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older!Corvo and older!Daud meeting someplace out-of-the-way for a smoke for @yellowcandy


@reasonablywittyatbest had the idea that in Dishonored 2 The Outsider is super sweet to Emily and a massive dick to Corvo but then: what if he’s really nice to Emily and just Regular-Flavor Cryptic Bullshit with Corvo.

The night Victor and Yuuri get married is three weeks before their wedding date, because Yuuri can’t sleep.

Victor rolls over in the night to find his right side unusually cold and empty, the sheets pressed down into the mattress and the covers tossed aside. He searches first: still only half-awake, his arm stretching over the empty space beside him as he reaches for someone who isn’t there. This wakes him fully. Victor’s not alarmed, exactly, after months of engagement and years of being in love; but Yuuri is always there. Even in the mornings when Victor wakes first,  Yuuri is always there.

He sits up blinking sleep and darkness from his eyes so that he can peer through the dark to find him. Yuuri isn’t hard to find, thankfully, just a bundled-up shape at the foot of their bed, his arms wrapped tight around his knees. Victor sits up further and calls to him (”Yuuri”), because here is something that’s worth alarm.

“I’m okay,” Yuuri says immediately, and then, “Victor.” He’s climbing back over the covers, crawling across Victor’s knees to kiss him, and Victor’s still barely upright and holding himself up on an arm propped behind his back, but he’s kissing back because he doesn’t need a reason. Yuuri’s fingers are on his cheek and Victor’s hand is in Yuuri’s hair, and maybe it’s the kisses or the fact that he’s still half-awake, but Victor trips over his own tongue to say, “Let’s get married.”

The tension in Yuuri’s shoulders vanishes. He smiles halfway into his kiss against Victor’s lips. “We are getting married,” he reminds Victor firmly. Then again, whispered, as though in bewilderment, “We are.”

Victor brushes his thumb over Yuuri’s chin. “Not soon enough. I want to be married to you now.”

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