outspoken girl

The girl who lives in me

sweet girl,
gentle girl
soft and loud and outspoken girl
dreaming girl, contemplative girl
joyful, silly, messy girl
passionate girl
playful girl
talks too much and sings all day
feels too much and loves too hard

this is the girl who lives in me
this is the girl i have come to be.


I’d love it if Ash started becoming more aware of his attraction to Misty, enough that it’s no longer subconscious but conscious. It becomes so self-evident to the point that Ash is dismayed he no longer can hide behind the guise of cluelessness. Instead of Ash doing his usual “Huh, Misty looks different..” it starts becoming more like “Hey, Misty looks kind of cute- WHAT AM I SAYING?”

Ash becomes annoyed with himself for even entertaining the possibility he may like a combative and outspoken girl like Misty. It starts messing with his performance in battles. That’s absolutely unacceptable to Ash and he resolves to fix his problem. He’s going to try to prove to himself that Misty isn’t worth liking by riling her up. 

But things go the opposite when Ash attempts to antagonize her. The conversations, though combative, start with verbal dominance but unknowingly turn into lame flirting cringe-fests. Each phone call ends with a really big smile on Ash’s face. But that all melts away after Ash horrifically realizes what happened: he still likes Misty. Ash reverts to being frustrated and comically cries to Pikachu. Nothing is going to change.

Ash headdesks. Pikachu pats his trainer’s head 

random people from my college dorm:

-Alaskan dude named “Booch”

-Booch’s girlfriend who maybe wasn’t supposed to be living there

-Guy who was an extra in Master and Commander and constantly talked about how he was a Movie Star

-Scary far-right Christian girl who complained a lot about how Republicans are persecuted when people disagree with them

-Extremely outspoken Dawkins-style atheist girl (in adjacent room)

-Guy who was failing all his classes but building incredibly beautiful handmade stereo speakers, and eventually he started a business doing that, so, like, good for him

-Guy who looked exactly, and I mean exactly, like Fozzie Bear from the Muppets

The Type Of Gal the Signs Are

Aries: An outspoken girl with a loud laugh.

Taurus: A calm woman who spends her time smiling.

Gemini: An outgoing lady with a love to try things new.

Cancer: A dramatic but loving girl who has good intentions.

Leo: A wild woman with a heart of gold.

Virgo: An emotional girl but has a love for everyone.

Libra: A very fun lady who spends her time being kind to others.

Scorpio: A moody girl who can’t seem to settle but cares a lot.

Sagittarius: A loud woman with an attitude but has great ideas.

Capricorn: A gentle lady with a lot of control and power.

Aquarius: A loving girl who is fascinated by human interaction.

Pisces: A soft spoken lady, she is most likely shyer but kind.

queenxfthorns  asked:


                  Why can i not marry a   FOSSOWAY   ??   Lord Jon is as   suitable   as any other man.     

                         Jana is on the verge of   TEARS.   Her mother has played another of her   moves   &   she will not get to have a   WORD   about it. Or is what   everybody   thinks from such kind, quiet,   YOUNG   girl. She is a   tyrell   &   as any other, it is   EXPECTED   of her to nod   &   do what her family   tells   her to do. But today, today she wants to be the   REBEL,   the   outspoken   girl that will take   NOTHING   at heart of what her lord father   &   lady mother tells her. But she is a   soft   girl, one that ones to marry for   LOVE   &   not because she is the   daughter   of Lord Luthor Tyrell.   &   because of that she   CRIES   &   hopes   her mother understands.

                                       (     she   KNOWS   that she is not going to. no   fool   she is. jana has been raised with the mind of a   CLEVER   woman, one that can understands the   gestures   other faces make at her   &   her mother can not   HIDE   her intentions well from her own kin. she   swallows,   love means   NOTHING   she tells herself once again. but tears still   fall   down her cheeks.     )

                  Please, mother, i am   BEGGING.   Mina married Paxter, she gave him   sons.   Mace married Alerie, she gave him   A   HEIR    already, she might give him another son now too. This can mean yeat another   alliance.   Please, i will never ask   ANYTHING   from you, i will be a   good   wife.   PLEASE.     

SNEAK   PEEK   OF   MY   THOUSAND   MUSES     →     accepting.
PORTRAYED   HERE :  jana   tyrell.
SENT   BY :  @queenxfthorns.

it always amazed me how i was able to cry oceans out of my big hazel eyes just 4 hours before i went to school the next day.
it always amazed me how i was able to always to smile and take deep breaths telling myself to just make it through this day
but days of me trying to convince myself to make it through this day and then this day and then that day little did i know it became a habit
it started with a couple of days
then turned to months
and little did i know it ended up becoming years that ive been convincing myself to be happy when i spent more nights trying to cry as low as possible so no one would hear
or how many times id blast music in my ears so i wouldn’t hear when people would be talking or whispering about me. 
it became a constant fear of mine to be around people, you can’t really understand how a loud and outspoken girl can be shy but it’s not the shy where i don’t speak but more the shy where i can’t put together the strength and trust in myself to ever believe that anyone will ever have my back.
you could be alone in a room full of people and that’s when you only start to understand what loneliness really is
you could be ‘friends’ with so many people but they don’t really know anything about you or maybe they know every single detail about you but never the deepest feelings in your mind or your past you can’t ever bare to tell anyone.
i fell back on myself for self love and advice and on basically anything
but it took way to much out of me 
i bite my lip when im sad and i think i reached the point of no return because i cut my lip in half and its been bleeding out, i guess what im trying to say is how come i gave you my whole body and soul and you can’t even text me to see if im doing alright.

or maybe you know im doing miserable anyway


captainceranna  asked:

How did Lizzie feel when seeing Nik for the first time? How did Nik feel seeing Lizzie? How did they morn Phillipa? IM FEELING ANGSTY LIZ AND IM TAKING YOU WITH ME

YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME! But OMG I love this moment in their relationship and ngl i want to write a fic about it. 

Lissie is completely frozen the moment she sees his face. It’s so much older, and so terribly scarred, but she knows in an instant it’s her little Nikky.
Her first instinct is actually to run away from him. At that point, she knows Philippa is dead and the thought of facing him literally makes her blood go icy, but he speaks to her, calls her “sister”, and she falters, hugging him and crying like a damn baby. 

Niklaus is so damn happy to see Lissie. After missing her for over a decade in a half, is elder sister is actually standing before him. The damned Herald of Andraste! He remembers her as the confident, outspoken girl from his childhood, and believes she is no different. Yet, when he calls for her, and she falls into him, hugging him so tightly and crying so hard, he realizes that… maybe she wasn’t as strong as he thought. 

When he learns about Philippa’s fate, he falters. They don’t speak for days, and it kills both of them. He’s wanted for so long to be with his sister again, but not at the loss of another. 
Lissie feels completely responsible for Philippa’s death. She thinks Nik hates her letting it happen, and when he finds about about it, it almost seems to be true. But once Haven is attacked, they reconcile for a short time in an attempt to save it. 
But after Lissie nearly dies and they arrive at Skyhold, they go to confront one another and attempt to heal over Philippa’s death together. It is then that they truly bond again and become closer than ever before.

Malala receives offer to study at UK university

London, March 12 (IANS) Nobel Peace Prize winner and education activist Malala Yousafzai has received an offer to study at a British university after applying to Oxford.

Yousafzai made the announcement at an education conference in Birmingham. She said she received an offer, conditional of achieving three As in her A-Levels, to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), reported the Guardian on Saturday.

But Yousafzai, who narrowly escaped death in 2012 after being shot by the Pakistani Taliban for her outspoken campaigning over girls’ right to education, kept quiet on where her next educational venture had come from, according to the report.

Giving the final speech at the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) annual conference, she said: “I’m studying right now.”

“I’m in year 13, I have my A-Level exams coming and I have received a conditional offer, which is three As, so I need to get the three As, that’s what my focus is right now, and I hope to continue my work and also continue my studies.”

“And I’m really thankful to you all for your support for encouraging me for my mission. That’s what makes me and keeps me so strong, so thank you so much for that, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak,” she said.

When the education campaigner finished her speech, the hundreds of delegates rose and gave her a standing ovation.

She said that, alongside her degree, she would continue to work for the Malala Fund. “My goal is to make sure every child, girl and boy, they get the opportunity to go to school.”

“It is their basic human right, so I will be working on that and I will never stop until I see the last child going to school,” she said.

The teenager also provoked laughter from the audience when she revealed she thought she was in trouble when she was called out of a chemistry class to be told she was the next Nobel Prize recipient.

“She called me outside and I went and she said: ‘You have won the Nobel peace prize.’ So, it was a big surprise, and I said: 'Thank you’.”




I Dissent hammers home why it’s easy to admire Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark
by Debbie Levy (author) and Elizabeth Baddeley (illustrator)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
2016, 40 pages, 8.5 x 11 x 0.6 inches (hardcover)
$14 Buy a copy on Amazon

I’m going to be upfront here: this book made me cry. As a woman, mother to a daughter, and formerly outspoken little girl in a time and place where “feminism” was was an anachronistic term for bra-burning rather than the badge of pride and call to action it is today, this book made me grateful and proud. I was already an RBG fan – it’s pretty hard not to be – but I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark hammered home all of the reasons why it’s easy to admire the influential Supreme Court Justice through a beautiful, illustrated biography that stresses the importance of standing up for what’s right.

Debbie Levy frames RBG’s story with objections, beginning with her mother, Celia Amster Bader, who sets the tone for the book and for her daughter’s trajectory by encouraging little Ruth to strive for more in life than finding a husband. “Ruth’s mother disagreed,” is the first of many hand-lettered, marquee-like pronouncements that tie together Levy’s text and Elizabeth Baddeley’s visual storytelling. This bold dissention (“Then she protested.” “She resisted. And persisted.” “Ruth really, really disagreed with this!”) in the face of prejudice and sexism allows readers to feel the weight of injustice and the power of speaking up as they straighten their shoulders, square their feet, and shout with Ruth, “I dissent!”

I learned a lot through this book. Who knew that RBG and Antonin Scalia were friends? Or that Justice Ginsburg’s mother was such a driving force in her life? There is also a section for further reading after the story ends, including photos of RBG, information on cases referenced in the story, and a selected bibliography, which serves as a great resource for curious readers who want to learn more. – Marykate Smith Despres

October 18, 2016

Boys like him don’t love girls like me. They don’t love girls who go home and take out their contacts and wipe off the make-up, slide on their glasses and watch documentaries on WW2. They don’t love girls who are loud and outspoken. Girls who refuse to let anyone tear them down. Girls who demand respect and crush anyone who wrongs them. Girls who aren’t the cool girl. Girls who don’t give a shit about their make-up or how popular they are. Girls who shout into the wind about feminism and demanding equality for all sexes. Boys like him don’t care. They are the cool boy, the calm and collected one. And girls like me are way too complicated to be their girl.
—  But god damn, do I want to be his girl.
Defend Myself ( Jungkook )

< you’re in Uni and you’re dating Jungkook. You’ve been receiving hate from fan girls in Uni. You stood up for yourself and they got butthurt. Jungkook confronts you saying u were harsh on them. >

Part 2

“BTS: Mystery girl revealed”

Ever since that article had been published, it had been official that you were the girlfriend of Jungkook. While he was a KPOP idol, you were in university, aiming to get a degree in your course. You were a pretty outspoken and friendly girl so you had quite a few close friends in University. You weren’t those popular ones since you’ve solely focused on getting the degree. However, ever since that article had been published, you’ve become very well-known.

“Omoo~~ (y/n) you’re so lucky! I hope you too last long!”

“Aw you two are such a cute couple!!”

You were usually greeted by such comments that it became quite awkward walking along the corridors. Of course, you were greeted by more unpleasant ones.

“I can’t believe he chose you out of many other girls.”

“Your body isn’t KPOP girl material. I can’t believe he decided to date you.”

“Maybe he just pitied you.”

“All I know that you do is studying. What’s so interesting about you?”

Exactly, that’s all you know so don’t judge. You would sassily reply them in your head. You never wanted to speak those rebuttals out loud, you knew it would be an ugly sight.

It was inevitable that you would receive hate from people and you knew that. You had already prepared yourself from that the moment that article was published.

You were currently studying for your major exams in University and Jungkook was touring America for their concert. You wished you could’ve been with him but there were exams. Jungkook and his friends would send you photos through LINE to cheer you up and send you motivational messages.

Despite whatever you’ve been through throughout the day, those messages could cheer you up in an instant.

With BTS getting more famous, it meant more fans. It also meant more people that might hate on your relationship. You decided to ignore all that was coming your way online and offline. In University, there were obviously tons of BTS fangirls. Many of them tended to lean towards the loud aggressive side.

Whenever you were alone, they would shout things at you and sometimes throw their tissues or empty plastic food cases at you. You would boil in anger but knowing that if you said something, you would jeopardize both your relationship and Jungkook’s career.

Things didn’t get better.

When BTS came back, the amount of fangirls were only more than before. Jungkook would text you to make sure you’re not alone because he knew what saesangs fans could do.

You weren’t usually alone. You were smart enough to be with someone. However, there was one incident that got you into deep trouble.

You were with your group of friends— that happened to be a group of boys and girls. It was Hyun Jae’s birthday party and you were going out to buy snacks with one of your guy friends since they knew what saesangs fans could do to you.

You two were in a grocery store when you were dazing outside through the glass door. “Uh-oh.” You muttered.

“Uh-oh? What uh-oh?”

You took out your phone and messaged Jungkook.

You — Jungkook! Hey if you see me with a guy it’s nothing okay? We’re buying snacks at the grocery store.

Almost instantly you receive a reply from your boyfriend.

Jungkook — Ah okay haha why did you suddenly text me this?

You — There are fans outside and they might spread rumors.

Jungkook – You’re at the grocery store near your place right?

You – Yea I am why?

Your friend received the change and you two left the grocery store. You were about to ask him whether they should leave the snacks at his place or yours when his phone vibrated.

“I’m sorry (y/n), my mom needs me at her workplace to help her carry stuff home. Will you be okay?”

You smiled and nodded your head even though you were freaking out inside, “Yea sure, you can go ahead.”

You were alone at the bus stop, surfing the Internet while waiting for the bus stop come. When something had hit your back.

Your head whipped around to see a group of girls around your age sneering at you. “You’re Jungkook’s boyfriend right?”

You knew not to reply and faced the road once more, looking at your phone.

“Yah! Miss (y/n)” One girl mocked your name. “It’s a pity he ended up with someone like you.”

You were squeezing your phone tightly as you heard them insult you while you sat there at the bus stop looking like a statue. “Why didn’t you get plastic surgery like the rest?”

“Girls, I don’t think she can afford it.”

You had enough of hearing them talk and you decided to just take out your earphones to block them out. You played a music when they yanked your earphones out of your ear. “I bet your mother isn’t as pretty—”

“Don’t you dare talk about my mother like that.” You spoke in a low angry tone. “Aw, you can talk!” They ‘gushed’.

“I’ve had enough of this!! I did nothing to you guys and all you’ve been doing is hurt me twenty-four-seven!? What must I do to make you happy huh?!”

“You know what? All you guys are good at is just teasing and make somebody else’s life horrible. What an accomplishment isn’t it? You must feel so proud of yourself. Living the life behind your phones and living with such a dirty mouth like yours. I can’t believe you talk to your parents with that mouth.”

Instead of receiving another insult, you received a hit to the head with one of their bottles. You were nearly about to slap them when a car stopped at the bus stop and Jungkook came out.

“W-What the hell are you doing here?!” You sputtered your words out. The three girls were stunned in their positions. Jungkook glanced at them and at you. With a sigh, he took your hand and pulled you in the car.

“What were you doing?!”

“Defending myself! What does it look like I was doing?”

“What was that about?! You didn’t need to say that to the fans?”

“Wow, no greeting or any questions of concern? Best boyfriend goes to Jeon Jungkook.” You sardonically spoke. Jungkook let out a frustrated sigh, “Why are you behaving like this (y/n)?”

You mocked a laugh as you turned to look at him. “You saw what they did to me there. All I did was to defend myself and you’re scolding me for that?! What was I supposed to do? Cry there and wait for the bus to come? I can’t let them win—”

“This isn’t about who wins! You know they can do other things to you! To my career!”

“Oh so it’s about your career now?”

“Did you not hear the first—”

“I heard it but you emphasized on the word career.”

Jungkook groaned in anger as you looked outside the window. “Okay fine. You had every right to defend yourself but you were too harsh on them.”

You threw your head back in a laugh, “Are you hearing yourself right now? You’re defending the saesangs fans? Seriously Jungkook? Has your career already gone up your ass that you care about the saesang fans more than me?”

Jungkook was about to reply when you spoke to the driver. “Sorry sir could you stop here? It’s near my home.”

The drive listened and you got out of the car. However, Jungkook followed.

“Yah (y/n) wait—”

“I’m sorry if I decide defend myself! You know that my personality and if you aren’t happy with it I think we can’t be together—”

“No wait (y/n) I didn't—”

“Save it Jungkook.”

Little brown girl isn’t so brown
Little brown girl doesn’t have an accent
Little brown girl doesn’t like spicy food
Little girl has been stripped of being considered brown
Little girl isn’t considered one of us
Little girl is too white
Little girl has a name that we don’t know
Little girl is not so little anymore
Girl is too confidant
Girl is too outspoken
Girl won’t be accepted
—  hijabiyonce, little brown girl

I wish people admired women who emanate a silent kind of strength along with the outspoken, assertive, strong woman persona. While the latter is admirable, not every woman can fit into that mould, and so women who are introverted and quiet may feel overshadowed and perceive themselves as weak only because they aren’t as loud. Let’s start recognizing the strength of silence along with the strength of a loud voice, let’s start teaching girls that you don’t have to be extroverted to be strong and assertive, and see how the world changes.

Does Feminism Need Miley Cyrus: Nicki, Miley, and White Feminism? by Ali Barthwell ‘10 (@wtflanksteak)

Credit: laymedowwntonight

I see people all the time say Feminism needs people like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Because they are young and famous and outspoken about being girls.

Here’s the thing that’s my problem: I’ve never ever heard a white woman say “Feminism needs black women.” The presence and contributions of black women to feminism is just not important and isn’t seen as valid critiques of either the patriarchy or feminism.

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I used to be so damn ashamed of being coined as “the outspoken one”.

I remember trying so hard to shut myself down and remain as unseen as possible. I remember clinging to the power of invisibility, as so many of us do.

But I’m learning that my stubborn, passionate nature is what empowers me. It’s what makes me care about the world. It’s what makes me whole.

That outspoken 13-year-old girl I used to be so frustrated with is now my backbone.

Honor all pieces of yourself.

They show up for a reason.

What’s in it for me?

Anon request: can you write a story where Baekhyun is a playboy but you have to pretend to be dating him so girls would leave him alone but he ends up falling for you?

You thought he was absolutely repulsive. A different girl about every week or so, attached at the hip, arm around her like a trophy. Your disgust for Byun Baekhyun couldn’t be any clearer. 

You hated him. He was known around school as the playboy, changing his ‘girlfriend’ every other week or so. He had girls flocking around him like he was some god, a gorgeous god. 

You didn’t see much of his actual personality, just that he knew how good looking he was, obviously very vain. It’s not like you weren’t popular, but not as much as him. 

Most people just knew you as that one outspoken girl who worked in the library, others knew you as the only girl in the entire school who didn’t have a thing for Baekhyun. 

You never really talked to him to know what kind of person he was, it wasn’t that you were uninterested. You believed that when it came to dating or having a crush on someone there was mutual feeling, and you couldn’t have feelings for someone like him, or without knowing him. 

And you definitely believed something like that would never happen. You were sitting behind the desk at the front of the library, pointing people to the right directions, giving students death glares who were being disruptive, and having to take return books. 

You loved the library because it was quiet, not when students would run in, beads of sweat, wanting to hide. Within seconds, Baekhyun had jumped over the counter and crouched down with his back against the shelves underneath. 

Though you recognized him and wanted to lash out, you had to remain professional for your job. “I’m sorry, only employees-“ 

“Shut up, she’ll find me!” He hissed, holding up a finger to his mouth. He glared up at you like he was ready to kill, but you were distracted when a girl with too much makeup and perfume on came fuming up to the front desk. 

She slammed her purse down and looked around with her mouth slightly ajar. You raised your eyebrow, not amused at her flashy get up. “Can I help you or are you just going to stand there?” 

Baekhyun clamped his hand over his mouth, trying not to laugh. “Isn’t this the help center? I’m looking for Baekhyun.” 

You rolled your eyebrows. “I’m sorry, I help people find books. If your boyfriend is missing then call the police.” 

The girl scoffed and left in a huff, slamming the door to the library loudly. Baekhyun got on his knees and peered over the counter, checking to see if she was really gone. 

He smiled flirtatiously and leaned over the counter, still on the employee side. “Thanks.” 

You moved the Employees Only sign so that he could see it and shooed him out to the other side. “I was telling her the truth, I wasn’t helping you.” 

He moved the the other side of the counter, leaning over the side with a playful smile. You started scanning books, ignoring his presence entirely. Baekhyun wasn’t used to this. 

Usually if he had been looking directly at any girl, she’d be blushing and fawning. You weren’t. The next day that same girl who was looking for him was chasing him all around school, to which he devised his plan. 

You were at your locker, taking out the books you needed for the next couple classes, when a figure slid next to you. 

“I need a favor.” Said none other than playboy Byun Baekhyun. 

You raised your eyebrow, “I don’t do favors.” 

“Please, please, please. My ex keeps following me around and I need her to think I’m dating someone else.” 

You rolled your eyes, “Let me guess, you want me to be your fake girlfriend so she’ll get off your back.” 

He lit up, “Yes! Exactly that. Look, it won’t be for that long, I just need to get away from her.” 

You looked up at his pleading face. If he wanted a favor it meant you got something out of it right? It was like he read your mind after his face dropped with skeptics. 

“I’ll buy you whatever you want, just pretend to be my girlfriend. Two weeks, just that long.” 

“Buy me the new Big Bang album and you have a deal.” 

“Ugh, God those things are so expens-“ 

You cleared your throat before walking away, “Wait, ok ok. I’ll get it.” 

The next morning you had to walk hand in hand with Baekhyun, much to your displeasure. You got stares from everyone walking by, as everyone was thinking you’d be the last person to date Baekhyun. 

He planned out everything you were supposed to say, do, and how to act in front of people. But when the two of you were alone, it was much easier to relax. 

It was a lot easier to relax; Baekhyun’s company was more than enough to keep you entertained. He had you laughing at the stupidest things, making fun of himself. 

He wanted to know more about you, asking about your favorite things, where you like to eat, bad habits. It seemed odd that the persona inside the halls of the campus was nothing like the boy sitting in front of you. 

The boy in front of you was sincerely interested in having a relationship. Unlike what you had thought, he was a gentleman, walking you to work, picking you up from work to walk you home. 

Then there were the late night talks, how easily the two of you would open up to each other was both scary and exciting. Baekhyun didn’t want to be a player, people called him that. 

He went on so many dates with so many different girls because they all wanted to date him. Not because they were really interested in him, but because all they thought was attractive. 

Baekhyun wanted a real relationship, one where the feelings were mutual, and where she actually cared about him and not his looks. Suddenly you felt bad for how you judged him before. 

But you also felt you wished you knew him a long time ago. You didn’t usually meet on days that weren’t school days, but Baekhyun had texted you out of the blue, asking if he could come over. 

A few minutes later your doorbell rang and you almost sprinted to go answer it. Your parents were both at work, for the first time Baekhyun was rather awkward around you. 

He refused to sit down as he fiddled with his fingers. Finally you couldn’t take it anymore, “Baek, what the hell is wrong with you?” Very outspoken indeed. 

He looked you in the eye, “I don’t want to pretend to date anymore.” 

Your face fell in disappointment not expecting this. After all, both of you were pretending to date, it wasn’t like he had feelings for you. “O-oh…” 

He saw your saddened face and bravely took a step forward, taking on of your hands and cupping your face with the other. 

“I want to be your boyfriend. You’re real boyfriend.” He bent down slightly and placed his soft lips over yours, daring, but short. “Can I be?” 

You couldn’t help but smile at his confession, wrapping your hands behind his neck to pull him down again. “Only if you buy me that new album.” You winked.

If this happened to me that would be my incentive: buy me kpop things lol thanks for the request!

i don't wanna live like this. (i don't wanna die.)

Show: The 100
Characters: Clarke Griffin, Raven Reyes, Bellamy Blake, Octavia Blake, Monty Green, Wells Jaha, Nathan Miller, Abby Griffin
Ship: Clarke/Bellamy
Words: 26,892
Timeline: AU
Notes: I swear to god I did not mean to start writing for this fandom I really didn’t it just happened *hides face* please be gentle okay? I am so scared to share this but it’s the longest one shot I’ve ever written and it feels like a disservice to myself not to share it.

When Clarke packed up in the middle of the night and took off in her dad’s SUV, she wasn’t really sure what she was trying to find but the hitchikers - a friendly outspoken girl and her mildly unnerving brother - she picks up certainly weren’t it.

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