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Figure Skating Jumps With Yuuri and Viktor

This blog started out as a Yuri!!! on Ice trash blog, but somewhere along the way, my love for figure skating was rekindled. My blog now doubles as a figure skating… trash blog, lol! Yeah, I have no life.

Anyway! Jumps - wonderful to watch, confusing af to recognize. If this is your usual sentiment, then you have come to the right place! Let Yuuri and Viktor show you the different jumps done by figure skaters, as well as tips on how to recognize them.

Jumps are actually fairly easy to recognize once you know what to look for. The first thing to look for is how skaters propel themselves off the ice. Was there a toe pick assist - meaning did the other foot’s toe pick help the skater push off the ice? Or was the skater propelled solely by their knees? The former is called a toe jump, because the toe pick was used to lift off the ice. The latter is called an edge jump, because the skater jumped off directly from an edge of their skating blade. This is most recognizable through a deeper bend in the knees, because without a toe pick assist, the strength of the jump comes solely from the knees.


Right, so we also need to understand edges first. If you search for close ups of skating blades viewed from the back, you will find that there is something like a hollow on the bottom of the blade so that there are two edges. If you were to stand with your feet just slightly apart, the inside edges would be the edges in line with your inner thighs (and calves, whatever). Conversely, the outside edges would be the edges that are facing the outside world.

Now, the great thing is all jumps are landed at the back outside edge. Which foot depends on the skater. Yuuri and Viktor both seem to favor landing on their right foot. Most skaters have a preferred landing foot, but to help you visualize, a skater who prefers landing on his right foot, for example, would always land tilted slightly to the right, because he is landing on his right outside edge.

So if it is not the landing that differentiates the jumps, what does? Yep, you got it - the entry.

Now that we have the basics down, time for the fun part: the different kinds of jumps!


Loop: Entered at the back outside edge of the same foot. You land exactly where you started, hence the “loop”. Example of a loop is the first gif, which is a loop done by Yuuri. The knee bend is not very clear, but see how his right foot is tilted to the right and slightly back? Clear back outside edge, landed also on his right foot.

Salchow: Yuuri’s bane of a jump is entered at the back inside edge of the opposite foot. The fun thing about the Salchow is that apart from the usual clues (knee bend and tilt of the foot), the nature of the landing is such that the entry leg sweeps into a wide arch once the skater lands on the opposite leg. Example is the second gif, done by Yuuri. See how Yuuri bends his knees? That is an obvious edge jump. See how his left foot tilts slightly inwards (inside edge take-off) before jumping off? Another interesting thing about this gif is Yuuri’s entry on the Salchow – it looked like he jumped from both feet. Two-footed Salchows are right or wrong depending on who you ask, but the idea is that the skater should still be taking off from the correct foot and the correct edge when entering the Salchow.

Axel: Yuuri’s favorite is also a common favorite among fans because it is easily recognizable AND it is the jump type with the highest points. The Axel is the only jump entered facing forward. Because of this entry, however, to land on the back outside edge (where all jumps land), you have to make an extra half rotation. That means a triple Axel is actually an Axel with three-and-a-half rotations, and this is also why it is given the most points. Also because of this, a quad Axel is the only remaining possible quad jump that has not yet been landed. (Can you imagine having to do four-and-a-half rotations?) Example, of course, is our boy Yuuri nailing that triple Axel in the third gif.


Toe Loop: Arguably the easiest jump, it is basically a loop with a toe pick assist. With the extra assist, it is usually the first quad landed by most male skaters, and in the show, this is the only quad Phichit can land. The fourth gif is a triple toe loop done by Viktor. See the way his left toe pick helps him off the ice? See how cleanly he takes off (slight outside tilt of his right foot) and lands on the same foot (same outside tilt)?

Flip: Viktor’s signature quad, the flip jump is entered by the back inside edge of the opposite foot. Enter on the inside edge of one foot, land at the outside edge of the other foot - hence, you flip. You can also think of it as a Salchow with a toe pick assist. The fifth gif is a triple flip done by Viktor. I chose his triple flip because the animation is clearer here. See how his right leg swings for that toe pick assist? His left entry foot is tilted slightly inwards to jump from his inside edge, and he then lands on his usual right landing foot (tilted slightly outwards to the back outside edge). (Bonus: The quad flip in particular is interesting to watch out for because for some reason, the skaters do a full turn before the jump, which is not as obviously done when skaters do a triple flip instead. It makes the quad version look dramatic, at least especially in the show when Yuuri and Viktor do it with that solemn look on their faces and all, but it’s also fun to watch when real-life figure skaters like Shoma Uno - who was the first to land the quad flip - also does that full turn before jumping. Somebody explain this to me, though. What physics is at work there? Idk.)

Lutz: Chris’ signature jump and my personal favorite is the Lutz, which is entered on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. The interesting thing about the Lutz is that because it is entered from the outside edge of the opposite foot, it is counter-rotated - that means the skater goes one direction then spins the opposite direction. It is a high difficulty jump and so gets the second highest base score after the Axel. The last gif shown here is a Lutz done together by Yuuri and Viktor, and I slowed the gif down a bit to better show the characteristics of the jump. Viktor actually gives the more consistently clear example of Lutzes in the show, but see how Yuuri enters the jump on the first few frames? That is typical Lutz entry, where the skater’s entry foot crosses over to the opposite side to give it that tilt it needs so they jump from the back outside edge. See how Viktor’s left foot is slightly tilted so you see underneath his skate? He is tilted slightly to the left, but he then jumps counter-clockwise, even if with that tilt, his natural spin would have been clockwise. He then lands on his right foot on the outside edge.

And there you have it! The six types of figure skating jumps. I hope that was helpful to those who are interested in learning to recognize these awesome jumps. The more figure skating fans, the merrier, I say!

(Any questions on these jumps? Leave me a message and talk skating to me. I would love to answer your questions! ♡)

Turns and Steps, Explained (1/2)

Okay party people, after jumps and spins, are you guys ready to take your figure skating watcher know-how to its next level with turns and steps?

To avoid indigestion and to keep the post within not completely outrageous length I’m going to divide and conquer ‘em this time. This first post will cover the turns. A second post will follow to cover the steps and some additional interesting tidbits.

Before we get down to business, there’s one topic we must go over as a primer. I’ve actively tried to avoid mentioning it in the previous tech posts because according to my experience, bringing it up is a surefire way to turn off any spark of interest new fans / casual viewers might have in a skating discussion. However with turns and steps we cannot, repeat, cannot, circumvent this topic. So, let us talk about edges.

Now there are only 3 possible states a skater’s skating blade can be in at any given time on the ice: inside edge, outside edge, or flat edge. In order to tell them apart you just need to answer this question: is the blade leaning toward or away from the center of the skater’s body? If it’s toward, they’re on an inside edge, if it’s away, it’s an outside edge, and if it’s neutral, it’s a flat edge. Once we’ve established that, the next step is to check out the direction of the skate, is it backward or forward? Combining these two answers, you’ll get to whether it’s a forward inside edge, a back inside edge, a forward outside edge, or a back outside edge.

(In case you’re still wondering why you need to know all this stuff, well that’s because a turn is, by definition, a move in which the skater changes edges or changes directions or both, on one foot. A step is basically the same thing, but with a change of foot as well.)

Here’s an example on how to “read” edges: Yuzuru’s triple Axel at Skate Canada 2015. He entered the jump on an outside edge (note that since it’s a spread eagle, his left foot was on a forward edge and his right foot on a back edge). He moved to a forward outside edge on his left foot to take off for the Axel, finished 3.5 rotations in the air and landed on a back outside edge on his right foot. He transitioned out of the jump into another outside spread eagle and then changed edge midway to turn it into an inside spread eagle - pay attention to that subtle shift in center of gravity at the edge change. (And that, kids, is how you get a perfect score for your triple Axel.)  

Here’s the jump and transition in all of its real time glory to get your eyes some practice: 

With that done, we can move on to examine the 6 types of turns in figure skating. They are: twizzle, bracketloopcounterrocker, and three-turn

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“Look at me. (Y/N), look at me right now!” Tate raised his voice. My vision is clouded by the build up of tears. I glance up at Tate. His eyes darker than the darkest of darks. He makes the gesture of placing his hand against my cheek but I flinch away in fear.

“Tate,” I hesitate on my words due to the amount of restraining from crying I’m containing. “I-”

“I love you too.” he says almost instantly.

“Yes, Tate, I love you but I have to go-”

“No, (Y/N), please. Don’t leave me. Please stay. Stay with me,” he begs. Once again making the gesture to caress my face, I give in and trust him. He brushes his lips against mine. “Tate, I don’t have a choice. I’m sorry, I have to go…” a tear slipped from my eye and dropped onto Tate’s shirt. He shook his head from side to side. He shoves his hand into the pocket of his jeans and pulls out a bottle of prescription drugs and a plastic bag of another substance of drugs. I narrow my eyebrows. He nervously pops the bottle open and spills the pills into his hand.

“We can be together forever. Just you and me. In this house forever. We can grow old together and be happy-”

“You want us to commit suicide?” Yes, the idea has come across my mind quite frequently and I’ve attempted it once before but I never actually wanted it to be intentional. I really do love Tate and I don’t want to leave him here. He is the darkest light in my darkness. As much as that doesn’t make sense, it’s true. I’m attracted to the darkness and that’s what he is. I’m scared of him. He scares me and I love him for it. He’s a psychopath and I’m crazy in love with him. I’m crazy for him as he is for me. “Yeah, you know what? Okay, I’ll do it.” I nodded my head and took the bag from his hands. His nervous smile turned into a smile that was unexpected for him. A real smile.

“I’ll run the bath…” I notified him and left the room. Stepping foot outside of my bedroom and bolted down the hall and down the stairs as fast as I could.

“MOM!” I’m panicking. “DAD! WHERE ARE YOU?!” I’m running and I’m panting. My lungs feel as if they’re shrivelling up as my breathing becomes hitched. I bust through the front door and struggle to open the gate that guides the house. I make a run for it down the street. “SOMEBODY HELP!” I run and I-

“(Y/N),” Tate sighs. I look around. I’m back in my room.

“What the hell?” I rush back downstairs and through the front door, leaving the house again.

“(Y/N)!” Tate says my name once more as I find myself back in the house.

“No, no, no!” I try to leave again. I come back. I leave again. I end up back at the house. “This can’t be happening, Tate, what the hell did you do?!” I’m out of breath from sobbing and attempting to run away. I need to leave. I try once more.

Making yet another exit from the house a pair of hands violently grasps my arm and strongly pins me to the wall. Before I got the chance to scream a hand is placed upon my mouth. I breathe heavily and scream as loud as I could even with my mouth closed shut. Scared to death, my chest raises up and down at a rapid speed as my heart thumbs loudly against it.

“Shh, shh,” I’m shaken and shoved up against the wall at an even stronger force. “(Y/N), it’s okay it’s just me.” Tate removed his hand from my mouth.

“DON’T FUCKING SCARE ME LIKE THAT!” I roughly pressed my hands against his chest and pushed him off of me. I leaned my back up on the all and slowly let myself fall to the floor. I begin to hyperventilate while crying hysterically. “Why do I keep running around like a crazy person? And why can’t I leave?” I look up at Tate who has a look on his face I’ve never seen before and that was sorrow. He’s never felt anything until I came along. I’ve made him feel something. Emotions. Emotions he’s never been able to express or feel before. Barely being able to see his eyes, blocked by his messy blonde locks, his build up with tears

“I’ve been trying to tell you but-”

“Tell me WHAT?!” I stand up defensively.


“What is it, Tate? Spit it out. Don’t bullshit me.” I push him again.

“Come.” Tate takes my hand and clenches it tight. He guides me down to the basement, through some doors, and down the halls. It’s dark and I’m exhausted. “Tate, where are you taking me?” I asked him, terrified. He stopped and pointed to a ditch that his flashlight shined on.

“Is that?… Is that me?!” I gasp and cover my mouth with my hand. I glanced down at my decomposing body, disgusted and in disbelief, I began to panic again. “No, no!” I cried. Tate made it his duty to comfort me. I pushed him away once again.

“What the hell happened, Tate? Did you drug me or something? I don’t remember dying!” I yell at him, consumed with rage.

“No, (Y/N) of course not! You attempted suicide and took too many pills. I tried to save you. I dragged you into the tub with me and made you puke some out but it was no use. It was too late.” Tears fell from Tate’s eyes. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner? That I had died?”

“I don’t know… I thought it’d be better if we died together. So you wouldn’t feel alone.” Tate shrugged his shoulders and sniffled. We walked back upstairs in silence.

“So, looks like I’m not going anywhere…” I gave him a weak smile. “And I guess I’m stuck with you in this house forever.” The weak smile turned into a smirk. He chuckled and smirked back at me.

“Tate,” I said.


“Thank you.”

“For what?” He says, obviously confused.

“Attempting to save my life.” I said making unbreakable eye contact with him. We stood there for a moment. “Because I know saving lives isn’t exactly what you do…”

“I tried. I really did. I care about your feelings more than I care about mi-”

“Don’t say that, Tate. My life wasn’t going to be worth living anyways. I had nothing going for me. All I had was-”

“You.” Tate and I said at the same time. I nodded and smiled as my cheeks flushed red.

Tate brushed my hair behind my ear and pressed his lips to mine. He kisses me ever so softly and passionately. Running my hands through his hair, I kiss him back. Tate’s hands ghost down my body and up my shirt. His hands against my skin caused chills down my spine.

“You’re the only light I’ve ever known.” Tate pulls away for a splint second to pierce those words into my skull with his lips and the black holes that are his eyes staring back at me. Without saying a word, my eyes said everything for him to comprehend. I loved him and he loved me. There was no escaping one another.

Tate playfully throws me onto my bed. He hovers over me and kisses me hard. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down. I tug on the collar of his shirt as I kiss him roughly.

“You make me a little less miserable.” He says with a smirk.

anonymous asked:

Hello, excuse me if this question sounds weird.Why do some people say that Yuzu's jumping technique is strange or different? Or that it's a bit difficult to differentiate some jumps from him as the 4T of 4S?

It depends on the jump, but Yuzu has a quite short set-up that sometimes makes his entry not really “standard”. 

I’d say his “most different” trait - compared to usual technique - is on loop, where he enters the jump on an outside edge on left foot (usually it’s on an inside, instead. But you know. Inside edges are so boring).

I’m not sure why people have difficult to differentiate some of his jumps, but regarding 4T and 4S I guess it’s because he taps in his toe quite lightly and he likes to mix up entry trajectories (doing sometimes Sal on “Toe-like” entry line and viceversa), so maybe people gets confused over it. 

FS Jumps!

anon asked me how I personally identify jumps (probably to try whatever works). disclaimer though: this is the easiest and fastest way for me. ok to reblog but please do not repost any part bc this is just my take on it. kinda long post, so under a read more.

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Peter Parker x Reader Imagine

Title: Central Park Strangers
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis: You walk home from Central Park with Peter; fluff, some angst.  
Word Count: 1128
Warning: None

Find Chapter One here 

~Chapter Two~

Together, you and Peter started on your way to the edge of Central Park to walk back home to your apartment. Skies darkened with every passing minute. The rhythm of your movements was unhurried, Peter had to slow his pace just to stay with you. Maybe your instinct somehow believed him in his capability of protecting you. Your aching feet were grateful, at least. It had been a long day, despite doing nothing but standing around reminiscing the past–remembering was quite emotionally draining. Meeting the cute guy walking beside you was a bright light in a somber day.  

You just realized that you had been walking in silence, so you decide to ask Peter the first question on your ever-growing list.

“So Peter, where do you live?” You turn toward him without breaking your pace, a flirty smile slapping itself across your face. 

Peter still stared straight forward. “Queens. Where do you live?”

“I live here in Manhattan. Just me and my dad. And my dog Maisie. She’s lovely…” Your voice trails off thinking about her.

“What kind of dog is she?” Peter prods.

“She’s half Shih-tzu half Pomeranian,” you answer.

“She sounds adorable.”

The two of you finally reach the edge of the park, and cross the street in the direction of your apartment. 

“Yeah, she is. She makes me happy, gets me through the day, you know? It would get so lonely up in our house without her, since my dad’s always at work and I don’t have any siblings, or anything.” Or a mom

After a moment, Peter finally spoke. “I know what you mean. It’s just me and my aunt. My Aunt May. Both of my parents left when I was young, they had my, uh, aunt and uncle take care of me. I don’t know where they are, or what happened to them. It’s been years. And my uncle…” He shook his head. “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m telling you this.” 

You reach up and lightly touch his arm. He finally looks you in the eyes. Those gorgeous, brown, kind eyes. You barely knew this person, yet here you were connecting with him. Connecting with him more than you had with anyone in quite a while. None of your friends had been through a loss as impactful as you, save for Peter–whatever his last name was. 

You read his expression. A deep sorrow lingers there; it’s drawn all over his face. You both come to a stop on the dark sidewalk, not breaking eye contact, not yet saying anything. Just feeling. You can feel the continuous spark passing through your hand on his arm, and between your eyes. Your breath catches, and you can hear that his breath is, too. You realize that your face is probably mirroring his; the heartache, the grief. But you notice a twinkling in his eye. They’re reflections from the lights of the city. It’s like they’re a showcase of what could be. Happiness and joy and love. 

Barely above a whisper, you say, “Peter, I–we both understand what it’s like to lose a parent, or I guess three, in your case. We can do more than sympathize for each other, we can empathize. Because we know. It’s okay.” You finally take your hand off his arm. 

Peter catches it before it gets too far, and holds it tightly. “You’re right. And we shouldn’t dwell in the past. We should look toward the future. At what could be.” A small smile curves itself into his lips. You can feel yourself smiling back. Peter let go of your hand and you continue on walking. 

During the day, sirens never stop wailing all across the city. People are hustling through the streets, and cars are backed up for several blocks. But now, when the sky is black and everyone’s inside, there is peace and near-quiet. And you felt safe, having Peter at your side. He was walking closer to you, now. With almost every step, your arms brushed against each other. Suddenly, your hands clashed together, but Peter pulled away almost immediately, seemingly subconsciously. 

You shrug it off, and hear yourself asking, “Peter, what’s your last name?” a little giggle slips out as you say it. 

Peter chuckled. “Parker,” he replied.

You sigh. “Peter Parker, from Queens.”

“Yup. What’s your last name?”


“(Y/FN/LN), from Manhattan.” He smirked down at you, and you elbow him. He laughs, which makes you laugh. 

The both of you continue talking about your school life, home life, childhood, your hopes and dreams. You realize just how smart Peter is, and it makes you like him that much more. You’ve always been attracted to intelligence. From those short glances into his eyes, you can see that he likes that about you, too. But he’s also sweet, and funny, albeit awkward sometimes, but more than anything he was just so real. But there was something else, there, too. A kind of worry, or… caution? Something you hadn’t caught onto until then. Even so, you had no idea what it could be, or what was causing it. 

All too soon, you’ve reached your building. 

“This is me,” you say. You turn and face him. “I’m really glad I met you.” You smile at him encouragingly. 

“I’m glad, too.” His voice is in that low, thinking-pitch again. His eyes flicker down to your mouth–just for a nano-second, but you catch it all the same, as you always do with him it seems. 

Drops of rain start to fall around you, and a cool breeze sweeps its way down the street. You shiver, folding your arms. 

“I’ll text you,” Peter finally says. 

“Okay,” you reply.

“Stay safe, (Y/N).”

You nod. “I will.” 

Peter walked away and disappeared into the night. You stare down the street, wondering if it was all a dream. You sigh. 

Then you sense someone behind you. Someone tall, and broad. Before you can face them, they had wrapped their arms tight around you. Trapped. You let out half a scream before a wet cloth covers your face. Chloroform

In the span of two seconds, you overcome your surprise, fear, shock. Think. Then, before you can pass out, you kick the man hard in the groin. You stick your left foot around the outside of his right foot and kick his leg, displacing his kneecap. He releases you out of his grasp, and you both collapse onto the sidewalk. You start to black out. The last thing you hear is your assailant wailing in pain. 

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P.s. I listened to Manchester Orchestra- I Can Feel A Hot One over and over while I wrote this. It’s a great mood song for this chapter. 

Bet *Requested* (Jeff Skinner)

@bitch-marner​ requested “ Could you possible write fluffy Jeff Skinner? Whatever you think of works for me, I love your ideas 💜 please and thank you if you do write it!”

I had an absolute blast writing this and definitely got carried away…it has over 2,000 words. It hasn’t been edited!

Requests: Open

Warnings: Nope

Next: ???

“I still get to choose the theme for date night tonight, correct?” You asked Jeff as you both got ready that morning.

He looked suspicious at your excited tone. “Yes. Should I be concerned?”

You widened your eyes and blinked innocently. “Of course not. It will be great. You’ll have a fantastic time. I’ll win. Then you’ll buy me dessert. It’ll be a perfect evening for me…and you I guess.”

“What do you mean you’ll win? If I remember correctly, you’ve only won two of our competitive date nights. Why do you think tonight will be any different than your countless other losses?” He smirked at you and waggled his eyebrows as he stuck his toothbrush into his mouth.

You huffed and crossed your arms. “You will be eating those words…and once I’m declared the victor…you’ll eat my favorite pie, too.” You gave him a kiss on the cheek and exited your shared bathroom. “I’ll see you later. Love you!”

“Love you, too!” He yelled back as you closed the door.

You were a gym teacher at the local elementary school. Which was ironic, considering how much you hated gym class all throughout school. You still hated working out. But playing with the kids didn’t exactly count.

They did some light stretching and then games were played. Some days you had organized games ready, other times they had a bunch of things to choose from. Today there were jump ropes, basketballs, hula hoops, and the square scooters. You monitored and occasionally jumped in to play with them. You couldn’t complain about your job at all, you loved everything about it.

As the school day entered its last hour, your plan period, you began to focus more on your coming date with your fiance. Depending on his schedule, the two of you tried to have at least two date nights a week. One was usually relaxed, just chilling in your shared apartment and watching movies. The other was competitive.

Your first date with Jeff Skinner had been a competitive date. The two of you had bet ice cream on who would have the best score on your game of putt putt. It was the best date you had ever been on, the two of you hitting it off right away. It was made even better with the fact that, on the final hole you were tied and you sank it in one shot. Thus, the beginning of competitive dates.

Each date had a wager attached. Usually dessert, a massage, or movie picking rights. Jeff had proven to, unfortunately, be better at you at basically everything. Anything on ice he didn’t even really try. Just skated around and laughed at you while you struggled to maintain balance. Accuracy games like paintball and laser tag had fallen in his favor, too. Though you still weren’t convinced that he hadn’t cheated in paintball. Nevertheless…tonight was your night. You wanted pie and you were going to dominate the game. Your secret love of the coming activity was going to pay off…because you knew all the tricks.

You shut off the gym lights and headed out to your car. You waved goodbye to the other teachers heading for their cars before putting it in reverse and going home. Jeff should already be home, since he’d only had a short practice.

When you walked in the door he was sitting on the couch, playing his Xbox…yet another thing you had lost at. “Are you ready to lose?!” You taunted as you headed into the bedroom to change.

He laughed. “Maybe if you focused on winning rather than trash talking, you’d have a better record.” You made a face that he couldn’t see, but otherwise didn’t respond. You grabbed your necessary battle armor from your closet. A pair of tight jeans, a tank top, leather jacket, and hair tie. After you were dressed and your tennis shoes laced up, you headed back down the hallway.

“Are you ready?” Jeff slowly ran his eyes up and down your body before they rested again on your face.

“You look nice. And baby, I’m always ready to win.” You walked hand in hand out to the car and you got in the driver’s seat. “So, do I get any hints about what we’re doing tonight?”

“Nope.” You replied, popping the P.


“Always.” You shot him a smile before turning your attention back to the road. The apartment wasn’t too far from your destination, just a 15 minute drive. You pulled into the parking lot and a smile graced your face.

“What’s this place?” Jeff asked, looking at the outside of the plain gray building for clues. He would find none. You had purposefully parked in the side lot so he would remain oblivious as long as possible.

He opened the tinted black door and the two of you stepped inside. The smell of motor oil, gasoline, and burned rubber graced your nose and your smile increased. “Jeff…welcome to Full Throttle.”

His eyes went wide as he took in the scene of go karts whipping around each other at thirty plus miles and hour on three different tracks. Each kart was brightly painted and the riders had helmets that matched their kart. Plexiglass separated the tracks from the main area, where you were currently at. You approached the front desk and put in your name.

“Y/N Y/L/N and Jeff Skinner. I called earlier to reserve private racing.”

“Yes ma’am. Your race attendant will be right over to get y’all suited up soon. Feel free to race the mini electric karts or play the arcade games while you wait.” You smiled and thanked the lady before returning to Jeff’s side.

“So….what do you think?”

“I think this is going to be great. I do think it’s funny though that you believe you’ll win.” He gave you a challenging smile.

“Honey, I don’t believe I’ll win.” You smirked at his confused face. “I know for a fact I’m going to win.” He snorted but didn’t say anything because a man approached the two of you.

“Y/L/N and Skinner?” At the matching affirmative nods he shook both of your hands. “My names Rick and I’ll be your instructor and race monitor today. Have the two of you raced on karts before?”

“I have. I was actually part of the bachelorette party that was here last Saturday.” You confirmed.

“You didn’t happen to be the lady in the light green kart?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Ummmm….If I say yes?”

He let out a shout of laughter. “Girl, I’m looking forward to watching you race again. You lit the track up.” You smiled excitedly and he turned toward Jeff. “What about you? Raced before?”

“Not really. The last time I raced go karts…I was probably 12.”

“Well,” Rick turned to you. “You can go ahead and suit up. I’ll explain the basics to the rookie over here and once you’re both ready and situated, I’ll go over safety rules. We’ll be on track three first.”

You smiled and after pressing a quick kiss to Jeff’s cheek skipped off. You grabbed your suit and helmet, the same light green you’d had before and headed for the ladies dressing area. Most go kart places didn’t require a full race suit, but since you hit super high speeds in these ones, they figured it is better to be safe than sorry.

With your neck brace situated and helmet fastened you headed for track three. Jeff was there, dressed in a red suit that matched his jersey color. After a few pictures that Rick took for you he explained the safety rules.

“…so final lap the track will light red and that means head for the pits. Any questions?” He finished. You were bouncing in your seat, ready to get the show on the road. Rick faced Jeff, “Boy, I’m gonna let you go first…trust me, you need all the advantage you can get.”

You snickered quietly to yourself and then got serious as Rick pulled the cord to get both engines running. After lining the two of you up he went to his booth that hovered over the finish line. He held up the flag and after a brief paused waved it. And there you went.

Your foot was glued to the gas and less than five seconds after starting you had passed Jeff. You zoomed on the straightaways but didn’t pull out your tricks just yet…you wanted to wait until Jeff was suitable competition. The first match ended with you a half lap ahead. You were smirking as Jeff pulled in beside you.

“Believe that I’ll win yet?”

He narrowed his eyes. “It’s best out of five! And that was my first time since I was a kid…now I know the tricks!”

“I’m sure. Oh, Hun! Next time, get over to the right when we start…I’ll be able to pass you faster. It’ll make my life a lot easier.” You winked and then pulled your helmet back on your head.

He made a face but pulled his helmet back on. Rick got the two of you lined up and started race two without much of a delay. You would never admit it, but you pretended to let Jeff get the best of you. Purposefully taking a turn too wide and hitting the wall so he could pass you. If you beat him too easily…it would ruin the fun for you.

The third race you beat him and he beat you on the forth…after you “accidentally” wrecked him and got sent to the pits for a 15 second penalty. It was his fault he wouldn’t move…plus, seeing his face as he spun around was priceless.

The fifth and final race was set to begin and you couldn’t wait to annihilate him. Rick waved the flag and much like the first race you had the gas pressed to the floor immediately. Unlike the first time, Jeff didn’t let you get around him right away. He had really improved in the other races.

The first lap finished with you right on his tale, your time flashing as less than a second behind him. The upcoming turn was your best opportunity to pass him, so you pulled out the trick you’d been saving. You let off of him and went to the outside. As the turn approached, you pressed stomped your left foot on the brake while keeping your right firmly on the gas. You whipped your wheel to the left and let out a breathless laugh as you not only drifted around that turn but zoomed past Jeff as soon as you let off the brake. You did the same thing on the other turns and as the third lap began you were a quarter track ahead.

Unsurprisingly you crossed the finish line before him. You were waiting for him when he finally pulled into the pits, a pout on his face. Rick came and turned the cars off before leading the two of you back into the main area.

“I about fell outta my box when you pulled that trick.” He recalled laughing. “I knew you would do it eventually, but waiting until the last match…you’re a mean one.” He laughed harder as Jeff’s pout increased. “Don’t worry boy, she beat one of our best employee’s last time. Bit more practice and you’ll provide some decent competition.”

You both thanked Rick profusely and headed to change back into street clothes. Jeff grabbed your hand and pulled you to the car, a smile finally gracing his face.

“I guess that was fun…even though you won.”

“Wasn’t it great?? I love racing.”

“I can tell. Also,” He opened your car door and got settled before continuing his sentence. “We are definitely doing that again. I’m going to bring some of the guys and then laugh when you smoke them.”

“Can I lap them? I didn’t lap you tonight…even though I really wanted to.”

“You can definitely lap them. And thank you for sparing my pride. Home now?”

“No. We have pie waiting….I’ve wanted it all day. Let’s go!!!”

He laughed but headed towards the local bakery. “Pie it is.”

Let me know if you see any blazing errors.

Turns and Steps, Explained (2/2)

Hey guys *cheerful wave* Wimbledon is over so my tennis obligation is done with and now I’ll resume my full-time figure skating follower status. I’ll kick things off with the second part of this turns and steps explanation. This post will touch on a couple of concepts we’ve discussed in the first part so you might want to check that one out before diving in: here it is.

The ISU technical handbook defines 6 types of steps: toe step, chassé, mohawk, choctaw, change of edge, and cross roll. Out of these 6, the only step that is considered difficult is the choctaw. Now if you recall from the previous post, the ISU also defines 6 types of turns (twizzle, bracket, loop, counter, rocker, three-turn). Among these 6, only the three-turn is considered basic, the other 5 are all counted as difficult. At this point I guess you’re naturally wondering why there is such an imbalance between turns and steps. Well, that is because a turn, by definition, must be done on one foot, while a step would normally involve two-footed skating, and that is something we don’t want to see too much of. In fact, the ratio of one-footed to two-footed movements is one of the most reliable indicators of a skater’s skating skills.

That said, let us check out what each of the 6 types of steps looks like. This time, to switch things up a bit, I’m going to use Seimei as illustration.

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Knox: Kay so before everyone goes running off like always, I have a surprise in the backyard for everyone!

Hazel: Uhhh, that actually sounds kinda creepy…

Knox: It’s not I promise!

Astrid: I would rather cut off all the toes on my left foot than go outside to see whatever death trap you have set up out there.

Knox: Why does no one trust me??

Morning Routine (F) --JB Imagine

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A/N: For my angel love and English Rose, Thirst! I love you so much and I’m so happy to be able to celebrate this day with you. –Lily

  • Ok but soft bf!JB
  • Always meets you on the front steps of your place with your standard coffee order (cup says “JB’s Property” on it obvs) and fave pastry in hand
  • On Really chill days, he has an extra oversized hoodie of his onhand so he can shove it in your face all tsundere like
  • And even though you tell him your jacket is warm enough, he’s not happy until you put his hoodie on underneath your jacket
  • But you don’t mind cuz it smells exactly like him and sweating is good for you right
  • Has to hold your hand when you cross the street cuz he gets a little anxious thinking about how a car might come flying down the street or how you might get separated in a crowd
  • But he will never tell you any of this out loud
  • And he certainly won’t tell you how much he loves that his hand kinda engulfs yours
  • Sweater paws
  • Insists on holding your bags for you so you can drink your coffee and eat your breakfast
  • Which is kinda hard to do considering he’s still holding your hand but you manage
  • Gently swipes at your lip with his thumb when a crumb gets stuck on it
  • Sometimes if it’s a big crumb, he’ll peck it off
  • “Ah, jagi~ You’re so sweet~”
  • Both of you then cringe really hard cuz WOW was that cheesy
  • Will never admit he purposefully gets the most crumble-prone, flake-prone pastries for this exact reason
  • Laughs when you smack his chest cuz you don’t know how else to react
  • But blushes BEET RED when you exact your revenge by pecking him on the cheek while waiting for the crosswalk light to change
  • Walks you to your first lecture and gives you a little pep talk on the way there
  • But of course his pep talk is tsundere af
  • “I don’t date dumb girls”
  • “Everyone else in your class is an idiot”
  • “Your lecturer is completely unqualified if he can’t see you were right”
  • And the whole time you’re like “JB hush”
  • And he’s just going on and on and on
  • So by the time you get to the lecture hall, you feel embarrassed but also ready to take on the day
  • Makes it a point to kiss your forehead before you walk in
  • “I love you, jagi. You’re amazing. Go kill it.”
  • And he waves at you through the door window when you sit down
  • Then he literally cheetah sprints across campus so he isn’t late to his own class
  • First one to leave his class so he can sprint back to yours and meet you by the time your class lets out
  • Tries to be casual and lean up against the wall like “wassup”
  • Immediately melts on the inside when you laugh at him
  • But on the outside he’s just like “Hey, stop. Stop it. Stop laughing at me!”
  • And you stop because he’s just too cute when he pouts
  • And because he’s so cute, you start cooing and pinching his cheeks, which just makes him feel more askdfkalf on the inside
  • So in order to gain control of himself and the situation
  • He yanks you close by the waist and leans down until his lips are right over yours and his eyes are just boring so intensely into yours
  • And honestly it’s far too early for your body to be getting ready for stuff that should be done in the dark, but you’ve accepted the fact y’all will likely skip your next class(es)
  • You lean forward to kiss him but he just smirks and says, “Now that I have your attention…”
  • Your eyes close cuz he’s clearly about to kiss you and you not tryna cuz of all this eye contact
  • But the jackass burps IN YOUR FACE
  • Needless to say you’re questioning why you even love him 
  • But before you can even get a word out, he swooshes in to kiss you lightly on the lips with a promise of “there’s more where that came from” as he deposits you at your next class
  • And now you’re all AKDJFOAJFOWJ cuz now you gotta sit through this class like he ain’t just make you lose ya breath with a little more than a peck on the lips
  • Amazingly enough you make it through the class in one piece and with pretty decent notes
  • Also amazingly enough, JB is right back outside looking smug af like you ain’t just witness him trip over his left foot while he was dashing back over to meet you
  • But it’s cool
  • it’s fine
  • Your morning classes are over and you got a 2 hour gap until your afternoon classes
  • So you know what dat means….

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–Admin Lily

Things YoI Fans/Ficcers Should Know About Skating (#22)


We are back with the next installment of our Jump Breakdowns. Today we’re covering the Salchow (pronounced SOW-COW but shortened to SAL as nickname by many skaters, I know, it’s confusing). The jump is named after its inventor, Ulrich Salchow who did the first one of these babies in 1909, looking dapper in his leggings and suit jacket. 

NOTES: If you haven’t read the post on EDGES, you’re gonna be really confused. So read that first. Remember, we are assuming our skater is a right-footed skater (meaning they land on their right foot…just like Yuuri!) Skating jargon is explained in parenthesis.


The most common entrance to the salchow is a forward outside three-turn on the left foot, placing the skater on the left (left-foot) back (skating backwards) inside edge (leaning on the blade side closest to your big toe). The skater then swings the free leg around, in coordination with their arms in order to gain the momentum to jump off the ice. 

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6 Incredibly Satisfying Stretches For Tight Hips

Every time you sit down, you’re actively shortening the muscles in your hips, which ultimately makes them feel stiff. Exercise that involves hinging at the hips (like spinning) can make this even worse.

Luckily, some simple-but-incredibly-satisfying stretches can relieve the tension and promote flexibility. Here are six of them, as demonstrated by Bree Branker, a certified yoga instructor and indoor cycling instructor atFlywheel in New York City. Note: You can hold them for as long as you’d like!

1. Figure Four: Lie on your back with your arms along your sides, your knees bent, and the soles of your feet on the floor near your butt. Place your right ankle over your left leg, just below the knee. With both hands, grasp your left thigh. Lift your head and shoulders off the ground, and bend your elbows to gently pull your left knee in toward your chest. (You should feel it in your right hip.) Repeat on the opposite side.

2. Standing Bow: Balance on your left foot and bend your right knee as you bring your right foot toward your butt. With your right hand, grab the inside of the right foot. Keeping your hips square to the ground, hinge forward slightly as you reach up and forward with your left hand, and lift the right foot up behind you until you feel the stretch in your right hip. Repeat on the opposite side.

3. Upward-Facing Dog: Lie facedown on a mat with the tops of your feet on the ground and your toes pointed behind you. With bent elbows, place both palms on the ground near your hips. Relax your shoulders as you extend your elbows, and open your chest toward the front of your mat. Take your gaze upward and press into the palms to lift your hips up off the ground. To increase the stretch, increase the arch in your back and press the hips forward.

4. Floor Bow: Lie facedown on a mat and bend both knees to bring your heels toward your butt. With your left hand, reach behind you to grab the outside of your left foot. With your right hand, reach behind you and grab the outside of your right foot. Arch your back as you simultaneously use your hands to lift your knees and chest up off the floor.

5. Supta Virasana With High Hips: Sit on your knees with the tops of your feet pressed against the floor, your toes pointing behind you, and your butt on your heels. Gently lean back and place your elbows on the floor about knees-width apart. Place your left palm on your left heel and your right palm on your right heel. Keeping your neck in line with your spine and your shoulders away from your ears, press your hips up toward the ceiling.

6. Bridge Pose: Lie on your back with your knees bent, the soles of your feet on the floor about hips-width apart, and your arms along your sides, palms facing down. Release the tension in your neck as your press into your arms and shoulders to lift your hips up to the ceiling until you feel the stretch in your hips.


A Simplified Saviolo Glossary

Mandritto/mandritta: any cut passing from right to left. In the Saviolo sense, a diagonally descending strike from your right to your left.

Roverso/riversa: any cut passing from left to right. In the Saviolo sense, a diagonally descending strike from your left to your right.

Manriversa: beating the opponent’s blade with your left hand, to your right, and delivering a riversa to head or leg. Alternatively, as they cut a mandritta at you, countercut a mandritta into their blade to bind on against their sword, then push a stoccata to their face as you make a left pass (safely pushing their weapon out to your right a little), and hinge through so your hilt goes over their forearm and you cut their head with riversa.

Imbroccata: an overhanded or nails down thrust in either Prima or Seconda. Used in two ways in Saviolo, as you circle out to your right over their defense, or engaging their blade making a left pass forward outside of their leading right foot (passata). I can put in an imbroccata over their sword (my point to the face), or under their sword, with my hand in Prima, my strong contacting their weak, and my point conveyed directly at their belly.

Stoccata: a thrust, generally, in Italian. In Saviolo, a thrust in Quarta or Terza moving off to my right (but forward somewhat, on a circle between me and the opponent). If I thrust at the face, my hilt is low and my point goes up to the face in Quarta or Terza. If I go to the belly, then I start a thrust to the face, gathering up whatever strike they’re doing against me, and let my tip fall towards their belly as my hilt rises, so the hilt covers at the level of my head, but my point dips into their center of mass. Can be done (according to the text), advancing straight in, breaking off on the right circumference of the imaginary circle (safest option), or retreating (used to deal with a buffalo). 

Punta riversa: a palm/nails up thrust where I bring my right foot across my body to my left side, shoving out this thrust on this pass at the same moment. A surprise, and if the opponent is making a passata (left pass against your right side), an excellent way to trap them in their actions.

Hanging: I use this term to generalize the position where your hilt is high in front of your forehead, and your point is at an angle out to your left side, so that you cover the line of a mandritta cut to your head. You can also turn this structure to your right side by making a passata (left pass forward), so your point is aimed at their stomach, thus covering the line of a riversa cut to your head.

Just Distance: that straight line distance between your lead foot and your opponent’s lead foot, where either one of you has to advance strongly, either by passing the rear left foot forward or by lunging with the right foot, to strike each other. To quickly measure it, profile out your body like a T, with your sword arm extended, so you and the opponent measure such that (using identical weapons), your points are by each others’ hilts in this position. If someone has a longer weapon, then just distance is where the longer weapon’s point stands by the hilt of the shorter weapon (so it’s safe for the person bearing the shorter weapon). 

Things YoI Fans/Ficcers Should Know Abou Skating (#25)


We’re finally getting to cover the LutzWe shall dance and sing for joy, huzzah!

NOTES: If you haven’t read the post on EDGES, you’re gonna be really confused. So read that first. Remember, we are assuming our skater is a right-footed skater (meaning they land on their right foot…just like Yuuri!) Skating jargon is explained in parenthesis.


The lutz jump takes off from a left (on your left foot, assuming you’re a right footed lander) back (you’re skating backwards), outside edge (the blade edge closest to your pinky).

The most common entry into the lutz is a long backwards glide right into the jump. Some skaters are now doing the lutz from footwork, usually a mohawk or three turn, with a step to put them on the correct foot for entry. 

The skater picks with their right foot, pulls the left foot in along with the arms, performs X counter clockwise rotations, and lands on the right back outside edge.

NOTE: The outside edge of the lutz is vital to it’s scoring. A common technical error in skating is that skaters set up for a lutz jump but switches to a back inside edge (making it a flip. The jumps are identical except for edge takeoff). A “flutz” is when a skater sets up for the lutz, but changes edges to the inside at the last minute. The jump is then downgraded for poor technique.


As the first jump of a combination, usually followed by a triple or double toe.

As the first jump of a combination, with a pull up straight into a loop.

As a Boitano lutz, a standalone jump with the arm raised over head (made famous by Brian Boitano on a triple lutz, skaters now use the arm variation for difficulty on many jumps). 

*However, there is a rule limiting how many times each jump can be performed, so make sure you follow it in your fics. See this post for clarification.


Pick jump
Entered on a left back outside edge
Right foot picks, arms and legs pull in
Rotate counterclockwise X times
Land on right foot

Here’s our favorite skating coach teaching a single lutz, so you can get the idea of the technique. And here is Patrick Chan doing a lovely triple lutz. And here is Yu Na Kim doing her triple lutz, triple toe loop in slow motion!

waldorph’s skating jumps primer

So, now that Yuri on Ice is happening and people are getting into figure skating and trying to write it, let me offer you a former skater’s guide to jumps that, to the untrained eye, mostly look identical. 

A few general notes before I get in-depth after the cut:

  • At the senior skating level, women need to hit 2 rotations, and men 3. 
  • The toe-pick jumps are: toe loop, flip, lutz
  • Base points are derived off of difficulty, so the reason you see some skaters reach for a triple or quad, even if they fall, is because if the base of a double is 1.8, and the base of a triple is 5.1, even if you have a 2 point deduction you’re still scoring higher than playing it safe. That’s why you’ll hear, in YOI, people say things like “Did he get enough rotations?”- that matters in calculations. 
  • I wrote all of these assuming a counter-clockwise spin, which is what most skaters do. If for some reason you’re writing for someone who’s hitting a clockwise spin, just swap left/right

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Your 10-Minute A.M. Full-Body Toner Routine

Every day should start on a high note. This strength-and-cardio routine gives you that—plus full-body toning—in just 10 minutes.

Even when you’re too busy for a full workout (or can’t resist the snooze button), you can still sneak in 10 minutes—which is all you need for this turbo routine, created by Angel Santiago, a trainer at Drill Fitness, the new high-intensity boot camp studio in New York City. “This workout revs your heart rate for a big calorie burn while it sculpts,” says Santiago, who uses moves that recruit multiple muscle groups at once to maximize efficiency. Now, go have an amazing day.


LUNGE SEQUENCE Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms down. Bend at waist and walk hands out into a plank. Raise right foot and plant it just outside right hand. Pause, then return to plank; repeat with left foot for 1 rep. Do 6 reps.
Total time: 2 Minutes

Break a Sweat

RUNNING WOMAN Jog in place for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds.
STAR JACK Stand with feet together, arms down. Jump feet apart wider than hips, turning toes out 45 degrees. Bend knees and lower butt to just above knee height. Driving from heels, jump back to start but raise straightened arms to shoulder height, palms backward. Continue for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds. Cycle through these two moves again; try to go faster.
Total time: 2 Minutes

Sculpt All Over

IN-AND-OUT Start in a plank, balanced on palms and toes with shoulders over wrists. Keeping arms stationary, jump feet forward so they land outside palms. Now, jump back into a plank. Do 10 reps.
FLIER Lie facedown, arms outstretched in front of you. Lift right arm and left leg, hold a few seconds, then lower and repeat on opposite side for 1 rep. Do 10 reps. Cycle through these two moves as many times as you can for 3 minutes.
Total time: 3 Minutes

Up the Burn

SQUAT HOP Stand with feet just wider than hips. Squat until butt is just above knees. Now, press through heels and jump while raising arms; thrust down as you land. Continue for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds.
BEAR CRAWL Start on hands and knees, with knees under hips and hands wider than shoulders. Straighten knees and lift butt into a Downward Dog. Take three small steps forward (right hand, left foot; left hand, right foot; etc.), then three steps backward. Continue for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds. Cycle through these two moves three times, trying to go faster with each set.
Total time: 3 Minutes



Pairs Skating Elements: Throw Jumps

Please read the singles jump guide before reading this one. Jumps in pairs skating are the same as jumps in singles.

Throw jumps are jumps where the male skater of the pair throws the female skater into a jump. They are abbreviated on protocols with a “Th” after the name of the jump and have lower base values than normal jumps of the same name. Each short program has one throw jump and each free program has two. There are six types of throw jumps, the same as in singles skating: toeloop (T), salchow (S), loop (Lo), flip (F), lutz (Lz), axel (A). Throw flips and lutzes are considered as essentially the same jump with the same base value. Pairs are not allowed to do both a throw flip and lutz of the same number of revolutions in the same program. In elite senior level skating, triple throw jumps are the norm. Some teams have landed quad throws in competition.

As in singles skating, all throw jumps land on a backwards outside edge (usually on the right foot) and the only difference between the jumps is the entry. The axel is the only jump with a forward entry.

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Experimenting: socks on wood.
Attempting: weight off left foot.
Grunting: hamstrings.
Listening: rain outside.
Integrity: breath.
Practicing: play.
#socksonwood #holymidlinebatman #yogathang (at Sacramento, California)

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