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Vex and Vax

  • Vex and Vex left their home planet as soon as they became legal adults by stowing away aboard a ship that was headed out from the Core towards the Mid Rim.
  • Vex fell in love with flying while traveling through space, so at the first planet they reached, she split up with Vax and enrolled in a pilot’s academy. She was a natural and passed her certifications with flying colors. Eventually she managed to scrape together enough money to buy an old junker that she affectionately named “Trinket”.
  • Vax, on the other hand, continued to planet hop, eventually getting involved with seedier and seedier company and picking up a few tricks. He began taking out bounties on low level targets, and scraped together a living.
  • He became involved with a ring of bounty hunters who called themselves the Clasp, led by a notorious figure who called herself the Raven Queen. The Raven Queen took significant interest in Vax, and outfitted him with blaster resistant armor pieces and a set of vibroshivs. She paid him a significant salary, and in return he ran…errands for her.
  • Eventually he and Vex reconnect, and she essentially flies the getaway ship when he needs a quick escape.


  • Percy’s father Frederick was the senator for the planet Taldorei. He spent his childhood at Whitestone castle located on one of Taldorei’s moons, researching and developing better weaponry for Taldorei’s army. 
  • One time Frederick took the whole family to visit Coruscant when he had to attend Senate sessions for a full month. Percy enjoyed the enormous libraries located in the Capitol, but was otherwise relatively bored by all the politics.
  • On the way back, another political family asked for permission to board their ship, citing mechanical problems with their own transport. Upon boarding, Lord and Lady Briarwood, Dr. Anna Ripley, and a few Taldoreian insurgents took control of the ship and kept the family on board for weeks, killing them off one at a time. 
  • Percy was kept alive because Dr. Ripley discovered his weaponry designs and believed he could be useful. Eventually he managed to free Cassandra and himself. As they were chased all the way to the escape pods, Cassandra was shot in the back and fell behind just as the pod was launched. 
  • For the next few years, he drifted through the galaxy, trying to scrape together enough information and make contacts to help him take down the Briarwoods, who took his father’s place in the Senate.

Scanlan, Pike, Grog

  • Scanlan and Pike are from the same war torn planet. Pike worked for several years as an army medic, before she eventually realized that the civil war engulfing her planet would continue until both sides destroyed each other entirely. 
  • Feeling that her services as a well trained, highly skilled doctor would be better utilized elsewhere, she managed to get passage aboard one of the last transports off her home world.
  • Scanlan became a slicer instead of a soldier. As the war progressed, he honed his ability to hack into all different sorts of technology until he was able to gain access to nearly any classified information he wanted. 
  • For years he played a double and triple agent for both sides of the conflict, crafting dozens of identities for himself and distributing information to the highest bidder.  
  • Unfortunately, his deception was almost simultaneously discovered by prominent figures on both sides of the war, and he only barely managed to escape with one last fake I.D. on board the same ship as Pike.
  • After a few days of travel, their ship hit a gravity mine and was forced out of hyperspace. A band of enormous Goliath pirates led by Kevdak forced their way into the ship and proceeded to loot all the ships provisions. Whoever they discovered, they slaughtered. Pike and Scanlan ended up hiding in the same storage closet for hours before they were found by one of the pirates.
  • When Grog saw the two small gnomes huddled in a closet, he couldn’t bring himself to kill them like he had seen his uncle do to all the others. Disgusted by his nephew’s mercy, Kevdak and the other pirates beat Grog to a pulp. Pike and Scanlan escaped in the chaos that followed.
  • After thoroughly looting the transport, the pirates shipped out, leaving Pike, Scanlan, and Grog behind. Pike, who had worked with even more serious injuries in less favorable conditions, was able to stabilize Grog until an emergency response team picked up their distress beacon.
  • They’ve been traveling together ever since, picking up jobs from Scanlan’s underworld contacts, with Grog acting as Scanlan’s body guard and Pike as the team doctor.


  • Keyleth was born on Zethra, a planet beyond the Outer Rim and outside Republic jurisdiction. As a result, despite being born with strong Force abilities into a prominent family, she was never discovered by the Jedi.
  • Her mother was also Force sensitive, and was also never discovered. When Keyleth was three years old, there was an accident involving a loss of control where her mother almost caused a pillar to collapse on Keyleth. Her mother left the planet to venture into the more populated areas of the galaxy, searching for someone who could help her get her abilities under control.
  • Her mother left her a necklace with a green kyber crystal, which is all Keyleth has to remember her by.
  • As Keyleth grew older, her abilities became harder and harder to manage, just like her mother’s. She could levitate objects and could sense the minds of the living creatures around her, but sometimes she would lose control of herself which often resulted in unintentional property damage.
  • At her father’s urging, Keyleth took one of the planet’s few ships capable of space tavel and set off towards Coruscant. 
  • Along the way, she got into numerous scrapes that she just barely managed to escape from due to her limited Force abilities before being discovered by Vex and Vax and teaming up with them.
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Prompt: Raleigh keeps piloting after Knifehead and ends up with Chuck as his copilot.

“Stop staring.”


The kid looks away, cheeks tinged red. He might have felt bad about it some other time but right now, Raleigh can’t bring himself to care.

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A (W)hole New World - Six

You looked ridiculous.

Completely, one hundred percent ridiculous.

Yet you felt….kinda empowered. You’d climbed off the bed and slipped the harness on, tightening the straps so that it was flush to your skin but still comfortable. Now you were knelt on your bed, in a black lace cami top, with a black harness around your waist and between your legs, with a large purple silicone dildo protruding from your crotch.

And when you moved, it jiggled.


You’d tried it on before, but now that you were actually about to attempt to use the thing, it seemed very surreal and you couldn’t help but giggle as you reached over the bed for the condom packets and lube.

The look on Spencer’s face was one of utter confusion and he seemed at a loss for words.

“What?” you asked him.

He just shook his head, his mouth opening and closing a few times.

“No, tell me. Communication is key here remember,” you coaxed him.

“It’s just…..I wasn’t expecting to still find you attractive seeing you in that and it’s…..messing with my brain.”


“Spencer, finding me sexy wearing a strap on doesn’t make you gay or anything like that. Neither does liking a finger up the bum.”

“I know that. It’s just…..weird, seeing you like that.”

“Yes, well.”

This whole situation was weird although you were now kinda excited to do it. Before you’d been more apprehensive but now, knowing the reaction you’d got with just your fingers, you were extremely curious to see what would happen.

You tore open the foil condom packet and slid it onto the silicone penis. Both Immie and the sex store assistant had recommended using a condom on the dildo, considering where it was going. It made the clean up a lot easier for you.


Spencer eyed the toy carefully. “This doesn’t seem fair, that looks larger.”

“Actually Spence, it’s an inch smaller. Think yourself lucky.”

“Wait….how do you kn…….ohhhhhh.”

His brain had obviously recalled the time you had drunkenly measured his penis, for no other reason than that you had found a tape measure under your bed when cleaning and had left it on your bedside cabinet.

“Yes, ohhhhh. Now, how are we doing this? Hands and knees or you on your back and legs up?”

“Hands and knees. It seems…..easier. Plus, I’m not sure I want to be looking you in the eyes when you do this.”

Fair enough, although. Huh, that could be kinda hot for you. Maybe next time. If there ever was a next time.

The lights in the bedroom were on the lowest setting they’d go without you being plunged into darkness, and Spencer rolled into his front and onto his knees. He looked… funny, and as you moved positions so that you were knelt behind him, the lube bottle in your hands, you wondered if you could this without laughing hysterically.

The view you had wasn’t too terrible although it was strange being in this position and having this vantage point for once. But… something was off.

“Spence, can you like raise your ass a bit more or something?”

He was silent for a second. “Erm… How exactly?”

Good question. You cast your mind back to your own experiences of being in the position and the few times that for whatever reason, he hadn’t been able to get leverage.

“Okay, so rather than resting on your arms can you lower your shoulders. So that your face is actually on the pillow or mattress?”

After a moment to think what you meant, Spencer readjusted again placing his face on the pillow, turning it to the side so he could breathe. His shoulders were now closer to the mattress which left his arms and hands free and pushed his butt out and up.

Much better.

Although now you also had a better view of his hole.

Woah, it looked odd. Having two fingers in it for even a short space of time had made it larger and more open to you. Had yours done the same? Most probably.

You inched closer, nudging his legs further apart until your were close enough to be able to…. well to be able to to push in.

“Y/N…. Lube. Lots more lube. Please?” His voice was strained, and you felt almost sorry for him knowing the uncomfortable feeling he was going to experience. Unlike with you though, once he adjusted he would hopefully enjoy it more than you had.

“Okay. Plenty of lube. And tell me if you want me to stop okay.”

“Uh huh.”

You squirted more lubricant onto your…. your shaft? using your hand to rub it up and down making sure it was well coated in the stuff. You squeezed some more out onto your fingers, using them to coat around the outside and the rim of his opening, trying not to shudder. Holding the dildo in your hand, you lined your hips up with his and used a mixture of touch and his vocal guidance to place the tip of the toy at his entrance.

“A tiny bit lower… Okay. That’s it. So… Ready when you are?”

You breathed in remembering that you wouldn’t be able to feel the tightness so you had to go slowly and gently, listening to Spencer for any sign that he wanted to stop. Still gripping the base of the toy with one hand, you placed your other on his back and very gently pushed your hips forward.

The tip of the toy disappeared and you heard a low hiss from Reid. You stopped still, not moving.

It took him a full minute to tell you to proceed, you just about able to make out his scrunched up eyes in the dim light. Moving your hips again, you had to push harder this time against the resistance you could feel, watching the toy slowly disappearing inside your boyfriends bottom inch by inch until you couldn’t push any more.

Spencer was breathing heavily as you had been and you stopped again, stroking his hip with your hand and finally releasing the base of the toy. It was inside now, you didn’t need to hold it. Right?

“Fucking… God, that’s a weird feeling.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes and no. It just…. Well I’m sure you know what it feels like.”

“Yup. Do you want me to pull out?”

Haha. Did he want YOU to pull out.

“No, it’s fine. Just… You can try to move maybe? Slowly.”



You pulled your hips back slightly, the harness pulling taunt against your skin as his bottom clenched around the toy making it harder to move.

“Spencer… I know it’s not easy to right now, but I need you to relax. You’re kinda holding it in I think.”

“Oh… Okay. Sorry.”

You moved your hand back to the small strip of silicone that was still visible, gripping it against and pulling as you moved your hands back. It budged an inch or two so you slowly pushed back forward hearing a low grunt.

“Do that again…Please,” came Spencer’s soft voice, breathier than it had been.

You moved your hips again feeling very strange, watching the purple dildo reappear and then disappear again as you slowly thrust. He made the same noise but for longer.


“You like it?”

“Yes, I do. As uncomfortable as it initially feels and I know it’ll hurt tomorrow, when you move and push back in, it hits that spot again and it feels really, really good.”

“Do you want me to try going faster?”

“If you can. Although as you push back in next time, another squeeze of lube wouldn’t hurt.”

Fair enough. You pulled out slightly further than you had that last two times, pumping some more of the clear liquid onto the toy, although you didn’t touch it or look too closely at it. Grasping Spencer’s hips, you pushed in again and then out, repeating the motion and trying to build a rhythm.

His groans were encouraging and although this was doing nothing to you sexually, knowing that he was getting off on this was making you feel extremely good.

You built into a steady pace, making sure you didn’t pull back too far or to risk popping out. Just a small amount of thrust seemed to work and you could see your partners mouth agape with pleasure, his eyes squeezed shut.

After a while though, your hips were starting to hurt and you were growing extremely hot and tired.

But you wanted him to continue to enjoy it the way he seemed to be, and his gasps were coming faster now. You tried to reach your arm around to his front to stroke him as well but it made it awkward for you to pull back and thrust. Feeling what you were trying and failing to do, Spencer moved his hand and took over, pumping himself as you pushed in and out of him.

Fucking hell, that was kinda hot.

You pulled out further and then thrust inside quickly hearing a whimper from Spencer’s lips.

“Harder…. ” you heard a small cry from him. You raised your eyebrow and felt a smirk spreading across your mouth as you heeded his instructions.

Was this what he felt like when you begged him to go harder or faster? Empowered? In charge? Sexy as hell?

You did it again and again, ignoring the pain that was building in your hips, the sweat that was gathering on your brow. Going as fast and hard as you dared, you thrust in and out until finally…

“Oh god… Oh fuck… Ah…ah… Oh shit…”

His hips juddered as you pushed inside hard and you stilled your motions, listening to the groans he made as he came.

You didn’t move, just holding onto his waist until his breathing slowed back down and he was able to speak.

“Erm…. ”

“You okay?” you asked him happily.

“I’m….. More than okay. But I feel like I need to lie down. Do you think you could…?”

Ahhh, the part you’d been dreading. Pulling out.

You did it slowly and carefully, avoiding eye contact with the toy as you inched to the side of the bed and reached for the baby wipes, pulling out a handful. You wrapped them around the condom, tugging it off and tossing it into the waste bin, before loosening the straps and pulling the hardness down and off, climbing back into your pajamas bottoms.

When you turned back to the bed, Spencer was laid flat out on his tummy, stark naked still.

“You realise your lying in your own come right?”

“Yep,” he wrinkled up his nose. “I realised two seconds too late. It’s not an altogether pleasant feeling.”

You laughed.

“What about…. What we did. Was that an altogether pleasant feeling?”

“Overall. Yes. Admittedly it takes a while to get the there but once it does… That was pretty… Mind blowing.”

You nodded, feeling smug and proud of yourself. You crawled back onto the bed and lay out next to him.

“It was totally surreal being in that position. Oh, and I have a new found respect for you. My hips and back fucking kill right now. And I thought my legs were gonna cramp up at one point.”

It was Spencer’s turn to laugh now, and you reached out to stroke his arm.

“How badly do you feel like you need to take a crap right now?”

“Sooo badly. I also need to wash my tummy….”

“Because you spunked aaaallll over it!”

“Pretty much.”

“Least you kept it to your side of the bed. Tell you what, you disappear into the bathroom for as long as it takes and I’ll change the bottom sheet and maybe grab us both a beer. Then we can cuddle and stuff. Sound good?”

“Sounds great.” Spencer hauled himself off the bed and tugged his boxers back on.

Leaning over to the floor, you picked up the items you’d discarded a few moments earlier.

“Hey Spence.”

He turned around and you tossed the dildo and harness at him, chuckling as he fumbled in the air to catch them, a glimmer shimmering lightly on his stomach from his own excitement. He pulled a face at you, holding the harness out in front of him.

“Wash that whilst you’re in there.”

entredormidaydespierta  asked:

Ok, headcanon time! Set in Modern, but a couple of years later. The gang had a fun day on the beach and now Sonic and Amy are alone nearly sunset. She then gently (please let her be gentle) tries to get him into the water, but fails bc of his stubborness, so she goes alone and fakes she's drowning bc she knows he would come to her rescue~ (he obviously does hehe) A while later a flustered Sonic finally enters the water with Amy, and I don't know how to follow that, so its up to you! ♥

So… is it okay if I mix a bit of Sonic X into this Modern Sonamy?

No objections? great!



lying outside the rim of the ocean’s crawling waves, Sonic remains happily under a tree in shades, having bee asked a while ago by Amy via a message from Tails that she wanted to spend time with him.

Since she was growing jealous of Sonic only speaking to Tails for a few months, Sonic thought it only fair to comply to at least one of her wishes.

Taking her to a pleasant beach location where no one really goes too, Amy splashed and swam in the clear water, having the sunset light up the ocean around her.

She was enjoying herself while on land with him, showing him how to make a sand castle as he non-chalantly put the rocks and leaves over it before yawning as he shifted to his side, placing a hand up to the side of his face and closing his eyes.

Knowing Sonic though, that didn’t mean he was necessarily bored, but rather, meant he was relaxed and content.

However, being alone in the water all by herself made her squat down a moment in the shallower part of the sea, and wave up to try and catch a sleeping Sonic’s attention.

“Oi! Sonic!” she called, cupping her hands around her mouth to have the sound travel farther.

He slightly lowered his head to have the shades just barely tug on his nose to stay in place, but still sliding down so he could look better out to see her from the glare of the lowering sun.

“Hmm?” he barely spoke above a normal speaking tone, but through the action, Amy saw at a distance that he was listening.

In glee at being noticed, she sprung back from her bended knees and used the momentum to momentarily leap out of the water, before kicking her legs up at him.

“Come try and swim with me!”

“…Em.” he moved his deep, almost a scowling frown to the side of his face. Clearly displeased by that notion, he bobbed his head up to get the sunglasses back in place, keeping his hands behind his head as he rested along a small palm-tree. “I think I’ll pass.” He went right back to dozing off before her voice stirred him again.


She patted the water, creating more splashes. “Come on! You know half the world is made of water, right? One day, you’re going to have to explore it to if you really want to claim you’ve seen it all.” She smiled, knowing her point was true to home.

It was a convincing idea…

But this was Sonic The Hedgehog.

“Heh.” he chuckled at her logic, before gesturing a hand up in a teasing spin of the wrist, slightly stretching in the process of his mocking. “And what a shame that is.. ahh..” he relaxed again back down, placing the hand on his stomach and smacking his lips from a good rest.

He let himself slide down the front of the trunk and only had his head bent incredibly forward as the rest of his back finally laid across sand.

It was a good scratch though, going down with his exhale on the rough terrain of the tree.

The wind was pleasant too…

He slightly lifted the back of his head against the tree, smelling the pleasant breeze, only getting a slight whiff of Amy’s natural clothes lying just a little ways away from him and along a tree.

He looked over there a moment, seeing them draped over it as her bathing suit had been placed underneath.

But really? Did she need that much perfume for a beach trip?

He rolled his eyes and continued to try and sleep, flopping an arm over his eyes.

“Just swim away, Amy… Swim away…” he slightly chanted, before breathing out his mouth again to try and take another snooze.

She glared, pouting. “You’re suppose to spend time with me!”

“Emm…grr…” he tossed a bit, realizing she wasn’t going to drop it. She had given him enough time for a cat nap though, so he knew he had to entertain her a little while more before she would be content enough to let him doze off again.

He leaned up, blinking his sleepy, lazy eyes. “Then come out here. The land has far more interesting things in it.” He almost whined, not really wanting to put up with her at the moment, but not denying her the time she rightfully deserved.

He turned around and placed his face to the still warmed sand… slowly becoming less and less a heated ground for Sonic to sleep on.

This made him kinda gloomy, but he heard splashing and his name being called, and figured she was complaining.

“I’m not gonna move..” he retorted, snuffing some sand out to make a small indent in it’s wake.

The splashing… grew more violent.

He blinked his eyes opened, before trying to settle on the sand again. “Amy… Can you just make up your mind already?”

Then he couldn’t hear his name. Muffling sounds of gurgles finally shot his eyes open, making him immediately shot upright and look around.

Amy’s hands were flailing about, and her head was mostly under the water…

“…Amy?” Like a guard dog, his ears shifted forward and his kneeling body slowly rose up, trying to examine better the situation.

In alert of what his eyes and ears could see, his senses heightened and he immediately looked to a huge, elongated rock formation that served as a type of pillar towards the ocean.

His face turned serious as he dashed over to it, slipping and sliding a little around it’s smoothed surface, due to water crashing over it through the years, and got pretty close to her.

He sucked in some air, and dived.

Grabbing her and feeling her pulling on him for air, he immediately landed his feet in the shallow waters, completely submerged, to help her breathe.

He slightly glared up, ‘Wonders of water, eh?’ he mocked, before trying to hold her torso up and walk on the bottom of the surface.

When he felt his lungs tighten, his eyes squinted and began to go blurry.

He immediately felt Amy stop struggling and so he let her go, trying his best to ‘attempt’ at swimming up but only being dropped back down.

‘Come on! Where’s an air bubble when you need one?!’

Amy suddenly twisted her body down, and he noticed she looked perfectly alright as she took his shoulders, and tapped them.

He was confused, so she wiggled her arms under his armpits, making him almost laugh at the tickling sensation before plugging his mouth and realizing… that was the last of his air!

She then pushed off the ground and hoisted him up, as he clung to her after flopping his arms about a bit, doggy-paddling as best as he could improvise to her side.

She laughed, making him start connecting dots a moment before pulling him to shore.

“Ack!” Sonic coughed a few times, before Amy lay down, still laughing.

Sonic looked down at her…

—– Memory flash! :D

Amy lay motionless to the ground.

“Amy! Amy!” Sonic kept trying to move her body, spark some kind of… signs of life or whatnot.

But Amy remained without so much as a sound of air.

He immediately panicked, but in all the right ways.

He held his ear to her chest, bending down over her to do so and could faintly hear a sign of life… but it wasn’t strong enough.

It didn’t even match his own racing one.

“Come on, Amy. You’ve got this.” He leaned back up, pressing down on her heart, trying to get it back to working properly at it’s normal capacity.

She only moved under his presses, before he finally pushed harder.

When he realized that wasn’t doing much good, he took matters into his own hands…



Sonic stared at Amy’s face, bursting with joy and life.

He remembered slowly bending down, tilting the arch of her neck to get a airflow going, and lightly pressing down his mouth over hers.

With a rush of air, he had revived her into a cough, and took the necklace of stringed shells she had made for him.

He left her in the hands of Chris, Tails, and Cream… needing to get away, to calm himself down from losing something he never thought could be lost.

“Haha… Sonic? Are you okay?” Noticing his stare, Amy suddenly stopped and rolled over, lightly touching his chest to try and stop her rolling from hitting him.

“You’re not mad at me.. are you?”

He just stared, before ducking his head down.

“No…” he admitted, his eyes searching the ground for nothing in particular, just trying to get his thoughts back in order.

“I’m not mad.”

“Good… hehe. I knew you could if you tried!” Amy turned back to the sky, spreading her arms out.

He looked back over, using his elbows to stay a bit upright as the rest of him lay with the waves crashing over him.

He watched as she leaned her head back, sparking further memories of times long passed and for a second…


He shook his head, looking away.

“Not again.”


He shook his head once more, getting up, one foot in front of the other.

He started to walk off.

“I’m just glad you’re okay,… Amy.”

“Sonic?” Amy tilted her head, looking backwards at him before turning around and moving her head properly.

“Sonic! You really are mad! I’m sorry!” She rushed to get him again, pulling on his arm. “Don’t go! Please! N-now that you’re wet, just play a moment in the water with me. Please? It’s so much fun under there if-”

He looked back at her, showing he wasn’t okay with the trickery.

“I’m not mad.” he stated again, a little more clearly so she knew that wasn’t the issue.

He knew Cream thought Tails and Chris had pulled her out of the water, but the truth was… he had done it.

It was adrenaline and impulse… but he survived to get her to safety. They weren’t even there when he brought her back from the bleak moment of…

He dared not think of it.

He turned away from her, “I just prefer the land, Amy.”

She watched as he looked down and stomped firmly at the dirt, away from the sand now.

“Sturdy… strong… unwavering.” He then turned to give her a smile. “Kinda like you.”

“I was about to say that about you.” Amy closed her eyes, smiling back in understanding, before going to get her clothes and rushing back. “I really am sorry…” Her eyes arched to show her apology was sincere

He shook his head down and put a hand behind his head, scratching it.

“Yeah… I know.” he looked forward, before placing his hands on his hips. “Just don’t do it again, alright?” He smiled over his shoulder, though not really looking her in the eye, mostly the gesture showed he was addressing her, before swaggering off into a casual walk into the bush.

She nodded, “I just knew you would come if I seemed in danger.” she followed after him before he stopped, and turned around more abruptly now, batting his eyes as if confused on that statement.

“You mean… someone wouldn’t?” he then looked to her, oddly confused at her logic. “Amy, anyone would have-”

“But you did faced something you didn’t want to do for me. I call that honorable.”

“Selfless. Admirable. ‘Princey’?” he mockingly lifted fingers up at each attribute of a ‘hero’ he listed off, or at least what the act called for in a person, before she cut him off and grabbed his arm.

“Hehe~ Or romantic~” She played, but he knew there was some truth in what she had said.

He rolled his eyes, and pushed a hand up to her face with a smile, shoving her away.

“Alright, Little Merhog. Calm down.”

“Hey! the Mermaid saved the prince in that one!” she skipped right back up to his side, not phased by his playful actions. She was already used to him, anyhow, and him to her.

“Did it ever occur to her that maybe he wasn’t looking to be rescued?”

“Tell that to your blue face!”

“My face is always blue!”

“You were about to lose all your air!”

“This is just another reason why water- sucks!”

“…Would you have said that if I really did almost drown?”

She swayed her body left and right, putting her hands behind her back as he jumped up on a huge log, looking back with a side-taunt before offering her his hand.

“You’re asking if I’d perform life-saving actions in the case of a real situation, correct?” he turned his head slightly back, but she gave him a look and continued to sway, turning away a moment as if playing coy.

He gruffed, lowering his hand, before bending down more to encourage her to take his hand, lifting the other one up now and gesturing for her to come closer. “Pfft! If I wanted to let you die, I wouldn’t have jumped in. End of story. Come on. Quit trying to play cute.”

“I am cute!” Amy leaned forward, offended slightly but just being playful back as she climbed a little ways towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You know, you could climb alone.” He wasn’t playing her game. He offered her his HANDS not to lift her like this…

She smiled and batted her eyes, still trying to beg in a sweet way for affection.

He just let his eyes linger in a deadpan expression, before rolling them and nodding.

“Alright, come ‘ere….”

She giggled and moved closer before he wrapped his arms around her waist and hoisted her up, letting her sit on the log pretty darn close to him, holding her rather tightly too as the two turned to stare at the sunset, a little higher up now from the beach’s low-level.

He lifted a leg up, for comfort and stability, also making sure Amy wouldn’t slide down.

“I really am sorry…” Amy ducked her head down into his shoulder, as his quills slightly sprang upwards before he looked down at her.

“Y-yeah, we talked about this, no problem. Ehem.” he spoke rather quickly, almost consciously avoiding stutters as his nerves kicked in.

Shy guy syndrome.

“I just wanted you to swim with me… but you’re right.” she looked up at the clouds and the flickers of the last rays of sunlight over the horizon of the beautiful colored world around her…

“The land is pretty…”

“…So is the sea.” he mentioned, as sincerely as anyone’s voice could reach at a tender level as this.

She looked up, surprised by the change in tone, before he glanced down once or twice and coughed into fisted hand, clearing his throat and looking away from her; completely turning his head.

“It um… ehem. I admit, it’s pretty to look at. Just not be in.”

She smiled in a pleased way, glad he didn’t completely resent the ocean, as it was one of her many loves.

“Well, whatever you stay,… I’ll stay there the most.” she admitted, and looked back at the sky.

Sonic gently took that moment to look back at her, seeing her distracted from him, he was able to show a more truer look of admiring her on his face.

He then smiled and gently lifted a hand up, giving her the needed attention she wanted and lightly rubbing her head.

“It was a good day,… Amy.”

“Yeah.” she slowly closed her eyes, trying to hide the blush and fangirling delights bubblying up inside her and making her want to squee.

“It was, wasn’t it?”

“Heh.” he slightly shrugged, letting a foot dangle off the log now, getting more relaxed as he looked towards the lowering sun as well. “I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it.”


She slowly opened her eyes back to him, in an almost subtle, subcontext way…

I know.

This made Sonic nervous… he read into the subtext, and rapidly blinked his eyes in a scrunch, before slowly looking back down at her.

What did she think he had meant by that?

(She thought you were saying you loved her and thought she was pretty, dummy! lol)

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WHY did you superglue your eyes shut? also how did you get them unstuck? you're the reason they have "superglue can bond eyelids together in SECONDS" on the back of superglue tubes aren't you

yeah, i saw that warning on the tube once when i was doing a school project and i was like Hm. I Want To Do This Now. so i put like two small dots of superglue on the outside rim of the corner of my upper eyelid and closed my eyes for a few seconds and instantly realized Well, Yeah, I Guess Gluing Your Eye Shut Will Glue Your Eye Shut.

to open the eye again i submerged that side of my face in warm water for several minutes, which did not do much good, and so i ended up ripping out my eyelashes on that part of my eye, which got most of the glue off, and then brute-force pulling my eyelids apart at the little points where they were still stuck together. it HURT SO MUCH HOLY SHIT and that eye was leaking tears for several hours afterwards and it was red and fucked-up-looking for days.

im honestly lucky i didn’t end up with some sort of serious eye injury

Taught (Bucky Barnes x O/C)

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

A/N: The third and final part of the ‘Caught’ series. I got a little carried away. And by carried away, I mean I wrote my longest fic ever, clocking in at 4.3k words. Keep hydrated, prepare your underwear ladies- because it is about to get hot in here. 

Part One- Caught

Part Two- Worked 

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The reader is a villain, but also really good friends with Eddie. They're both locked up in Arkham at the moment, and in the cafeteria all of the other rogues are getting annoyed at them for spewing endless riddles.

This request was beautifully written, it would be my honor to piss off the other rogues for your entertainment, shy bean! Happy reading!)

“Hey Eddie,” you took the seat next to your best friend. “What’s black and white and red when angry, it has two legs when contained, yet three when outside?”

Your horn-rimmed glasses wearing partner in crime smirked, looked around for a moment, then answered your riddle. “It’s Oswald, correct?”

You nodded happily, and the two of you laughed. Gaining a few glances from the people occupying the other side of the table. They usually sat as far as possible away from the two of you, but currently everyone was under restriction. That meant no one could leave the group they were assigned to.

To the two of you, that was the bee’s knees. Others didn’t feel the same as you two would do nothing but talk the entire time, and they’d have to deal with it. The usual butt of the jokes, Oswald, had very much grown tired after that last joke.

“(Y/N), how about this,” the other half of your duo started, but was cut off abruptly by an angry flightless bird.

“I’ve had it up to here,” he gestured angrily upwards to show just how much he’d had it. “If you two don’t can the jokes, I’ll can you both!”

Eddie stood up, a good foot taller than Oswald he looked down at him. A smile grew from ear to ear as he breathed in to speak.

“What are you gonna do about it, bird brain?” Ed taunted him, knowing he and you could take him.

“I’m not what you have to worry about,” he looked behind him towards the other rogues, all getting up from their seats. “They are.”

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Do you have any tips on making very long(about 40cm long) ears that point backwards? I haven't been able to get them to point anywhere but out the sides without them looking awful, but unfortunately by going sideways, they created a problem by bumping into people, aha ^^; but yes, do you have any advice for this? I hope you don't mind my asking~

I’m going to answer if this were a fursuit head, since I’m unsure of the intended final project. 

For standard sized ears, regular upholstery foam is just fine to use. But for large ears, you can use a different type of foam, check the camping section of WalMart if you have one of those in your country for blue dense foam mats.

It makes a good stiff structure that is still flexible and can be carved and shaped. If this is not available in your region, do a search for “EVA Foam.” In your searches you’ll likely notice that these are common materials used in cosplays! They are perfect for fursuit stuff too! 

Make your ear base into a C shape, this adds structure and dimension to your ear. When creating your shape, you want the base to be much wider than the final product so you can wrap your ear into that C shape. 

Take into account your curvature of your head – this is often overlooked!! If you are attaching the ear to the head and it is sticking out perpendicular, or like you mentioned– out to the side of the head, trim up one side of the ear and it should start to match the curve of the head and fit more appropriately for your goal ear expression. 

Even for folded back ears, take note of where the base of the ears start and end. Research your critter your costume is based on. For pointy-eared animals, the inside edge of ears is almost always closer to the eyes than the far outer edge of the ear. This will give your ears a natural look. 

You can see the same points in this picture as above. The inside rim of the ear is closer to the eye/eyebrow, the outside rim is further.

As for bumping into people, make it part of your performance when interacting in your costume. Construction-wise, make sure the ears are attached well at the base. Do this before furring by using additional foam around the base, or fabric strips to reinforce. Then it will be safe to bump into things. 

Happy crafting!! I hope these ear tips help!

Notes On Ashview Mills

Like many of the places in The Fairytale Of Sawyer Blue, Ashview Mills is very real although it’s name and some details has been changed. This short story in the Fairytale universe is inspired by the true experience I had while I was away camping earlier this week. 

  • “Welcome to Ashview Mills - Clearance Warehouse Sales” reads the sign and you recognise the name - Ashview: where you go for found things like debris washing up on the beach.

  • You need a few things. A barbecue to replace the one you broke: a box of chocolates to gift to someone back home and a few other bits and bobs. You take the turning.

  • Outside bizarre golden statues rim the boundary between car park and store. Wood nymph alongside Emperor Nero, and beside him a bespectacled man no one has ever heard of. Across the way, a grotesque clawed Minotaur-like creature leaps atop a hunched man. More statues all cast in the same gaudy gold fade into the distance. Something about the vaguely mythic treated like seedy lawn ornaments unnerves you. 

  • You notice with a second prickle of unease that the car park and entire site are surrounded by towering sentinel trees planted in perfectly straight rows. There’s nothing natural about that straightness and somehow the gaps between them seem just a little too dark… as if they are drawing all of the light to them. You must be imagining it. It’s brighter and sunnier here than you could swear it was five minutes down the road.

  • It’s always sunny in Ashview Mills.

  • You cross over a small bridge, a river cuts between the two car parks - running water to keep the faeries in - and as you reach the other side you see that steps are cut into the bank, disappearing under. 

  • You try not to look too closely into the gloom. It has too many eyes. 

  • Here another statue, this one Sisyphus bowed beneath the weight of his rock. It would be comfortingly tacky you think, if not for how the statue’s face contorts in pain and the agony of the years.

  • Cockerels wander the grounds freely, all majestic plumage and bloated bodies, grown fat on the offerings left by visitors. Not that you see many visitors, you think now, just a few people meandering aimlessly among the cars - far too many cars for the amount of people you see.

  • You find the door marked ‘ENTRANCE’ amidst a scattering of cheesy kiddy rides, the kind you feed fifty pence pieces until they go. Some look new and shiny, others are old. You pass Postman Pat in his van, alongside a wagon marked “Red Indian Tundra” in peeling paint. 

  • You step inside. It is both exactly what you expected and not: this is the world’s largest bargain basement. Looking around, it looks like a cross between pound stores and charity shops - nothing deserving of the low reverential wonder with which you have heard others speak of this place.

  • It must be a trick of the light you decide, but you swear you cannot see far enough to glimpse the walls in any direction but the way you came. There is only an endless sea of aisles bearing all manner of things. 

  • You cannot leave the way you came in.

  • You head upstairs. Here you can find anything your heart desires, a sales girl promises. Her smile has too many teeth. You look away. 

  • You begin to shop, trying to repeat the list of things you came in for to yourself. They are your mantra. But always they slide out of your mind and you are distracted by something else on the shelves, something shiny.

  • Time moves like syrup here, first slow and then all at once. You try in vain to shake off the feeling that the world outside is moving on and up and forward without you, and hurry to complete your shopping. 

  • You find everything your heart desires, but they are baubles, trinkets. Everything your mind can conceive is here but nothing satisfies. Here there are books but none you want to read. There, clothes but none in your size. It’s true this is a fabled emporium of dreams 

  • You spot a sign telling you that the store’s very own cobbler is that way. What kind of a store still has a cobbler? 

  • In the toy department, a knee-height plastic castle of the kind children can sit in to hear a story told in flashing lights guards the way. Periodically, a voice like the rasping of stone on stone proclaims “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” Your heart hammers in your chest every time, no matter how prepared you think you are for the disembodied voice that sounds like its right by your ear.

  • Meeting a young couple, you begin to chat with them, feeling your fears subside. But something is wrong. Their words are stilted and old-fashioned, they walk as if in a dream, and when you take your mobile phone out they stare at it as if they have never seen one before. 

  • Your fears return and you decide you don’t need what you came in for after all. 

  • You hurry to the checkout. Big signs block the way, trying to tempt you to explore further as if sensing your thoughts. You repeat a new mantra now: just need to leave, just need to leave, just need to leave.

  • Finally, you reach the check out. There is something wrong with the server, her eyes gleam yellow. You try not to stare.

  • And now you are hurrying for the door. You know better than Orpheus did and don’t look back. 

  • In the glass you catch sight of your server’s reflection. There are scales. You squeeze your eyes shut until you are through. 

  • Outside again, but you don’t breathe yet. There are shops here. A hairdressers, the famed cobblers. Then there’s the chip shop and food stands. The smell is mouth watering, you can almost taste it, the perfect takeaway. 

  • You know better than to eat faerie food. 

  • Strings of Christmas lights flash between the trees in primary colours as you leave - fairy lights. You could have sworn it was morning when you went in but now the darkness is fast approaching. 

  • You wonder if just one day has passed or many. You feel as though years could have passed in the blink of an eye. 

  • Perhaps miraculously, you reach the safety of your car and throw your shopping in the back seat without care. You drive hurriedly away. 

  • Your headlights pick out a small stone statue on the side of the road by the exit. It looks like a war memorial but small, a headstone rather than a shrine. With a shiver, you wonder who this memorial is for. 

  • A cockerel’s crow sounds behind you. You don’t stick around to see who it is waking up.

  • Down the road now and your memories of this place are already fading. You will sleep easier for it.
Canning Tomatoes

Canning tomatoes is a fantastic way to eliminate waste and chemicals from your household. This is the simplest and best recipe I’ve come across, and coincidentally it’s the recipe my family has been using for generations.

First, prep the tomatoes by washing them and cutting off the tops and any bad bits. Dice them, and put them in a large stock pot.

Heat the tomatoes while stirring frequently. In a pot this large, if you do not stir often enough, the bottom will burn and the top will not heat thoroughly.

While the tomatoes are cooking, heat your glass jars by filling them with very hot, but not boiling, water. This step is CRUCIAL. If you pour boiling tomatoes into cold jars, they will shatter. Seriously guys, do not skip this step.

When your tomatoes have been cooked thoroughly, (they will turn darker red and become more stringy), pour the water out of the heated jars. Add a little salt (and any spices) to the bottom of each one. 

Next, use a funnel to pour the tomatoes into the jars. Then wipe the rims and outside of the jars clean so that they can properly seal. 

Add the metal lids and rings and close tightly. Place filled jars on top of a wooden cutting board to avoid the jars cracking like they would on a cold countertop. Make sure that the jars are spaced apart and aren’t touching so that air can circulate. Cover the jars with a towel, and let them sit until cool.

After jars are cool and sealed (you will hear them popping), store them in a cool dark place to keep for winter.

A few other notes-

If any of your jars do not seal, (it’s not unusual to have a few; you can check by pressing the top of the lids, if they bounce, they didn’t seal), refrigerate and use them within the week. They will mold if you put them away unsealed.

You can add chiles or spices according to what you plan on using your tomatoes for. Add oregano, basil, and thyme to make spaghetti sauce; cooked peppers, chili powder, and a touch of oregano for chili; rosemary, garlic, and thyme for a savory veggie soup, etc.

Add some extra oomph by stirring clockwise and focusing your intent on a safe, cozy, and prosperous winter.

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Yuugi was on a trip to Egypt with his Grandpa. They were currently investigating old tombs. The smaller smiled as he walked into one of the tombs that were open and viewable to the public. However, his eyes widened when he came face to face to a very large mirror of sorts.

“Whoa… ” Yuugi walked up to it and gently touched the large mirror with his finger tips. It was made of pure gold and had many hieroglyphics surrounding the outside and the rims of the mirror.

“Beautiful… ”

anonymous asked:

How did you not lose an eye by getting superglue in it???

i didn’t get superglue IN my eye, like i said, i only put glue on the outside rim of my eyelid. however i very easily Could have gotten it in my eye, which is why it was a very stupid thing to do

Chapter 7

Dan woke up in the morning to Mrs. Buhr’s sharp, raspy voice calling up the stairs. He started shivering and coughing, no longer caring to cover his mouth, getting blood and mucus on his blanket.

“You healthy yet?” Mrs. Buhr demanded rather than asked barging in a few minutes later.

Dan shook his head, coughing and wheezing in response.

“How do you plan on paying me, boy?”

“Please. I can sell more once I’m better,” Dan begged, forcing himself to take his labored breaths.

“So you’re not going to eat then? Or bathe?”

“I didn’t. I haven’t since I got sick.”

“How am I going to get my money?!” she demanded, shouting in his face.

“I—I don’t know. I’m sorry,” Dan whined, shielding his face.

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She turned to the mirror and looked at her reflection, both pleased and troubled by what she saw. She looked competent, professional, a traveler who could look after herself. At the same time, she looked less like someone called Sabriel, and more like the Abhorsen, capital letter and all.“

"Lirael paused for a moment to look at herself in the tall silver mirror that hung on the wall of her room. The image that faced her bore little resemblance to the Second Assistant Librarian of the Clayr. She saw a warlike and grim young woman, dark hair bound back with a silver cord rather than hanging free to disguise her face. (…) She had become an Abhorsen, Lirael thought. At least on the outside.”


“He left the rim of the whirlpool, and strode confidently out into the Second Precinct (…) Abhorsen practically jogged along, obviously following some familiar route. How he could tell, without landmarks or any obvious signs, Sabriel had no idea. Perhaps, when she had spent thirty-odd years traversing Death, she would find it so easy.”

“She was just not entirely confident in her newfound identity. Perhaps an Abhorsen like Sabriel, in the full flower of her years and power, could simply leap across the stepping-stones and put Chlorr, the Shadow Hands, and all the other Dead to rout.”


“I have never known what to tell anybody. Except that it is better to do something than nothing, even if the cost is great.”

“I’m afraid too (…) But I’d rather be afraid and do something than just sit and wait for terrible things to happen.


Sabriel page 103 & Abhorsen page 37-38, Sabriel page 235-236 & Abhorsen page 26, Abhorsen page 300 & Lirael page 693 - 694.

Sabriel and Lirael - parallels

Hair of the Three-Headed Dog

Serves 1

1.5 oz tequila
½ cup tomato juice
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon Tabasco
1 12-oz bottle Mexican beer
(like Corona or Modelo)
2 tablespoons kosher salt
½ teaspoon chili powder

1 celery stalk, washed, root end trimmed (optional)

Mix tequila, tomato juice, lime juice, Worcestershire and Tabasco sauces. Mix salt and chili powder together in a small bowl or saucer. Rub the rim of a pint glass with a slice of lime and roll the outside of the glass rim in the chili salt to coat it. Fill glass halfway with ice, add tomato mixture, stir well, and top with beer. Garnish with celery if you like.