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Follow up to the previous question about Gillian best moments: what do you think are her best performances as Scully?

Best Gillian moments as Scully TOP 5, on this very day (it’ll probably change slightly tomorrow, and the next day… so many great acting moments)

HOME AGAIN - This scene. Do I need to say more? Scully’s desperation to forget what just happened because she doesn’t think she can survive it.

  • Special mention: “that we didn’t treat him like trash”. She whispers it like she just said a forbidden word. And it is forbidden because William was never dispensable to her.


BADLAA The way her voice breaks with emotion at “that I’m not capable of”. I wrote a lot about it here.


APOCRYPHA The determination and hatred, followed by the regret of not shooting the man who was with Krycek when her sister died. Or is it the realisation of having to track down yet another man to avenge Melissa. The spectrum of emotions… simply impeccable. 


IRRESISTIBLE When people say Gillian’s outstanding acting happens when she plays with her face, that’s what they are referring to.


PER MANUM 2 scenes. 2 very different hugs: The gratefulness. The heartbreak.

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@auliicravalho: AAAAAHHHHHH!!! I WON AN ANNIE AWARD!!! 😄 I’m absolutely blessed to have been honored with an award for Outstanding Achievement, Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production. Thank you to producer Osnat Shurer, and directors Ron Clements and John Musker who gave me, a little Island girl, the opportunity and adventure of a lifetime. I am forever grateful and forever changed. ❤ #AnnieAwards #Blessed #Moana #MoanaOhana

Review - 13x21

Review Omelia 13x21

Hey guys, @jordan202 here, welcome back to another weekly review on Omeliasource. Stick with me because the ride is long but the news are good.

And what an amazing episode we had this week!

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Whoever randomly peeks at my Asks knows that for a while now I have been saying I had a feeling the four last episodes of the season would probably try to rescue some of that old school Grey’s feelings and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed at all! And the amazing Omelia development is only a part of what made this episode a great one, perhaps the best of s13B.

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Just Rogue One Things (I Noticed in the Movie)

I know a lot of people have made these posts already, but I wanted to make my own. Sorry if I point out stuff you’ve seen on other lists.


-8 year old Jyn runs like a girl. Just sayin’.

-Saw seems like a great guy, and I’m not trying to attack him or anger his fans, BUT… What the HECK was he thinking, leaving 16 year old Jyn in a BUNKER of all things??? Literally ANY OTHER PLACE WOULD’VE BEEN BETTER. Does he not remember finding her so many years ago, alone in the world, scared, mourning her mother, missing her father, IN A BUNKER??? *screams for days*

-On I calmer note, I love the outfits in this movie. Jyn (and everyone else) dresses SO modestly. Like, the most skin she ever shows is her wrists. I cannot even begin to say how much I appreciate that. 

-Jyn is trembling a bit when the Rebel Commanders and Cassian explain why they busted her out of prison. 

-We get to see Cassian put on/take off that coat SO MANY times. Actually, he changes his clothes a lot in this movie… THANK YOU DISNEY

-Cassian says, “That’s Jedha” in an awkward attempt at small talk, and Jyn is having NONE OF IT. It’s basically the equivalent of him coming up to her and going, “So, crazy weather, huh?” Nope, try again, sir.

-Cassian loves the way Jyn talks to K-2SO. Don’t even pretend you didn’t notice.

-”You seem awfully tense all of a sudden.” Girl, have you been paying ANY attention to this guy? He’s the very definition of tense. Seriously, look up the word ‘stressed’ and you’ll find his frowning face. (A related search will probably ask you “Did you mean /stress/?” Click on that and you’ll get Jyn’s picture.)  

-Right after Jyn shields Cassian from the explosion behind them, he gives her a very brief look of complete shock. Blink and you’ll miss it, though. 

-I’m sure most of you saw this the first time, but it took me 3 viewings to realize that Chirrut. SAT. ON. A. DEAD. STORMTROOPER. Ah, to one day achieve that level of sass… 

-So, to sum up Jyn’s actions in Jedha: She saved a little girl, destroyed several Stormtroopers, protected Cassian’s butt, and topped it all off by JUMPING IN FRONT OF K-2SO TO KEEP HIM FROM GETTING SHOT BY BAZE. And y’all are wondering why Cassian couldn’t just leave her behind???

-What was Saw thinking as he watched Jyn’s REAL father tell her that he loved her, that he thought of her every day, that the pain of losing her was almost more than he could take, that she was still his beloved, his stardust…? I have so many feelings. 

-Saw approves of RebelCaptain when he says, “Go with him [Cassian], Jyn!”

-Also, Cassian pulling out his blaster when he sees Jyn on her knees, like, “WHAT’D YOU DO TO HER, YOU MONSTER??? FIGHT ME!!!” is gold. 

-Poor Cassian. The man just wants to do his job, his horrible, murderous job, and now he finds himself surrounded by people who are huge fans of the Erso Family. Even K is starting to warm up to Jyn. He’s doomed if he kills Galen, doomed if he doesn’t. 

-You can actually see the sheer panic on his face when Jyn starts defending her father. He looks like he wants to throw up. Outstanding acting there, Mr. Luna. Well done.

-These guys would be dead so many times throughout the film if not for Bodhi. He is arguably the most important member of the Rogue One team. (And he has no idea.)

-”Your father’s message. We can’t risk it. You’re the messenger” is THE most bull crap excuse ever. Cassian could’ve said, “No, this is a job for men” and he would’ve fared better. 

-Seriously, though, watch Cassian’s body language in this scene. He won’t face Jyn, won’t look at Jyn, does his best not to talk to Jyn. He’s an experienced spy with hundreds of secrets buried in his mind, and yet, around her, he’s a mess. 

-K is probably so confused after getting yelled at by Cassian. “I’m finally civil with your little girly-friend and this is how you treat me? #humansarecrazy”

-Jyn calls Galen ‘father’ once. After that, it’s only ‘papa’. Why? Because, deep down, a part of her is the same little girl who hugged him and told him she loved him. That part resurfaces when she sees him after SO LONG, and it’s painfully clear how much she wants to be his little girl again. This scene has so much psychological depth, I can’t even

-Also, Galen’s body was so twisted. Getting blown up is not a gentle way to go.

-MEANWHILE: Bodhi manages to steal an Imperial cargo shuttle. But apparently that’s too boring to show on screen.

-AND IN OTHER NEWS: Chirrut shoots down a TIE Fighter. From the ground. With a crossbow. Also, he’s blind. “Is he a Jedi?” “No. The Jedi wish they were HIM.”

-At some point when Cassian and Jyn are having their little spitting contest (just kidding I love that scene and both of them so much), Chirrut stands. Check it out. He was sitting. Now he’s standing. (Ooooo, you’d better watch out, Captain Andor. Jyn has friends in high places.

-I wanna high-five the person who shouted, “Just let the girl speak!” 

-Anyone else notice that Cassian and Jyn both said “I do” in this movie? No? Just me? Okay, then. *cough* They’re married. *cough*

-”I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to.” WHEN? WHERE? HOW? I NEED ANSWERS, DANG IT! 

-Cassian, you smug little jerk, you could at least pretend to be embarrassed about K-2.

-Okay, so I love the cute scene on the ship. Like, so, so, SO much. But I just have to ask- what was Jyn’s plan there? “Awe, Cassian’s smile is so adorable, and I’m just so happy right now. Imma go, uh… stand awkwardly close to him, freak the both of us out, and then make it look like an accident.” Real smooth, Jyn.  

-Grenades are pure evil.

-”Who are you?” Krennic asks, after hearing Cassian scream her name in the data vault. Repeatedly. “Who are you?” he asks, after witnessing her hop out from behind some crates on Edu and shout, “FATHER!” in Galen Erso’s direction. “Who are you?” he asks, and then stares like an idiot when she answers, “You know who I am.” Orson, boy… You’re done. Go home.

-When Cassian keeps Jyn from attacking the dying Krennic, he says, “Leave it.” IT. Like Krennic isn’t even a human being. (Or maybe he meant leave ‘it’, as in her anger, because they’d won.) Either way, Jyn listened, and that’s awesome.

Okay, I’m finally done with this WAY too long post. 

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But why be bitter about a woman being successful? She's helping pave the way so more women can get jobs producing and directing. As a woman you should be proud of her.

I’m not bitter about her being successful, not at all. I’m bitter about the fact that they hyped her directing more than Kelly’s outstanding acting. I’m bothered by the fact that Chandra Wilson has been directing FOR YEARS and they never gave her this kind of recognition. Also, how is she helping pave the way so more women can get jobs producing & directing??? Shonda and Debbie and other showrunners are helping there, not Ellen. 

Despite the British Minister for Magic, Archer Evermonde, having passed emergency legislation forbidding witches and wizards from getting involved as World War I broke out in 1914, thousands nonetheless still joined the war effort. 19 year old Theseus Scamander and 17 year old Newton Scamander were no different than any other young men and boys of their age, itching to do their part in defense of Queen and Country. 

Being of age to serve, Theseus joined the Muggle armed services and went out onto the front lines as a field medic. His efforts during the 4-year length of the war saved 247 lives directly, all of whom he risked life and limb to pull to safety out of the death trap known as “no man’s land”. For his bravery, valor, and gallantry in the face of the enemy, he was given the Victoria Cross - the Muggle British armed forces’ highest honor. He was also awarded the Order of Merlin, First Class, after the war ended, for “acts of outstanding bravery” on the battlefield.

Newton, on the other hand, was not deployed out to the front lines. As he was still considered underage by Muggle standards, he was not allowed to join up as his older brother did in the Muggle armed forces. Instead, Newton was able to join the wizarding units pushing into the eastern front in Europe. Already a budding magizoologist at the time, he was recruited into the special “dragon division” that handled Ukrainian Ironbellies. His commanders still to this day have not seen anyone with a better talent at handling the dragons in a war zone.

As Theseus returned home a decorated “war hero”, Newton’s contributions during the war was inevitably overshadowed by his older brother’s heroic legacy in the eyes of the wizarding community - something he will continue to face even a decade since the war’s end.

I will always ship Caryl whether or not they go canon

In my mind and heart, they’ve been together for a very long time.

I will ship them forever because Melissa and Norman are fine actors who have chemistry beyond measure. They’ve made Carol and Daryl the most compelling characters on TWD despite the shit writing and Gimple’s fuckery.

Would I love to see them go “officially” canon? Of course. Do I need it to feel my ship is validated? Fuck no. I have 7 seasons of outstanding acting from Melissa and Noman for that.

I will continue to Caryl on.

[STARCAST] SuperJunior’s Yesung in a spectacular development as policeman Oh Hyun-ho

OCN drama “Voice” is highly loved by the viewers because of its thrilling and spectacular story! And there’s this genius hacker of the “Golden Time Team”, Oh Hyun-ho policeman. You all have been watching out for him, right?

The innocent youngest police has joined the “Golden Time Team”!

This cute and lovely guy is becoming a real crew of Golden Time Team through a variety of cases!

He keeps on expressing his feelings for Park Eun-soo while presenting his cool looks

(He looks so cute while looking up at her…)

During the incident when Eun-soo’s sister Eun-byul was abducted, when captain Kang Kwon-joo was out of office,

he showed off his talent as “white hacker” and cleared his real position!


This lovely white hacker Oh Hyun-ho gets addicted to drugs and ended up in a hostage situation!

He was tricked by his stalker and he had no choice but to take a hostage!

We couldn’t see the innocent looks of Oh Hyun-ho but his expression was so real as if he became the real criminal!

His acting was outstanding enough to trick the viewers!!

Curious about the behind-the-scenes during this ‘club’ scene?! Watch it in the clip below!

▶ Yesung – [Voice] Behind-the-scenes of the feverish ‘club’ scene!

But, this innocent boy with aegyo is so much lovely ♥

He is lovely, pretty, and cute all the time! The development of the genius hacker Oh Hyun-ho will keep on hereafter.

“You’ll stay with me, right?”

At OCN drama “Voice” aired every Saturday and Sunday at 10p.m, watch Yesung who became the genius hacker Oh Hyun-ho and check out his developed acting skills! Spend this weekend with “Voice”! Don’t forget to watch it on time ‘v’

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Andrew Buchan as Mark Latimer in Broadchurch series3

ICYM the Twitter meltdown after episode8, here are just a few fan comments:

Exceptional acting. It was heart breaking to watch his struggle; fabulous; felt every heartbeat! THAT is acting. BAFTA deserving performances; his acting gives me literal chills he’s so good; his performance has been stunning; some of the greatest acting I have ever seen. Phenomenal; all the awards possible to him, peerless and heart-breaking in every scene; I cared more about Mark Latimer than any of them though; made the show so very amazing; WHERE IS ANDREW BUCHAN’S BAFTA; extraordinary performance; bloody brilliant. That scene on the sofa - class act! Gold medals go to Andrew Buchan & Jodie Whittaker. THAT scene, wow; take a bow my son. Played that role superbly. Flawless, real and heartfelt. Should be proud; Wow; so moving. Sensational actors doing the North proud; Wow Andrew Buchan Just Wow X; Final scene between Andrew Buchan and Jodie Whittaker quite simply a masterclass; Stole the show; his acting is outstanding. Mark Latimer’s fate is what’s haunting me after the finale; Andrew Buchan as Mark Latimer stood out in this series; I’ve never seen vulnerability on screen quite like Andrew Buchan in tonight’s finale; outstanding; please cast Andrew Buchan & Jodie Whittaker in everything and tell them how wonderful they are until they’re sick of hearing it; Powerhouse of a performance I’m in awe; Mark Latimer has broken my heart such a haunted character and brilliantly played; just being amazing. Broke my heart; throwing all the awards at Andrew Buchan for every single one of his appearances; Phenomenal understated and heart-breaking performance; Brilliant acting; He has such talent … hope to see much more of him on TV soon; Andrew Buchan made Mark Latimer’s pain unbearably real, first rate performance; flawless; beautifully done; just superb; just incredible. To watch someone trying to hold back tears gives me goose bumps; A quietly tender and devastating portrait of love, regret, and heartbreak; Stunningly real performance; utterly heart-breaking, had me in tears last three weeks; brilliant; devastating acting; Such. Bloody. Good. Acting. Wonderful acting; made me cry; superb performance & utterly heart-breaking; simply, spellbinding; Amazing acting from Andrew Buchan. You could see the grief etched on Mark Latimer’s face; heart rending; simply superb; another outstanding performance; Well that performance by Andrew Buchan (Mark Latimer) will be seared into my mind for a long time. Superb. Poignant and incredibly moving acting; outstanding; There goes Andrew Buchan. Moving me to tears again. He is consistently excellent and believable; Andrew Buchan is an incredible actor.

And the comments didn’t just come from fans; Andrew is an actor’s actor….