Lexa had called upon the armies of the twelve clans after Nia had moved her forces against Skaikru. It had been done as Lexa had been given the opportunity to initiate Skaikru as the 13th clan, but luckily they were initiated meaning Queen Nia attacking Skaikru meant she had attacked Lexa. The armies were starting to arrive in Polis and Lexa was nodding at each leader as the arrived. Lexa moved into her tower after giving Indra the order to bring the leader of Floukru to her once she arrived. She hoped it was Luna, but she had no way to know if she would risk coming. Lexa heard Indra’s voice from outside her throne room and Lexa shouted, “Enter!” She looked up from her throne, trying not to look too anxious. 

Over the fuckin’, the mole hill, down the rabbit hole Alice went. Until she couldn’t feel her legs anymore. Then she realized that she had been in a terrible car accident and everything that she was hallucinating wasn’t actually real. Ya see, Alice was in a coma in the hospital. That’s why she was imagining  severed bodies and dead people everywhere; and mad hatters and talking cats. Alice was just tripping several of the balls that she didn’t have. And then she was never gonna wake up. Her family was very sad. They held a memorial in her honor, even though they held out hope that Alice would come to her senses and come back to life, but alas it was never to happen, because Alice had drifted too far into the rabbit hole. She couldn’t hear her family’s voices anymore outside of the hospital bed. But then she woke up and everything was fine and she actually regained control of all her limbs. The end

JackSepticEye, 2k16

Better than the original tbh

What Your Sun Sign Says About You
  • Aries:Aries people are all athletes. They are all egomaniacs and are the best at everything. They have naturally loud voices and by that I mean your outside voice is their inside voice. They have jawlines so sharp they can cut you. All Aries have road rage and are male.
  • Taurus:All Taurus people are slow and live on farms. They love anything that has to do with plants, animals, and nature. They also love security which they often find in a Snickers bar. Taurus people make great chefs if you can keep them from eating the batter. They are very stubborn. You can lead a Taurus to water, but you can't make it drink.
  • Gemini:Gemini people talk 1,000 miles a minute. They are always hyped up on caffeine and when they're not, they still act as if they are. They never sleep. Gemini people have an account on every social media site. They may not have invented the internet, but they sure as hell popularized it.
  • Cancer:Cancers are very loving and protective. Until you cross them. Then they go Rambo. They are moody and manipulative. Cancers will try to charm you into doing things and when you don't comply, they lose it. They especially hate it when people who they love backstab them. If a Cancer thinks you betrayed them, I wouldn't recommend eating anything they cook because it's probably laced with rat poison. Cancers live in their bed, usually surrounded by tons of blankets and pillows with Netflix on and snacking on a box of chocolate. All female Cancers are moms and all male Cancers are mama's boys.
  • Leo:Leos are the most fabulous people you'll ever meet. They wear only the best brands and have terrific fashion sense. Their hair is their prized possession (along with their Gucci handbag, of course). Leo people are extremely dramatic and love having the spotlight on them. Leo people live on a stage and are the type of people to tweet extremely personal things ("Just went to the bathroom #SWAG"). All Leos are blonde.
  • Virgo:Virgos are the neat freaks of the world. Their favorite bath product is bleach. The quickest (and funniest!) way to anger a Virgo is to touch their things. Go into their room and move their pens around and them watch them have a nervous breakdown. Virgos are very intelligent people and like order. However, they don't really sleep much because of their continuous worrying. "How many calories were in that brownie?" "Do aliens really exist?" "DID I REMEMBER TO TURN OFF THE STOVE?!" All Virgos suffer from OCD and are picky eaters.
  • Libra:Libras are the diplomats of the zodiac. They are also the most indecisive. The quickest way to kill a Libra is to make them pick where to eat for dinner. A Libra's favorite thing to talk about is their love life. For every light on Broadway, there is a lovestruck/heartbroken Libra. Luckily they get over breakups pretty quickly. After staying in bed for 2 weeks, badmouthing their ex to ALL of their girlfriends, listening to Taylor Swift nonstop, and the occasional tire-slashing, they're pretty good to go. Libras flock in groups. If you see one, there's 20 more hiding in her handbag. They're the girls who go to the bathroom in groups. All Libras are female.
  • Scorpio:Scorpios are secretive and possessive. And don't forget obsessive. Once something has caught their eye, they will pursue it relentlessly. They are the people who Facebook stalk others. Often times you won't even know a Scorpio has been doing this. It will just be the occasional shadow you see out of the corner of your eye or the creak in you floorboards at night. The quickest way to get stung by a Scorpio is to betray them. Cheat on them or worse yet, tell someone their deepest darkest secrets, and you will regret your very existence. But here's the thing: they won't yell at you, they won't throw things; the police will just find your body 3 days later floating in the ocean. But as long as you're trustworthy and never EVER leave their sight, you should be okay.
  • Sagittarius:Sagittarius is a ball of fun. An irresponsible, reckless ball of fun. It's always fun to hang out with a Sagittarius, that is until someone calls the cops because chances are if you're hanging out with a Sag, you're doing something illegal. Sagittarius people can do ridiculously stupid things and still never get hurt. They are the luckiest sign of the zodiac. They are those people who find $20 just laying in the street and get arrested but only spend the night in jail. It was a Sagittarius that invented the phrase "Do it for the Vine". All famous people are Sagittarians and all Sagittarians are famous.
  • Capricorn:Capricorns are hard-working. Too hard-working. They will do anything to get to the top. They will step on people and use their appearance to get what they want. However, they party as hard as they work. In fact, they are usually the craziest ones on the dance floor. Out of all the signs, Capricorns are the funniest ones to watch get angry (as long as you're not the one they're angry at of course). Capricorns get frustrated like the rest of us, but their anger usually reaches a certain point where they lose it and sarcasm becomes their first language. It's at that point that all the fucks they gave go out the window. Capricorns always have the best insults.
  • Aquarius:Aquarius people are... uh, unique. It is impossible to base what the Aquarius race looks like based off of just one. They come in all shapes and sizes. Just look for the tacky people and there's a 99% chance that they're Aquarians. Aquarius people also love technology. On that note, their rooms are fire hazards because of all the cords they have plugged in to the electrical outlets. It's difficult to push an Aquarius over the edge but when you do, their insults are usually below the belt. The hit where it hurts and either don't realize it or simply don't care. All Aquarians still live in their parents' basement and have attended ComicCon at least twice.
  • Pisces:Pisces people are sensitive little fish. And by sensitive I mean crybabies. They are those people who held a funeral for their fish when they were kids (and probably still do). Pisces are also irresponsible. They often say that they'll do things but never do and usually it's because they legitimately forgot. All Pisces have the amazing ability to stay kids forever. They are easily amused an enjoy fantasy stories, especially where everybody lives happily ever after. All Pisces like anime and cosplay.
bts as children

jin: keeps fruit snacks in his pockets, has the 64-crayon box set with the sharpener, always draws himself during art time,

jungkook: super competitive, plays tag too seriously, gets upset when someone beats him in games, hogs the swing during recess

jimin: draws pictures for the teacher, shares his lunch with everyone, always holds hands with his friends, brings goody bags for the class on holidays and his birthday 

hoseok: gets scolded a lot for using his outdoor voice, colors outside of the lines, gets up from his seat when hes not supposed to, cries because other kids chase him around with bugs

yoongi: loves naptime, tries to act mature for his age but gets upset when he gets grape juice instead of orange, stands up to other kids when they mess with his friends (ex: when other kids chase hobi around with bugs)

namjoon: breaks all the crayons, loses his supplies and then accidentally steals other kids’ things, always participates and asks a lot of questions

taehyung: tries to bring his dog to school, that one kid that everyone is friends with, is a mess after recess and/or art time, eats play dough 

It’s such a refreshment hearing a voice outside of the norm..
Especially when waiting for a new album to release.

So I made a playlist filled with songs that features Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil.
I love his voice and it’s very nice to hear it outside of Pierce The Veil’s songs. Yes,
one song is PTV itself but it’s always refreshing to hear it when you don’t listen to it as often.
Enjoy. [ 8 tracks playlist ]

Me: *reading quietly*
Outside: *loud distant bang goes off followed by more constant bangs*
Me: *sighs*
Me: *puts on every red, white & blue thing I own*
Me: *grabs pie, burgers, and fried chicken from fridge*
Me: *steps outside. Fireworks surround me. A bald eagle lands on my shoulder*
Me: *whispers* IT HAS BEGUN.

New Dawn Fades
  • New Dawn Fades
  • Joy Division
  • Unknown Pleasure

A change of speed, a change of style
A change of scene, with no regrets
A chance to watch, admire the distance
Still occupied, though you forget

Different colours, different shades
Over each mistakes were made
I took the blame
Directionless so plain to see
A loaded gun won’t set you free
So you say

We’ll share a drink and step outside
An angry voice and one who cried
«We’ll give you everything and more
The strain’s too much, can’t take much more»
Oh, I’ve walked on water, run through fire
Can’t seem to feel it anymore

It was me, waiting for me
Hoping for something more
Me, seeing me this time
Hoping for something else