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Nct 127 + Chenle,Jaemin's reaction to their s/o telling them that they want to marry them

Request:NCT 127 (+ Chenle , Jaemin) to you telling them that - if it’s ever possible - you’d want to marry them someday?

A/N: this is like some kind of drama ,, how cute aw . and i changed it up a little , i hope you dont mind !



The both of you watched the wedding scene showing on the television screen , as his arms wrapped around your waist . His eyes were glued to screen , as you saw him raised his eyebrows lightly as the couple on the screen kissed .

“ im waiting for that day this happens to us ”

His eyes would instantly widen , face flushed . He’d give an awkward laugh , as he hugged you tighter , clearing his throat then pecking your forehead .

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Both of you would casually be sitting at a restaurant , a small family sitting beside both of you . You noticed how Johnny was smiling at the small kid , his eyes following every movement of the child .

“ he’s so cute “

” i know right babe “

” one day we’d have our own too “

He’d raise his eyebrows at you , as he gave a small smirk and giggle , ” is that a hint ? “

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Taeyong continued nagging at you as he paced around the room back and forth , arranging everything neatly , as you laid on your bed pouting - it has been 1 hour since he started nagging at you to clean your room .

” y/n stop being so lazy and clean this mess up- “

” are you going to nag at our future children like this too omg “

Taeyong would stop what he was doing , as his cheeks started to turn pink . He gave an awkward laugh , then reached forward to pinch your cheeks , ” yes , if they’re as lazy as you “

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He was the one who brought up the topic first as a joke , teasing and trying to make you laugh . But as soon as you told him about your opinions seriously , his eyes would widen as a big and bright smile appeared on his face , as he hugged you tightly .

” baby what if i proposed to you right now “

” i’d be more than happy “

” wait are you serious , you dont mind ? “

” why would i yuta , i love you “

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He’d be sitting quietly at the tableside , concentrating and focusing on his work , not even a single word spoken . You took a seat beside him as you linked your arms together earning a small smile from Doyoung .

” when will you have time for me “

” work’s been keeping me busy , im sorry babe “

” will you still be like that if we were married ? because i sure need my husband to be by my side every night before i can sleep “

Doyoung would immediately cough and try clearing his throat , his eyes widened and face flushed . Then he’d give a small shy laugh , before shaking his head and holding to your hand , ” of course not , i’d find time for you “

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You watched from the side as your boyfriend chopped all the ingredients skillfully with one hand , the other , busy stirring and mixing the boiling soup . He took a small glance at you , then smiled , showing his well defined dimples .

” what did i do to deserve such a wonderful cook like you as my boyfriend “

” i should be the one asking you , what did i do to deserve you “

” would you still cook for me like this everyday if we were married ? “

Jaehyun gave a small laugh , covered the pot with the lid , then made his way towards you . He leaned forward , then softly said with a big smile on his face , ” yes , i’d make special recipes just for you … and maybe our future children too ? “

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You stood at the window glass pane , squinting your eyes as you admired the shiny and silver ring put on display outside the store . WinWin stood beside you , arms around your shoulders as he gave an awkward laugh ,

” do you like it that much ? “

” yes it’s so pretty “

” do you want me to get it for you ? “

” nope …. for now hehe “

” then when ? “

” *coughs* maybe when you *coughs* propose *coughs* “

WinWin would lower his head down shyly , as he laughed to himself . His hold around your shoulders would tightened , as his other arm reached forward to hug you .he’s such a small kid ,, so cute ;-;

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Both of you would be watching television , and just chilling and cuddling on the bed , as a random thought came to your head .

” what do you want for us in the future babe “

” for us to be happy i guess . what about you ? “

” hopefully , i mean HOPEFULLY , get married … you know “

*awkward laughter*

Mark would avoid eye contact with you , but couldnt help but smile to himself . But as soon as you pulled him in for a hug , he’d shyly return it , his cheeks burning as he let out another giggle , ” you’re so cute i love you “

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He stucked out his tongue at you when you glared at him , as he dangled the piece of meat infront of your eyes , before putting it in his mouth , then giving another laugh .

” that was my last piece of meat why “

” too bad , i got it first “

” you’re so immature hyuck “

” at least im more mature than you heh “

” how do i deal with you for the rest of me life “

” i love you “

He’d get what you mean , but try to act coy about it , casually saying things like , ” i should be the one worrying about that “ . but on the inside he’s squealing and screaming .

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You laid your head on his lap , the both of you holding your phones up , as he tried to explain the rules of the game to you .

” wait why are we married in the game “

” married couples get to work together , we’ll earn more points like that “

” would we still be doing this if this came true in the future ? haha “

Jaemin would laugh right away , as his hands played with your soft hair on his lap . He’d squeeze your cheek , then teasing you , ” we could if you want to “

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Chenle ran down to you from upstairs , as he carried a huge book in his arms . He’d cheerfully and brightly sit beside you , then excitedly exclaim that the book contained baby pictures of him , and he wanted to share them with you .

As you flipped through the pages , a photograph of his parents’ wedding came up , as you took into detail every aspect of the photo .

” woah your mother’s so pretty “

” hehe thank you “

” i wanna be in a similar dress like this in the future too “

Chenle would laugh , then playfully pinch your cheek , ” you’re already beautiful enough “

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this is so bad im sorry omg ;-;

She is not me Pt II

Pairing: Taeil (NCT) x Reader
Genre: Angst
Sumary: You always thought your relationship with your boyfriend was perfect, until she came back into his life.

Part One

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NCT Reaction: When their daughter is dating another member son(Hyung Line)

A/N: Lets pretend that you are their daughters, seems good ;)


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 He would be happy when you brought your boyfriend for the “meet my partner” thing, but he would so surprised to see Taeyong come through the door, even Taeyong would be shocked, “Well, then we’re gonna be related right?”


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DUNDUNDUN, *Is that Yuta? what is he doing here* Hansol would be thinking when you and your boyfriend and his ‘Parents’ came into the cafe.  Then when he find out that your boyfriend was the son of Yuta, I bettchu, *Im goona be related to this savage dude*


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Okay interanally *WHY IT GOTTA BE TEN THOUGH* He would be calm outside and gie Ten that usual handshake,” Ya, y/n I didn’t know you were dating my boyfriend son”(yes i ship tenny)


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He would see Winwin outside at first, then when he enter the cafe, you boyfriend said that Winwin was his father, but c’mon guys, Taeyong would be happy to know that your dating Winwin son. 


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“Y/N why? it got to be the son of Korea prince?” I mean like he wouldn’t be upset or anything but c’mon he gonna be savage and tease you after knowing that you were dating Jaehyun son.


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“Oh hey is that your boyfriend right there and is that his…….Sicheng?” He’d have to look twice just make sure there wasnt another person that looked like Winwin.  But he would be happy knowing that you’re in a relationship with a close friend of his son.


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“dad I have you tell you something”

“What is it?”

“My boyfriend father is your friend”



*you mean that guy who destroyed my Vroom Vroom show*


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“Soooo….Y/N you said that your boyfriend dad is Johnny, right?” He was my ex-boyfriend, He would call up Johnny after this and tell that his daughter was dating his son and be so mind blown at fate.


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 “Doyung?!?!? Is that you?” when he walked in your boyfriend house, he would see Doyoung first at first he thought that he might’ve been you boyfriend younger brother but then he’d remember that Doyoung only has an older brother.


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“Y/N I didn’t know WOW, Taeyong and I were so close I remember when he bought me icecream he’s so nice,” Then he would look over at your boyfriend aka Taeyong son,”You know, Y/n likes icecream so buy her a lot of ice cream but not that much, I don’t want her getting sick.

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