We're hugely proud of our design work for Comic Relief...

A long-standing relationship and a lot of laughs…

We’ve been working with Comic Relief for over five years now, and have produced a wealth of material for them - from design for print and advertising, to 3D stage props for their annual TV specials. One of the more challenging tasks has been designing custom typefaces to give Comic Relief the unique look they required.


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For example…

The #EE FilmStore looks fantastic. Really nice #UI and #UX - well done @FilmFlex - some really nice work - http://film.ee.co.uk/filmstore/ 

Outsorcery’s understanding of our requirements was impressive. They have built a corporate website for FilmFlex that illustrates the benefits of our services beautifully to our potential partners.

Highly Recommended.

—  Janis Thomas
Head of Marketing, FilmFlex Movies