Chasing Empty Spaces

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 1/10

Words: 6,403/100k (roughly)


The year is 1934 and Harry Styles was to inherent the largest tobacco firm in the south. His parents have picked out the “perfect” girl for him to marry and he has the privilege of receiving the highest education possible. The problem was, Harry hadn’t realized he didn’t actually want any part of that future until he met a mechanic named, Louis Tomlinson. 

“Whoa there, Stud. Don’t want the missus to find out?”

“Not even close,” Harry laughed as he turned back to the mirror and continued to rub the irritated skin. “Got set up on a date and she’s a bit, um, different.”

“Don’t think she’ll like it much if you scrub all that off,” The other man leisurely shrugged.

As the lipstick continued to spread over his skin, Harry whined, “Seeing as how I’m supposed to be on stage soon, that’s the least of my worries.“

He gently scoffed, “Performer, huh?”

Harry glanced over and saw the man take his bandana off with a smirk. He ran the material under the running faucet and put a dollop of soap on it. Turning to face Harry, he expectantly held out the bandana.

“Take it,” He pushed the material closer to Harry. “It’ll work better than whateva you were gonna do.”

“You sure?” Harry hesitantly asked, looking between the soapy bandana and the man’s face.

He rolled his eyes and laughed, “I’d hope so since I already did it. Just take it.”

“Thanks,” Harry mumbled and he took the bandana, turning back forwards to wash off the remainder of the lipstick.

“Good luck out there,” The man drawled as he walked towards the door.

“Wait, I still have your –” Harry started, but was cut off.

“Keep it,” He looked over his shoulder at Harry and flashed him a quick smile. “Seems like you’ll need it more than me, Stud.”

His || Jungkook || 0.16

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6 | 0.7 | 0.8 | 0.9 | 0.10 | 0.11 | 0.12 | 0.13| 0.14 | 0.15 | 0.16 |

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our little family pt.3 | jimin

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Pairing: Father! Jimin + Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst + parent au

Word Count: 2.9k

Summary: You were just a pre-school teacher, a simple dream that came true as you always adored children. But what you didn’t know, was how one child and her very special father would change you dream forever.

Parts: 1 2 3

Reader’s POV


Looking up from your phone, your lips tilted up into a warm smile as you saw a familiar face enter the room, as she slightly skipped, swinging her lunchbox in one hand.

“Jieun-ah!!” you cheered as you made your way to her, pinching her cheeks softly as you cooed, “How’s my little girl been?”

Giving you a big smile, one that reached all the way up to her round eyes, she gave you a thumbs up and grinned, “I’m great! Daddy and I even got another dog for Charlie so that he wouldn’t be alone anymore.”

Laughing slightly, you remarked, “Well isn’t that sweet of you to do!! By the way, where’s your Daddy, did he not drop you off–?”

“Her Daddy is right here.” a voice said teasingly as you looked up, scoffing a little as Jimin winked at you playfully. Your eyes quickly wandered to the cut on his lip, which to your surprise had seemed to be healing, making you sigh in relief.

Getting up, you patted Jieun’s back and motioned her to go and put away her stuff in her cubby before walking up to Jimin. Motioning to his face, you said softly, “You’re looking better. How did you manage to explain this to Jieun?”

Jimin chuckled as his eyes fell on his little girl who was humming along to a random tune as she walked around the classroom, mindlessly.

“I told her that when she was asleep, her dad went on a mission to save a princess from an evil man, and then got hurt in the fight.” he said as his eyes flickered back to you, making you flush lightly at his words that made your heart flutter.

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Roadtrip AU where Lance proposes to Keith by hanging up posters down the street. So when they’re driving down the road, they pass by the first poster hung up on a tree that says “Hey Keith ♡” Then another sign comes into view: “Soooo I’m going on a journey…” 

And as they continue driving:

  • It’ll be long and no doubt bumpy
  • But it’ll be worth it.
  • (Long pause between signs)
  • I want you to come with me…
  • … we’ll travel through this journey for the rest of our lives.
  • Because life is a highway
  • And I only wanna drive it if you’re going my way.
  • Will you marry me, Keith?

And Lance decides it was a good idea for him to drive instead of Keith because Keith bends over in his seat with his face pressed into his hands, nodding and choking back happy tears.


I’ve been thinking about starting a new series called photographs? I’ll take pictures Dan and Phil have posted and write about what might have happened to inspire them to take the picture. It’s like I’m writing what each picture’s backstory may have been. Is that something you want to see happen? If this gets, say, 25 notes, I’ll start this series. Thanks for reading my fics!


Eclipse AU, where Keith is the spirit of the sun and Lance is the spirit of the moon, and only ever get to be together when the two celestial bodies eclipse.

@grimfiendfyre had this really awesome AU idea that i just had to draw art for, i’m so in love with this AU 😍😍😍

Keith is crying because… he knows that stars eventually die. and the death of the sun means the destruction of the rest of the solar system, including the moon… including Lance… 

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kawaii-livvykitty  asked:

hey did you know that some sharks, when rolled onto their backs or getting a belly rub, go into something called tonic immobility? basically all their muscles relax and they go into a trance-like state for up to 15 minutes! I figured you could find good use of that for your merman Jotaro thing haha

local shark didn’t knew he was sensitive to soft touches and now tries his best not to loose his composure//

What a super cute idea! i just had to doodle it hah! :’D

170424 Jackson’s Ending Speech in Perth

“We are now in the last stop of our Australian tour, and we’ve been to different cities, we’ve met different cities, we met different people. We also ate different food. But the only thing—Everything was different. But the amount of energy and passion you guys have – that Australian people have – was really a memorable moment for us. And I know sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s really tiring while supporting us all the time. Because of all the rumors. Because all the other issues. At the end of the day, I just want you guys to know, we are still us. I’m still Jackson. Still the old Jackson that you guys know. Through the highs and lows, and every day, what kept us going on, and no matter how tiring everything is we all suck it up and shut our mouths and just work our butts off – because of you guys. Because we want to make you guys proud. We will be back soon. I’ll see you guys next time. Until then, be healthy mentally and physically. Thank you very much.”

[© shared with permission from @jiminsofts on Twitter]

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Are there any good superman!derek fics?

superman au tag; here’s a quick update

Implausible Deniability by Farscapegeek (1/1 | 2,456 | PG13)

“Do you want to explain this?” Lydia asks, nay, demands.

Derek looks down at the photo and winces. It’s him and Batman, clearly making out in the alley behind the gala Stilinski Enterprises had held the night before.

“I tripped?” He replied weakly.

“Tripped. Tripped somehow onto Batman’s mouth?” Lydia’s voice growing more shrill at every word.

“Ummmm yes?”

“Would you like to try again?”

“Not especially no.”

AKA The one where Derek (Superman) gets caught making out with Batman (Stiles) and the reporter’s quiet life of anonymity is blown. Please stop snickering Stiles it isn’t funny.

Brooding by CelestialVoid (1/1 | 447 | G)

Derek’s always been the brooding type, but that doesn’t stop Stiles from worrying about his boyfriend.

Go easy on me now by ElisAttack (1/1 | 6,194 | PG13)

Derek just turned down Stiles Stilinski. Stiles Stilinski of Spark Enterprises, billionaire and superhero on the side. Derek must be insane, but it was either turn him down, or accidentally end up revealing his true identity. The things Derek does for the sake of this planet.

Or the one where Stiles is an out Batman with a thirst for justice, and Derek is a closeted Superman intent on hiding away his secret identity.

Not So Super by charlesdk (1/1 | 5,354 | PG13)

Superman has a crush on Stiles. How does Stiles know? Well, there’s the fact that he can’t do his damn job without Superman swooping in and saving the day. And there’s the fact that he sticks around and chats him up afterward too. Stiles is a cop and knows how to read signs, so it’s not just him being full of himself.

It’s flattering, sure, but Superman is boring and Stiles has no interest in him. No, he much prefers the dorky reporter Derek Hale


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Show Off | Hoseok | @taeverie​

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