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an Andi Mack prediction

I’ve missed making theories and predictions since GMW is over, so I figured I’d make one for Andi Mack, specifically about episode 2x01 (aka the missing episode 1x13). I’m basing this on what we’ve seen so far in the show + all the footage of the missing/not yet aired episode from the promos. I love some good detective work :)

So as the iconic Cyrus Looked Back scene showed us, Cyrus, in addition to Andi, has a crush on Jonah Beck. There are still idiots out there (outside of Tumblr) trying to debate this, but the scene couldn’t be more intentional. I mean….TV production 101 (plus the cast reaction video…c’mon). Ok, that’s pretty settled.

Anyway, when Jonah dumps Amber in 1x12, he asks for the bracelet (that Andi made) back. In the promo, we see Jonah giving Andi the bracelet back. Andi looks surprised and we see Jonah walking away down the hall. Mostly likely he just told Andi about the break up and gave the bracelet back. Later in the promo, we see Andi (in the same outfit as the hallway scene) talking to Bex, saying “my mind is like a see saw—yes…no…”. I picture Andi telling Bex about Jonah dumping Amber, plus getting the bracelet back, and Bex asking Andi how she feels about Jonah now and that’s how she responds. Her answer saying she’s indecisive makes sense, given the fact she was living a “Jonah free lifestyle” prior to this…..but she also did turn back in 1x12. 

In another promo, we see Andi in the same outfit and scene with Bex, freaking out: “What am I going to wear??” While this seems like it would be something someone would say before a date, I don’t think that’s what’s happening. I think when Andi tells Bex she isn’t sure how she feels about Jonah, Bex encourages her to go to the Space Otters awards ceremony/event to hang out with Jonah again and find out how she feels. Bex is all about Andi discovering herself and having moments etc, so no doubt she would want Andi to go and sort out how she feels.

So Good Hair Crew goes to the Space Otters event (pretty sure it’s an awards ceremony….I think there were trophies on the table next to Jonah when he was talking). Jonah hosts and gives out awards, and we hear and see him say, “There is one person who truly stands out”. In the promo, it cuts to Andi sitting at her table and smiling, but I think that’s a misdirection. Given the fact that Andi quit the team, but Cyrus is the #1 supporter (and Jonah “loves it when Cyrus comes to the games in that vest with all the swag”), I think he’s actually talking about Cyrus. Also, Andi’s smiling like she just heard a corny joke (which is plausible with Jonah lol), not smiling like she won an award, and Buffy and Cyrus turn away from her, not towards her. So I really do think he’s actually talking about Cyrus when he talks about the person who truly stands out.

Understandably, Cyrus is thrilled to be recognized by Jonah (oh middle school crushes). Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the awards ceremony was something Cyrus suggested to Jonah in an effort to cheer him up post Amber break up. Anyway, after Jonah’s done hosting, we see him approach the Good Hair Crew and is talking with them. Cyrus is holding a Space Otters shirt and making one of his patented “trying to flirt with Jonah Beck” faces that we’ve seen him make all season. So I’m guessing Jonah gave Cyrus his own team shirt (omg imagine if the back says Cy Guy) and Cyrus is trying to flirt. But then Jonah cuts him off and says to the group “I was hoping I could talk to Andi…..alone”. We don’t see Cyrus’s reaction to this, but I’m sure he’s at least kinda crushed, especially after Jonah gave him the award and shirt. So then in the promo, we see Jonah say to Andi “I like being around you”, and Andi is beaming at him. This is where I think Jonah and Andi get together/ask each other out. At first I thought Andi texts Buffy and Cyrus about it, but then when I rewatched the promo, it seems clear that Buffy and Cyrus are standing outside of The Spoon by the window and they’re actually spying on the whole Andi and Jonah thing via Buffy’s cell phone front facing camera (you can see Andi and Jonah in the distance inside). Buffy, excited, asks Cyrus if he’s happy for Andi and we get the obviously-not-happy “yeah…..”. Poor Cyrus is obviously crushed by his crush, but doesn’t say anything. Buffy probably picks up on the weird vibe, but doesn’t confront him about it.

Next day/later in the week either Iris asks Cyrus to go out or Cyrus asks her. But regardless, Cyrus tries to really date Iris, but clearly isn’t totally comfortable. He probably introduces her to everyone as his friend, which leads to her saying “You can say girlfriend…” and Cyrus smiling kinda uncomfortably. Iris later kisses him goodbye and he gets confused: “what’s happening??”. Or the scenes are other way around and he gets confused at the end of the date (”what’s happening?”) and then she kisses him. Regardless, I think Cyrus realizes something doesn’t feel right. Cue some very conscious realizations about his feelings and who is crush really is.

Obviously, this might be an overwhelming realization for him given the current circumstances and he is going to feel like he can’t tell Andi about it obviously, so he asks Buffy to meet him at The Spoon the next day. She arrives and he’s already at the table, hands folded and kinda nervous. And he tells her he has to tell her something but she can’t tell anyone. Buffy, remembering how Cyrus didn’t really seem happy for Andi the previous night, asks the question we saw in that initial promo, “Do you like Andi?”. Cue Cyrus admitting he realizes that he likes Jonah. And because it’s Andi Mack……*end of episode*…… and the ball really gets rolling on Cyrus’s sexuality story line.

Now obviously I don’t know any of this for sure, just my guesses based on the promos, but I wouldn’t be mad if this is how it went down. What do you guys think?


Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader
Word count: 2,068 (Before lyrics)
Warnings: Slight Angst at times.
Challenge: This was written for @deathtonormalcy56′s Kiki’s 1k/Birthday/Tumblrversary Celebration Challenge. My song was “Dive” by Ed Sheeran and my dialog prompt was “Sorry I hung up on you, I didn’t mean to answer the call.”

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Hello! I'm a sea witch but I recently moved and now I'm not near it anymore :( to do a spell is it okay to put salt into water? As a substitute?

Originally posted by caribbeandive

You can actually make your own sea water in a pinch!  Here’s how:


  • water from a river or spring (not pond or lake; it has to be from a moving source)
  • sea salt (the bonafide kind, not table salt)
  • pot or pan
  • spoon
  • bowl
  • container


1.  On the night of a new moon

, combine water and sea salt into a pot and bring to a boil.  Stir occasionally until the salt dissolves.  Allow to cool and then siphon out any debris while pouring the water into the bowl.

2.  Take the bowl outside and with your spoon, continue to stir.  Recite the following:

Though the Lady Moon hides from to me tonight,
I raise up this offering of my own creation
to bring Mother Sea and turning tides to my doorstep.
Let me, a child of watery depths and salted blood,
receive blessings from the Lady Moon
as she reveals her pale mask once more to the world.

3.  Allow the water to sit in the dark overnight, and in the morning, collect it and distribute it into a container.  Place the jar in a dark area until the night of the full moon.  Do not disturb the water.

4.  Bring the jar outside and give it a good shake, and give thanks:

For your blessings, I thank you,
and pledge that I will use this gift
in my workings of water, sea and storm.

Hope this helps!

Headcanon that Shouto has never played in a playground. (Part 2)

[Continued from this]

-Apparently, by ‘we’, Midoriya meant the whole class.

Shouto is not against it or anything, it just makes him rather uncomfortable. He has never really had friends. Friends within class he can count on one hand. The others are more or less happenstance acquaintance.

He stays silent while the others jabbering on on the train to the park. Midoriya tries to pull him into conversations a few times but all the things they are discussing just fly right over his head and he eventually falls into complete silence.

-The park is massive and they break into small groups heading towards different attractions. Shouto has no preference so when Midoriya pulls him into his group with Tenya, Uraraka, and Yaoyoruzu, he agrees easily.

-He knows absolutely nothing about present pop culture. All the areas are designed after famous pop cultures and he is thrown out of the loop for not knowing anything. Midoriya briefs him on things he doesn’t know so he can join the conversation but not much remains in his memory. He can’t follow the speed of the conversation anyway.

He knows about Harry Potter though. Fuyumi loves that and usually retells him the story at night. So he can discuss it. Not much but at least he can follow the conversation while they are in the area.

-With Midoriya as their impromptu leader, the first area they head for is Spiderman, who is a comic hero. Or a ’super  cool, awesome, amazing’ hero in Midoriya’s words.

-Not knowing the culture doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy the park.

He loves all the thrill rides. The heart stopping and gravity rush is exhilarating.

The others don’t seem to share his opinion on those as they immediately go down on all four the moment they are out of the ride.

-His favorite is the backward drop one. He actually lets out a surprised woosh as the roller coaster drops backwards. Iida sitting next to him screams bloody murder.

When he puts on a brave face and tells others to stop dry heaving when they are on the ground again, Shouto keeps his silence.

-No one has lunch except for him, too queasy to feel hungry.

He tells Midoriya that the restaurant has an exclusive All Might burger, implies to Uraraka that they have some great deals on lunch, suggests that he can definitely run faster than a dishevelled and hungry Iida and methodically explains to Yaoyoruzu how green and out of sort she looks.

As they all go inside to wash up and get food, Shouto sits outside, scooping small spoon of soya pudding and people watching. It’s really nice.

-They meet up with the rest of the class as the day comes to an end to watch the end-of-the-day carnival.

Colorful is the word he has for it.

-Overall it is a nice day and experience. But he still loves the little, out of the way playground more.

Sometimes Midoriya joins him, sometimes he is alone.

He knows he is selfish but he would love to have this place all for himself for a little while longer.


I might as well write a full fledged fic for this headcannon…

@yukimono​, @animaatra​ I write a part two. Yayy. Hope you enjoy! 

My headcanon collection

Say Cheese. - Roman Reigns

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Drabble #72: “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

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So I was writing this meta post about boy culture in Supernatural right, and I used a scene from The Outsiders to exemplify what I was talking about. And as I was capping this scene I realized it reads exactly like a scene straight out of every weecest fic in creation. So look the scene goes like this:

(If you’ve never seen/read The Outsiders, this is 14yo narrator Ponyboy and his 17yo brother, Soda-Pop)

SODA-POP: Turn off the lights and get to bed. I got work in the morning.

SODA-POP: You cold, Pony?

PONYBOY: A little


They continue to spoon while Soda promises Pony that their oldest brother, Darry, really does love and care about Pony, he’s just strict sometimes because he’s got a lot of responsibility on his shoulders since their parents died.

Then Rob Lowe looks like he’s going to kiss C. Thomas Howell’s neck for no apparent reason, because he forgot they were playing brothers I guess

And then they talk about how Soda dropped out of highschool, which Soda says is because he’s “dumb” and not good at anything other than gym and auto mechanics, but they both know it’s really because Soda had to get a job to help support their family.

Then Pony asks Soda what it’s like to be in love. And Soda says, “It’s real nice.”

So you mean basically Dean tells Sam that Dad does love him, he’s just strict because he’s got a lot of responsibility ever since Mom died, and Dean tells Sam he dropped out of school because he was dumb and only passing gym and auto-mechanics even though it’s really because he had to either work to get them money or help Dad with hunts? And Sam asks Dean what it’s like to be in love because he’s pretty sure that’s what he’s feeling right now? All while they spoon tenderly? Because they “have” to share a bed and it’s “cold?” 

Literally every weecest fic ever, h o n e s t l y.

On a slightly better note, I got most of a meal down last night and got up myself this morning. Figured while I had the spoons I better take Candy and Ollie for a walk. (I tend to leave jr for @provinite to run with since he needs longer more involved walks than I keep currently can keep up with.)

I’m totally winded and exhausted from it. But the fresh air felt so nice, I’m glad I pushed it. Obv because I’ve been so weak lately I’m not allowed to go outside much. Just no spoons for it lately. Felt so nice to feel the breeze and sunshine. I really hope my energy and appetite return soon.

Which reminds me to email my doctor!!!!

overly protective jack though

- ralph getting insulted and hurt, and jack menacingly, but sort of amusingly claiming how he’s the only one allowed to insult ralph, before proceeding to threaten the person who hurt him

- jack always being preoccupied with ralph being comfortable and cozy; like jack taking ralph an extra sweater in case ralph forgets to dress well, jack covering ralph with blankets or his own coat when ralph falls asleep in random places, jack always buying ralph hot cocoas and coffees and teas when it’s cold outside

- jack spooning ralph when ralph’s upset and downhearted, kissing the top of his head and his forehead, rubbing his back

- jack actually being a v good cook and gloating about it, esp when ralph’s embarrassed about it, but really just spoiling ralph with so many varieties of meals

- jack dragging ralph into his lap when they’re on a bench in the park because really everyone needs to know the overly cute fair boy belongs to him

- jack telling ralph his tastes are crap when ralph talks about the things he likes, but actually buying him later every little thing ralph is enthusiastic about

- jack always taking into account ralph’s needs, even though he rarely shows it; always preoccupies himself with ralph’s problems and tries to solve them, often without ralph realizing it 

- ralph being jack’s precious lil sunshine overall and bringing warmth and meaning into his life 

Warm Your Bones By The Light Of My Fire

Dec. 19 – Winter weather (including blizzards that knock out the power and then people have to cuddle for warmth. Just saying.)

As soon as he hears Jack hit the bottom stair every muscle in Bitty’s body tenses.

“Alright, well-.”

“No.” Bitty whirls around and points a wooden spoon at Jack. Raspberry compote drips off it and onto the floor. “You’re not going out there. I won’t allow it.”

“You won’t allow it?” Jack asks and Shitty snorts out a laugh but covers it up with a cough.

“There’s a literal blizzard out there, Jack. Don’t you watch the news? They told everyone to stay inside.”

“I know. That’s why I’m going to check on the Frogs.”

“That’s not, ugh.” Bitty makes a loud noise that sounds so distressed that Ransom and Holster barrel down the stairs.

“Is someone dying?”

“A cow. It sounded like a cow,” Holster says as he looks around.

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Every time I watch The Battle of the Five Armies I feel really sad until I remember that the dwarves visited Bilbo all the time and brought him so many gifts that nearly everything he gave away on his 111th birthday was made either by dwarves or the men of Dale

Temporary Affairs

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17  

Chapter 13. Resolution       

2017 was coming to a close.  Since your foot was still healing, you were imprisoned in the four walls of your living room.  Silently, you watched as your fiancé sprinted from the kitchen with a slice of pie.  Oh, how much you just wanted to touch your feet against the tiled floors.

“Try it,” Jongin suggested, holding up a spoonful of pie. 

You took a bite and instantly your face scrunched up.  Okay, so no one’s perfect.  Jongin’s shoulders slumped back in defeat.  He stood up with the plate hovering over the trashcan. 

“NOOO!” you hollered, leaning over to grab his arm. 

“But it’s not good,” he spoke. 

You grabbed the plate, placed it on your lap, and stuffed a spoonful of pie into your mouth.  It was so terribly bitter but you suppressed your urge to spat it out instead you quickly gulped it down. 

“It’s delicious!” you lied. 

“Really?  I made more,” Jongin exclaimed, happily running back into the kitchen.  Crap.  But love is love and love has no taste buds. $#%#%@@%@     

So you gobbled down another slice of the sweet potato pie, still unable to comprehend how your fiancé had the talent to turn something so sweet into this insane bitterness.  He must be a genius.  That’s exactly it. 

“It must be really good.  Let me try some,” he said, taking the spoon from you. 

“Nooo…” you warned but he had already stuffed it into his mouth. 

You snorted and fell over in laughter when his complexion paled.  His eyebrows furrowed and he trudged over to the garbage can to spat it out. 

“You lied,” he accused, still hovering over the trash bin. 

“What? It’s good,” you said stubbornly as you demonstrated by eating another slice. 

He moved the plates aside and sat on the coffee table to look directly into your eyes.  He’s so, so handsome.  Okay, focus, ________ah.  FOCUS. 

“Why are you staring at me?” you asked with a spoon dangling from your mouth. 

“You’re so in love you can’t even distinguish between bitter and sweet anymore,” he concluded.  Spot on. 


You shook your head, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I think you need to get your taste buds check”.    

Giggling, you licked up the rest of the plate and slurped the spoon.  Outside, fireworks started to blast in the distant.  You turned around to look out the window.  It was such a pity that you couldn’t watch outside due to your leg injury, but as long as Jongin was with you nothing else mattered.           

“Hehe,” you cutely mumbled.    

Your fiancé wrapped his arms around you from behind; swaying you from side to side as the official count down began.  You turned around to look at the fireworks through his eyes.   











Automatically, your lips were on top of his.  His fingers laced through your hair as you sucked on his lower lip.  Abruptly, he backed away.  You looked at him hurt by his rejection but upon seeing his disgusted expression, you threw your head back laughing.  Jongin wiped his lip with the back of his hand. 

“Seriously, Jagiya, that pie is so, so bitter”, he complained. 

“Heehee,” you smiled foolishly at him. 

“But I guess love has no boundaries,” he chuckled then leaned in to kiss you again.  Did he just admit that he liked me? @%$@%#$#%  Breath, _________ah, breathe. 

Swinging his arms around, you asked, “Oppa, what are your resolutions for 2018?” 

“Marry a beautiful wife,” he replied bluntly, pecking you on your nose.

Your face turned red.

“How about you?” he asked.  Marry a handsome hubbie. <3


“Hmm…maybe just be less stressed out about others’ opinions,” you said thoughtfully.

“That’s a good one,” Jongin replied, nodding in agreement. 

“Also, maybe paint more..?” you said unsure. 

“That’s a good one too,” he replied, fixing your hair so that it didn’t cover your face.

“But I don’t know if Appa will like it…” your head hung low and your voice diminished.

Your fiancé sighed, “And there you go again…”

You pouted so he caressed you in his arms. 

“After we get married, I’ll open an art gallery for you,” he promised. 

You melted into his chest like a puddle of de-thawed snow.         


Two weeks passed in the blink of an eye and you were finally up and running again.  Throwing your pretty pink flats on, you skipped happily out the door.  It was January 14th, which was Kim Jongin’s birthday.  You wanted to give him a surprise by stopping by his office to present him with a bento you spent the whole morning preparing. 

As you stepped into Bliss Communications, the staff recognized you and started to greet you but you held your finger up to your lip.  They nodded understandingly, muffling back giggles as they fangirled about you two lovebirds.  Biting your lip, you slowly inched your way to Jongin’s office, making sure that he didn’t spot you through the glass windows.  As you got to the door, you lifted your hand to knock but froze in place.  From the window, you saw the silhouette of a woman.  Your eyes narrowed.  She advanced toward your fiancé, wrapped her arms around his neck, and…kissed him on the lips.  Your eyes widened in terror.   The wrapped bento box fell out from your hands, shattering onto the floor.  The noise alerted Jongin’s attention.  Immediately, he pushed the girl away and rushed to the door.  But you’re already gone, running into an elevator. 

Seconds felt like minutes and minutes dragged like hours.  The room spun in front of you and you almost willed it all to be a dream.  Because you opened your heart vulnerably to a man you fell in love with and you had every reason to believe he felt the same.  But…he doesn’t. 

As the door closed, you saw a frantic Jongin appear, calling after you.  Tears rolled down your eyes.  You knew it was too good to be true.  All the surprises, gifts, and confessions were all lies.  At the lobby, you swung the revolving door with so much force, you almost smashed yourself on the cheek.

The cold winter storm grazed your face but you ignored it, running as fast as possible away from the man you loved.

I should have known.  I should have known better than to believe that a rich, handsome, perfect man like him would fall for someone as flawed as me.  I should have known better than to believe his sudden 360-degree change didn’t come without a motive.     

“Jagiya!”  Kim Jongin’s voice cried out.

Wiping the tears from your face, you turned around to see how close he was, but because your attention was elsewhere, you failed to see the random bump of the sidewalk.  You crashed down hard against the pavement, scraping your right palm.  Your ankle throbbed as well and you could have sworn you had re-injuried your old wound.  As you desperately tried to get up, Kim Jongin caught up to you. 

“Jagiya!  Are you okay?” he asked, grabbing your bleeding hand.

Instantly, you slapped him across the face, your blood smeared on his cheek.  He froze in place and you began to attempt to stand up again.  As soon as you do, a splitting pain ran down your leg and you crumpled onto the floor again.  Straightaway, Jongin swooped you up into his arms.  You thrashed around, punching him in the chest. 

“I hate you.  I hate you, why did you do this to me?!” you cried, clawing at his shirt. 

Finally, he placed you down on a bench.  Your head hung low as you sobbed.  Jongin lifted your face up so that you were staring directly at him. 

“Listen to me,” he demanded and you reward him with another slap. 

“Were you using me because your father’s company needed our help?  All that marriage shouldn’t be business bullshit that came out of your mouth was all a lie,” you shouted bitterly. 

“No, no I would never use you, Jagiya,” he tried to persuade, holding tightly onto your arm so that you couldn’t leave.

“Then explain to me why you were kissing Lee Sohee just now!” you hollered, kicking your legs around.

“Babe, stop moving your leg, your ankle is hurt,” he warned, gripping your leg in between his so that you would stay still.

“You really should audition for Hollywood,” you said bitterly. 

“______ah, Sohee and I broke up months ago!  As soon as I realized I was falling for you, I broke things off with her,” he desperately tried to explain. 

With tears uncontrollably streaming down, you stared into his eyes and said, “Kim Jongin, I loved you.  Why?”

He wrapped his arms around you and said, “_______ah, I love you too.  Please, listen to me”. 

You kicked him in the shin with your injured foot.  Jongin grimaced in pain but your leg also throbbed in anguish. 

“Jagiya, I didn’t kiss her.  She kissed me.  She didn’t want to break things off,” he tried to explain but you shook your head repeatedly. 

“Kim Jongin, I don’t ever want to see you ever again,” you said. 

Your heart shattered into pieces and for a moment you wondered if you were really dying because every part – every inch of your body felt like raw flesh soaked into vinegar. 

“No, please don’t do this to me,” Jongin begged, his eyes bloodshot from crying as well. 

Turning around, you stared into his soul and firmly said, “Kim Jongin, I won’t marry you.  I will never marry you”.      


a/n: YAY DOUBLE UPDATE ~dances around~

But they broke up.  Oops.  Um…well at least I gave you guys fluff in the beginning of the chapter before it ALLL PLUMMETED DOWN AND EVIL AUTHOR SHOWED UP.  BAHWHWWHWHWHAHHEHA ۞_۞

I’m currently under food coma LOL so sleeeepy.  ;p from now on I won’t accept exam for early update unless you add in a sexy pic of Kim Jongin jkjkjkjk <wait, is that a double negative?  ~wiggles eyesbrows~ LOL OMG I’M SO SLEEPY, excuse me.   

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Do you have some Ushiwaka and his s/o headcanons ? Also, how much time he takes for his "firsts times" ? Like first kiss, i love you, do the do blablabla... I'd love to hear your opinion !

Anon I am so weak for Ushiwaka, like seriously


  • Poor boy doesn’t even realize he has a crush until Tendou points it out to him. He gets extra quiet whenever you’re around and when you do something cute he blushes like crazy. Seriously, this has never happened to him before and he has no idea what it is (“Is it hot in here, Semi?” “No, Wakatoshi, it’s you.” “… How?”)
  • He needs legitimate help asking you out. He does research for literally everything and his search history is amazing (“how do I know if I like a person”)
  • He has to fake confidence while asking you out but he’s so nervous that his proposal comes out a lot more blunt than what he was hoping for (“You’re pretty, let’s go on a date”)
  • He loves partners with longer hair because he can run his fingers through it and it relaxes him. Other than that he doesn’t have a whole lot of preferences in the person that he dates
  • Also, someone who can keep up with him while out running is another plus because he thinks running alone can get lonely sometimes
  • Loves carrying you around, especially on his back. At home, he’s more than happy to give you piggyback rides (just not in public because he gets super embarrassed)
  • On that note: not a big fan of excessive PDA. 1) he likes to keep his private life secluded, 2) he’s so awkward with it and it’s precious, 3) he has to keep up his stern, captain appearance in front of his team
  • If there is PDA, however, it never goes farther than hand-holding
  • Trying to get a picture with him is tough. A majority of your pictures of his are ones that you took when he wasn’t looking. When you do get a picture with him, he only smiles in them half the time (but when he does, it’s so adorable)
  • HAS to be the big spoon
  • Once he’s comfortable with you, he’s blunt on literally every front. Half the stuff he suggests doesn’t even come out as a question, and he’ll outright state whenever he’s in the mood



  • His ideal first date is somewhere a little private. He’ll plan a dinner at a small restaurant or even cook something for you (hc: he’s a natural born cook)
  • After the dinner he suggests finding a movie at the theater or on Netflix, and he refuses to cuddle on the first date. Maybe the closest you’ll get to him is putting your head on his shoulder… maybe… if you’re lucky
  • He’s not much of a talker at first so you have to ask him questions that put him in a position to open up about his life. He’ll talk about some stuff but he saves the more private aspects about his life for a later occasion
  • He insists on taking you home, whether the date is at his house or in public. It’s part of his protective nature to make sure that you get home safely


  • Your first kiss would definitely have to be initiated by you. If you thought he had no idea that he even had a crush, hooooo boy have fun trying to kiss him
  • If he tries to push you away, please don’t be too upset. He’s just trying to process the situation and is a little off-guard when you lean in to kiss him
  • When you do kiss, however, it’s great. He picks you up so neither of you have to stretch too far. Pulling away is hard for him because he actually started to enjoy it, so he’ll go for another one
  • Of course, back on the subject of PDA, this takes place in the quiet of your (or his) apartment
  • This usually happens around the two-month mark, after he’s gotten used to hand-holding

“I Love You”

  • It definitely slips out of him one night after a big date around the three-month mark. He’s taking you home and you’re standing outside of your door. Even though PDA isn’t his thing, he has to kiss you goodnight before he leaves
  • It’s so mushy and romantic (he practically whispers it in your ear) that it nearly drives you to tears. He sees you being emotional and his first thought is that he said something to upset you
  • “No, Wakatoshi, I’m happy!” “Why? Because ‘I love you’?” “Yes!”
  • He has to take a moment before he realizes he actually said it and when it finally hits him, he’s flustered to say the least. You put another kiss on him and return it to him to make him calm down. Of course it takes some practice for him to get used to saying it, but after a while it comes out at the best times


  • (I’m doing another post soon on NSFW headcanons for the captains so there’s not a whole lot of detail here)
  • The gentleness with this boy is phenomenal when it comes to your first time. His main focus is making sure that he doesn’t hurt you while you’re doing it
  • It happens after things get a little heated one night (around the six-month mark or later) and he’s the first one to initiate it. He asks before he goes too far and when you tell him that you’re okay with it, he takes over
  • He takes it so slow that you wonder when it’s going to end. Of course he’s only doing it like this because it’s your first time and he wants to do it right, and obviously you enjoy it this way, but it makes you think if he’s planning on changing his mind halfway through. It drags on sooooo long, like at least an hour, and asks you every few minutes or so how you’re doing
  • He insists on setting the mood just right (he lights some candles and puts on some smooth music for full effect; he works hard to put the “love” in love-making)
  • This is the only time he actually gets cuddly outside of regular spooning
highlights of 3x01
  • shirtless Bellamy and Lincoln
  • safe to assume Bellamy’s gettin laid on the regular thank god
  • Miller squeezing Monty’s arm and singing along to the lyric “want to make love to you”
  • there was a bunny and it was very cute and it lived
  • Bellamy’s beautiful tan skin and luscious hair blowing in the wind
  • Clarke is a bottom and Niylah seems pretty awesome
  • “Clarke pounced on two pussies in this episode” - @bellamyplake
  • Murphy told Jaha to bite him and same tbh
  • Octavia was a total badass
  • Raven and Wick are done 
  • Lincoln spooning Octavia outside 
  • Bellamy. Just Bellamy always. 
  • Roan totally got a free show to Clarke and Niylah’s super hot sex which is creepy but I’m jealous