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Imagine a giant machine called society, one that is sputtering and smoking because it is missing many gears. Now imagine a cliff looming overhead, and down from it tumbles millions of loose gears being carelessly dumped out of a box. They kind of just bounce around the machine until some of them land in gaps and start turning in conjunction with the rest. Many others just roll off and land in the dirt, doomed to rust in the rain. That’s how the system works right now. It is at times cruel and/or unfathomably stupid.

It’s not your fault. You didn’t design the system. Nobody did. Everyone is just making this up as they go.

This, incidentally, is what everyone in the Western world is so mad about these days. It always comes out as anger about “the economy” or “outsourcing” or “immigration” but really all that’s happened is a gross failure to connect the people to the jobs. Over here we have a river of the anxious unemployed and then over here we’ve got a dry desert of industries begging for workers. If that last part of the metaphor confuses you, it’s because you’ve been told the ridiculous lie that there are “no jobs out there.” Ask any manager or HR person and they’ll rant about how they can’t find good people. Hell, they won’t even wait for you to ask – just get within earshot, you’ll hear them talking about how the kids today lack skills and work ethic, all that bullshit.

If only they knew that the perfect engineer they’re looking for is currently working in a Dunkin Donuts in Indiana and was, in fact, never trained to be an engineer. She went to college to be a veterinarian because she loves animals, realized her mistake with her hands wrist-deep in sheep guts, then had to drop out and take a job to help pay the bills when Mom’s disability checks got cut off. She quickly found that society will offer virtually no help whatsoever in getting her into the job where she can do the most good for herself or society. Even if her motivation is to get off food stamps and become a more productive citizen, the response is all snide mockery and talk of bootstraps. “You say you can’t afford college, but I see that you have A PHONE!!!”

In fact, she will find society actively stops her at every turn.

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Are there any video game developers that are contract workers or are all video game developers contract workers seeing how they can be removed from a project so easily?

Generally in the AAA space, there are permanent employees (who usually receive a salary and benefits), contract workers (who usually receive hourly pay and no benefits), and then there are external/outsourced groups (who are employed by a different studio altogether, and that entire studio is usually contracted by the game’s developer to do a specific job).

So, for example, Jessie the gameplay programmer is a permanent employee at Last Surprise Studios, our fictional development house that’s owned by also-fictional publisher BC Games. She gets an annual salary, an annual bonus commensurate with how well the publisher is doing, and full health benefits. Whenever the company does something nice (giving gifts, hosting a party, etc.), Jessie and her family are allowed to partake. Hanna the combat designer is a contractor. Hanna works with Jessie, but she is paid hourly and must keep track of her hours. She often qualifies for overtime pay, but must also pay for health and dental insurance coverage out of her own pocket. She doesn’t get to enjoy all of the benefits - no annual bonus, less access to company parties, etc. Then we come to Rasmus the animator. Rasmus works for Butterfly Kiss, a small studio based in Sweden. Last Surprise has contracted Butterfly Kiss to clean up several dozen motion captured animations for them. Rasmus might be a contractor or a permanent employee of Butterfly Kiss, but he is a completely separate entity from either Last Surprise or BC Games.

Let’s take our example a bit further. Something awful happens and the project is in jeopardy. Maybe BC Games got some bad financial news, maybe the project is way behind schedule, maybe the game in progress just isn’t fun, or maybe something else happened. It’s anybody’s guess, but the executives at BC Games decide to cut the budget for the project for some reason. The General Manager at Last Surprise delivers the bad news - the game will ship, but the budget has been cut, so they cannot continue with the entire staff. There just isn’t enough money coming into Last Surprise to pay everyone on the team. In such a situation, Hanna is the most likely to lose her job in this situation. As a contractor, she is the lowest on the priority list, and a studio tightening its belt could just choose not to renew Hanna’s contract. Jessie’s job is safer (but not necessarily safe), unless the project’s targets no longer include stuff she was working on and there’s no room in the budget for her. In that case, she would lose her job just like Hanna. Rasmus is unaffected unless the contract between Last Surprise and Butterfly Kiss falls through. In that case, depending on what other work Butterfly Kiss is doing, Rasmus might be let go as well.

There’s also another possible situation. Let’s say that Last Surprise finishes the game they are working on, but it isn’t received super well and doesn’t make much money. BC Games decides not to fund the planned sequel, and Last Surprise suddenly has a bunch of staff that it can’t afford to keep. In such a situation many people lose their jobs. If Last Surprise is big enough and has more than one project, some will be transferred to those other projects. BC Games might allow some of the people who no longer have work to do at Last Surprise to be transferred to their other studios and help out on other projects. In this example, Hanna loses her job, while Jessie gets transferred to a different project (maybe a different game, maybe DLC on a different game, or maybe a different studio entirely) to help finish it. Jessie might not like her remaining options at BC Games, and decide to take her severance and go find a new job elsewhere. Rasmus and Butterfly Kiss wouldn’t get another contract, and be looking for other work to do for other publishers instead.

That’s basically how it works. Some people are contractors, some people are “permanent” employees (which isn’t necessarily that permanent), and some people work for contracted third party studios.

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hi! first of all i love your art and i've been super inspired by your animations!! i'm an animation student too and i'd like to know more about your school if you don't mind? it's in denmark right? what is the level for entering? the cost? i just have one year left to get my bachelors degree in 2d/3d animation and im looking for 2d oriented schools... otherwise, how is it going for you? (sorry if im asking too much! i'm very lost)

Hi! Thank you! and yeah sure!

First of all, here is a link to the schools website: http://www.animwork.dk/en/

It is in Denmark, Viborg. To enter you must have finished high school (or our nordic equivalent gymnasium), you have to prepare a portfolio according to the requirements on the website, write a personal letter. Then, if you pass the first round, you have to do a test and an interview (the test can be done here or via skype).

In Nordic countries, tutition is not a thing, I don’t pay anything. We do have a material fee, which includes programs, computer at school, drawing tablet, pens, sketchbooks, papers, school trips etc. It is 2200 danish kr/month.

I don’t know how it works if you come from outside Eu, if you have to pay, but I’m pretty sure you don’t (since we do have a couple of students that are, and I’ve never heard them mentioning it)

The school is not 2d oriented though. 1st year is 2d only, 2nd year is 3d only (though the last couple of assignments can be in 2d if you ask nicely), 3rd year is dedicated to creating the bachelor film in teams of around 10 people, and you choose which film you want to work on yourself. 4th year is internship.

The character animation program is a Bachelor, with 3 years + at least 3 months internship, graduating january your 4th year.

For me it’s going okay! I like 2d better, I don’t think I can…. live? Without drawing? so 3d can be fun but I just can’t love it the same way.

Bloom — Part IV — Spring

REQUEST: Can u write a fan fic about the girl owning a flower shop and Harry coming in to get flowers for someone else but then they fall in love because love is beautiful like a flower

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the final part of this story! I may add an epilogue afterwards, but this will be the last weekly update. Thank you all so much for the feedback and the support that this story has received—this one holds a special place in my heart. I hope that you enjoy! x

Bloom: Part I // Bloom: Part II //Bloom: Part III //

The day had arrived.

Harry had been talking about it for weeks and weeks—he’d had such a good time writing his first album in isolation, that he decided to do the same thing for his second album. He was heading off to a remote island off of the coast of South America, and he had booked out studio time for two whole months.

The two of them spent hours together talking about his travel plans and getting him a head start on the writing process. He would spent days sitting at the counter of her little store—he would even occasionally ring in the customers, teasing her about how he deserves to be on the payroll. For the most part he sat and played the guitar, or brought her fun things that he’d purchased to take with him.

She did her best to distract herself from the fact that her best friend in the world was leaving.

It had been almost a year since Harry walked into her flower store that first night, and now she couldn’t imagine her life without him. She understood why she wouldn’t be able to have any contact with him during his writing process—he needed to focus on his music, and she respected that entirely. But it would be the hardest two months of her life, because Harry was her favorite person in the world.

And because she was in love with him.

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What I like better about being a GM versus being a fanfic writer:

-you always get a live reaction to the devious machinations and heart-wrenching plot twists you came up with. There WILL ALWAYS BE COMMENTS!

-your own characters do what they want anyway; why not outsource your protagonists instead? Saves you the trouble of coming up with their actions.

-people will physically threaten you into continuing the story. No more missing motivation. The threat is real.

Gentle reminder:

Overwatch skins come from a few individual people working either internally on the Overwatch Team or contracted externally by Blizzard. When you say “Blizzard, work harder” or bemoan “outsourcing”, you need to understand that you’re reducing artists to a faceless entity because their recent work is just not for you. Of course the work is in the public eye and comes from a large, well known company, but work can be tracked back to hardworking artists either working on the Overwatch team or hired to collaborate with the immediate Overwatch team - it’s an open world where creators are more in touch than ever with the fanbase. Feedback for artists is a part of the trade, and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but for goodness sakes, guys. 

If you’re a passionate creator who wants to put their work out there into the world, would you want to be the butt of a joke and be told you’re not good enough?

character artists to follow from the previous ovw art dump: Renaud Galand | Matt Taylor | Hong Chan Lim | Hai PhanLeticia Reinaldo Gillett | Kyle Rau | Niles Doubleday 

edited with outsourced/contract artists in mind because they are also humans and deserve respect

Saga: You should read this

So yeah. Marvel is fucking up. And DC is white as fuck. If you are a comic book nerd of color, your options are limited. And that is okay.

Because I give you Saga.

Written by Brian K Vaughan(you see his name on top of the cover…he wrote this) of Runaways fame, Saga is about the unlikely existence of a child.

Sound ominous yet? Cool.

I have been supplying @rabbitglitter entire volumes of this series before I decided to actually read it.

And it is so good.

So my brief summary probably is not going to sell you on this book so fuck it. Time to get in-depth.

The very first page of the story. You sold yet? Okay fine, you are going to make me work for it.

Saga begins with the birth of the narrator, Hazel. It follows the “Saga” of her parents, Alana and Marko. Well you are probably thinking, “That is not so bad,” well I have not gotten to the fucked part yet. 

That is Marko and Alana. And yes, that little narration is Hazel. Now you are going to notice that throughout the series, Hazel is becoming increasingly more cynical about her infancy and childhood. Of course, this is her telling a story to someone about her fucked up life. You do not know if her parents are still alive, or if anybody in her life stays around. Hazel’s narration is not exactly unreliable, but it kind makes the narrator’s character more apparent as events occur. I’ll get to that later(probably won’t but I have to keep you invested).

The actual main characters are her parents, Alana and Marko. Now if you haven’t noticed by now, Marko has horns and Alana has wings. This is a big point in the story.

Hazel being the special butterfly that she is, has both.

Marko is an ex-warrior who sworn off violence and is going the technical pacifist route. Alana is the acerbic and snarky character, but she is also resilient and loving mother.

Oh did I mention that they were on the run because Alana decided to free her soon to be boyfriend from the prison that her people were holding him in. Yes, Marko was a prisoner of a galactic war with Alana’s people being his enemy.

Oh, shit, Romeo and Juliet without the murder suicide undertones.

This is the day Hazel was born by the way. So Tupac ain’t got shit on her(if you do not get the joke, just read Tupac’s life). 

Your first day breathing made several people lose their breath. And oh yeah, Hazel has seen some shit so she is wise and also quite nihilistic, and who wouldn’t be?

Okay. General setting here is that Alana’s people who are from a planet called Wreath are warring with Marko’s people, who are from one of Wreath’s moons. Because no one wants to destroy the other plaet because it woud cause the end of the other, they outsourced to other galactic forces. In what could only be described as World War I alliance building, several planets were forced to pick a side between planet and moon. 

“Why didn’t I tell you this before?”

It is not important. The fact that this exposition was thrown away in the first issue of the series right after Hazel’s birth tell you that. The setting is not as much as important as it is to properly expanse just how incredible Hazel’s childhood is. She was born in a Galactic War in which her parents were on conflicting sides. One of the main themes of Saga is that what do politics mean to the people you love and instead of giving you the PC answer bullshit, the title shows…it means a lot. Both Alana and Marko lost family and friends to the other side. They both have vastly different cultures. So different that it started a war.

And they still found love for each other. This story begins after the Happily ever After…except shit ain’t so happy. They are on the run. Their child has been marked for death for being a Hybrid between two bitter enemy races. They are fugitives of the galactic law. Oh and who runs this shit?

Prince IV. Yes, this is how we are introduced to the character that makes Alana’s and Marko’s journey a living hell for most of the series.

Prince IV is a sadistic motherfucker with little empathy for anyone beyond his own impulses and desires. He is a robotic television sociopath who just wantonly commits mass murders for the sake of “fuck it, why not.” This is because Prince IV is a survival of a bloody battle and has PTSD scenes depicted on his TV screen just to show you and anyone else who happens to be looking at his screen when he is thinking, just how fucked up this guy is. Yes, he was having sex and had a war flash back of a ripped off horn.

Oh, and Hazel’s narration drops hints of future happenings sometimes because she is telling a story to somebody. People got on tangents, and Hazel is no exception to that.

You kind of figured that there is a lot happening in the story. Because there is a lot happening in this story.

And that is not the only person after the family.

This is the Will. He is a bounty hunter. And like all people who pursue the profession…

He is badass. But he also has a heart.

And that is his partner, Lying Cat. 

So the Will was hired by Marko’s people to hunt him and his wife down because he betrayed the Narrative. The Will is also contracted to bring Hazel alive.

Oh shit.

Everything I have shown you right now is from the first issue. Saga is a fantastic comic. It is really good. There is a reason Image is on the come-up now and days aside from Walking Dead. Support good comic books like Saga with a fascinating and unique story. You are getting sick of Nazi apologizing Marvel? read Saga. Are you sick of the 30 Batman comic books of DC? Read Saga.

So yeah. Read this shit.

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*requested —> Anonymous said: i honestly love your plots. can i request a fuckboy!yuta? like the jjh one.

Originally posted by sour-satang

author’s note: 2,272 words. 

*mentions of alcohol, drugs and sex. sins aplenty. read at own discretion.*

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Hey, can I request a YoI Headcanon that have something to do with College and Exam? I literally going to have an exam in 4 and half hours and I have been anxious for days. I just want to know what Yuuri and Phichit went through with their College days and Exam.

oh boy dude good luck i hate exams so much DRINK A WATER, GOOD LUCK!


  • Yuri spends all of his semester miserably sure he should be Doing More, somehow but he gets pretty good grades unless he completely has a meltdown and sabotages himself
  • Yuri takes great notes
  • Phichit does not take great notes but he is great at managing to get Yuri to not sabotage himself, so it works out pretty great when they have classes together or Yuri’s had a class that Phichit is currently taking
  • Yuri’s phone is less a phone and more of a complex personal planning system where it dings and he has to do something since his executive function sometimes …. needs outsourced …. and also he tends to spiral
  • They’re both stress cleaners
  • Phichit is not allowed to go into pet shops during finals week because that’s how new hamsters happen. Yuri is forced to go to shelters during finals weeks because that’s how dogs flinging themselves on the sad human until he cheers up happens.