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The last one blooming, Chapter 1

TITLE: The last one blooming


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that there is an omegaverse where Alphas and omegas can only bond with their true mate. Loki is an Alpha and he one day meets his omega. But she is a young Midgardian child, who is terrified of Alphas. So he has to work hard to gain her trust, to allow the bond to grow between the two. 


Her legs carried her as fast as they could. She had no idea how she ended up in the thick, dark forest. But she didn’t care. Her head hurt from her injury and she just knew she had to get away, to keep running. Deep down she knew that she wasn’t on Earth anymore, but she kept going anyway.

Ignoring the way the shadows caused scary figures around her, she kept moving. But she soon started to slow down. Her body was weary and injured. She struggled to keep her eyes open and the last thing she knew, was that she fell to the dirty ground beneath her.

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The rest of the crew catch Shiro and Keith kissing.

Ooh this was fun to plot

The rest of the team knew Shiro and Keith were close, just not THIS close.

It was late in the evening after a rather long and tiring group training session, the five paladins splitting from the princess and her advisor to get ready to rest up for the next day.
Keith and Shiro, however, hadn’t separated, in fact, the duo was laced in one of those sleep cuddly kind of hugs as they leaned against the wall outside of Keith’s room. The shorter male nuzzling his head under the chin of the older one as light fluffy laughed filled the small space between them, it was rare that they got to be like this.
“Takashi…” Keith asked using Shiro’s real name.
Shiro raised an eyebrow “Yes?”.
“Can I kiss you?” the red paladins purple eyes met the black paladins dark brown ones.
Breath hitching in surprise as the question Shiro licked his lips “Are you sure? The other could see.”
“They are all in their room and I know once my body hits my bed I’ll be out like a light, please Takashi.” Keith blinked his eyes like a little kid using the puppy dog method.
Shiro gave a small smile, God his boyfriend was just too cute for words. Lifting Keith’s chin with his human arm he pressed a soft yet meaningful kiss onto the other’s lips.
“Holy crow!” yelled a familar voice. Lance.
Shit that was right, Lance’s room was right next to Keith’s.
“We can-” Shiro began but turned bright red as he realized it wasn’t just Lance, but the whole lot.
“Hunk you owe me fifty gak.” Pidge stated.

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How so you stop the sounds of your stomach? Because the first days when I'm fasting and always when I'm restricting 100-500kcal my stomach always grawls and I have to spend the whole afternoon in my room because outside it my family makes me eat if they hear it.

warm liquids 

My Wife Becomes Whore to a Gang

My wife Michelle is a high powered lawyer in our town, which is a medium sized Midwestern city. We’ve been married for about 22 years. About 3 years ago we were in a bit of a doldrums and I decided to spice things up by renting a room at a sex motel in the seedier side of town. The motel was one with themed rooms and Jacuzzis. To my surprise Michelle dressed the part of a slut, wearing a short skirt and high heels and a tight top. She insisted in going into the office to get the key, shaking her ass the whole way in and out and drawing some leers from a few guys who were hanging around outside. Once in the room she confided in me that for the last few years she was having a reoccurring fantasy of becoming a whore.

Michelle is a blonde of medium height. She has fantastic natural 36 DDs and beautiful wide areolas with sexy little bumps surrounding her nipples which get very hard when she is aroused. She also has a great ass which got a little bigger when she turned 40, but which looks great in sexy tight shorts or skirts.

A few months ago Michelle found a local college bar in the small town next to ours. She wanted to dress up as a slut and go in the bar and flirt with the college guys. I asked her how far she wanted to go?

“I don’t know. Maybe let a few boys buy me drinks, rub my leg against them. Let them grab my ass when we dance. If I’m turned on maybe I’ll grind the guy a bit. A little light making out and then we can go home and fuck like crazy.”

I had to admit that the thought of seeing her be a slutty older tramp and get pawed by horny college guys turned me on a bit, as long as it didn’t go too far.

On the night in question we drove to the bar and I dropped her off and watched her shake her ass in her 4 inch red heels as she swayed into the bar. She was wearing a small jean skirt and a black tube top that showed off her fantastic tits.

I walked in a few minutes later and grabbed a table by the bar with a good view. She was already talking to a few guys with a drink and cigarette in her hand. I watched her smile and laugh and rub her nails lightly over the arm of one of the college guys. A few minutes later they were on the dance floor as planned and when a slow dance started she snuggled into his arms and I watched his hand rub the small of her back for a few seconds before it disappeared beneath her skirt. Meanwhile she was staring intently into the eyes of her new friend before they kissed. First lightly and then more deeply.

The song ended and Michelle swayed back over to the table with her friend. The bartender walked over and asked me if I wanted another beer.

“I see you’ve been watching that slutty milf.”

I nodded.

“Well see that mean looking dude over there?” The bartender pointed to a thuggish looking guy in the corner. He was about 19 and wearing a headband of a gang color.

“His name is Jose. He runs the working girls in this bar for the NorthSide Posse. NSP they call themselves. He’s going to lay the law down to her in a few minutes.”

I wondered what to do as I saw the guy get up and walk over to Michelle. He leaned over and whispered something in her ear and a few seconds later I saw her exchange phone numbers with the guy she was making out with and then walk behind Jose shaking her ass in an even more exaggerated manner. She glanced at me as she walked by and smiled, so I did nothing. Jose stopped at the end of the bar and sat on a stool. Michelle stood before him swaying slightly, one leg on the stool Jose was sitting on.

There was some quiet conversation and I saw Michelle laugh and shake her head. Jose reached up and put one finger in the center of her tube top and pulled her tube top. She stood without moving for a second giving Jose a good look down the front of her shirt, then she pushed his hand away. They talked for a few more minutes and I saw the bartender bring them two shots of Tequila. They downed their shots and Jose put his finger between her tits in her tube top and pulled her tube top down slightly and then towards him. Again Michelle held her ground giving Jose a good look at her tits. She went to push his finger away again but this time he caught her hand. They playfully wrestled for a moment and then I saw Michele allow herself to be pulled close to him. Jose kept his finger in her tube top, and I could see him run it down as he brushed her nipple and then ran it around her areola. His other hand let go of her hand and I saw him run it on the inside of her thigh up her skirt. Michelle stood there letting this gang member play with her tit and rub his finger near her pussy. She had a smile on her face and was staring into his eyes. There was some light making out and then I saw Jose take the bandanna off his head and give it to Michelle. She walked right past me without saying a word and went into the bathroom. A few moments later she came back wearing the bandana as a top. It barely covered her tits which were swaying. The weight of her 36DDs hung the top down and the side of her tits were clearly visible. The tube top she had been wearing was now her skirt. The tight spandex rode up her legs as she walked and it barely covered her ass. If she had look light a slut before, now she was clearly a whore looking for customers. Most eyes were on her as she came sashaying out of the bar and walked slowly over to Jose. Then she fell into his arms and gave him a passionate kiss.

A few minutes later Michelle and Jose walked over to me. Michelle was holding on to Jose’s arm as he approached me. He other hand kept pulling down her skirt as it rode up her ass.

“You married to this ho?”


Jose seemed surprised.

“Well this bitch wants to come with me back to my boys bar. Ok?”

I looked at Michelle and she nodded.

“If that’s what she wants” I said.

“Ok homey, lets get a few things straight. She may be your wife, but tonight she my ho. My bitch. For me and my boys. I don’t want no trouble. But she’s doing this because she wants to. So tonight she’s ours. You down wit that?”

I looked at Michelle. “It’s what I want honey. One night. Come watch. It will be fun.”

I nodded. Jose turned and Michelle walked out with him and I followed. A cadillac pulled around and Michelle and Jose got into the back. I got into my car and followed. We drove for about twenty minutes to a bad part of town. There was a bar on a street corner and the Cadillac pulled up in front. I parked across the street.

I walked across the street and could see that the front passenger door of the Cadillac was open. Jose was in the back but I could not see Michelle. Smoke was coming out of the car. Jose was leaning back and caught my eye. He smirked. A few seconds later Michelle’s head popped up. She had clearly been giving him a blow job. Then I saw someone hand her a joint. A few seconds later she got out of the car coughing and trying to re-tie on her top.

Jose walked up to me. “Your wife been smoking a joint laced with X. She’s gonna get real horny soon and I’m gonna make some money. That top she’s wearing signifies she with me and my boys. No one gonna bother her unless they talk to me first. She’ll be safe, especially if she keeps sucking dick like she just did me.”

Michelle stumbled on her high heels and had trouble keeping her skirt down over her ass. She pulled it down but it barely covered the top of her thighs. She was some sexy sight with her large breasts barely covering her tits, and trying to walk on her high heels while keeping her skirt covering her pussy, all while being a 40 year old slut on the arm of a 19 year old gang member who she had just blown.

We walked into the bar. Loud music was playing and thick smoke hung in the air. There were dozens of women of all different races in various stages of undress, but none of them appeared to be as blonde or as old as Michelle. A few woman were straddling guys giving them lap dances while a few others walked around the bar dressed more or less like Michelle was.

Jose greeted a few of his friends and Michelle was seated at a table. I could see she was nervous because she clung tightly to Jose. A few minutes later a tall black man came over. I recognized him as a local basketball player on the college team. I saw him speak to Jose and then hand him some cash. Jose said something to Michelle and then she got up and greeted the guy. They spoke for a few minutes and then he walked her over to a pool table with his hand around her waist. They shot pool for a while and Michelle made a big deal of leaning over and shaking her ass while trying to line up a shot. Eventually another two people came over and they played two against two. While they were waiting their turn Michelle sat on the basketball player’s lap and he was nuzzling her ear. She was grinding her ass as she sat on him. Then it was his turn and he got up and sank several balls and when he finally missed and came back Michelle got up and threw herself into his arms and they kissed passionately. Then she sat on his lap and allowed his hand to slip underneath the small bandana covering her tits. I could see his massive hand playing with her left tit as he ran his finger around her nipple and finally pinched it, all while kissing and nuzzling her ear. This- her fantasy being played out- along with the X the gang had given her was too much for her- as she stood up turned around and then straddled her new friend. They kissed passionately and I could see her hand struggling with his cock between his legs. She broke their kiss for a second and then whispered something into his ear. I saw him reach into his pocket and give her some more money. Then with basically one tit hanging out Michelle walked back across the bar to Jose and gave him the money.

Her fantasy was now a reality. This high powered sexy 40 year old lawyer was being pimped out by a 19 year old thug. He owned her. She was his property and was having sex with who ever he told her to. Jose gave her a small packet which I realized was a condom. Michelle sashayed back across the bar to her basketball player and moved him over to a small couch in the corner. They kissed for a few minutes and then I saw her head go between his legs and then she put the condom on him. Then she straddled him and fucked him right there, in a darkened corner of a gang bar. I know my wife and I can tell when she fakes it and when she has an orgasm. She rode his cock for 10 minutes and as they quickened their strokes she began to arch her back and put her hands up in the air. The basketball player had free reign over her tits and he pulled her close and began sucking a nipple. She loved getting her nipple sucked while getting fucked and I could see her body quiver. She was coming. A few minutes later her new lover came and she collapsed into his arms. They cuddled for a few minutes and then she got up and walked back to Jose, her pimp.

This went on a few more times. Guys would come over asking for the white milf, and a few minutes later they would pay Jose and she would either go on the dance floor with them or play some pool or just have a quick drink before going to a dark corner or a couch and blowing them or letting them fuck her.

It was after 2am and I was wondering how much longer this would go on. Michelle had broken our agreement and gone further than we ever agreed to. She put us in a situation where we were at the mercy of thugs.

Michelle came over and sat down. “Honey, I am so turned on. I love being a whore. This is totally fulfilling all my fantasies.”

“Can we go?” I pleaded.

“Not until Jose says I can go.”

Jose came over. “Come on, you earned your stripes.”

Michelle got up and followed Jose and I followed her. We walked outside the bar and Michelle was busy fixing her top to keep her tits inside the bandana. Her skirt was riding up her ass as she walked on the sidewalk, swaying her ass, just like a streetwalker. A few doors down the next block was a tattoo parlor and we walked inside.

There was a young black man who greeted Jose and then eyed Michelle. “Damn this Ho is hot.”

“She gets a silver NSP.” The guy nodded and we walked into the back.

My mind was whirling. A tattoo was out of the question, but Michelle was holding tight to her pimp. They sat down at a table and the guy walked over and tugged at Michelle’s top. It didn’t take much and it came off. “Mmmmm I love my job sometimes” he laughed.

Michelle was put into a chair. The guy reached into a table and pulled up a small sliver charm attached to a thin bar.

“I only get a silver one” Michelle whined.

“You gotta do a lot more than shake yo ass for me one night ho” said Jose “before you get a gold one.”

Michelle pouted and Jose walked over to her and leaned over to her.

“You my bitch?” Michelle nodded. “You my ho.” Michelle nodded again. Jose put his finger under her chin and she looked up at him as he kissed her deeply. I could see Michelle take her tongue and pull Jose’s tongue into her mouth.

Jose broke the kiss. “Say it.” Michelle looked down. “I’m your bitch.”

“Louder.” Michelle looked up and into her pimp’s eyes. “I’m your bitch. I’m your ho. I only fuck who you tell me to.”

“Ok lets do this.”

“The guy walked over and pulled up a chair and sat down. He reached out and grabbed Michelle’s right tit and cupped it. Then he stroked it and rolled her nipple between his thumb and finger. She moaned. Then he did the same thing with her left tit and she moaned even louder.

"The left nipple is bigger ” he said. He took out some sterilizing fluids and sterilized her left nipple continuing to rub it and tug on it. Michelle squirmed in her seat, crossing one leg over the other. The man let his other hand fall to her thigh and I saw him push between her thighs. Michelle opened her eyes and looked at her pimp. He nodded and just like that she spread her legs giving him access to her pussy. He fingered her for a few minutes, all the time tugging and pulling on her left nipple.

“Ok. It’s time.” He numbed her nipple and then pierced it and then placed a thin silver bar with a NSP charm dangling from a small ring attached through a hole in the bar. There were two small bars that snapped into place on either end of the small bar that had pierced her nipple and just like that Michelle was branded with the gang’s symbol.

Michelle looked down at her pierced nipple and then stood up. She was woozy. She put her arms around her pimp.

“This mean you our ho. No other gang can touch you. You can walk anywhere in town in your slutty little outfits and no one will bother you without my ok.”

Michelle kissed her pimp deeply again. “I am all yours.” She glanced at me for a second and then kissed Jose again.

“And you never take this off without my permission Ho, OK?” Michelle nodded. “If I call your ho ass at work you take your phone and take a picture of you wearing our sign and send it to me right away so I know my ho is listening to me.” Michelle nodded.

“OK,” said Jose “pay the guy.”

Jose turned and walked away. Michelle looked at me. “I don’t have any money” she said. The guy laughed. “You think I want money over this fine pussy. Come here.”

He pulled her close and Michelle started making out with a 22 year old tattoo artist. He pulled her back into a back room where there was a couch. A few minutes later I could hear him fucking her. “You like black cock” he was saying as he fucked her from behind.

“Oh jeeze I love it. I love black cock. Fuck me. Fuck me with that big black cock.” 

I looked into the back room and saw the guy hold her hair like a set of reins as he pounded her. She arched her back and came. The guy kept on fucking her. She was on her hands and knees and then collapsed down on the couch. The guy slapped her ass and she raised it and moaned as he kept fucking her. A few minutes later I saw her grip the edges of the couch and moan “I’m cumming again” and she did, shaking her body as the guy who was fucking her came and then collapsed on her as she came one last time. Michelle stood up and saw me and put her arms over her breasts. “Please wait outside.” I then saw her sit down and cuddle next to the guy who had just given her three orgasms. They kissed as I walked out.

A few minutes later Michelle walked out. We walked outside the store. Our car was two blocks away. We started walking as Michelle did her best to keep her skirt below her ass. Twice on the way to her car gang members of Jose’s gang stopped her. Each time she was obliged to flirt with the gang member, kiss him and let him play with her tits. We got to the car with one gang member following us. Michelle took the keys. “Wait here for a few minutes.” The gang member pushed her up against the car and they began to kiss. He was big, about 6'5 and Michelle was running her hands over his chest and arms. “I want some of your white milf ass.”

“Honey, you boys wore my pussy out. It’s sore. Come on, let me suck you.”

The gang member pushed her back against the car. “I want some pussy.”

Michelle kissed him deeply as he put his hand between her legs.

“Baby” Michelle whispered as I saw her hands grope his cock through his pants “You’re just too big. I’ve been fucked so much tonight. Come on baby, let this whore suck you good. I’ll swallow every bit. Then tomorrow you call this ho and I’ll come and fuck you good. Ok,?”

The gang member nodded. He put his hands on her bandana and pulled it off. There was Michelle standing on a street corner next to a car in a tight spandex skirt with her tits out while making out with a gang member 20 years younger than she was. Michelle allowed the gang member to play with her tits. “Say you want it bitch.”

Michelle smiled. Her hand was groping his cock through his pants. “Oh I want it. I’ve been staring at your cock all night. I want it bad.”


Michelle sunk to her knees right there in the street. She unzipped him and pulled out his cock. Then she looked up at him as she was on her knees with her tits hanging out.

“Please baby. Please let me suck your big beautiful cock.” She reached for it but he pulled it away. “Kiss it.” He was humiliating her. Michelle began to give his cock small kisses up and down the shaft murmuring “please baby, let me suck that cock. Oh please I need to suck that cock.”

Finally he was satisfied. “OK get in the car ho.”

They got into the back seat and a few minutes after making out I saw Michelle go down on the gang member. About five minutes later the door opened and he got out.

“She gives a great blow job. She’s all yours.” He laughed.

I got into the car. I drove a few blocks in silence and then when we got into a better neighborhood I stopped the car and was prepared to yell at her, but she cut me off.

“I know what you’re going to say but don’t say it. This is what I want. I want to be a whore. I am Jose’s whore. He has marked me. He has claimed me. He has taken me in front of you and pimped me in front of you. This is the sexiest thing a man could have done to me. Make me a whore. You had your chance but Jose took it from you. He took it from you when he played with my tits at the first bar and you let him. So this is how it’s going to be. I am his whore when I want to be. I don’t want you coming here anymore with me. When he calls me I will come and be his whore and walk the streets or work the bar or do anything he wants.”

I wasn’t sure how to handle this or what I was going to do.


There have been calves up here with the cows all summer (like our friend Tinyhorns), but about 3 weeks ago I spotted a brand new, very small calf with its mama in the field down by the barn. Yesterday, as a special gift from the universe, Tiny Red and his mother were united with the other cows in the field right in front of our house. This morning, he was right outside our living room window, having arrived to send his greetings to @thejunesky.

Just so you appreciate how small he is, that black creature in the first photograph is another one of this year’s calves.

Remembering You - Part 2

Part 1

Pairings: Lucifer x You

Word Count: 1,981

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: I’m sorry, usually I try to spread out my postings a little longer, but I just really like this story. Hope y’all don’t mind!

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Originally posted by charlie-bradcherry

The next morning you were cranky and irritable. You realized once Lucifer had fallen asleep that there was no one in the bunker to guard him except for you. Cas still hadn’t returned and the brothers were not going to be here for a while. You had tried calling Cas on his phone and praying to him, but he wasn’t answering either method. Maybe the Winchesters had gotten into trouble and needed the angel, but you had a feeling that he was just being a dick. He was always so hot and cold with you, you just didn’t get him. So you had stayed up all night, sitting uncomfortably in a chair outside Lucifer’s room.

The archangel was apparently a morning person, because he opened the door at 6:30 sharp. He looked a little shocked to see you sitting there at first, but then he grinned. You didn’t return his smile, merely standing and stretching. Your eyes burned from lack of sleep.

“Hungry?” You asked him.

He nodded, the wide-eyed innocent look from yesterday back on his face. He followed you to the kitchen, where you rummaged through the fridge looking for eggs or milk, but the shelves were woefully bare.

“Dammit,” You muttered.

You had been meaning to go grocery shopping, but Netflix had been stopping you. Now you were stuck in the bunker with no food and you couldn’t order delivery, because that would give away the location of the bunker. You crossed your arms and looked thoughtfully at Lucifer. You knew you shouldn’t be entertaining this thought, but you were so hungry and you didn’t have much of a choice. You tried silently calling for Cas again, but like the other times, there was no response.

You studied the archangel silently, debating the pros and cons of what you were about to do. The little diner in town was calling your name and just the thought of their homemade food was enough to make you salivate profusely. Still…you knew you shouldn’t be bringing Lucifer out into the world. There was still the chance that he was faking his amnesia for some reason that you couldn’t see. Maybe this was what he wanted. Maybe he couldn’t get out of the bunker otherwise. But that didn’t make any sense. He could zap out of the bunker as easily as Cas could zap in. He could leave any time he wanted to. Your stomach gave a particularly painful growl and you winced. Lucifer noticed it immediately.

“Are you okay?” He asked, clearly concerned.

“Yeah, just hungry.” You responded. “Do you want to go for a drive?”

Twenty minutes later, you were parking outside the diner in town. You came here quite frequently when you were home and had a good rapport with the staff. Dylan was already setting down your usual coffee order as you slid into the booth.

“Hi Y/N,” He said brightly as he straightened. “Long time, no see.”

“Hey Dyl. Yeah, I’ve been out of town on business. Good to be home though.” You responded, smiling up at the young man. You gestured to the archangel across from you. “This is Luci…uh, Luke. Luke, this is our waiter, Dylan.”

You looked down at the menu, completely missing the dark look Dylan threw towards Lucifer, and Lucifer’s shocked and confused expression in response.

“Can you give us a few minutes?” You looked back up at the waiter and he smiled down at you.

“Of course.”

His eyes lingered on yours for a moment before he turned around and made his way to another table. Your focus was back on the menu almost immediately.

“What do you want?” You asked absently. You knew you wanted bacon. Lots and lots of bacon.

“I don’t think he likes me very much.”

“What?” You looked up to see Lucifer looking at the waiter. “Who, Dylan? Don’t be ridiculous, why wouldn’t he like you? You’ve been here two minutes.”

“I don’t know,” Lucifer said with a shrug. “He just glared at me. Does he know?”

“Know what? That you’re the Devil?”

The archangel winced, but nodded. “Yes.”

You made a mental note that he didn’t like the name Devil. “No. No one here knows about you. I’m sure you’re just mistaken. Dylan’s a good guy.”

Lucifer nodded thoughtfully, then looked at the menu. You went back to looking at yours and decided on a three cheese omelet with broccoli and bacon, with a side of bacon, hash browns, and toast. They had a picture of their fresh homemade donuts made daily on the back page, and your mouth watered.

“Hey, you want to split a donut?” You asked, glancing up at him. You were surprised to find him already staring at you. His eyes went wide and he looked away.

“Uh, yeah, that sounds great.” He said casually.

“Oooookay.” You said. You couldn’t keep from smiling a little at his odd behavior. “I think I’m ready to order. How about you?”

He sighed. “Yeah, I think I’m ready.”

You looked around and caught Dylan’s eye. He came over in a hurry, his pen poised above his notepad. He looked at you expectantly.

“Big three cheese omelette with extra cheese, broccoli, and bacon, with sides of bacon, hash browns and toast.”

“Sounds delicious.” He said with a grin.

“I hope so,” You rubbed your hands together in excitement.

Dylan turned towards Lucifer and you didn’t miss the look that he gave the archangel this time. The grin dropped from his face and was replaced by an almost sneering expression.

“And you?” He asked, his voice polite and not conveying what was written on his face.

Lucifer hesitated for a moment, his brows drawing together, before plunging ahead with his order. “Three large chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries on top, a side of scrambled eggs, and a side of sausage.”

Dylan said nothing, merely scribbled the order down, took the menus, and started to turn away. You were so put off by his sudden change in demeanor that you almost forgot the rest of your order.

“Oh, and one donut please!” You said, an apologetic expression on your face. Dylan turned slightly, winked at you, and wrote it down. Then he was gone.

“That was weird.” You muttered, more to yourself than anyone else.

“I thought so.” Lucifer said. “Guess I’m not mistaken, huh?”

You looked at him, wondering if he was really going to give you crap for this, when you saw the grin on his face.

“Guess not.” You admitted, giving him a small grin in return. “It’s still really weird. He’s never acted like that before.”

“It’s less weird when you think about what we look like.” Lucifer answered, albeit hesitantly.

“What?” You asked. “What would we look like? Oh…wait. We must look like a couple, huh?”

Lucifer didn’t answer, just shrugged nonchalantly. “I don’t know if that’s the issue or not.”

“Wait wait wait, so you think Dylan likes me? And he’s giving you attitude because he thinks we’re together?” You laughed.

Lucifer scowled slightly. “Is that really such a stretch?”

“Maybe not. To the outside world, I guess that’s what it would look like. But knowing who you are and who I am is what makes it funny. We would never be together like that.”

You were still grinning, but Lucifer’s scowl only deepened. He leaned back against the booth and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Hey, come on,” You said, trying to hide your smile. “Don’t take it personally. It’s just that, you’re Lucifer and I’m a Hunter. Really, we should be trying to kill one another. We shouldn’t be eating breakfast together. We shouldn’t be in any situation where we might be mistaken for a couple. Yet here we are. That’s what makes it funny.”

He shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t know that it’s funny. It seems more tragic to me.”

Your curiosity was peaked. “How so?”

“Well, obviously I don’t remember much of what happened between us beforehand, but I can’t imagine any situation where I would want to kill you. You’re just such…an amazing person and I think it’s really tragic that I have tried to take your life in the past. I can’t imagine what kind of evil monster I was to want destroy such beauty and I’m not really sure I want to find out.”

You were stunned. Did Lucifer really just call you beautiful? And amazing? It just wasn’t computing in your brain. You stared at him for a few moments, which made him even more uncomfortable.

“Uhhhhh, well, thank you.” You said slowly. “That’s really…nice…of you to say, I guess.”

He just shrugged and looked away. “It’s just how I feel.”

You cleared your throat. “Okay. Um, anyways, have you remembered anything else from before?”

He shook his head, sighing. He put his hands on the table and balled them into fists. “There’s nothing. It’s all just blank. Like there’s a wall in my head.”

“Well don’t worry,” You said, reaching across the table and putting your hand on one of his fists. “We’ll figure it out soon enough.”

He frowned. “The more I hear about my prior life, the more I don’t want to figure it out.”

You felt a pang of pity for him. “You wouldn’t be saying that if you had all your memories.”

He looked at you, his blue eyes intense. His hand gripped yours, feeling soft and warm.

“But I remember you. And I remember how I felt about you. How I feel about you. I don’t want to go back to my old life knowing that you’ll hate me again. That you won’t be able to tolerate me. I don’t want you to feel that way about me.”

“I….uh…” You were shocked at his words and how he seemed to almost be pleading with you.

Luckily you were saved from responding by the arrival of Dylan with your food. He slammed Lucifer’s pancakes down in front of him, making the archangel let go of your hand and breaking the strange connection between the two of you. You retracted your hand hurriedly, trying not to notice the hurt expression on Lucifer’s face. You didn’t what to feel right now. The most hated enemy of the Winchesters was sitting across the table from you, telling you how much he thought of you. And you liked it. There was no mistaking the fact that you enjoyed what Lucifer had said to you. That looking at him gave you an odd fluttering feeling in your stomach. You weren’t sure when that had started. The guy hadn’t even been awake 24 hours yet, for crying out loud!

Dylan placed all the food down and left the table in a hurry, no doubt having heard some of your conversation. Lucifer grabbed the donut, ripped it in half, and held a piece out to you, all the while determinedly not looking at you. You took the half he offered you, your fingers brushing his, and watched as he closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. The moment passed quickly and then he was digging into his food with gusto. It was like nothing had ever happened.

By the end of the meal, all the awkward moments had been forgotten. You were at the counter paying the bill, laughing with Lucifer about a joke you had shared, when you glanced through the window in the door and saw an angry pair of green eyes glaring at you from the parking lot. You gulped, suddenly nervous.

“You know him?” Lucifer asked.

The archangel was had stepped up behind you, so close that his chest was brushing your back. He was staring over your shoulder at the owner of the green eyes. Upon seeing Lucifer, the man in the parking lot grew visibly angrier. You felt Lucifer tense and you sighed.

“Yeah, I know him. That’s Dean.”

And boy was he mad.


Getting ready to take a shower before bed and feel a sudden, red-hot pain just under my right collarbone. Hurt like a bitch, made me catch my breath. As sudden as it hit, it was gone.

Suddenly, I’m not so sleepy. I think I’m going to go sit and watch the world outside my living room for a while. You guys go ahead and sleep. I’ll keep an eye on things.

This morning at the gym the ladies changing rooms were closed. It’s not really an issue because it just means we have to use the pool’s changing rooms instead.

Only problem is, the gym’s showers are separated into cubicles whereas the pool is just an open room with 10 showers. If it’s busy you’re in pretty close quarters and the way it’s laid out means you’ll probably end up facing someone else. Awkward. Let’s add to the fact that the towel hooks aren’t right outside this wondrous wet room.

Overall, not ideal.

So this morning there was a woman (probably a few years younger than me maybe?) and she was there with a towel around her wandering about looking everywhere and suddenly realising the situation.

She honestly looked terrified. I overheard her asking someone if there were any other showers so I quietly tried to pipe in that there might be some private ones in the other changing rooms (the place is that big that there’s 3 separate changing rooms).

I really felt for her. This was me a few years ago. Having to be naked in front of strangers like that would put me in an absolute panic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hardly strutting around naked and having a long luxurious shower but it’s a reminder that I’ve come a really long fucking way.

She didn’t want to use the disabled shower (which was private) but me and this other lady persuaded her to. Usually I’d be against it but she honestly seemed really distraught. The first time I was put in the ‘gym showers are closed’ situation it was horrible.

I have a lot of hang ups about my body, losing 60lbs hasn’t miraculously fixed that but I guess I’ve learnt to care less about what people think? If other ladies are judging what I look like then fuck them, I hope they get shampoo in their eyes.

As a side note, I did a sweaty 5k and 15 minutes on the cross trainer.

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Both sneaking out to make out after ur fam goes to bed

kissy kissy x2
-he wouldn’t have been able to see you all day which he fucking hated
-& then he had to work right after school
-so he called you from work and told you he was sneaking over around midnight and to be ready
-so you opened the window for him when he scaled the tree outside your room
-you’d lead him over to your bed bc his eyes hadn’t adjusted to the dark yet
-as soon as you sat down he’d pounce on you, pushing you on the bed and kissing you forcefully
-you’d be into it and you’d make out for a long while
-eventually he’d pull away and admit he fucking hated spending any extended period of time away from you
-you’d sneak over to his
-your parents were having dinner with their friends so you didn’t have to worry abt the noise your car made when you left the house
-he’d literally have left a ladder outside for you and you’d clamber into his room awkwardly
-you’d kiss his cheek and call him cute upon noticing he’d cleaned his room top to bottom and put on ambient music for you
-he’d lead you over to his bed and put on some movie you guys had seen 400x before and then you’d cuddle and talk about your day
-& make out when that got boring ;)


Take up a false identity and immerse yourself into the Bloodborne academia experience. But…try to get along.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

When Ravenclaws are going to a class for the first time, they get really nervous and triple check that they’re in the right room. If by chance they end up in the wrong room, they won’t leave because it’s after the professor has said what class it is and everyone is settled in their seats. The Ravenclaw doesn’t want everyone to watch them as they walk out, and they just accept the absence from the class they were supposed to be in.

There are days when I am blessed to have my dog and there are also days in which he is blessed to have me, because somebody else would have drop kicked him off a bridge by now


Alison, I’m lost
Alison, I said we’re sinking
There’s nothing here but that’s okay
Outside your room, your only sister’s spinning
But she lies, tells me she’s just fine
I guess she’s out there somewhere

This song is a headspace I’ve been occupying recently.