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Other than your dog (and I guess AKC beagles aren't morbidly obese, but still slightly chunky) all Beagles I ever see are fat asses and I can't appreciate them because they just look miserable. But your dog really brings Beagles into a new perspective!

Outside of general health benefits, this is one of the major reasons I keep Jayne in the best condition possible at all times.

I want people to see beagles differently, to see that a beagle becoming a stuffed sausage isn’t an unavoidable consequence of owning the breed.  

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Do you think home and Anteiku are the same thing for Kaneki?

I guess the easiest answer would be yes, at least that’s what I felt at first. I think from an outside perspective, we could say that Anteiku = Home for Kaneki, but I’m not quite sure about that now, however. To best honest, I think as much as he wanted it to be his home, he never felt like it was his home. He wanted to protect the people there, and the establishment itself all for the sake of not being lonely, yet at the same time I don’t think it was that bond that bought him closer, but that fear and anxiety.

Kaneki would never truly want to stay at a place where he didn’t belong—if you realize, it seemed as if every source of ‘comfort’ or sense of peace and new life Kaneki had at least a grasp of, ended up slipping away.

For example, he saw his date with Rize as a chance to step into a new boundary. That would have been another source of comfort yet, we saw how that turned out.. But the strange thing about Rize is that, even though she does bring him pain, he still thinks of her in a rather positive light:

Not so much positive but helpful, and that kind of brings me to the conclusion again that, he remains with something or someone that hurts him simply because he fears loneliness.

So, from what I’ve seen of Kaneki, it seems to me that he won’t really think of a place as a source of comfort or home if he is rejected or hurt. However, he will still stick around or do anything he can to “fit in” because he fears being lonely. 

Let us take for example, his aunt’s house.

Kaneki in many ways tried to please his aunt and fit in with the family—this resulted in the opposite effect of course,

which lead to rejection and that really tore him a part and he carried that and even when he came to the sudden realization that he wasn’t wanted, he still probably attempted to be a part of a family that didn’t want him simply for the sake of being accepted.

The same thing happens during this part:

If you were unaware, it resembles his aunt and the way she and her family rejected Kaneki, yet he tried to fit in with them, no matter what because he feared loneliness. The difference between that however, is that he loves the people at Anteiku, and he wants to protect them, but he doesn’t feel fully “accepted”, yet his care for those people and his fear of loneliness is what fuels him to want to protect them.

Despite how he felt inside, it is undeniable that Kaneki loved every person in Anteiku but I don’t ever feel like he belonged. He felt pushed a way, he felt indifferent, and as you can see above, he felt rejected.

And like his aunt, Touka gets mad at him for being who he is:

Touka is angry at him for changing, whereas, his aunt his mad at him for being like his mother:

These are two things he cannot change, which I think hits home for him especially given the fact that he only tried to fit in with the people he loves.

This in a way shows that Kaneki was “kicked” out of his home by the people he cared dearly about simply for something he couldn’t fix, affecting him in the long run.

I don’t think that Kaneki sits well with Anteiku being his home. Yes, those people care about him and he wants to protect them. Yet at the same time, I don’t think he ever, fully thinks of himself as a part of a family, especially when people he feels so strongly about tell him that’s he’s not wanted, or to leave, or even make him feel that way.

Kaneki’s only source of home, love and true comfort was probably Hide. Hide accepted him for who he was, no matter how much things had changed, which in the end is really all he needed, to be accepted no matter who he was.

As you can see here, 

even Kaneki indirectly mentions that Hide is really the person who cares about him the most, the person who no matter what, will stick with him.

And that’s even shown at the end of the manga, here:

In fact, if you realize….it’s Hide who says “Let’s go home”, meaning that Ishida intended for Hide to be Kaneki’s “home” all along. Hide is literally the person and the place when it comes to love and support for Kaneki.

Which is why in Route A, when Kaneki finally realizes this, he dies along with Hide. Hide is the only love and support Kaneki would have in the world and because he’s dead, Kaneki is alone. Hide was home and love for Kaneki, which is why Kaneki had to die. The only way he could find his real home was in death, because that’s where Hide was.

So I hope this helps you. And I’m not saying that the people in Anteiku are not his friends, nor am I saying he doesn’t love them. He cares strongly for them, and they care strongly for him, but in the end, Anteiku simply wasn’t his home.

Fandom letter: my mad fat diary

Okay so I started following My Mad Fat Diary blogs not because I actually watch the show (I think it’s British and not on BBC America but idk) but because I like how the people in the fandom interact with each other and talk it out. It’s probably nothing different from other fandoms but it’s nice to see it from an outsider’s perspective. It’s really sweet. You guys have me invested in characters I literally know nothing about.

Severed Sense

What is this feeling
That consumed me
In a matter of minutes –
Dull as having your
spleen removed with a
spoon, absentee anesthetic,
Life was so vivid
moments ago!
And now it bleeds the dull
stench of December

Will this pass?
Will I pass?
Who the hell’s to say?
My parents?
They’re clueless?

Burn the witches they said,
hang the builders,
slay the villagers.

Once we’re gone, they’ll kill each other too.

here’s something to remember when the 100 writers put their foots in their mouths (accidentally or not): it could all just be a ploy to make us think that bellarke is never going to happen when in fact it’s been in the works since they realized that bob and eliza had intense and amazing chemistry

i mean think about it -

bellamy was supposed to be the antagonist

bellamy is now one of the main protagonists

bellamy and clarke were not supposed to be friends

bellamy and clarke are now best friends that love and care about each other deeply, they’re the most important relationship on the show and there’s no denying that


kim said that she wasn’t talking about anyone’s relationship

don’t freak out y’all. it’s coming.

keep the faith.

thinking out loud again

It’s funny how I never notice that other people don’t talk to themselves the way I do. Sure, everyone thinks they talk to themselves, and I think everyone else talks to themselves, but it turns out that my mutterings may be slightly more upsetting than the norm.

I only notice that it seems strange to other people in two ways: The first way is what just happened to me. I was sitting by the creek and I exclaimed something abruptly in answer to my own thoughts. Not really even sure anymore but it was something along the lines of “Right; cuz that’s how it works.” Nothing abnormal, right? Until I notice the startled expression on the face of a random student walking by on the opposite side of the creek. I remained quietly sitting and stared back at him and innocently wondered what he was looking at.

So then I had an odd thought; did I just answer a question he’d been thinking? No wonder people think I’m odd.

Then I thought back to my buddy Kevin and my friend’s little boy. Suddenly, it is clear as day as I realize that they are the only two people on earth who have ever done it back to me; blithely and happily carried on internal conversations that I wasn’t a party to.

Humorously enough, I find it strange to be in the same room with someone else who does it, because that’s the only other way the behavior ever stands out to me. Otherwise, I don’t know what it’s like to be around me when I’m thinking aloud. I suppose people just get used to it or something. I think it’s kind of weird when it happens to me because it’s so rare.


Isn’t it strange how sometimes we can’t see ourselves at all until we see ourselves in others?

Outside Perspective. [Closed RP with Preciouscrownjewel]


The ringing of the alarm clock signaled the start of the day for Drift, his hoof reaching out sleepily to shut it off. It takes a few minutes for him to blink the sleep from his eyes and get out of bed. A short combing of his mane later, he moves his way downstairs, into his restaurant, Autumn Breeze.

Already there is the manager, Ashen, and head waitress Azure. With them are a number of other waitresses and cooks, including the sous chef, Frizzle Fry. They already have coffee and some simple breakfast dishes cooked up for their morning breakfast. Drift drags his hoof over, one of the waitresses levitating over a cup of coffee and saying good morning to him. Drift nods and takes the cup, having a sip of the rich, caffeinated goodness.

Finally fully awake, Drift quickly digs into the medley of egg, potato, and hay, having his fill quickly as Frizzle Fry laughs. “Easy there, big guy. Save some for the customers.” Drift gives the chef a glare, though that brings a few laughs from the rest of the staff. Their breakfast is cut short, however, as the sound of the first customer walking through the door, the door bell ringing at the pony’s entrance.

Hearing this, Drift swallows his food and heads to the entrance to meet said Pony. “Hello. Welcome to Autumn Breeze.” He says with a grin. “We’re just getting set up. If you’d like you can gave a seat and we’ll be with you shortly.

Sterek Christmas Tales Chapter 16

By redhoodedwolf Part of the Christmas Time Series (Part two of the series is the one they’re doing for this year)

This is a compilation of the mini sterek fics I posted every day leading up to Christmas. 24 chapters (I did 2 in one day) of sterek, some AU, some not.


Notes From Reba: The entire set of chapters as well as the rest of the series is fabulous but I wanted to highlight this chapter as my very very most favorite. I love this one the most because it is written from the perspective of a third party. You really get to see Sterek from an outside perspective which is a rarity. This was sweet and seasonal and refreshing, you should all read this.

An Outside Perspective: Whisper

“There have been rumors of a war most foul, sweeping the region of Unova into a tide of violence the likes of which it’s inhabitants have never seen. An army, as vicious as they are cruel. But what drives such a legion of warmongers into this sudden uprising? There have been rumors, dark ones about a being most horrid that leads these savages to do what they do. The little that most can obtain are from survivors. But they are driven to madness, once strong and prosperous people, now haunted by morbid images known only to them. Crazed gibberish flowed forth from their mouths as they uttered only one coherent word over and over again……. Whisper.”

“An unknown entity to most, some say it’s the manifestations of pokemon’s darkest urges. Others say it’s a demon from another dimension, come to claim this world as it’s own. But the most plausible is that it’s a mutant, a stitched horror of flesh, bone and malice. It rallies those whose minds and hearts are dark and corrupt, it’s thirst for bloodshed, never satisfied. So twisted is it’s sanity, it often wanders on it’s own, left to it’s own horrid devices. But one thing is for sure, woe to those that encounter this being alone. For death shall be a saving grace for thee.”

(( Just something I felt like doing. Do tell me what you think. ^_^ ))

16 People On Things They Couldn't Believe About America Until They Moved Here

Charming list of things culturally unique of America, and how the world’s understanding of us reflects in the experience of people who came here.

Patriotism – The flag was everywhere. Literally. I came to know students are supposed to pledge allegiance to their flag since Kindergarten.! (I can’t fathom how they pronounce allegiance). On the other hand, they are blissfully unaware of the rest of the world (A high school kid thought Taj Mahal is in Washington DC). But I loved how all students were involved in some sort of extra curricular activities or the other.”