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Is there anyone in history who gets on your nerves so much you just want to go back and give that person a sound mind?

Stepping outside of the Revolution for a moment, the one person in history I would give a healthy dose of hell to is Patrick Floyd Garrett, the sheriff responsible for the Billy the Kid debacle.

Within the Revolution, however…Benedict Arnold. I would go back in time, strike him between the eyes, bind him hand and foot, and drag him back to Washington myself.

Or, perhaps I would drag Arnold to Lafayette first so that he could gift the Traitor to the general. I think I like that better.

The Poison [Monster AU]

Take me with you.
Before I lose my mind, let me find a better road.
I’m poison, but you can be the cure.

He was barely awake when I found him. Muttering some words, bleeding here and there, tearing a little bit. He was dying. And I had to help him. I don’t know his name, but he is laying in my bed, wearing some old clothes I found. I don’t know where he comes from, but I can imagine. He is one of them.
Please… let me die. You are not safe with me” He whispered as I changed his bandages.
“You are already here” Part of me wanted to let him go, I wasn’t stupid. I knew they were looking for him but I couldn’t do it; something was connecting us. “We’ll leave before they find us, I know a place where to hide”
“Why are you doing this?” The silver haired boy looked directly into my eyes, he could barely keep them open.
“Because they took my brother. They did what they did to you. I’ve never seen Kris again” I breathed deeply, swallowing my tears.
“That’s my name” He closed his eyes.

I didn’t look into his eyes again after that night. I was too scared of feeling what I felt the first time I saw Suho. It was heartbreaking but it felt warm too, like after being broken, he would mend the broken pieces. 
“You know what they would do to you if they found us?” Lately we didn’t have enough silence, outside there was a revolution, people screamed, cried. Guns were fired, bombs were thrown at the government’s buildings. No one was safe, but as they were busy trying to calm the ‘monsters’ we had a little time to run, to hide. 
“They would give me the shots, the pills. Either I become one of you or I die” Just the thought made me shiver. I wasn’t scared of becoming one of them, I could be stronger, I didn’t think they were monsters. But what scared me was not being able to make it, surviving wasn’t easy.
“Please don’t worry… I’m here to protect you” He grabbed my hand, pulling me into the bed with him. He is much better now. His strength is back..
“…Why? You barely know me”
“That didn’t stopped you from saving me, girl” I knew I would eventually look up and find his eyes. He stroked my cheek and gently lifted my head a little, just enough for him to meet my lips. He knew I was scared but I also wanted it, I also wanted him to kiss me. 

The noise ceased, the clock stopped, my heart stopped. His soft lips was touching mine, moving in sync as his hands wander over my body. For weeks I tried to avoid touching him, I tried to just do what was necessary, clean his wounds and wait for him to heal. But I didn’t know how much I actually wanted to feel his touch, to feel that jolts of electricity as the space between our bodies became shorter. “I would give my life for you. I want to believe we were meant to be. If I was given these powers for a reason, I want that reason to be you. To protect you” His lips briefly brushed the nape of my neck while unbuttoning my shirt; there was no rush, it all went slowly, his hands didn’t rushed to undress me. It was like we both were enjoying every single moment we had together. We didn’t know when we were going to have another time like this, so it was to leave a tattoo in our minds, to remember it forever. Remember the love that saved us in those dark times.

A/N: Anon that requested a Suho monster au I’m sorry for taking so long! I hope you like it! I was a little bit inspired by ‘The Poison’ by The all american rejects. Xo, Admin A~

@ science side of tumblr explain why can i sleep with tv working, lights on, people chatting in the next room, lumberjacks cutting trees outside my windows, revolutions happening across the street, a lion eating my leg BUT help me god if somebody starts snoring bc i cant stand this shit for even a minute so whats the problem and what makes some sounds so disturbing and irritating that i’d rather throw myself outta the window than listen to them

Pen Names

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Prompt:  Don’t mind if I take that invitation! Could I request an Alexander x reader, please? Perhaps where reader is publishing thoughts like Seabury, except in favor of the revolution, and Alex is a faithful reader of said works, but Reader uses a pen name to prevent.. “real-life” issues. I’ll leave it up to you, but maybe Alex and reader meet eventually? Thanks so much!

TW: Mentions of sexism, Mentions of Racism

Word Count: 2119


‘…in light of recent events, it has been proved that the people of the American colonies are more than capable of defending, and supporting themselves, without aid of the British. The thoughts that we must be dependent on them for matters of food, and trade are outdated,and will only cause future ruining of the colonies. It has long since been the time to stand, and allow the colonies to govern themselves, as one individual nation, as, combined, we already amass more land than the entire mainland of Britain. To think that a smaller nation must have control over one twice it’s size or more, may be even labeled insanity.’

Your hand paused in scribbling the words onto parchment, turning your head to the window. It had grown dark some time ago, and you were just now noticing? You must have been more enveloped than you thought. With a yawn, you deemed it time to retire for the evening, taking the small lantern by your work station and closing the rolling top before ascending the stairs.

In your current position, you were doing all you could to help your colonies, and hopefully soon-to-be nation, win your independence. You had health problems, ones severe enough that you were deemed unfit for any sort of duty, and that left you with work at the homestead. You published writings, one’s you’d been praised for, in favor of the war effort, and the American nation.

You’d written on some of the more famous, and noteworthy generals, including General Washington, and General Montgomery. You’d written on the soldiers, a more pathos inducing piece, about how they were leaving their families, and friends to fight for what they believed in. Not because they were seeking thrills, but because they whole-heartedly believe in the good that the nation will do. You wrote about the merit of being independent. The good of the free government. Almost all that you wrote was focusing on the good that the revolution would do, but, here and there, you sprinkled a few of your more personal beliefs, so you could gauge the public response to it. You needed something to write about after the war, of course.

In response to women’s rights, and equal ability to own land and work: Slightly positive

In response to freeing those in bondage, and treating them as equals: Highly negative.

Those results had depressed you to no end. They were people. They looked like anyone else, and that was never going to change, so why did people choose to ignore that? Call them lesser citizens? Indeed, that piece remained your most publically criticized for sometime, until there was an odd shift in the air.

You got a hold of a paper, written in response to you by one ‘Alexander Hamilton’

‘The free thoughts presented in the writings of one writer under the pseudonym ‘Phoenix’ have proven to be far beyond their years in terms of the content in which they have presented. Their thoughts on equal rights between the sexes and races are not only correct, but mandatory for the nation to come together as a whole, and be successful. No American citizen, and this includes all citizens, can afford to neglect pulling their weight, and doing their part to make the country successful. It is time we realize this, and take the necessary strides to make these thoughts a reality.’

Your heart swelled at reading the words. Alexander Hamilton, hm? The name sounded familiar…you just couldn’t seem to find where to place it in what you’d heard. Either way, you silently thanked Mr. Hamilton, as it seemed people were taking a second look at your writings, but agreeing this time. You couldn’t ask for more.


As time went on, and the next few months passed, you came to realize, just how much he seemed to refer to your thoughts in his writings. He complimented them, using them to support his argument. He called attention to your papers, and declarations, and surprisingly, people listened to him!! They listened to him, and they listened to you, and you started to garner attention from peers and readers alike.

You were flourishing! In all sense of the word.

So it wasn’t much a surprise at all, when you were invited to a ball, as a way of thinking you for all that you’d done for supporting the revolution, even outside of the ranks of the military. You’d talked with a friend of yours in the city Hercules, as he helped you with the formal wear he’d made for you, since you had none to begin with.

“Really Hercules, this all just came as such a surprise.” He gave a grunt of acknowledgement, since he had about five pins in his mouth, and he was focusing on hemming around your waist, without stabbing you multiple times. “This man, he just started promoting me, out of nowhere! He talked about my writings, and my ideals, like I was some sort of enlightenment writer, not a self-published New Yorker with no real backup.” Hercules paused, and took the pins from his mouth, as though realizing something.

“Did these papers happen to have a name?” He raised an eyebrow, the beginnings of a smirk on his lips.

“Um…Alexander? Hamilton, I think.” You jumped as Herc threw his head back and let  out a hearty laugh, one it seemed he couldn’t recover from, he slipped to his knees from where he had been crouched over at your waist, holding his stomach. You started to get worried. Obviously, he knew who this was…why was he laughing?

“Oh ho man, Alex? You must have really impressed him. He doesn’t just sing praises about anyone.” He said as he finally caught his breath, wiping at his eyes.

“Is he actually a good person? He isn’t just saying these things, right?”

“Oh no, not at all. He knows all about what he’s writing and he believes every word. Wouldn’t publish it if he didn’t, trust me. He’s just a little…intense. You’ll meet him tonight if you’re going to the ball. Can’t miss him. Look for the little guy, constantly yelling at Washington’s hip.” He went back to his task, still chuckling to himself. You scrunched up your nose. Little guy? Hanging around Washington like a lap dog? That isn’t what you’d pictured when that name Alexander Hamilton came to mind…but…you figured you would give him the benefit of the doubt. You’d meet him soon enough, at least.


You kept thinking over Hercules’ words until the time when you finally arrived at the venue where the ball was happening. The windows glowed warmly, and you saw the figures of the other party members through the glass already. You smoothed the fabric down your front gently, clearing your throat as you stepped from your carriage and asked for them to come collect you in about three hours time.

You watched until your retreat home was out of sight. You had no excuse now. You had to go in.

You entered the hall, looking around at the other attendees with a sense of wonder. The dance floor was already packed, the women twirling with their partners, and the band playing… you looked around at the entrance. Why had you come alone? You were certain no one would have objected to you bringing Hercules or someone, just so you didn’t feel so isolated.

But you let your eyes scan over the head of the crowd, before settling at a long table near the head of the room, where many were seated, including General Washington himself. At his right hand sat a man with a sleek, black ponytail, and bright looking eyes. They seemed to be conspiring, if the way the shorter of the two leaned and muttered to him while looking around the room. Well, more that the man you assumed was Hamilton was leaning and gossiping like a school girl, while General Washington seemed to be fighting the urge to rub at his temples.

You might as well meet the man. You didn’t need to give yourself away, you just needed to talk with him, see if he really was who Hercules said he was. But you needed to act nonchalant enough so that it didn’t give you away. Ahh…but here came another issue. General Washington, whom you’d met on occasions prior, knew who you were, and had invited you in the first place. You needed to talk with Alexander when Washington wasn’t nearby, where he could possibly give you away.

So you hung around the edge, and you waited.

An hour passed, and Hamilton started parting to dance with people. The General doing the same with a woman you assume was his wife, seeing how he held her for such a usually private man. But this was your chance. You slipped over to where he was getting a drink, ‘accidentally’ bumping against him.

“Oh! So sorry, sir.” You said, as a bit of his drink spilled on his jacket, and you took a handkerchief from your pocket, taking his arm to lightly dab at it. “Oh, you’re Mr. Hamilton, aren’t you?” You asked, giving him a smile.

He looked surprised, but grinned when you mentioned his name. It was a smug grin, as though he had finally gotten something he’d been after for quite sometime.

“Yes, my dear, but do not worry about my coat. I have a friend, a tailor, best in the business.” He laughed a bit, taking your hand, which still held your handkerchief, to kiss it in greeting. “And…You would be?”

You flushed. He was smoother than you thought he’d be. His words seemed to be more straight to the point than he seemed now, charming and eloquent.

“(Y/N) (L/N).” You flushed, swallowing a bit as he turned his attention completely to you.

“A lovely name, really.” He smiled. “You seem like an excellent companion for the evening…would you mind a conversation with me?” He turned to the side, offering you his arm with a smile. You…couldn’t find a scenario where you said no, even if you wanted to. With a smile, and a charmed nod, you let him lead you to the table for your conversation.


To say you agreed with him was an understatement. He was like a fire all his own, burning and growing stronger the more he talked. He was so vibrant about these subjects, that a few times you became aware that you hadn’t even said anything for the past twenty minutes, and you’d ben enveloped in his words and ideas. He even talked about your writings, drew points of them in, and it took every ounce of your power not to jump up and exclaim about how you wrote those!

“Ah, Hamilton, (Y/N), I see you’ve been acquainted.” He took his seat back on Hamilton’s other side, as his wife sat to his left. You seized up.

“You know them, sir?” He asked, looking to the General with a curious glance.

“Of course. Old friends, I suppose you could say.” He smiled a bit. He’d known you since you were a child, so, perhaps old friends wasn’t the correct term. But it worked. Alex turned his attention back to you in surprise at this. He was surprised you’d not mentioned knowing the General of all people before then.

“Ah, I see.” He seemed even more interested in you now, curious more about your family background, and just what business you had knowing General Washington.

The two of you talked the rest of the time you were present at the ball, laughing, and enjoying yourselves…you got along famously, but sooner than you liked, you realized your carriage had returned for you. You frowned, but turned to him as he led you outside.

“I really enjoyed myself…perhaps we could meet again, Phoenix.” He smiled. You froze. How…why did he called you that? Was it a lucky guess? At seeing the shock in your eyes, as well as the confusion, he chuckled. “I figured it out when the General mentioned you.” He smiled, kissing your hand again as your carriage readied to take you home.

“I…yes, Alexander! I…please, write to me?” You smiled, flushing a deep pink and parting form his as he helped you into your carriage.

“Of course. We have much to discuss, after all.” He beamed at you, and you watched until he was out of sight. You didn’t see him staring after your carriage, just as you had earlier, with the most love struck expression a person could have. Smooth? Not a chance.

He was just a very, very good actor.


I’m so sorry I’m posting this so late! I spent more time on this usually, and I apologize. But please, enjoy!

It took me forever to come up with a pen name, I’ll have you know. Ugh.

Love, Rosie


The Concert Stage Background

When it was decided the princesses had a band, and would often perform concerts, we wanted them to have their own and unique stage. And, while we were at it, we decided to make it magical. 

In term of story, it would be cooler and more practical : the girls could summon it at the last minute, and we would be able to do a concert everywhere ! That’s basically what happens at the end of episode 107 - Sirens, when the girls have their concert right on the wreck of the S.S.Valentino (which, by the way, is probably a little unsafe. Rust and dust and other things like that).

However, summoning it in front of people is kind of a big shot, and it’s harder to pretend “eh, it’s normal ! It’s part of the show !”. I mean, who’d believe it ? People in Sunny Bay are already way too confortable with the daily-crystal-bizarre stuff that’s happening in their town, and we felt summoning too often the stage would really be pushing it to the point our audience wouldn’t like it anymore. So we tried to be careful with it, and only use the summon on already extraordinary situations (’cause when you magically raise a cruise boat, who cares you summon a little stage ?)

As you perhaps noticed, there are two types of concert : Inside (BFF / We Are Magic / Celebrate), and Outside (Revolution / Higher), yet the stage remain the same : In term of production, creating this “one only” stage, and sticking with it, was what allowed us to create the clips and easily insert them into the episodes. We could change (to a limit) what was around the stage (like in the example above with the boat), but not much more. Without the stage itself, we probably would have needed to change the whole background on each episode, meaning “no reuse”, which would have been really expensive. We had to be a little smarter and avoid it. :)

Concept art by Christophe Oliver, Line clean by  Christophe Oliver, Benoît Maillochon and Vincent Rueda, Color by Sylvain Fabre, Damien Hausson and Céline Lorthiois. 

Lecteurs francophones ? Voici la version française du texte ci-dessous.

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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.08 | Ray Palmer

I think we can all agree if anyone here looks like a G-man here, it’s me.


WESTWORLD | 1.09 | Bernard & Maeve

System, locate Dr. Ford for me. Send him a message, highest priority-

Okay it’s not my birthday anymore I can say something negative.

Everything on this website is petty and over the top and unnecessary.

I’m fucking sick and tired of people disguising bullying as social justice. If there’s anything I hate more, it’s the mob bullying mentality and witch hunts that tumblr somehow thinks is okay when convenient to their “revolution.”

Go outside, for christ’s sake. Go breathe in some fresh air. Go talk to people face to face, not behind a keyboard. Go shopping. Go skiing. Go sky diving. Go take a jog. Go bungee jumping. Go swimming. Go say hi to the old lady who feeds ducks in the park. Go tell that person you like that they have nice hair. Go make some real connections with people. Please just walk outside and get over yourselves.

There is more to life than this stupid blue website and it’s childish and petty community. Life offers more than just boy bands on the other side of the world, or mediocre TV shows with hot guys and girls in it.

For the love of god, don’t waste your time worrying about what some complete stranger on the internet is saying/thinking/tagging/reblogging whatever, because life is going to pass right by you, and you’ll never truly get to experience the wonders it brings. At the end of the day, the only people that will truly have any sort of meaningful impact on you are the people around you right now, in person. Don’t let their influence and light shine past you.