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i’ve devoted my life to this anime, and i love this fandom, rip me OTL

all fics are victor/yuuri unless noted otherwise! check out the list under the cut~ it’s organized by word count. please try to leave a comment if you have time! these guys are the freaking bomb. ♥♥♥

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Do you write for the hamilsquad individually outside of the poly!relationship?

yeah! there’s some stuff on my masterlist for each boy. there’s not a lot but there’s a couple fics.

I’m cold but I’m too lazy to get up and get a jacket, an autobiography by me.

I’m hot but I’m too lazy to take my jacket off, a three part film series written and directed by me.

I’m cold but I’m too socially awkward to go get a jacket, a trilogy by me.

I want to go outside and do things. And have a relationship and be hot and stuff, but I’m too lazy to get off of tumblr, a seven book series with a film and pamphlets to hand out.

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Now that it's over, what are your thoughts on season 6A?

Let’s see it had some very good episodes and some very good CS scenes, it also featured some weak storytelling and way too much Regina/EQ.  

6x03, 6x04, 6x06 and 6x07 - These were great episodes in my opinion. Interesting that these were all the episodes that were most “season one″ like and mostly had to do with things being dredged up by the LoUS.  

6x01, 6x05, 6x09 - Decent episodes. These all had significant Captain Swan moments and moved the plot forward. 6x01 and 6x05 are the eps that introduced tension and the secret keeping into the CS relationship and I can appreciate that, while 6x09 gave us the resolution to that by showing us they were finally fully in each other’s confidences. 

6x02, 6x08 - Below average episodes. Coincidentally both had too much Regina, and not enough CS. 6x02 wasn’t as boring as 6x08, but I really hated the portrayal of Snowing as out-of-touch leaders who would hire a sommelier at the site of a recent massacre, so it gets put in the dog house along with 6x08. 

6x10 - Dog doo-doo. One of the worst episodes of the series. I pretend it never happened. *poof* (it’s gone) 

As is always the case with this show, this half season suffered by giving us so few character moments and continually failing to pay off the emotional stakes of the storytelling. In my opinion this is the biggest problem this show has and I really hope they address it in the writers’ room at some point. 

On the good side, I thought there were some truly lovely CS moments.  I enjoyed the tension we saw in 6x01, 6x05 and 6x06 brought about by the secret keeping, and I actually think that it showed them both growing into the relationship.  

Then 6x03 had absolutely stellar Captain Swan scenes. Stellar! Honestly, before the season began, I couldn’t have imagined we’d get such a beautiful scene with Emma asking him to move in with her.  I am so pleased they didn’t brush past it by having them already living together when the season began. The conversation was so worth it.  Plus… I mean… we got Emma, wearing giant “I am going to marry that man” heart eyes while watching Killian interact with a little girl. It was better than fanfic!  Then Emma curling her body into him multiple times, seeking comfort. He is her rock and it was absolutely beautiful to witness that.  

I also loved that the show took time to develop Killian’s outside relationships. The Belle stuff was great, we met his brother and watched Killian make amends, but what was truly outstanding was the Captain Cobra. I can even stand Henry when he’s in scenes with Killian (and that’s saying something.) Of course Killian moving in was going to be a bit bumpy for Henry, it’s only natural, and I’m glad they actually explored it. They explored it because it’s an important relationship that’s not going anywhere. Emma and Killian are it for each other, true love, soul mates, endgame, that’s all a given, but Henry is a part of the family too, and there was no better seal of approval for CS, than Henry accepting Killian as a father figure. 

And they actually took the time to show it to us! I know… knock me over the feather. (I bet Robin fans would have killed for an episode like that.)

Of courses my favorite scene of the season remains true love story time in the vault from 6x07.  What a breathtakingly, lovely scene. It still makes my heart go pitter-patter. It hit all the right emotional notes; there was humor, love, understanding and most of all Killian proving that he is the one that gets Emma and knows how to get through to her. It proved once again that he knows her better than anyone else, and when he kissed her hand, I swooned.  

So… yes, there were problems with 6A, there was way too much Regina/EQ, we were subjected to way too much Golden Queen “passion,” and there wasn’t as much CS as I’d like, (*cough* domestic moments *cough*) but I was really pleased with the CS we did get and I have high hopes for even more good stuff in 6B.  I have no fears that the horror of 6x10 will affect any storytelling going forward. It won’t, it wasn’t that kind of episode and the problems with it can be contained. We can forget it and move on and enjoy the epicness that I’m certain is to come. 

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do you think yuri and viktor have communication issues? I've seen a couple posts about it but i mostly attributed it to the fact that we don't see a lot of vik/yuri outside of training or competitions. just figured there was more relationship-y stuff happening off screen idk i'm not very good at understanding relationship nuances

Communication issues… Hmm, I don’t think so? At least, it doesn’t feel like they have severe issues. It’s pretty obvious to me that they talk things through and don’t hide their feelings; they are true and genuine with each other. It’s like you said - there is a lot going off-screen, and we only get glimpses at some moment which is why we don’t have a full knowledge about their relationship.

There is still quite a bit of confusion between them sometimes, but isn’t that normal? They are both people and people are complicated, multi-dimensional creatures, not to mention that they only properly began to discover each other mere months before. The fact that they are willing to communicate with each other is clear. 

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do you ever wonder why dan didn't move out during 2012?? i mean ppl said he was always jumpy and stuff before so ppl do big decisions in the height of their emotions right i was thinking for the SAP but it hurts to stay with someone you don't talk to anymore?? idk man i'm just having 2012!phan feels rn

sometimes i feel like the 2012 thing was exaggerated slightly because we don’t know the whole story and i get the impression stuff outside of d+p’s relationship could’ve been going on back then…maybe money issues…dan’s uni struggles…family stuff?? who knows…etc. so i can’t imagine moving out would’ve been the best option for dan…and besides, the fact that he did stay despite whatever the fuck was going on in 2012, makes their relationship ever more special <3 like even through possible hardships, they stuck together. Plus they’ve changed a lot as individuals since then too?? it’s so nice to see them stick together after all that ahh.

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Do you have an example of an ESFJ-INFP relationship?

My babies, on Grimm… Monroe and Rosalee. So. Damn. Cute.

Monroe is probably my favorite fictional ESFJ … ever. He’s such a warm, likable, funny, compassionate clock-repairing vegan… well, wolf. Every time Nick shows him a new Grimm thing, or asks him a question about creatures, he goes off into a spiel about his beloved German ancestry and his family tree and his great, great, great grandfather and … Si/Ne stuff. One thing triggers memories and knowledge and randomness and it’s just cute. He’s such a little homemaker and he goes positively giddy about celebrating Christmas … but he will pack away all his beloved stuff if it makes Rosalee uncomfortable. He will drop everything if Nick needs him, even if he’s right in the middle of his morning routine of Pilates (which… helps keep him from wanting to eat people). He’s like… the Bilbo Baggins of Portland.

Then there’s Rosalee. I will admit up front, she’s not the best example of an INFP out there because she’s not Ne-ing all the time, but it fits because she doesn’t really show much “fear of the unknown,” unlike Juliette (ISFJ).

Rosalee is another awesome character. She’s compassionate but sticks to her guns. She believes there is a right and a wrong way of doing things, and she would rather walk out of an argument than fight. She feels really bad that she doesn’t like Christmas … but she doesn’t change to suit Monroe; she changes so that she can come to a place of peace after the losses of her childhood. That they can now share Christmas is a bonus for her. She is interested in just about everything, has tried out lots of things, and even went off the rails when she was young and rebellious for awhile (got into the drug scene). But now she’s back to her roots, and engaging her Si/Te … her delight in tradition, her enjoyment of routine, and in taking over the family spice shop.

She doesn’t mind if Monroe doesn’t agree with her – but she will call the Wesen Council anyway, because she believes in abiding by the rules of the community.

Unlike this pairing in real life, these two never have much relationship angst – they are the healthiest romantic couple on the show, because all the stuff that impacts them comes from OUTSIDE their relationship… not inside. Neither one is petty or selfish. They love one another unconditionally, they are supportive of one another, and Rosalee at times isn’t afraid to tell Monroe hard truths – that he can’t become what he hates. And, he’s not afraid to get her to make up with her family through Fe. So… they’re perfect in my eyes.