You watched and listened when other men would have shouted in rage. You held back instead of striking.  So it is with the passing of the plague and Emily’s ascension comes a golden age brought about by your hand. And decades hence when your hair turns white and you pass from this world.  Empress Emily, Emily the wise, at the height of her power will lay your body down within her mother’s great tomb.

Because you are more to her than royal protector.

Farewell, Corvo

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If you live the Los Angeles/West Hollywood area and would like to join a fun, warm community of singers, Outside Voices is perfect for you! Outside Voices a chorus for LGBTQIA youth and their allies (ages 13-22)! OV is affiliated with the Gay Men’s Chorus of LA and often joins them in choral performances. OV is need of any and all parts (sopranos, altos. tenors, and basses). CLICK THE LINK ABOVE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!

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Snow day.. I awoke this morning in the hellsing household to find out it was snowing outside... My face lit up with excitement so I decided to get out cute snow day outfits subtitle for alucard and me to go out in.. I smiled nodding then headed downstairs to go get him.. I saw he wasn't in his usual chair so I decided to go to his coffin knocking lightly "alucard~ guess what day it is~" I said in a soft voice happily

Alucard awoke to the sound of somebody rapping softly at the lid of his coffin. In this half-asleep state, his mind wandered as to who it might be: Sir Integra wouldn’t bother… but Walter may need something… or the Police Girl - but I can sense the sun outside, so she should be asleep, and I do not have the energy to lecture her about that right now—

This was all pushed aside when he heard the sweet tone of Meazuki’s voice from outside. Unlatching the internal lock of his casket, he lift the lid and sat up halfway, wiping sleep from his eyes before looking at her.

“Enlighten me, my dear, what day is it?” the vampire asked her in a tired voice, “Because all I can tell is that it’s daylight out there.” Not that he was angry about her waking him - she was more than allowed, and she knew that.

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kate cassanova | 17 year song | 2012

Interested in joining our youth chorus or know someone who is?

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OPEN REHEARSALS for new members (age 14-22):
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To attend OR to schedule an audition, contact LeeS@GMCLA.org or 424.239.6514 with your name, age, voice part, and the best way to reach you. We’ll tell you exactly how to prepare!

GENERAL AUDITIONS (by appointment only; please contact us by Thurs. 8/22! Walk-ins accepted, only if time permits):
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So Jessica has decided to postpone/abandon her (anti-)anthology project. Bummer. But even in intangible terms, the anthology has been the cause of a couple of friendships and my current residence. I started corresponding with John Sakkis and Logan Ryan Smith because of the anthology, which led to my correspondence with Lauren Kohne and the subsequent move to San Francisco and grad school application to SFSU.

Oh, and in case this wasn’t obvious already, blowfish is on an indefinite hiatus. I am too busy translating, writing and working, while Koshkin is busy moving.

Dishonored 2 leaked info

• The developers state that the main influences for this game is that Sick Roundhouse Kick the lead artist did while they were visiting Paris
• Corvo is replaced by a giant rat in the middle of the storyline and nobody notices
• Karnaca’s entire population is just river crusts
• The Outsider’s original voice actor will not be returning, the role has been handed to Gilbert Gottfried
• Daud makes a cameo. They don’t even animate him he’s just there
• I can’t believe Teague Martin is Fucking Dead

Victor paced a large hall in the castle angerly. How dare they choose a mate for him. He didn’t need one. He had gone thousands of years without one, what made them think he needed one now. And one picked by the match maker? The ass was blind, what made him think they could pick a human for him. He growled when he heard the steps outside the door. 

“He’s getting picked up today. Be ready for him.” A small voice said outside the door before walking away. He sighed heavily. He wouldn’t do it. The human could sit in his room and rot. He wouldn’t go through any binding ceremony. He didn’t need that stupid leash.