, other than the times before, my tears didn’t stop falling. I cried throughout the rest of the ep and simply wasn’t able to stop myself. Seeing and most and for all HEARING him cry, his voice so goddamn hoarse and broken, barely a whisper when he told Kane that he failed, that he thinks that he’s CONSTANTLY failing, that he can’t rescue anyone, not even his own blood… Guys… It hurts. Something deep inside of me hurts like hell. And I almost thought that I could FEEL his pain atm. I couldn’t BREATHE because of it. That was not a healthy kind of crying I did. That wasn’t relieving. That was ACHING. And i’m still aching all over.

And not to mention Bell’s last words echoing the ones of Kane. Did he speak of himself here? This is not just about Octavia right? Did he say that he himself doesn’t WANT to be saved? I hate to admit that but… I think that’s what his eyes were telling Kane (and us) atm. At that point… he already was beyond tears. He just… stood there and cited Kanes words from before in an almost… stone-cold voice… I fear for him. I’m afraid what he might do now, that he really don’t know any limits now anymore, that he’ll head right into the next big dangerous situation so that he could die. Yes I think that at the end of this episode his greatest wish is just to die. That he doesn’t deserve to live anymore (what is new, Anne, but…), whereas others, who HE FAILED TO SAVE, are dead and gone now. (The only reason that he had not left the rover to die in the toxic rain was probably the hope to see Clarke again (well, I hope, bc she told him so… Gosh where is she when she’s most needed…)  From HIS point of view it must feel like he killed those guys out there. New deaths, new guilt, new pain. New blood added to the blood already staining his hands…

And this broke me. This BREAKS me. Not just my heart. My everything. And Bob Morley, bless him, he’s just SO BRILLIANT in what he’s doing, that I just want to grab his Bellamy by the shoulders and shake him, I just want to scream at his face that he’s valuable, that he’s beautiful and brave and kind in all his constant TRYING and STRUGGLING and SELF-FINDING. Bob Morley easily convinces me again and again of the authenticity of a Bellamy Blake. He’s so tangible for me. So downright true and believable. I’m so thankful that Bob Morley is our Bellamy Blake. He’s a blessing for this show. I can’t repeat it enough.

And now that I finally finished my crying, I just want to say that I loved this episode. It may not be the most exciting or mindblowing one of this season so far. But in all it’s (subtle) pain and struggling (and I’d especially like to point out the great performances of Henry Ian Cusick, Paige Turco, Luisa D’Oliveira and Chelsey Reist here too!!!) it was one of the most gripping ones up until now for me. Wow… Thank you Bobby. And again: Give bae all the awards in the world, please. Dat guy is so goddamn talented… Jfc

justinmymindpalace replied to your post: Remember when the BBC sent out their first replies…

Thankyou for this, I totally agree. I’m just sort of floating in the fandom now, conflicted by the strange storyline, horrific characterisation and inconsistencies. The only ones I want to thank in person are the actors really, who pulled their socks off (on the whole). It’s all damn confusing and quiet

Yeah, I feel you. And I totally agree, I’m very grateful for what Ben and Martin gave us, their acting was outstanding and they tried their best to show what makes these characters tick, they made them human and relatable. It was such a gift. But other than that… it sucks to realise and admit but the entire thing apparently wasn’t that good in the first place.

RANT || Theo Raeken/ Cody Christian|

I can’t believe some of us have to actually write endless posts about this and it BLOWS MY MIND that Cody actually has to make a Video or posts to remind people that the person he portrayers on TW is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER . The qualities Theo Raeken possess is not the qualities Cody holds !

CODY CHRISTIAN IS AN ACTOR . He ACTS . He PRETENDS to be another person in simple words . HE IS NOT THEO RAEKEN . Therefore , unless Cody Christian has actually offended you in person by saying something mean etc you have no reason to hate him and bash on him !

It’s his Job to play Theo for our entertainment. So why are you hating on him? In my opinion you should be praising the fucking guy for such OUTSTANDING acting skills . I mean c'mon he’s the best villain in my opinion . Void was good , but Theo is amazing.
Besides the point , irrelevant ..

STOP all this dumb HATE on CODY CHRISTIAN . He’s just ACTING . In all honesty he’s a freaking Warm Cinnamon Roll .

So go send him some love . And apologize if you’ve thrashed him.

Have a good day .

Rebels is nominated for 3 awards at the Annies this year

Outstanding Achievement, Voice Acting in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production: Star Wars Rebels - Episode: #3-05: “Hera’s Heroes” - Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney XD - Starring: Lars Mikkelsen Character: Grand Admiral Thrawn

Outstanding Achievement, Music in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production:  Star Wars Rebels - Episode: #2-24: “Twilight of the Apprentice” - Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney XD - Composer: Kevin Kiner

Outstanding Achievement, Editorial in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production: Star Wars Rebels - Episode: #2-24: “Twilight of the Apprentice” - Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney XD, Nominee: Joe E. Elwood, Nominee: Alex McDonnell

Just thought it was cool, I know I might be the only person who watches the Annies but I figured I’d tell y’all in case some of ya didn’t know.


Alan Rickman receives ‘Krzysztof Kieslowski Award’ for outstanding achievements in acting, during the '2014 Camerimage International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography’ in Bydgoszcz, Poland, 15 November 2014.


I never knew that they released the motion capture for this scene. The acting to outstanding!

Also Ashley pushing Troy wasn’t scripted.

This season is so wild™
  • Four returning “fan-favorite” players
  • Jodi 2.0
  • A flop of a teams twist
  • The Roadkill Competitions that replaced Battle of the Block
  • The Battle-Back Competition aka Big Brother’s Redemption Island
  • The return of secret rooms 
  • The suspense created by the Round-Trip Ticket 
  • Three opportunities for an evicted houseguest to return into the game 
  • Not one single alliance dominating the entire season
  • Jozea: the Messiah of the newbies
  • Jozea exposing #notgayCorey night one of the feeds
  • The house already divided week one 
  • The house uniting against Frank 
  • Tiffany’s ICONIC speech about how evil dictatorships never work out
  • Meech flipping the votes that kept Tiffany in the game
  • Tiffany becoming woke and raising chaos
  • Da’Vonne and Tiffany’s rivalry “I beat you, I beat you”
  • Victor’s redemption 
  • Big Meech and her outstanding rap and acting performances
  • All of the gifs Da’Vonne has blessed us with
  • Everyone underestimating Natalie while she’s been woke since Week 1
  • James and Natalie’s epic love story
  • Meech and Bridgette’s newfound friendship
  • Natalie, Bridgette, and Michelle flipping the votes to send Zakiyah home
  • Natalie exposing Paulie for the trash that he is and blowing up his game
  • “Round-Trip ticket baby!”
  • Meech surviving two evictions and exposing everyone in a single hour
  • Victor and Paul uniting alongside Natalie, James, and Michelle
  • The entire week of Paulie’s demise
  • Paulie not having the round-trip ticket
  • etc.