Over the fuckin’, the mole hill, down the rabbit hole Alice went. Until she couldn’t feel her legs anymore. Then she realized that she had been in a terrible car accident and everything that she was hallucinating wasn’t actually real. Ya see, Alice was in a coma in the hospital. That’s why she was imagining  severed bodies and dead people everywhere; and mad hatters and talking cats. Alice was just tripping several of the balls that she didn’t have. And then she was never gonna wake up. Her family was very sad. They held a memorial in her honor, even though they held out hope that Alice would come to her senses and come back to life, but alas it was never to happen, because Alice had drifted too far into the rabbit hole. She couldn’t hear her family’s voices anymore outside of the hospital bed. But then she woke up and everything was fine and she actually regained control of all her limbs. The end

JackSepticEye, 2k16

Better than the original tbh

bts as children

jin: keeps fruit snacks in his pockets, has the 64-crayon box set with the sharpener, always draws himself during art time,

jungkook: super competitive, plays tag too seriously, gets upset when someone beats him in games, hogs the swing during recess

jimin: draws pictures for the teacher, shares his lunch with everyone, always holds hands with his friends, brings goody bags for the class on holidays and his birthday 

hoseok: gets scolded a lot for using his outdoor voice, colors outside of the lines, gets up from his seat when hes not supposed to, cries because other kids chase him around with bugs

yoongi: loves naptime, tries to act mature for his age but gets upset when he gets grape juice instead of orange, stands up to other kids when they mess with his friends (ex: when other kids chase hobi around with bugs)

namjoon: breaks all the crayons, loses his supplies and then accidentally steals other kids’ things, always participates and asks a lot of questions

taehyung: tries to bring his dog to school, that one kid that everyone is friends with, is a mess after recess and/or art time, eats play dough 

It’s such a refreshment hearing a voice outside of the norm..
Especially when waiting for a new album to release.

So I made a playlist filled with songs that features Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil.
I love his voice and it’s very nice to hear it outside of Pierce The Veil’s songs. Yes,
one song is PTV itself but it’s always refreshing to hear it when you don’t listen to it as often.
Enjoy. [ 8 tracks playlist ]

Me: *reading quietly*
Outside: *loud distant bang goes off followed by more constant bangs*
Me: *sighs*
Me: *puts on every red, white & blue thing I own*
Me: *grabs pie, burgers, and fried chicken from fridge*
Me: *steps outside. Fireworks surround me. A bald eagle lands on my shoulder*
Me: *whispers* IT HAS BEGUN.


“Not my President!” Says the voices outside my window #protest #president #DTLA #Losangeles #blacklivesmatter #women #vote (at Los Angeles City Hall)

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Ok so funny story

I was just discussing this with my family and I thought tumblr might find it amusing.
So ok picture this I’m like 15? my sister’s lipsticksandliquors like 13 my parents are out and my sister’s in her bedroom I’m just doing something in the bathroom when we hear mens’ voices outside. Usually whatever, we live in a semi detached house, our neighbours might have visitors or whatever. But there’s noises and (what sounded like) banging on windows and the voices of several men and me and my sister go into our parents’ room to see what’s going on by looking out the window out to the front of the house. We’re very discreetly trying to look out without being seen and there’s this strange group of guys we don’t know. They look like they have tools of some kind. Clearly our minds bypass the logical right into panic mode and we stand there thinking we’re about to be burgled or something, we don’t know what to do. Suddenly the top of a ladder is propped against the window we’re looking out of with a bang, startling us. I now go into full blown HOLY SHIT HE’S GOT A LADDER HE’S GOING TO CLIMB IN THE WINDOW panic mode. I stress I was NOT thinking at all logically, in fact I don’t even know what was going through my head in retrospect. So I do the only thing I can think of to do in what, to me, looks like an imminent breaking and entering. Do we run out of the room in question to hide?
No, of course not!
As my sister crouches between the wall and my parents’ bed, I vividly remember literally THROWING myself spread-eagled onto my parents’ bed, in full view of the window as if that would have helped, pressing myself to the bed flat and screeching in my most panicked war cry,
“STAY LOW!!!!!”
Fucking. Stay low. STAY LOW. Like I was in some fucking action movie and a bomb was about to go off or something.
My sister briefly brings up the possibility of going to look for the cat but I go FUCK NO STAY WHERE YOU ARE. ITS EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF AT THIS POINT. so there we are, my sister on the floor, me flat on the fucking bed like an idiot in a useless hiding position, figuring well fuck, we made our choice and now we have to stick to it damn it, when we hear someone start to climb up the ladder. This is it, no turning back. I press my face into the bed. We tense. We wait for our impending doom. Then the guy gets to the top, pulls out a sponge and starts wiping the window down.
In this moment, my sister and I, in our positions looking like fucking idiots, turn to look at each other. We look at each other for a long moment.
IT WAS THE WINDOW CLEANERS. IT WAS THE FUCKING WINDOW CLEANERS WITH LADDERS AND BUCKETS AND SPONGES, WHO COME EVERY FUCKING WEEK. clearly this did not cross my mind when I formulated this stupid STAY LOW plan. Our windows get cleaned like every fucking week and not ONCE did it cross my mind that it could possibly be the window cleaner. We burst out into hysterical laughter and we didn’t stop for about ten minutes. I was crying.
It was the fucking window cleaner.