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So I was writing this meta post about boy culture in Supernatural right, and I used a scene from The Outsiders to exemplify what I was talking about. And as I was capping this scene I realized it reads exactly like a scene straight out of every weecest fic in creation. So look the scene goes like this:

(If you’ve never seen/read The Outsiders, this is 14yo narrator Ponyboy and his 17yo brother, Soda-Pop)

SODA-POP: Turn off the lights and get to bed. I got work in the morning.

SODA-POP: You cold, Pony?

PONYBOY: A little


They continue to spoon while Soda promises Pony that their oldest brother, Darry, really does love and care about Pony, he’s just strict sometimes because he’s got a lot of responsibility on his shoulders since their parents died.

Then Rob Lowe looks like he’s going to kiss C. Thomas Howell’s neck for no apparent reason, because he forgot they were playing brothers I guess

And then they talk about how Soda dropped out of highschool, which Soda says is because he’s “dumb” and not good at anything other than gym and auto mechanics, but they both know it’s really because Soda had to get a job to help support their family.

Then Pony asks Soda what it’s like to be in love. And Soda says, “It’s real nice.”

So you mean basically Dean tells Sam that Dad does love him, he’s just strict because he’s got a lot of responsibility ever since Mom died, and Dean tells Sam he dropped out of school because he was dumb and only passing gym and auto-mechanics even though it’s really because he had to either work to get them money or help Dad with hunts? And Sam asks Dean what it’s like to be in love because he’s pretty sure that’s what he’s feeling right now? All while they spoon tenderly? Because they “have” to share a bed and it’s “cold?” 

Literally every weecest fic ever, h o n e s t l y.

overly protective jack though

- ralph getting insulted and hurt, and jack menacingly, but sort of amusingly claiming how he’s the only one allowed to insult ralph, before proceeding to threaten the person who hurt him

- jack always being preoccupied with ralph being comfortable and cozy; like jack taking ralph an extra sweater in case ralph forgets to dress well, jack covering ralph with blankets or his own coat when ralph falls asleep in random places, jack always buying ralph hot cocoas and coffees and teas when it’s cold outside

- jack spooning ralph when ralph’s upset and downhearted, kissing the top of his head and his forehead, rubbing his back

- jack actually being a v good cook and gloating about it, esp when ralph’s embarrassed about it, but really just spoiling ralph with so many varieties of meals

- jack dragging ralph into his lap when they’re on a bench in the park because really everyone needs to know the overly cute fair boy belongs to him

- jack telling ralph his tastes are crap when ralph talks about the things he likes, but actually buying him later every little thing ralph is enthusiastic about

- jack always taking into account ralph’s needs, even though he rarely shows it; always preoccupies himself with ralph’s problems and tries to solve them, often without ralph realizing it 

- ralph being jack’s precious lil sunshine overall and bringing warmth and meaning into his life 

Every time I watch The Battle of the Five Armies I feel really sad until I remember that the dwarves visited Bilbo all the time and brought him so many gifts that nearly everything he gave away on his 111th birthday was made either by dwarves or the men of Dale

highlights of 3x01
  • shirtless Bellamy and Lincoln
  • safe to assume Bellamy’s gettin laid on the regular thank god
  • Miller squeezing Monty’s arm and singing along to the lyric “want to make love to you”
  • there was a bunny and it was very cute and it lived
  • Bellamy’s beautiful tan skin and luscious hair blowing in the wind
  • Clarke is a bottom and Niylah seems pretty awesome
  • “Clarke pounced on two pussies in this episode” - @bellamyplake
  • Murphy told Jaha to bite him and same tbh
  • Octavia was a total badass
  • Raven and Wick are done 
  • Lincoln spooning Octavia outside 
  • Bellamy. Just Bellamy always. 
  • Roan totally got a free show to Clarke and Niylah’s super hot sex which is creepy but I’m jealous