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Muna are often asked why they use pop for their message, but confess that they don’t really enjoy much punk music and rail against pop snobbery. ‘People love to hate what feels good!’ says Maskin. Right on time, a pre-show Styles, in a pink flared suit, starts dancing to Hot Chocolate’s Every 1’s A Winner outside his dressing room. Watching him has embolden Muna as performers.
Muna are often asked why they use pop for their message, but confess that they don’t really enjoy much punk music and rail against pop snobbery. “People love to hate what feels good!” says Maskin. Right on time, a pre-show Styles, in a pink flared suit, starts dancing to Hot Chocolate’s Every 1’s A Winner outside his dressing room.
A Day in the Life: Ravenclaw

o   5 am: Accidentally wakes up. Gets really angry because they think the day is starting already. Rolls over and sees they have more time to sleep. Cries real Jesus tears in relief when they realize they have another three hours

o   8 am: Slowly wakes up (again). Writes dream down in dream journal (usually something crazy and Oscar-worthy), Tries really hard not to fall back asleep

o   8:30 am: Rolls out of bed (finally) and gets dressed. Hums theme song from Indiana Jones for motivation.

o   9:00 am: Goes for breakfast which they have to eat really fast because they took too long to wake up and get ready. Makes sure they 100% have everything for the day because they don’t want to get stuck outside the common room for an hour thinking of the answer to a riddle.

o   9:30 am: First class starts. Transfiguration. Has a minor heart attack when they can’t find their homework in their bag to turn in, panic attack intensifies when they realize they didn’t do their homework, lies to the professor saying they forgot it (the professor believes them, holla @ reputations)

o   11:00 am: First lesson finishes, rushes to lunch. Furiously shovels food into their mouth while intensely focusing on finishing the homework they forgot to do, runs back to the professor to hand it in, saying they went and got it before their next lesson (professor is impressed—reputation upheld)

o   12:00 am: Next lesson begins. Potions. Executes first potion flawlessly and turns it in, has extra time and begin experimenting with their leftover ingredients,  accidentally invents a hair growth serum, which they figure out the hard way by spilling on their arm. Has to go to Madame Pomfrey.

o   1:30 pm: Mid-Day break, which is usually spent in the courtyard with friends. However, that day they are in the hospital wing getting emergency hair removal.

o   2:00 pm: Third lesson of the day. Charms, is working on confundus charm, . partners up with their friend and keeps “accidentally” casting it too strong because they can’t “seem to get the hang of it.” Friend eventually catches on and hexes them with a freezing charm so their hand gets stuck to their wand. Both get into trouble and are assigned detention.

o   4:00 pm: Classes are let out for the day. Ravenclaw and friend stay behind to serve their detention, hand is still frozen to their wand. Professor quietly acknowledges that both charms, the confundus and freezing charm, were executed flawlessly. Their time gets cut in half and they only have to re-organize cabinets for an hour.

o   5:00 pm: Heads down to supper. The freezing charm finally wears off and they are able to eat. Days get recounted, dreams get told, human interactions get analyzed, homework gets discussed, books get shared. As an afterthought, food gets eaten.

o   6:30 pm: Heads back up to the common room. Ten other students are stuck outside the door: this riddle is difficult. A fight breaks out, a piece of pie is ruined, someone cries, the knocker opens the door. Students spread out immediately, claiming the best chairs and floor space for homework.

o   7:00 pm: Homework and ensuing experiments begin. One seventh year wants to test what would happen if they put the hair-growing serum that Ravenclaw developed on a rat.

o   7:30 pm: A funeral is held for Cheese, the best rat a House could ask for. He is honored with a full memorial and whatever flowers they could manage to conjure. Everyone in the house attends. Music is provided by the piano someone enchanted to play the theme from Ratatouille. They plan on burying him by the lake tomorrow

o   8:00 pm: The house gets quiet as everyone goes back to doing homework. This lasts for approximately thirty minutes until someone asks what would happen if they put the hair-growing serum on a dead rat. Cheese gets taken out of his coffin. He is re-buried with a lot more hair than originally.

o   9:00 pm: Ravenclaw crawls into bed with a book. Ends up staying way past when they should go to sleep.

o   12:00 pm: Finally decides to sleep. Dreams about rats cooking up potions to make hair grow.

Per Manum (3/3)

“I told you I’d help you. I said we’d find him.”

Walking down the hallway outside her hospital room, he feels in part as if a weight has been lifted. The truth is out, she knows that he knows, and hopefully now they will be able to just move past it and get back to normal. (Or as close to “normal” as it’s ever been, working on the X-Files.)

He shouldn’t be surprised that it all comes back to Mulder. All the secrecy, all the lies, all of it because she was afraid of losing access. Of losing the ability to keep looking for Mulder. He still thinks it’s nuts that she thought just telling him would put all that in jeopardy, like he couldn’t keep a secret or the “powers that be” would just magically find out, but he gets it. Fear can make you think all kinds of crazy things, and there’s no question that Agent Scully is more than a little bit afraid of never finding Fox Mulder.

It’s just that he told her he wasn’t gonna let that happen.

To be fair, despite the promises he’s made, he hasn’t really done a bang-up job so far of actually tracking the guy down. His only recent lead turned out to be a complete dead end. (Literally.) Without the full authority of an official FBI manhunt, there’s only so much he can do.

They need a break in this case so bad. Doggett’s not exactly the praying type – he pretty much gave up on all of that after what happened with Luke – but if he were, he’d be on his knees asking for anything at all to get them on the right track for solving this thing.


In her hospital bed, one hand on her abdomen, Scully closes her eyes and prays.

She gives thanks that her baby is safe. That their baby is safe. She asks forgiveness for putting Mary Hendershot in danger. Even though she thought she was doing the right thing, her instincts turned out to be all wrong this time, and it almost cost an innocent woman her life.

She pleads for Mulder’s return.

She has tried so hard to be strong, to have faith that he will come back to her. Though his lies about his health have left the residual sting of betrayal in the pit of her stomach, she has worked through her anger, and all that remains is longing. Keeping that longing contained, keeping it from eating her alive, has grown exhausting. And now, after everything she’s just been through, her reserves of strength are nearly depleted. She needs him back. Please, God, she needs him back.

She cannot fathom how she is going to cope if he never returns. Despite logic and reason telling her that she will find a way, in this moment she feels wholly incapable. How is she supposed to exist in a world that doesn’t have Mulder in it? She may have known how, once – and even then he still existed, just outside her sphere – but that knowledge has been lost to time, worn away by the years spent in his orbit.

Months ago, he held her and told her to never give up on a miracle. That very miracle now rests beneath her palm, and she wants more than anything to be able to show him he was right. He believed, even when she lost hope, that this could some day come to be, and against all odds he was right. Now she needs to find the strength of his beliefs and apply that faith to another miracle, that of his return.

Please bring him back to me. I’m so tired. I need him back. We need him. Please.


Title: All I Want For Christmas is Dick 
Pairing: Park Jinyoung X Reader 
Rating: NC-21+ 
Genre: Smut, Angst, Sexual Comedy
Summary: Jinyoung was tough to break, so you decided to see how far you could go before he had to do something. But it was a little hard with your parents outside the room looking for you while Jinyoung had his cock down your throat. 
Prompts: ❝You really wanna do this? At a Christmas party?❞ | ❝Your leggings are way too tight.❞ | ❝Not in public kitten.❞ | 
A/N: I was thinking of doing a part two of the Secrets of the Bedroom for this one but decided against it. 
Word Count: 2.3K 
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Sooo… I might have a puppy now?

It’s midnight and I might have a puppy…

Found him outside my hotel room abandoned. Apparently a woman who was believed to be homeless was dragging her around trying to sell her and left her on the property untied. We asked everyone around including the front desk and no one else has reported a missing puppy. Tomorrow we are gonna see if she has a chip in her and/or if she was reported missing. But for now she’s with us. It’s cold out and she was dirty and starving. She’s had a quick bath and some food and hopefully we either find who she belongs to or we keep her.

Boy oh boy I don’t even have a home right now! I hope it works out.


It hasn’t turned into a cold yet, but he is very cold. So cold that he doesn’t want to go outside, out of your room, or even out of bed. When he finally oozes out of bed and into the kitchen, following the smells of bacon and french toast, the comforter is still wrapped around him and dragging after him on the floor. He’s either a marshmallow burrito or an adorable butterfly peeking out of his chrysalis. Either way, he’s very cute and even more so when the blob of white envelops you and the boy inside leans his head down to take a nibble of the bacon strip in your hand. “Can we have breakfast in bed?”

- Admin J

i/all have been saying it will be better some day for eight years.

i am waiting. it is a quiet and heartwrenching wait. waiting on the outside of the operating room, not knowing what will come back through the door.

it has been so long waiting i think there cannot be much left of what was to cut open and fix. perhaps i will be a ball of surgical stitches and the memory of sleep and blade, size of a sparrow. perhaps this will not frighten me when it comes.


Take up a false identity and immerse yourself into the Bloodborne academia experience. But…try to get along.

There are days when I am blessed to have my dog and there are also days in which he is blessed to have me, because somebody else would have drop kicked him off a bridge by now


Alison, I’m lost
Alison, I said we’re sinking
There’s nothing here but that’s okay
Outside your room, your only sister’s spinning
But she lies, tells me she’s just fine
I guess she’s out there somewhere

This song is a headspace I’ve been occupying recently.