outside with my cat

The Hellbeast ate something outside yesterday that she shouldn’t have, and now she smells terrible, so she’s under kitty lockdown until her digestive system recovers. 

In the meantime, she has attempted to kill her roommate twice, chewed a chunk out of the front door, and tried to claw the window. 

It’s gonna be a long day. 


inspired by the presence of david bowie and my loathing of the daytime. i created this piece to depict an environment where i feel the most comfortable. my favorite place to be is indoors, with music playing and pouring rain outside, and my cat harley. i am relatively a very anxious person, and can get easily overwhelmed with modern life, and i am happiest when i am doing absolutely nothing. 


Okay okay, there’s a story behind this. I really like the idea that sometimes Chat has a little too much cat in him from the suit. Sometimes he can’t help but do silly cat things.

So my cat has access to an enclosed area outside on the deck, but the top is open, so leaves fall in. During the night she brings leaves inside into the bedroom like she’s bringing in presents? And she’s like “wow these are great I have to share these with the human.”

And the two ideas kind of mingled and I thought it would be really cute if Chat runs up to Marinette or Ladybug and is like “look what I found for you isn’t it great?” And she’s super confused but still kind of touched. And later Adrien is just like “What was I thinking.”

Do not repost/reupload/edit

I think he has become self aware. He sits at the front of our house at Peak Hours for dog walking, as most people pass by, to Recieve Compliments. Every 10 minutes i hear “Sweet jesus look at this beauty those ears those Blu Eyes”. Every time ive walked outside this hour I had to bring him up to the fence for An Onlooker to pet. His hunger for attention will never be satisfied. He will continue to long for validation of his beauty.

October/Halloween PSA

If you see a black cat wandering around outside or something please leave it alone. It is still a living creature with a consciousness and a life and possibly a loving family. Black cats are not “evil” or “bad luck”, they’re just little kitties livin’ their life. Please do not take them from where you’ve found them and PLEASE do not kill it.

- sincerely, an owner of a black cat


  Hi angels! Kat is adorable, and Clary is finally getting an enkeli rune in season 3!