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Little Things That Remind Me Of The Signs

Aries: bright eyes and a warm smile, drawing for hours on end, sharing a banana split with your friends, the scent of cherry blossoms in the spring, art classes

Taurus: a warm hug from your best friend, hazelnut cappuccinos on cool days, reading poetry books for hours on end, the scent of pears and vanilla, knowing you are going to be ok

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justannplease  asked:

You watch Last week tonight? It's THE BEST! I wonder if people outside US just like it because it makes them feel better about their political situation though :D

Well, I watch it because Oliver is funny, but still presents actual facts about the world as opposed to a lot of media these days. Plus, it’s fun in a depressing way to laugh at how broken the US is :P

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Hello! I just found your blog. Your writing is super cute, I can't help but smile reading all your head canons :) May I request how the RFA+Saeran+V would react to MC being a black belt in martial arts?

Hi there! Thank you so much! :) Glad they make you smile. Hope you enjoy these! 


  • You never really told him about your black belt
  • It came up when he got a role involving some martial arts moves
  • You corrected his form while he was practicing
  • He asked how you knew so much about it so you told him
  • He finds it kinda hot
  • He asks you to show him some moves so you can spar
  • It’s an excuse really
  • Being so close to you
  • Basically hugging?
  • Thats hawt
  • No holding you.
  • Or he won’t be able to contain the beast^™


  • You notice him gaming a lot lately
  • You know it’s just because he’s been really stressed lately
  • You tell him to come to your martial arts class to relieve some stress
  • He agrees, but he’s kind of in awe that you’re a black belt
  • He’s really bad at fighting
  • But it’s really cute
  • You end up coaching him throughout the lesson
  • The next day you notice he’s trying to cover up the fact that he’s so sore
  • “Yoosung, can you get that cup for me.”
  • He makes strained sounds as he reaches for the glass a foot away from him
  • “You okay?”
  • “Yeah, yeah, MC….just stretching. Haha….”


  • She has a black belt
  • You have a black belt
  • Sparring buddies!
  • You both like to destress from work by going outside and fighting
  • Honestly, it’s refreshing to fight someone at the same level
  • You teach each other new moves every once in awhile
  • Such fun times


  • He finds out when you come home one day sweaty and tired
  • He asks what you’ve been doing, and you explain about your martial arts
  • He is super impressed
  • You mention you wish you had a sparring buddy so you didn’t have to go out to train
  • The next day he shows up in a martial arts uniform ready to go
  • He got you matching ones--with a little cat pawprint on it
  • Only he didn’t realize you were a black belt
  • You tell him you’ll show him what you know
  • But he’s so scared of hurting you
  • “Okay, Jumin, kick me.”
  • “What? Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you…”
  • “You’re not even touching me!”
  • He quits after a few days because he’s too scared you’ll get hurt somehow
  • But he’ll make you have any equipment or anything else you need


  • He found out by accident
  • He was trying to scare you by popping out from behind a corner
  • He didn’t expect to be judo flipped
  • You realized it was him and started apologizing like crazy
  • After he caught his breath, he started laughing
  • “Can you do that again? That was fun!”
  • He had gotten rusty with his fighting skills since he left the agency
  • You decide to help him get into ship shape
  • Impromptu spars
  • You’ll be eating dinner, and you’ll call out a fight
  • He says he hates it, but he enjoys anything with you


  • While he was still recovering, he would have bursts of violence
  • You usually calmed him down when he got emotional
  • But when he grew especially violent (usually towards Saeyoung) you were easily able restrain him
  • You decided that martial arts might be a good way for him to vent
  • He’s skeptical because he’s scared he’ll hurt you accidentally
  • You convince him you can handle yourself
  • End up having weekly sparring sessions
  • Afterwards you’ll go out for something to eat
  • He enjoys these days the most


  • When you said you wanted to stay in Rika’s old apartment, he wasn’t thrilled
  • “It might still be unsafe. We made a lot of enemies.”
  • You assure him that you’re capable of defending yourself
  • You tell him about your black belt
  • When his eyesight gets worse, you get worried about him traveling so much
  • You show him a few self defense moves to help him
  • He’s actually a quick learner and a good student
  • You start wondering if he’s making mistakes on purpose
  • Especially when you place his hands in the right position around your neck or on you waist
  • Steals a few kisses in between

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Okay, Disney, I’ve had a bone to pick with you for a while

Where the hell is “Tiana’s Place”? Don’t get smart and say New Orleans, I mean for real. Why have you not made a Tiana’s Place at one of your parks?

I see no possible reason why you wouldn’t have built a restaurant like this yet. It’s cute, classy, and would be totally fun. You could serve creole food (as well as just plain american fair for the less adventurous.)

It would be pretty as hell inside

It would be fun for kids and adults, you could have dancing and a band playing. You could have a magician (bonus points if he’s dressed liked Facilier. Or train your Faciler face person to do short tarot card readings! Or get a mama Odi!)

The face characters could come in and out, but there’s always a set time Tiana and Naveen would be there (and if they aren’t you can say their in the kitchen cooking up a storm!) Jazz music! Lots of Jazz and swing. You could have workshops with Tiana for kids to learn stuff like the charleston, or cooking!

And then night or during the day a couple times a week you could have a second line (small New Orleans style jazz parade) with a brass band and Tiana and Naveen leading it, all the way to the restaurant.

And Oh my god, do you consider how many people would love a place like that to get married at the park! Having a wedding second line too? How fun that would be?

Disney, you are really missing out by not playing up the fact you have a character that opened their own restaurant (outside of Remi from Ratatouille but that’s another rant) and I’m really sick of The Princess and the Frog being among your more ignored movies. Put it at Epcot near the river or just anywhere! Heck, I know I stayed at a New Orleans style resort area of yours when I was like six! (Is that still around? I don’t remember what it was called, but there were Gator statues with instruments that would tie in really well…)

In conclusion

I still can’t get over what an unreal privilege it is to be assigned to such AWESOME classes this semester. A group of my students were stuck on a problem today, so I sidled up and started writing something at the board nearby. 

Them: “NO, RILEY! Don’t do it.”

Me: “I’m not doing anything…”

Them: “No hints. You’re writing a hint. Stop.”

Me: “omg then don’t look at it. I’m writing very small. So small.”



Let me break it down why this makes me happy:

1.  My students have started aggressively refusing hints. They actually prefer to struggle through it and fight for their own understanding. They will sit there and stare at the board until they get it gaddangit, and that’s the coolest thing ever. 

2. Their independence makes my job awesome. It makes it fun for me to think about the problem, too. I actually get to step outside of pedagogy and just do fun math with friends(!?) I get to share my favorite thing in the world with people who like it, too. Like, as a job. My job is to just play fun math games all day, like, how is that real life? 

3. The fact that I get into yelling math-fights with my students is the best proof I have that I am doing my job correctly. They are comfortable and confident. We have succeeded in collectively building an environment where the sincere enthusiasm, skeptical inquiry, independence, and equality that are at the very heart of mathematical thinking can grow and flourish. The fact that I have a large group of people who regularly come to office hours more to work with me and (more importantly) with each other than to ask me questions, that all I have to be is a fixed point, a “Free Math Here” sign around which they may congregate, is the greatest compliment I could ever be paid. 

hiatus (or deleting)

i don’t really know how to start this post tbh. i’ve been on this site for about 5 or 6 years and it’s been a big part of my life, has educated me about a lot of issues and made me the open-minded tolerant person i am today, but it’s also one of the reasons why my life is so messed up now, along with video games, the good old dépréssión™ and a shit ton of other mental fuckery.

i’m honestly so, so, so close to ending my life and i can’t go on like this. i don’t have anyone i can vent to or anyone who cares about my problems and i need to build myself a supportive environment (in real life!) where people don’t just want me to be upbeat and fun until i show my symptoms. i can’t do that if i stay in bed all day blogging, playing or chatting online. all my time is spent in front of a screen, be it pc, laptop, tv or phone and i have to stop this, i have a serious problem and i know i’m addicted to games and internet.

 i literally don’t go outside at all, unless i absolutely have to, i don’t do chores, i barely manage to keep up with hygiene and i’m not really “living” all due to my depression and the fact that i cope by escaping real life by stimulating my brain all day, nonstop. in order to lead a healthy life i have to completely distance myself from social media/internet/video games and start reading, exercising, going out, meeting people and drawing again. i know it’ll be hard, but it’s better than wanting to die.

i’ll also start working as an apprentice soon since i’m applying for several jobs right now, so pls send all the good vibes and prayers because i’m really late.. i might come online and post updates from time to time, but i’m afraid that’s gonna be it.. if i can’t stay away from tumblr, i’ll have to delete my blog. i can’t afford to keep getting sucked into this hell like i did after 7 months of therapy in a mental hospital last year.

lastly, i want to thank everyone who’s been with me since the start, and my friends who i either met along the way or just recently. thank you for making my tumblr experience the best it could be.

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could you please do something fluffy for Warren with "things you said before you kissed me" please? your writing is delightful x

Warren Worthington iii + ‘things you said before you kissed me’

A/N: This is like my ideal afternoon, fun fact bc I’m literally always exhausted. @kurtwxgners @rax-writes @emmcfrxst enjoy x

It’s pouring with rain outside and you’ve never been more grateful for free periods. The storm raging over the mansion had been building for at least a couple of days, and had finally broken just before lunch time that day. Your morning had been slow and boring, but largely uneventful and when you had consulted your schedule over lunch, you had been utterly delighted to discover that you had the entire afternoon off. You had kissed Warren goodbye quickly after lunch and headed up to his room while he headed back to class and on to training. 

Almost six hours later, you’re curled up on Warren’s bed with your favourite book and the rain falling noisily outside. You stretch languidly, glancing out the window at the grounds, which are almost totally obscured by the torrential downfall. The door creaks slightly as it opens and swings shut again, and Warren trudges in, looking exhausted. He drops his bag and books on the floor and collapses face first on the bed beside you.

“I hate everything except the concept of napping for a million years,” he says, his voice muffled by the blankets and you laugh quietly as you shift on the bed to lie beside him, tucking yourself close to his side as he drapes one of his wings over you, his arm slinging over your waist.

“Shitty day?” You ask softly and he pulls a face, shrugging. 

“Just long. And fucking exhausting. Like, I’m pretty sure I could actually sleep for a million years. I wasn’t just being hyperbolic I’m like ninety percent sure I could actually accomplish it,” he replies, and a small amused smile tugs at the corner of your mouth as you lean in to press a quick kiss to the tip of his nose.

“I can’t make any promises about a million year nap, but why don’t you just go to sleep, baby?” you suggest. “I’ll wake you up for dinner and you can decide whether you wanna go or not, but you look like someone zombified you or whatever.” Warren gives you a relieved smile as his arm tightens over your waist, pulling you in a little closer.

“You’re the best. Like, the best ever,” he mumbles drowsily, leaning in to kiss you. It’s slow and soft and you’re pretty sure he’s already half asleep, but he gives you a small, sweet smile as he pulls back, tucking his head against your shoulder. “Love you, beautiful,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to your collarbone. He’s totally passed out within seconds and you can’t help but chuckle quietly as you shift up the bed, moving him carefully to lie his head on your chest so you can wrap your arms around his shoulders before closing your own eyes and succumbing to your own drowsiness, lulled to sleep by the tranquility of the rain drumming on the window and the warmth of Warren’s body over yours. 

Admirer-CrankGameplays Imagine

Requested: Nope

Plot: Ethan has a crush on Y/N and during a stream he can’t help but smile as he watches them. Also, the chat can’t help but notice.

Warnings: None, just fluff

Paring: Ethan x NonGendered!Reader

Word Count: 947

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Protector (Jason Todd x Reader)

Included an ask from  3waystraffic : “ If you still wanna write and still want my requests (and if it still suits you) would you mind writing a Jason x Reader where she’s very polite nearly like Damian ? It would make such a contrast between him and her, with Jason cursing like a sailor. And again, thank you for last time <3 Have a nice day!”

A/N: Here ya go. ❤  Honestly, I have a real soft spot for Jason so I’d have taken your request regardless but cause it’s Jason: very likely I’ll do it. ;) Fun fact: I worked *something* from the flirting that led to my irl relationship into this. 

An unfamiliar and obviously drunk man approached you, great. As he wobbled towards you, you looked over at the stalls and hoped your friend would be back from the toilet soon. Why did you have to be the one who always ended up waiting for the others outside the party? You reached for the pepperspray in your bag and remembered you had a pocket knife in your bra. This was Gotham, after all.

“ Well *hic* helloooo there pretty.” He reeked of alcohol. 
“ Sir, I’m flattered but could you stand a little less close to me?” 
“ But *hic* you’re hot. You sure could show me a good time, couldn’t you?”
“ I doubt it sir. You’re being far too presumtuous.” You pushed him away but he grabbed your hand and tried to kiss it, you barely pulled it back in time. Some people were starting to look at you, see you were uncomfortable, but didn’t act. 

“ Such a tease.”
“ I can assure you I’m simply not interested. I’d prefer you to leave me alone now.”
“ Hard to get eh? Fine, come here often? ” You opened your mouth again when someone else spoke up from behind you.
“ She’s not going to come back at all if she keeps running into creeps like you.”
“ Get you’re *hic* own girl. This one’s mine.” As the figure who spoke up stepped out of the shadows, the man looked a little intimidated. Anyone could tell he would easily be able to defeat the ‘creep’ in a fight with his hands tied behind his back. You recognized him as the guy you used to be in high school with and couldn’t help but think that he aged very well.
“ She’s not interested jackass. So how about you sleep off the smell and hope there are some brain cells left in there that haven’t drowned in alcohol.” 
The man tried to lunge at him, who just stepped aside and shook his head. “Too fucking easy. ” He looked at you. “You okay y/n?” You nodded, flattered that he still even remembered your name. You had, after all, not seen him in about 5 years. “I’m fine,Jason.”  
He scrambled to get back onto his feet and lunged at your protector once more, barely grazing his face before Jason grabbed him by the throat and pinned him against a wall. “Last time, you son of a bitch. Back off or face the consequences.” He gestured to a gun strapped to his upper body when the man decided to scramble.
“ Fine, have her; She wasn’t hot enough to fuck me anyway.” Jason knocked him out and looked at him on the ground. 

“ And that after the lady has been so polite to you.” 
You looked at him. “ Thank you. I appreciate the help, although i’m not sure that was really necessary.”
He scoffed. “ Questioning my methods? The overpolite thing wasn’t helping you much either.” 
“ I just don’t throw around curse words quite as easily as you do. They rarely lead to a better solution than remaining polite.” 
“ Still such a good girl. He had it coming. These kinds of guys need to be put in their place.”
You arched an eyebrow. “By knocking them out?” He rolled his eyes and and used his foot to move the man to his side.
“ There, so if he throws up he won’t die from suffocation. Better?” 
“ Oh yeah, fantastic.” He grinned at you. 
“ Ah, so you can be sarcastic.”
 Your friend walked up to you. “ Y/n! I’m so sorry, I took the other entrance inside I completely forgot you were waiting for me!” That’s when she noticed  the body on the floor. “ What happened?” 
“ This one couldn’t take a hint, pretty sure he’s not gonna try again though.” Jason couldn’t look any more appalled at the man at his feet. Your friend looked at you. “Yeah, maybe we should get inside again?”
“ Go ahead, I think I’m gonna go home. I’ve had it with this place.”
“ I could take you home.” Your friend shot him a worried look.
“ You sure this is a good idea?” She side-eyed Jason and whispered to you “ Are you sure you can trust him?”
“ Yeah. I know him.” 
“ Fine. I expect a call from you as soon as you’re home.” Jason stepped around and grabbed her cellphone from her. “HEY!” He took a picture of his motorcycle and then one of himself before he handed it back to your friend. He then recited his full name to her.“ So you have something to give the police if she doesn’t call you back in time. I am just gonna drop her off. I promise. “
“ I still don’t trust you.” He shrugged and looked at you.

“ What do you say?” 
“ I say we get the hell outta here.”
Jason grinned at you. “ Already showing signs of my bad influence on you.”
He handed you his helmet and you got on the back of his motorcycle, holding on to him tightly.
When you arrived at your place with him, he asked to lend your phone for a second, and he type in his number in it.
“ In case you need someone to curse for you again. Or someone to pretend being your boyfriend so the washed-up types stay away. “
“ That does include girls no longer hitting on you, you know?”
“ Maybe I don’t care if they stay away. If that means hanging around with you.” He winked at you and told you to call your friend as soon as you got inside your place before he left.  

Maybe you wouldn’t care either if it meant being with him again. 

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how do the boys work out with their s/o or if they don't work out, how do they chill out with their s/o ?

Considering my friend and I have been going to the gym a lot lately because mama needs to get in shape for cosplays she wants to do I gotta do this one

Not going to lie, this boy will probably need some motivation to go work out since all he seems to do is sleep and eat food that’s bad for him, so you’re going to have to entice him with something- whether it’s a reward of a movie night or an ice cream date, you have to offer something. It’s the price for making him sweat and mess up his hair. Realistically, he knows that he needs to stay active so he’ll begrudgingly agree anyway. He’s not going to be running on a treadmill or anything, but he’d love to do some kind of kickboxing class just to watch you kick some ass and also kick his ass because he would be too scared to fight back. Afterwards, he’s going to want to collapse on the couch with you and play video games or honestly just pass out, but on your “off” days, prepare to be extremely lazy with Noctis and lay on the couch stuffing your face with popcorn because it’s movie day.

While he might be a little energizer bunny, working out at the gym really isn’t his cup of tea, and he’s also not the type to get all aggressive over his physique like Gladio. Prompto is more of the guy that wants to go out and do something fun so that it disguises the fact that you’re exercising, so the ideal casual workout would be something like volunteering to walk dogs at a local shelter. Walking dogs is literally a win-win situation because you get to spend the day outside in nice weather and play with puppies! Just going for casual walks with you is Prompto’s favorite thing, but if you wanted to take it up a notch and go hiking, he’s all for it! Just make sure he doesn’t leave his camera at home because you’ll be seeing some awesome landscapes on your adventures. If you’re going to spend the day chilling out, he’lls be down to binge watch a new tv show or do something crafty like put together a photo album.

He’s undeniably a gym rat, 100%, but he doesn’t always have to be at the gym to be able to work out. If he takes you to the gym with him, he’ll insist that you be his spotter while he lifts weights, and if you sit on his lap while he’s benching, it’s even better. Having your pretty ass sitting on him is going to make him all that more motivated to work harder. If you’re unfamiliar with a lot of techniques, Gladio will always be there to help you get the right form so you’re toning your muscles properly. At home, he’s the kind of guy to be spotted doing pull-ups on the door frames, and you have to pray that they won’t collapse under the stress one day. If you don’t like mornings or running, you better be prepared to start loving them, because Gladio religiously gets up early to go for a run on the weekends. Sleeping in is an urban legend. Sometimes, though, you can coax him to have a day off, and he’ll offer to take you out for lunch- or he’ll pull out his phone and start looking for new places to go hiking.

He doesn’t look like the type to be seen at the gym, but his broad chest and lean muscles suggest otherwise. Ignis is very devoted to staying in shape because he needs to be able to fight for the crownsguard when out with Noctis. He doesn’t do any of the heavy lifting like Gladio does, and rather he focusses on exercises that keep his body fast and flexible. He’ll work on cardio, gymnastics, and occasionally yoga, and in all honesty, he could probably run a marathon and not be tired afterwards. If you’re into this like he is, he’ll be thrilled to have you as a workout partner, but if it’s not your cup of tea, he’s totally fine with it. Though, he will still suggest that you give yoga a try with him sometimes because it can be incredibly relaxing and sensual. Ignis will never force you into doing anything, so you’ll find him sacrificing some workout days to spend time with you and just stay home to try out some new recipes that you found.

hazel-eyed-songbird  asked:

johnny/dally hcs if thats ok? idk if you're still in the outsiders fandom...

it’s totally fine!! i’m always down for jally headcannons!! and i’m very much still in the outsiders fandom! in fact, i haven’t been here that long!! (fun fact, i finished the book in 3 days bc i needed to know what would happen to my baby johnny) sorry these suck but enjoy!! .

- none of the gang is surprised when they came out
- no one
- they like to make jokes tho (especially two)
- he’s normally shut up by dallas real quick tho
- “keep runnin’ your mouth two-bit, and we’ll have to start callin’ you one-bit after i’m finished with ya!”
- so two-bit shuts up with the jokes about jally for the rest of the day
- but this is a daily occurrence
- dally pretends it bothers him (it doesn’t. he was relieved that his friends were accepting)
- but johnny always turns bright red at the jokes (which two finds hilarious tbh)
- mkay, mkay and their sexualities
- johnny’s demisexual panromantic
- he’d have to know the person real well before he’s down for sex bc of his parents abuse, y'know?
- and obvs he’s panromantic bc he doesn’t care who he loves 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
- dallas is a raging bisexual
- the only people who know about the boys are the gang
- johnny came out to pony first
- and dallas came out to darry (theY’VE ALWAYS BEEN CLOSE,, OKAY)
- sometimes if johnny looks cold (with or without his jean jacket) dally will just give him his
- “what’s this for, dal?”
- “you looked cold, man.”
- johnny doesn’t complain
- it may be huge on him, but it smells like dallas so he doesn’t care
- legit the sleeves go way past the ends of johnny’s hands
- and they normally stay at buck’s when they’re together
- johnny was the first to say ‘i love you’
- johnny always goes to dallas when shit hits the fan with his parents
- normally, dallas tries to avoid dealing with peoples feelings bc he just nope when it comes to that
- but
- this is johnny
- and damn it breaks dallas’ heart to see the little dude so torn up
- he knows it’s bad bc johnny doesn’t cry in front of dallas much
- the only time he did was when the socs jumped him
- so dally does the best he can and just wraps johnny in his arms and lets him have his moment
- johnny’s head always rests in the crock of his neck when they’re alone
- and the first time dally gets arrested after they start dating, johnny can’t help but be a little irritated
- so he goes and visits dallas
- keeping his voice down, johnny tells dally to try and stay out of trouble with the fuzz
- “for me, dal. please.”
- dally agrees to try, but it’s hard
- especially when he comes across homophobes
- he’s thankful johnny wasn’t with him when he did
- johnny can never handle it well
- it would always break his heart that some people can’t see that love is love
- dally would never admit it, but it bothered him, too
- they were never very big in pda - mostly bc dallas’ rep
- but one day, dally just pulls his bf in for a kiss in front of everyone
- johnny is bright red when dally pulls away
- dallas smirked at johnny’s awestruck expression
- he loved leaving his boyfriend speechless
- basically they’re vv gay and in love protect them

Here’s the story from jims twitter, it’s easier to read it like this imo. click a link to see the tweets with pictures. (fun fact: talgua cave is also known as  “The Cave of the Glowing Skulls”)

Fun fact of the day…..August and Mimi are cousins! They haven’t been allowed to see each other in years but Mimi has a car and a license by now, so whats gonna stop her from driving down to his place and making this picture possible

Its pretty rare for me to draw RAINBOW! characters outside of the comic’s color scheme, so enjoy this glimpse of what Mimi actually looks like I suppose lol

Smooth - Johnny [5]

A/N: Hellooooo Admin Kay is back from the dead c: jk I just wanna thank you guys for your patience, I know this took me f*cking forever to finish pls love me I’ve been having terrible writer’s block for this chapter for some reason… hope it’s not too sucky ._. but yeahhh 

I was honestly considering making this chapter semi smut but I was like ‘nahhhh the Johnny skanks can wait for pt 6 right?’ I’m so sorry

Anywayssss here is the long awaited Smoot pt. 5!! Happy reading!

-Admin Kay

Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3   Pt 4          Pt 6

Part 5 - Mine 

Genre: Fluff, Subtle Smut 

Rating PG-13 

(slight language, suggestive content) 

Word Count: 3,362 

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anonymous asked:

I'm just waiting for Harry to get asked about Freddie

Perhaps at the top of the list of things that just aren’t right with all of this is the fact that Harry “loves all the children” Styles has not been asked about this child nor has he offered any kind of acknowledgement that it actually exists. 

Looking at this purely from an outside perspective, we have evidence that Harry and Louis do not actually hate each other.

We also have evidence that Harry loves pregnant women and babies.

The outside world immediately associated Harry to this pregnancy thanks to the media making fun of it from day one.

Vanity Fair even wrote about the possibility of Harry and Louis raising this baby together.

Literally every other member of One Direction has made an awkward acknowledgement of this baby. Even stranger than the fact that it took Niall four months to say anything about it is that Zayn was the first to give a nod to this situation…albeit very randomly with a like on Twitter.

The fact that Harry is the only member of this band who hasn’t said or done anything to indicate he even knows this baby exists is telling. Almost as if people know how awful it would be to watch your partner go through something like this. The first and last time he was ever made to talk about it was when it was first confirmed on GMA, which in and of itself was weird to begin with that they’d even ask Harry what he thought of it immediately after Louis said he was “buzzin”. 

“Harry, you seem very quiet today.”

Clearly the faces of people having a “great” and “exciting” time.

Someone is clearly protecting Harry from having any involvement with this and I would bet money that it isn’t because he hates his bandmate so much that he’d refuse to congratulate him on a baby. 

Probably because

This is just another big ol’ reminder of what is real, though.

anonymous asked:

In my opinion short hair don't suit so much on marinette... but lol

With all due respect, anon, I understand people have different tastes, but let me use this as a way to illustrate a little-known trick about interacting with others, especially on the Internet.

If a person is not looking for an outside opinion, it’s better to just to keep opposing thoughts to yourself and not say anything.

Or, you ask them if they’re willing to hear you out.

I know you weren’t intending to be rude, but this anon message kinda came off as such, especially at the peak of my fangirl energy.

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Everything Can Change

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Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Pairing: R27

Warning: None

Author’s Note: Finally starting on the prompts I own people back in December. Ahaha. 

For SilvCyanide

Can I get a Demon!R27? Doesn’t matter what kind of demon Reborn is and it would be really interesting if it was a summoner/summon sort of relationship between Tsuna and Reborn (as in Tsuna is this squishy cinnamon roll that is too cute and Reborn is the big bad demon who just so happens to be contracted to him and wants to gobble him up) but it’s not necessary. That’s it actually, would be nice if you could write something like that. The plot is completely up to you since I don’t really know where I would want such a story to go .

Summary:  Mochida hadn’t been back to Namimori in years. As a successful paladin, he was returning home as a champion, when he ran into a childhood classmate: a failure of a summoner, one Sawada Tsunayoshi. Demon&Summoner!R27 AU

Smug and proud, Mochida strut down the streets of Namimori. It had been years since he had returned to his childhood village. He had left, seeking adventure like other youths and grew into his magical powers. A powerful paladin in his own right, Mochida held several successful hunts of monsters and demons under his belt.

He was heading to his favorite inn, Takesushi, when someone ran into him.

Being a large built, Mochida simply stumbled. The same could not have been said for the person who ran into him and was knocked down.

“Watch where you’re going!” Mochida snapped.

“S-sorry,” the person stammered.

Wait. Mochida knew that stammer. Looking down a young man with fluffy brown hair and wide brown eyes stared up at him.


“Mochida-senpai,” Tsuna said, eyes widening.

Mochida remembered Sawada Tsunayoshi well. He was a pathetic boy, always cowering and afraid of everything. His summoning magic was weak, unable to summon beyond weak fire demons. Small. Weak. Frail.

“Still a weak coward, aren’t you, Dame-Tsuna?” Mochida sneered.

Mochida didn’t even notice that nearly every bystander grew silent and quickly fled the scene.

As predicted, Tsuna flinched and hunched into himself.

“You were always a failure. You couldn’t even properly summon a demon to contract with as a kid,” Mochida continued. “Even if you could, who would want you? A failure to summoners everywhere.”

“Would you care to repeat that?” a deep and dark baritone tone of voice purred.

Mochida spun around just as a hand wrapped around his neck, hoisting him into the air. Pitch black eyes stared up at him and sharp claws threatened to pierce the venerable flesh of Mochida’s neck. A pair of thick black horns curved elegantly from the black hair. Mochida chocked, struggling to break free.

A demon.

A very strong one too.

Mochida reached for his sword, handing from his belt. It was uselessly smacked away.

“I do not like the way you speaking to my summoner,” the demon hissed.

Shit. Dame-Tsuna actually managed to contract a demon? An actual strong demon?

“Reborn,” Tsuna scolded gently. “Let him go.”

Mochida collapsed to the ground as Reborn dropped him. He paled to a deathly white as he stared up at the demon.

“Re-Reborn?” Mochida squeaked. That was a name of a demon that everyone knew. No one had heard anything about him in years. Had he been in Namimori all this time?! “As in the King of all Demons, Reborn?”

Reborn bent down to Mochida’s eye level. He placed a sharp claw on Mochida’s cheek. “Yes,” he purred. “And if I ever find out you are speaking bad of Tsuna again I will kill you.”

Reborn dragged his claw down Mochida’s face, drawing blood and deep enough that it would leave a permanent scar. “Am I clear?”

“Y-yes!” Mochida squeaked.

Reborn smirked. His black eyes glittering dangerously. “Now get out of my sight.”

Mochida couldn’t flee fast enough.


“Did you have to do that, Reborn?” Tsuna asked, once Mochida was gone.

Reborn pulled Tsuna closer, burying his nose into Tsuna’s brown hair, nuzzling. “Yes,” the demon said darkly. “No one is allowed to put you down like that.”

Tsuna didn’t say anything, looking into the distance.

“What’s wrong? Reborn asked, sensing his summoner’s doubt.

Tsuna hesitated. "Is Mochida-senpai right? Did you even want me the first time I accidentally managed to summon you?”

Reborn scowled. He pulled Tsuna’s hair and said, “Both parties had to be willing in order to enter into a contract. If I didn’t want you, I wouldn’t have contracted with you.” This was the reason why Reborn hated Tsuna’s bullies. They never failed to make Tsuna question his self-worth, no matter how much affection Reborn poured onto his summoner.

Tsuna bit his lip and looked at his demon. “But why me? Mochida-senpai was right. I was a weak failure back then. Some days I still think I am.”

Reborn snorted. “Says the summoner who defeated the evil wizard Byakuran.” And that had been a fun adventure. Tsuna stumbled accidently onto one of Byakuran’s plots, gathered a group of fellow adventures (who all moved to Namimori once the fight was done), and went on to defeat Byakuran who had been growing into a steady threat. There had been so much chaos and destruction, that Reborn fell over twice in love with Tsuna. To both his amusement and annoyance, no one knew about it outside of the fact that some group called Vongola had defeated the evil wizard.

“That happened all by accident,” Tsuna protested.

“Marry me,” Reborn said.

Tsuna’s jaw dropped. “HIEE!”

“Marry me,” Reborn repeated. That would work nicely. Tsuna was an exceptional being, for a human, but Reborn was willing to share his immorality with Tsuna. Plus, all eternity to prove once and for all that Reborn loved his summoner? It all balanced out in the end. Reborn hadn’t been very… accepting over the fact that one day Tsuna would grow old and die.

“Don’t joke about something like that,” Tsuna said, burying his face into his hands.

Reborn merely smirked as he tugged Tsuna’s chin upward. “Who said anything about joking?”

Tsuna blushed a bright red and didn’t look Reborn in the eyes. He covered his mouth with the back of his hand, hiding the growing smile.

Reborn hummed in pleasure. This was an excellent idea. Tsuna may not accept now, but Reborn was patient. He could wait.

He would steal Tsuna away one day.

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