outside of math class

Hamilton as things people in my math tutoring class have said PART TWO

time to bring back my most popular post ever with another post that won’t get as many notes!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!1!11!! these are things that were said during the great math class revolt of ‘17 in which we all sat outside our math class’ garage 

burr - *that one kid sitting inside and not revolting and actually doing his damn work* what the hell are you guys doing. 

washington - why the fuck did you re-elect me as president of the math class revolt i could literally care fucking less

laurens- this is basically a pride parade, right? yay gay!

mulligan - if this lasts more than two minutes i need a bunch of alcoholic beverages

lafayette - liberte! égalité! frappucino! crossant!

eliza - i brought cookies!

angelica - this means FEMINISM!! *male screams in the background*

hamilton - *hawk screech* ‘murica 

phillip - i don’t know about you but i want to punch someone. in the feels.


jefferson - why, its hotter than peach puddin’ on a basket full of bees, y'all. 

madison - *walks away and doesnt come back for forty minutes* * returns with three dogs and a donut* im going to kill my self. 

peggy - i want to assist you but i am afraid that i am short in both accomplishments, size, height, talent, and intelligence to be of  service. 

eacker - can i break his car? *whispers* and his dignity?  


king george III - *my math teacher* just come inside already jesus. 

You keep discovering new places in Elsewhere University. It’s not like they weren’t there (you think). It’s just they’re in places you didn’t go - soft chairs hidden away on the third floor of the library behind the political science texts (you took the AP course in high school, and wouldn’t be there at all if your dorm room wasn’t occupied by your roommate and her girlfriend), a study room near the zoology labs (you’re a mechanical engineering major and you’re not comfortable with anything so uncontrolled) with mercifully free printing.

There’s a whole gym on the other side of campus from your major (you just go on a walk one day after class is cancelled, and it emerges from the cold fog like a rabbit fun a hat) and a dining hall that’s open at midnight inhabited entirely by haunted-looking art majors with stained fingers (also you, sometimes, and what may be the best mac and cheese in the known universe, on Fridays)

There’s always someone else there. Of course there is. It didn’t not exist when you didn’t know. Somewhere, there’s a jock who hasn’t done anything beyond high school algebra and doesn’t know that there’s a lion statue outside the math building that protects you from failing classes if you offer it greens (sometimes lettuce, sometimes cellophane or bubblegum). Still, it’s odd to think that thousands of people could go to the same school and each walk away with a different campus in their minds.


I'll Be A Better Man Today (2) - Reggie Mantle X Reader

Summary: part two to ‘better man’. reggie attempts to win his girl back, but it backfire spectacularly.
Warnings: mentions of bullying, like one swear word.
A/N: there will be a part three to this. the inspiration just flowed when i started writing, and it’s been a while since that happened so i’m going with it. hope you like it!


The week passed by painfully slow. Every day meant another attempt by Reggie as he tried his best to win you back. Tuesday morning saw him waiting outside your house in his Jeep, waiting for you. The car hummed quietly, the radio playing a selection of your favourite songs. You spotted him the moment you stepped out the front door. You froze, not expecting to have to face him just yet. He smiled cautiously out the window, and waved.

You turned on your heels and reentered the house. After a few uncertain seconds, he saw you leave - with a set of keys hanging from one hand. Without sparing him a second glance, you unlocked your fathers sleek silver Ford and got into the drivers seat, tossing your backpack into the passenger side, and starting up the engine. Reggie’s car blocked your exit; you met his gaze, expectantly. His face fell, and he pulled away from the kerb. You turned out the opposite way; it would take longer to get to school this way, but you took that route anyway. Reggie was in the parking lot, Moose by his side, and he waved again as you parked, on the other side of the lot. You walked towards the building, not looking back once.

But Reggie wasn’t ready to give up just yet. He waited outside your math class, and walked alongside you toward your english, and then sat down next to you at lunch. Jughead, Archie, Betty and Veronica looked a little surprised, exchanging glances, what should we do?

They didn’t have to do anything. You simply got up and left, disappearing into the large crowd of students in a matter of seconds. Reggie groaned and lay his head on the table. He glanced up at Jughead, and Archie immediately tensed. Jughead shot him a sideways look, but Reggie just left.

You weren’t sure if you were more annoyed or secretly happy that Reggie was, once again, waiting for you Wednesday morning. You followed the same routine as the previous day; ignoring him, getting in the car, ignoring him, driving to school, parking, ignoring him, and going to class. However, Reggie knew it was time to start stepping up his game.

He waited by your locker at eleven am with a cup full of your favourite coffee. You slammed the door; ‘I just had one.’ Reggie’s shoulders slumped, and he dumped the coffee in the first trashcan he came upon. That evening, he got your favourite Pop’s order and brought it to your house - after an extremely generous tip he convinced Pop to break the takeaway rule - and again, your dad had to open the door.

'Did he hurt you in any way?’ He asked you, later, as he devoured the meal meant for you. You shook your head, running your hands through your hair. 'No, not me,’ you muttered, looking down at the table.

'He seems like a sweet boy,’ your dad told you. He is, you think, just not to everyone.


Thursday morning, and Reggie waited for you again. You ignored him, again. Halfway through the day and the only gift you’d received was a handwritten note shoved through the open vent in your locker. It read 'you look beautiful today. love you, r x’. Crumpling it in your fist, you’d nearly thrown it away, but changed your mind at the last second, instead tucking it into your personal journal. You were wary; was he giving up?

No, of course not. Cheryl and Moose ambushed you on your way to science, and dragged you off to the gym. You protested, the whole way there, but Cheryl shut you up with a snippy retort about how much she knew you hated the class. The gym was empty, save for the entire squad of River Vixens, clad in their cheer uniforms, and Reggie, who was earnestly talking to Betty and Veronica. Both looked unsure, and my stomach clenched uncomfortably.

'Reggie! The guest of honour is here!’ Cheryl called, cheerful. The tall boy turned, a face splitting grin brightening his face the moment his eyes fell on you. For a moment, you almost smiled back - you forced it back, turning to the redhead on your left. 'Cheryl, what is this?’

'Sit, sit!’ She insisted, pushing you toward the bleachers and giving you a shove so you hit the bench, hard. 'Ouch!’ She rolled her eyes, and stalked back towards her squad. You climbed a few benches further up, Moose settling next to you. 'Do you know what this is?’ You asked, nerves writhing like snakes in your belly. He simply smirked.

'Okay, ladies! Lets go!’

Music filled the airy room, a high-tempo, upbeat rhythm, and the cheerleaders began to dance. You stared, not sure about what was going on. You could feel Reggie’s dark brown eyes on you, never once moving anywhere else. You kept your own eyes on the girls. The music quietened down, and they began to chant.

All the blood in your face drained away, embarrassment overwhelming you. The urge to cringe was almost painful; when you risked a glance in Reggie’s direction, he was blushing, a bashful smile on his lips.

'1, 2, 3, 4, who does Reginald adore?

5, 6, 7, 8, (Y/N), don’t say it’s too late!’

The squad finished their routine, bowing, Cheryl clearly pleased by their - or her own - performance, if the smug smile and flip of her long red hair was anything to go by. The music stopped. Silence stretched out endlessly; you could have heard a pin drop. Betty and Veronica were watching you - well, they all were, Reggie looked nervous but hopeful, Cheryl and the squad expectant. But Betty and Veronica were watching you with concern in their eyes. After a long moment, you stood up, shakily. 'That was really, really great, girls. Well done,’ your voice was strangled, and the hopeful look dropped off Reggie’s face. You headed straight for the exit. Footsteps followed - three sets, one you recognised as Reggie’s, the other two lighter, Betty and Veronica.

'Just - give me a minute with her, please!’ Reggie pleaded with the girls - you heard them sigh, giving in.

You rounded a corner, into the empty hallway. Reggie caught up with you, skidding to a halt in front and grabbing you by the shoulders. 'Wait, (Y/N), just talk to me-’

He was slightly out of breath, his hair falling over his forehead endearingly - you snapped. ’Talk to you? What do you want me to say? What the - what the fuck was that?’ Reggie cringed at the curse as it slipped from your mouth - you only ever swore when you were pissed beyond belief.

'I’m trying to prove to you how much I love you!’

You rolled your eyes; 'That’s not-! Ugh!’ Frustration hit you like never before, how could he still be so blind?

'Tell me what I can do, and I’ll do it, baby, please,’ he begged, trying to drag you closer to him, but you resisted, standing your ground.

'I told you! I asked you, a million times, to stop being such an ass to Jughead and everyone else you think is 'lower’ than you!’ You yelled, really losing your temper now. Not caring if someone heard, you kept going. 'You said you would but you never did! Is it really so hard to treat people as human beings, Reg? That’s all I wanted! I can’t date a bully!’

The words were like a slap to the face for the football player, the last one in particular. But he knew he couldn’t deny it; he was a jerk toward certain people, at this point, it was just a habit. He knew you and Jughead were friends, and, okay, maybe he was a little jealous of your friendship so maybe he had pushed the school loner a little harder than usual.

As what you said really hit you, you looked away and suddenly found more tears burning behind your eyes. You were sick of crying, sick of pining after Reggie. He wanted to know how to get you back? Well, now he knew. The ball was in his court. 'Get your shit together, and then we can talk,’ you said finally, firmly. You walked away. Reggie let you, still feeling guilty as he thought back on all the times he knocked Jughead into a locker, called him something nasty, even punched the smaller boy. He stood, alone in the hallway, until the next bell sounded out, and students poured from the mouths of classroom like prisoners from a cell. He didn’t even realise until the sea of bodies began shoving past him, and then he snapped back to reality. Turning, he slammed straight into the one and only Jughead Jones.

Automatically, he opened his mouth to snap at him - then, he thought of you, and closed it again.

'Sorry, man, that was my bad,’ he said, quietly, seeing the look of absolute shock on Jug’s face. His eyes widened, and he asked if Reggie was feeling okay. The taller boy laughed. 'Honestly? No.’ He shook his head and looked down. Discomfited at the sadness in Reggie’s face, he struggled to think of something to say - not for his sake, though. For yours, for his best friend.

'Look, man, if this is about (Y/N)…’ something like pain flashed in deep brown eyes and Jughead wished he’d bitten his tongue off instead of speaking. He shook his head, mumbling an apology. Reggie called him back, voice brighter all of a sudden. 'I think I know how to fix things.’

Reggie was planning something big, Jughead could tell. He’d known him a long, long time, and the calculating look that had replaced the sadness on his face made him nervous.

'Oh, no,’ Jughead said emphatically, 'why do I have a feeling this fixer-upper involves me?’

Reggie smiled. Yeah, he knew what he had to do.

Pinky Promise - Two Friends

Somehow, in between all the stupidity from the incident with Doyoung and Johnny, Johnny manages to make you miss him. That asshole.

Part 1
Part 2
Read Jaehyun’s part here :D

Part 3 of the collab with @cremethorns rip me i took so long so it took forever for us to put this out i’m sorry bUT YO HERE IT IS make sure you read carmen’s part too hers is #great. enjoy ^^

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Please don't go ~ Mingyu


Written by – Admin Chichew

Summary – (high school au) School athlete, Kim Mingyu, is too afraid to ask the reader out because it might ruin his reputation.


“y/n, how do you do this?” your seatmate asks, pointing towards the page with boxes, letters and numbers. “jeez, I’m not even up to that page, mingyu.” You reply in all honesty.


He chuckles at your response. It was music to your ears. So beautiful you played it back 3 times consecutively. “Well do you want me to help you with the pages ive completed?” He asks.


You look up to meet his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. They were such a beautiful shape and colour. “Is Kim Mingyu being nice to me?” You asked in a fake shocked expression.“Fine, if you don’t need my help continue what you were doing.” He turns around dramatically. “Oh, by the way…” He turns back. “The answer is 17, you’ve been stuck on that question for a while now.”


It was moments like these you cherished with Mingyu. Math was the only class you had with him and outside of maths you guys don’t even talk to each other, let alone look at each other. It was one of those cliché stories where he was popular and you weren’t. It was okay to talk to you in maths because if someone had asked if you two were going out he would be able to make up an excuse. But if it wasn’t in class he wouldn’t be sure.


You were definitely hurt by it, but you understood why. Avoiding the fact that Mingu is popular, rich, good looking and to top it off smart! He had a great personality. He was clumsy, funny and dramatic, something you liked. It made him standout from other boys, no wonder each week had have a new girl confessing to him, who wouldn’t? … well you.


3 years you’ve been in the same maths class as Kim Mingyu and you haven’t manged to get the confession out. But even if you were able to, what would it mean? He probably wouldn’t accept your feelings, just like 1,000 pretty girls he’d get confessions from.


“Hey Mingyu,” you softly call out and he turns around smirking. “Look who came crawling back…” h chuckles and chucks his answers at you.


“I don’t need you answers, idiot.” You say handing them back but he pouts. “I’ve got a question… you don’t have to answer it.” You close your text book and put your pens back into your case.


“okay, I won’t.” HE turns around but you quickly stop him by holding his bicep, and boy were they big. Your eyes widen at your grip around his bicep, you could feel him flex a bit. “Mingyu stop, I can feel you flexing.” You say as you look him dead in the eye.


“Then why don’t you let go…” He asks grinning and you immediately let go. “I was only kidding you can still hold them.”


“what?” You considered it for a bit… “No, No, back to the question.” You say clearing your mind and he chuckles at your cute reaction, yes cute, he thinks you’re cute.


“I’m all ears princess…” there it is… “why do you call me princess?” you ask.


“Well,” he pauses to think of reason “you act like one, always dramatic with what you do, always exaggerating everything, acting like everyone is watching you, and, and… uhhh, always trying to be pretty, yeah!” he slams his hands on the desk causing everyone to look at him.


“just because, y/n, don’t ask stupid questions, and don’t get any funny ideas as well…” he says frustrated.


“funny ideas?” you asked confused. Why was he getting so mad all of a sudden, it was a simple question?


“You know…” he gestures with his hands. “Like, think I uh, like you and stuff. I don’t go for nerds.” Your eyes widen in shock, you were hurt and embarrassed.


“I-I, I didn’t mean it like that.” You said trying to cover up your hurt expression with a confused look. “It was just a question, and trust me I wasn’t thinking about anything like that.” You said as you placed your text books and pencil case in your bag.


The bell rings and you immediately leave the class with the speed of the gods. You were embarrassed, hurt, angry and overall you felt like shit. Storming into the girl’s toilets, you lock yourself into a stall and have a little sulk. You tried to dry your tears but a fresh new lot kept on falling down so you gave up.


You messaged your friends that you had to stay in class to finish of some work. You decided to spend the rest of your lunch period in the stalls trying to fix your appearance up so it didn’t look like you were crying.


On the other hand, Mingyu was still in class. He was going over the scenario that had just played in front of him not so long ago. He felt stupid, so stupid. Of course he liked you, he didn’t call you princess because of those reasons. You were as beautiful as one and deserved to be treated as one. But he definitely didn’t treat you like one. All those hours spent in class teasing you and making you laugh were his highlights. He hated avoiding you during lunches and outside of school.


You understood Mingyu quite well. You got his humour and he especially liked yours. He thought you were perfect.


Mingyus thoughts were broken when his phone rang. He picked it up to hear Wonwoo asking him where he is. “I need to stay in class for a bit…” He lied. “I’ll see you after school.” With that he hung up.


He heard footsteps run into the class and looked up to see your best friends. “Where’s y/n?” Jisoo asked.


“I-I don’t know.” He stutters, putting his phone away in his back pocket.


“That’s weird, she said she had to stay in. Are you sure she had maths last?” Jisoo asks. Jennie groans and says “How would he know, he barely talks to her at all, probably doesn’t even know what she looks like, and yes I’m sure.” Jennie says glaring at Mingyu.


But I do know her, I know her like she was my other half. “She did have maths, and yes I do know her, we have been seats partners, for 3 years now.” He says and they gasp, “Were actually quite good friends-“Jennie scoffs.


“Why would someone like you be friends with y/n?” She asks straightening her posture.


“Because she’s funny and has a great collection of memes that she likes to show me whenever we have maths.” Jisoo chuckles at the statement, it was true, you did have a good meme collection. “now, if you need some help finding her I volunteer.” He said standing up and putting his books away.


“I think she might be in the girl’s toilet.” Jisoo says. “Let’s go check.” Jennie says and runs off with JIsoo behind her and Mingyu tags along.


You had finally been able to clean yourself up and made your eyes clear again with a few drops of eye solution. You quickly walk out of the toilets to bump into another figure which sends both you to the fall.


“y/n!” the familiar voice calls. You turn to see Jennie on the ground with you and JIsoo standing above you both, you chuckle. “Hey, let me join in.” Jisoo lays on the floor with you two which makes you guys crack into laughter.


“Oh… I guess you found her.” Mingyu chimes in.


“yep, thanks for the help though.” Jisoo says giving him a thumbs up and Jennies nods.


“Come on guys, I’m hungry.” You stand up and help the other two to their feet. “Plus we don’t want Mr popular over here to be seen near us nerds.” You say harshly then walk off.

Mi Flor

Fandom: Thirteen Reasons Why

Character/Ship: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Warning: Lots and lots of fluff

Writer: Cassie

Words: 1075

Requested by: Anon

Summary: Y/N and Jeff have been dating for 3 years and they talk cute to each other in Spanish and all their friends get mad cause they never know what they are saying

Author’s Note: My Grammarly is freaking out after spell checking this XD. Also, all the spanish is from Google Translate so I am so so sorry if it is wrong

Originally posted by fabulousqueen

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fall(ing for you)

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Just A Bet

Chapter 2

Previously on chapter 1

“Savannah…” Lee said making me turn away from Luke and his friends

“What?” i said as i looked at her

she gave me a weird look and then Tiffany started grinning and whispered into her ear

what the hell?

“Are you up for a Dare Savannah?” Lee said smiling

i don’t like where this is going but i love dares.

“Depends on what it is?” i said

the bell rang meaning break was over.

ugh i have Maths class, a class i really hate.

it’s also a class i have with Luke and his fucking idiot friends.

we all got up and started making our way our of the canteen.

Lee was also in my maths class which was good i’m not the only one who has to suffer

we got outside maths class and there was Luke chatting up another girl i’ve never seen before

she’s small and looks like a child. She obviously isn’t in our year.

“look at him! he drives me so fucking insane with how he treats girls!!!” i said as we walked into class leaving Luke almost with his tongue down that girls throat

Lee smirked at me and said “ we all know how you hate Luke and Tiffany came up with this idea/Dare”

my eyes widened at her words.. oh no this involves Luke

i hope it involves me smashing his head in!!!

“So what is this Dare then?” I asked not listening to the teacher who yes did look at me twice

is everyone surprised to see me?

“We dare you to get Luke to kiss you” she said


Chapter 2 

Pass me the vodka bottle…

Savannahs Pov

i almost spat out my drink at her words.

what kind of fucking bet is that?

“you want me to what?” i said not believing they even came up with this.

i would kiss any other person but Luke,i would even kiss Calum over Luke.

“We dare you to get Luke to kiss you” Lee said

my eyes widened at her words, is she being serious?

she knows me and Luke’s history right? has she hit her head

“get to class girls” the cleaning lady shouted over at us

we all got up and i continued the conversation

“why the fuck would you think i want to do that?” i said to Lee

she laughed making me get angry, i hate Luke and he hates me not that i care, she couldn’t have picked anyone else?

“okay listen” she said making us stop in the middle of the hall

“we all hate how Luke treats girl so we thought this would be a good way to put him in his place is if you make him fall for you” she continued

she can’t be foreal!

not that i want to do this but he will never fall for it!

i was glad the halls were empty so no one heard this crap!

“Yes we do hate how he treats girl but are you forgetting that i hate him? i can just about tolorate being in the same room as him never mind pretending i have some kind of feelings for him” i said to her

then Tiffany decided to speak

“but it would only work if you do it, he wouldn’t believe if one of us liked him, you have history with him and this would be the perfect idea to show just how much of a dick he is to everyone”

ugh this can’t be foreal

yes a history that is in the past.

we were once friends but that is way over with.

“Miss Clifford,Miss Hamilton and Miss Bennett get to class IMENDITILY!!”

we all groaned and started making our way to class

“Yes miss” we all yelled making our way to Maths class..  

“you’s go in i’m going to the bathroom first” i said to Lee and Tiffany, they nodded and walked into class as i turned and walked to the bathroom that was only a few doors down the hall.

i walked in and of course there was Luke pressing a girl up against the wall, they both turned around to look at me but they calmed down when they saw it was me

i just rolled my eyes and was about to turn to walk into a stall when Luke spoke

“Ditching class again on your first day back” he said leaning against the sinks, the girl he was kissing gave me a dirty look as she walked out

oh i wish Luke would have followed her

“and you care because?” i said to him crossing my arms over my chest, he needs to hurry up because i am in desperate need to pee.

he moved a little closer but not enough were i would have to slap him for

“ I don’t care” he said smirking

yeah right, i’m done with this conversation

“okay then why don’t you leave then” i said to him

he moved a little closer to close to my liking.. i was ready to slap him

“i think you don’t want me to leave” he said

is there something wrong with him?

i looked at him weirdly and said “whatever hurry up and leave so i can pee”

he smirked at me and looked up me and down and then walked away laughing

oh he really does make my blood boil!

and Lee and Tiffany want me to kiss that!

they must have hit their head.

by lunch time i was ready to go home.. get shit from teachers is not worth it if i’m honest, they can go to hell for all i care.

i walked outside not bothering to go to the canteen first because i need a smoke.

i stood against the wall not caring if i get caught and of course Luke and his friends decide to come outside too.

our outside area isn’t that big so there wasn’t many places you could go so it looks like for the rest of my smoke i get to listen to them twats.

of course Luke has some girl by his side but when i looked closer i see who it is.

Virgin Serena.

nobody knows what her name is we all just know she’s a virgin with no friends.

why would she be hanging out with them?

he turned to look at me smirking and pulled Serena closer to him

i didn’t bother looking anymore not caring who he wraps his arms around, once i was finished my smoke i looked over to see Luke shoving his tongue down Serena’s throat.

soon enough by the end of the day she will be throw away and he will have someone else to bother no wait! i’m being to kind i mean by the end of Lunch she will be thrown away and he will have someone else to bother.

i hate how he gets girls wrapped around his little finger and then just thinks he can throw them away like they are nothing.

maybe this bet won’t be such a bad idea but i don’t want to kiss him.

maybe i could have a little fun with him though.

i bet i can really fuck him up with mind games.

he pulled away and looked over at me but it was my turn to smirk at him and then i threw my cig away and walked back inside.

Lee and Tiffany were at our usual table when i walked in, once i sat down they started talking

“Okay listen i think you will agree once you hear us out” Lee said

she was about to continue but i spoke before she could

“ i’ll do it” i said

Luke’s Pov

“i’m surprised you’re not dying today Luke” Brittney said to me as we stood outside school having a smoke

i laughed and spoke “ You know vodka is just like drinking water to me”

she laughed along with me and then she stopped, i looked at where she was looking to see..

oh god she’s finally decided to return from hell i guess.

Savannah Hamilton.

the girl that makes my blood boil.

to think i had a crush on her,well that is long gone.

i’ll admit she’s hot, she’s every boys type if she shut her mouth.

no one likes to get on the wrong side of her, she’s gained some confidence in the past couple of years and i’ve grown to not take her bullshit.

of course Calum had to speak to her at this early in the morning i wouldn’t waste my time on her, i wait until later to fuck with her.

“Oh look what the wind blew back” he said but they didn’t even turn around ignorant bitches.

i hate how Mikeys sister is friends with her because Lee isn’t actually that bad to get along with, it’s Tiffany and her.

Lee started walking over to talk to Mikey so me and Cal decided to follow Tiffany and Savannah into school, it’s Cals idea more than mine but i wouldn’t pass up the chance the fuck with them.

“So tell us Savannah whats brought you back to school then?” i said to her making her turn around along with Tiffany

“well it wasn’t you i can tell you that” she said

oh she really does make me angry, i pretend to be hurt by her comment but i couldn’t care less if i’m honest

i looked down the hall to see our principal walking down the hall looking like she is on a mission

oh Savannah is going to get in some shit!

i wanna stay to watch this!

“Oh please i know you secretly want me but i think someone needs you right now more than my dick does” i said to her pointing behind her to the principal

our principal reached us and said “"Language Mr Hemmings and a word Miss Hamilton”

i rolled my eyes and then Savannah groaned and followed her to her office haha i’m glad it isn’t me.

i know i hate school but i’m not that stupid to not show up for a week, i’d rather be here than to have her on my ass.

i’m in enough detentions right now.

the bell rang meaning class but a girl wearing a short skirt caught my eye walking down the hall.. i’ve never seen her before.

“Luke c'mon” i heard Calum shout

i turned to look at him and said “I’ll be there in a minute”

it was Maths class and i wasn’t bothered about going so i turned in the direction that hot girl was walking and went to find her.

she was standing at her locker..she looks new.

i think it’s just right to be the helpful pupil and make sure she gets to class in time or in the bathroom where i can fuck her either way..she learns something right?

“When I was walking by, I noticed you stalking so.. what’s up?” i said to her as i leaned against the locker beside hers looking at her

she grinned and turned to look at me and said “That’s your best pick up line really?”

my face fell but i quickly recovered

“It wasn’t a pick up line but if you want i can pick you up tonight?” i said to her smirking

she laughed harder and spoke “ Wow i’ve always wanted you to talk to me and that’s what i get, i must say i’m disappointed”

i looked at her confused.. so she isn’t new then?

i’ve never seen her around before..

she’s confident.. i think she is going to be easy to fuck..

“ don’t be disappointed just yet i haven’t taken you out yet” i said to her

she closed her locker turned to look at my fully and said “ I will let you take me out if you can tell me my name”

my eyes widened at her words.. she’s good.

but fuck what is her name?

“i don’t know your name but i would love to call you mine” i said to her moving a bit closer but she stopped me.. i’m getting no where

“Sorry but no name no date,i’ll see you in Art” she said then walked away smirking at me

oh she is good.

but we have Art together? since when..?

i will have her by the end of the day.

i mean i am Luke hemmings for gods sake i can get any girl i want.

there is no way she is going to reject me!!!

Savannah’s Pov

they both looked shocked, i got out my lunch which wasn’t very much so i know i will go to subway or something after school/detention.

i can not go without food especially with this hangover!!

“what?” Tiffany and Lee said at the same time

i stopped eating and said “ I’ll do the dare”

their mouths opened and they looked at me shocked

why are they surprised for?

“Why are you agreeing all of a sudden?” Lee asked

“i saw Luke outside shoving his tongue down Serena.. ya know virgin Serena’s throat so i thought to myself maybe playing little mind games with him will be fun but i won’t kiss him” i said to her

they both smiled and started talking about what i should but i wasn’t really listening because i was too busy eating.

the bell rang and i knew i had one more class and then detention.. i think i will go a sleep in detention i’m still pretty hungover!

“we are so going to mess with him” Tiffany said as we walked out of the canteen

if she gets any more excited she will explode.

“Calm down okay..” i said to her

i had class by myself now but i didn’t mind it’s only French..a class i don’t think you should take unless your passion is to live in France.

it is so pointless and i can’t even understand most of what this man says.

I sat in detention thinking of how i am going to do this.

the thought of even pretending to like Luke makes me sick, how do i do it without being sick?

i am going to need a lot of vodka to get me through this!

So guys what did you think??

i hope you liked it, i know it took a while for me to update!

let me know what you thought and if i should continue it!

dont forget to vote and comment below!

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thank you


Because the loss of indigenous languages is tied closely to the usurpation of indigenous lands, the destruction of indigenous habitats, and the larger society (generally into the lower-class margins of that society), language death has become part of a human rights struggle (nettle and Romaine, 2000) Language choice is part of the right of indigenous peoples to their own land, the autonomy, and to cultural and economic self-determination.
—  The Green Book of Language Revitalization (http://amzn.to/2kX4OXb)

“Usurpation means taking someone’s power or property by force. Locking the teacher outside of the classroom and taking charge of math class is a form of usurpation.” - Dictionary

samrosesamrose  asked:

Hey there Dana. I'm going off to college for art soon, and i really admire your work. I was wondering if you had any tips about art college life as well as critique for the art I have posted to tumblr thus far (I'm fairly new to it). I'm not asking for a mentor or anything, but I really do hope I could get in touch with an amazing artist like you so that I can ask for tips from time to time about commissions and pricing and art and life and stuff. Thanks!

(Hey samrosesamrose, I wrote this answer as a general Tips post, send me an email and I can give you a more personalized response!) 

Disclaimer: All my advice is coming from my personal experiences in college.

Hey there, future or current student! Congratulations on getting into whatever art college you get into! It’s probably very expensive, unfortunately. Here are a few tips that could help you make the most of your money! 

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This Isn’t A Joke


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: As you’re so good at writing Theo imagines, I wanted to request one? :) where the reader is dating Scott but ever since Theo moved to beacon hills, he’s been making passes and flirting with you even though he knows she’s with Scott. The reader brushes it off as she thinks he’s joking around but one day when the reader bumps into Theo. He kisses her really passionately and its really intense but then he just walks away and you can decide where to go from there! :) x

Your life couldn’t be anymore perfect, you had supportive friends, decent grades, stable family and a loving boyfriend. The only thing that was slightly throwing your life off balance, consisted of two words…Theo Raeken. Ever since he came to Beacon Hills, his interest in you kept growing. Naturally you just brushed it off but today you couldn’t brush it off even if you tried.

Moving from class to class was expected for a high school student, there was no time to casually past down the hallway between those bell rings to chat with friends, because by the time you even stepped foot outside the class you were expected to be onto the next. Maths was the only class you had without Scott, Lydia, or Stiles. Instead you had a whole period with the one and only Theo.

Taking your favourite seat that had a clear view of the board, but also gave you enough distant and space from other students you went to smile at Jenny who usually sat beside you. However your heart sunk when instead of Jenny you saw Theo.

“Okay, what did you do to Jenny?” asking the boy who moved his table closer in a sly attempt, but you noticed it all too well.

“What makes you think she didn’t give me her table because I asked nicely if we could switch seats?” he batted his eyes at you, which was so unlike him.

Sitting down after removing your jacket you said, “And why would you want to switch to a table that requires you to actually listen to what the teacher is saying?

“Because I get to sit next to a gorgeous girl like you”.

This wasn’t the first time Theo had giving you a compliment, and just like with all the others you filed them under the ‘his just joking category’.

Not bothering to give him any satisfactory of replying you opened the book and continued the exercises that were written on the board. A note landed on the side of your desk, grabbing it so the teacher wouldn’t see you peaked inside.

Just to let you know Theo hasn’t stopped staring at you since the class begun - Jenny

Looking over your shoulder the girl who you thought was shy, winked in your direction. Stunned at her behaviour you crinkled the note, setting it to the side. 10 minutes later another note came hurling at your desk, this one only contained two words.

Still staring - Jenny

These interruptions weren’t helping, all you wanted was to work in peace but that was beginning to feel impossible. Scraping the note, putting down the pen you turned and Theo didn’t even move or try to conceal the fact that he was indeed staring.

“If you’re done staring at me like I’m some zoo animal, could I possibly get back to work?” you asked.

“You look beyond sexy when you get frustrated” he certainly didn’t shy away from being honest, you figured that out every time he flirted.

“I have a boyfriend” you simply reminded him.

He leaned back slightly in his chair before answering, “Ah yes I’m aware, Scott McCall. His a good guy I’m not going to lie and he probably treats you right, but he most likely lacks excitement…that’s something that I could definitely bring you”.

The speakers emitted the school bell indicating that class was over, which gave you the perfect excuse to walk away from Theo. You were perplexed at the on going advances he made towards you, surely it was all some sort of joke.
Seeing Scott, wide smile plastered on his face instantly made you feel better. Wrapping his arms around you, lips connected.

“Ew guys get a room” Stiles teased, causing Scott and you laugh at his reaction.

You felt a breeze but that wasn’t right considering you were indoors, scanning the hallway the source of that so called breeze presented itself. Theo was a few meters away, glaring at Scott but also glancing at you and how safely nested in his embrace you were.

“Hey Stiles and I have a free period do you want to come join us in the library?” Scott sweetly asked.

Forcing to pry your eyes away from Theo, you turned to your boyfriend and his energetic best friend. “Yeah I’ll meet you guys there, just have to grab a few things from my locker”.

“Okay babe, I’ll save you a seat”, Scott said before walking away with Stiles.

Not having to go far, you reached your locker and got out the books you wanted to study with. Shutting the door, Theo’s presence made you jump.

“Oh my god…Theo what is it?” you asked half annoyed, half recovering from the scare he provided seconds earlier.

The hallway was emptying, he just stood there leaving you guessing to what he was thinking. “Earth to Theo” you waved your hand in front of his face, hoping to get any reaction from him.

“You deserve better” he spoke, low and faintly before turning his back and leaving you confused.

Dragging your feet to the library you saw Scott, Stiles and Lydia sitting around one of the tables. Taking the empty seat next to Scott, he extended his arm resting it on the back of your chair.

“Y/N you look like you’ve seen a ghost” Stiles commented.

“Maths just took it out of me, I suppose” you responded which seemed to satisfy Stiles.

Tapping the table with the pen in your hand, it was hard to concentrate for some reason. You stood up wanting to use the restroom.

“Where are you going?” Scott asked.

“Bathroom, I’ll be back soon” kissing him on the cheek.

Surprisingly the hallway was still empty, turning the corner that led to the restroom’s your body crashed into what you thought was the wall. Rising your head once again Theo had managed to catch you off guard.

“Theo this is like the third time you’ve just done nothing but stare at me, either talk or allow me to pass” you said.

This was the moment, this was the action that you wouldn’t be able to forget. Without warning Theo’s lips synced perfectly with yours, the passion was difficult to ignore. He pulled away and it was no surprise that both of you were breathless, it was one hell of a kiss.

No words just a random kiss, you went numb, it was wrong to even think that Theo’s kiss was the best one you’ve ever experience. It left you wanting more, something that never occurred when you and Scott kissed. Touching your lips that tingling feeling was still there, lingering to remind you the after effect Theo possessed and held.

Watching Theo parade across the hall he knew, he knew exactly what you were feeling there was no point in hiding that. Your heartbeat was rapidly beating, and the look on his face said it all. Finding movement in your feet, you marched with anger, disbelief and purpose towards Theo.

“Anything I can help you with Y/N?” he asked, with a cocky flirty tone.

Not having anytime for his attitude you grabbed his shirt and pulled him in, what you hoped was an empty classroom. Scanning the room it seemed to be, you let go and Theo stumbled a bit while you waited for the door to close before talking.

“I have no idea what you were thinking when you kissed me liked that just before, but whatever it was you better hope that never happens again”.

He chuckled, he didn’t even care all this was just entertainment to him. “Oh, but I can tell that you want it to happen again”.

“I love Scott, and maybe you don’t know how that feels Theo but that doesn’t give you the right to mess with someone else, all because you can’t love!”.

The words were like daggers and Theo’s face showed you just how much those daggers hurt. Maybe it was cruel, accusing him of being heartless but what he did was going to cause a turmoil of destruction between you and Scott, not to mention the pack.

The cocky demeanor was replaced with a dark one, “Normally if anyone else said that I wouldn’t let it slide, and I’m not going to lie Y/N that hurt. How little you know me, but yet have no issue in throwing around accusations”.

“Well what about you, kissing me when you damn well know I’m in a happy relationship”. You fired back at him.

He laughed, mocking that statement. “Babygirl let’s not lie you haven’t been happy, whatever you have with Scott doesn’t exactly scream happy to me”.

Throwing up your hands in frustration or angry, you weren’t sure which it was because by now they both felt the same. You glared at him, “What do you know about being happy!? Ugh…I-you make me so-”. You stopped not knowing if you could even find the right word to describe how Theo made you feel.

“That right there is something Scott would never be able to get you to feel” he arrogantly stated.

Clenching and un-clenching your fist to try and calm you down, “Yeah your right, because he’ll never be a egotistic, self centered jerk!”.

Striding towards you, the look in his eyes conveyed longing and a sense of hungry. “No Y/N, he’ll never ignite that passion inside you, not like me. Don’t think I didn’t sense your emotions after the kiss, baby just admit I.showed.you.what.your.missing”.

The small portion of the wall near the door was used as a blockade to prevent you going further back. “I’m not sorry for kissing you Y/N, and I hope that when you kiss Scott again you remember my lips and the way it felt to kiss me” he emphasized the word “me”, watching your reaction as he spoke each word.

When he was pleased with how things played out, he opened the door not bothering to shut it. Letting your head tilt back and hit the wall, you composed yourself the best you could before leaving too, not looking forward to the questions that were going to be hurled at you for taking so long to go to the bathroom.

“Was there a huge line?” Stiles asked as you reclaimed your seat next to Scott.

“What, oh um no I remembered that I had to ask my maths teacher for help on a question” hoping that was enough to change the conversation.

“But you didn’t have your books” Lydia pointed out.

“I have a good memory” you sharply said, not meaning it to come out as you being bad-tempered.

The guilt set in once you turned to face Scott, he seemed so content, so happy despite the long list of evil roaming the town. The library doors flung wide open and for a second you felt your heart completely stopping.

“I wonder what he looks so happy about?” Stiles mumbled, clearly being bothered by Theo’s presence.

“Stiles, why can’t you give him a chance?” Scott sighed not liking his best friends attempt to brand Theo as evil, before getting to know him.

“You can’t be serious? His shady as hell, and always has some sort of agenda. I don’t know why you can’t see that Scott, by the time you do he’ll probably have already made his move to ruin your life”.

Shifting left to right little did Stiles know that, that move was already made. Maybe it wasn’t the last move Theo had planned, but it was one that had major ramifications.

“Y/N your phone just beeped” Scott informed you.

Not knowing how you didn’t hear that, you pulled it out an unknown number displayed on your screen.

You have no idea how much I want to kiss you again. Don’t worry I’m not going to tell anyone - Theo

Moving the screen away from anyone else’s prying eyes, your fingers never typed a reply so fast.

As far as I’m concerned it never happened Theo - Y/N

Hearing a beep, you opened the message

You can pretend all you want that it didn’t happen, but I can’t - Theo

Placing your phone face down on the table, you gradually turned around and to no surprise Theo was already staring. Diverting your eyes away the phone buzzed, feeling nervous you hesitated before looking at the message.

I’m capable of love Y/N. And I’d know how to love you, maybe even better than Scott can - Theo

Touching your lips again, it still amazed you how much of that kiss lasting effect still remained. Scott is your world and you wouldn’t have started a relationship with him, if you didn’t think it would lead to something permanent . But now Theo threatened to take your world and turn it upside down.

Watching him leave the library radiating confidence, he pushed open the door while staring directly right at you. He said he wouldn’t tell anyone about the kiss, one that he so boldly initiated, however not a single part of you believed this wouldn’t come back and cause a domino effect of problems.

Silently groaning at hearing your phone go off again, you braced yourself for what was going to be written on the screen.

This isn’t a joke, babygirl the kiss wasn’t a joke - Theo

And out of all the messages and conversations you had with him today, that one sentence had hit you the hardest.

A/N: I totally did not combine these two prompts because I was lazy. (Yes I did.) Warnings for language.

“Give me ten bucks, I’ll explain later.” / “Look, a distraction!”

That weatherman was a fucking liar, and Thomas should have known better than to trust him. As they walked from the school cafe to their class, Thomas noticed the dark clouds rolling in on the horizon. He squeezed Alex’s hand, knowing how much Alex dreaded storms, but Alex didn’t seem to notice the potential danger.

“Ow, Thomas!” he exclaimed, jerking away his hand to rub his knuckles. “Jeez, are you trying to kill me?”

Thomas took his hand and kissed the back of it. “Sorry darling,” he hummed against his skin, smiling when a familiar blush rose to Alex’s cheeks. He pouted and turned away, but allowed Thomas to hold his hand while he walked him to class. Thomas reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. Just a couple of dollar bills, and no money in his bank account. He knew he shouldn’t have bought that one coat, but it was the only one left, and damn if he wasn’t going to own it.

“Alex,” he said. “Give me ten bucks. I’ll explain later.” He held his hand out expectantly, but Alex just stared at it as if it were some foreign object.

“Use your own money, you jackass,” Alex said.

Thomas rolled his eyes. “I’m out of money, you little turd. It’s because I’ve been paying for your lunch the last few days.” He fanned his fingers. “Come on, I know you have money.” Alex was an avid saver, and if Thomas offered to pay for his food he wasn’t going to turn him down. “You owe me.”

Alex scoffed. “Excuse you, you have the best boyfriend in the world. What more do you need?” Thomas shook his head, but Alex only grinned. “What are you even going to do with it?”

“I said I’d explain later. Now cough up.”

Make me.”

“Oh, you really wanna do this?” He shoved his hand into the pocket of Alex’s hoodie, easily finding his wallet. Before Alex could jump on him, he bolted, knowing that his long legs would take him farther than Alex could keep up. Besides, it was time for his class, and Alex hated to be late. He smirked, hearing his boyfriend shout curses at him. Oh well, he’d thank him soon enough.

An hour later, when Alex emerged from his math class, he was greeted by pouring rain outside. In the courtyard, students were running to class to get out of the rain. Alex huffed, pulling up his hoodie. He just had to survive going back to his dorm. Which was a ten minute walk away on a good day. “Fucking great,” Alex muttered, crossing his arms. Maybe he’d just wait the rain out. It wasn’t that bad, just a lot of water-

He jumped when there was a crack of thunder and flash of lightning. “Shit!” He pressed his hands over his ears. He needed to get back to his dorm. Now. Before he broke down in public.

Too late.

His heart was beating fast and his breath was fervid, his legs trembling. He squated and clenched his eyes shut, rocking slightly on his feet. “No, no, no, this isn’t happening,” he hissed between gritted teeth. “Come on, get up. Get up!”

There was suddenly a hand in front of him. Alex knew that had. That large, warm, comforting hand that always smelled of vanilla. He didn’t hesitate to grab it, launching himself into Thomas’ chest. His strong arm wrapped around him, holding him close. “Shh, baby, it’s okay,” he coaxed, rubbing his back. “Let’s go to my dorm. It’s closer.” Alex whimpered but nodded his head. Thomas was careful when walking, making sure that Alex wouldn’t fall.

Every time the sky would roar or turn white, Alex would stumble. His eyes were closed as he walked, trying to keep up with Thomas, who was walking much slower than his usual pace. Alex was grateful, he knew that Thomas liked to tease him by taking long strides and have Alex practically chase him, so not using that to his advantage was quite a relief. Though, Alex realized he wasn’t as wet as he should be considering how much rain was around them.

He cracked open his eyes, noticing an umbrella over his head. “Mm, wha…?” He tilted his head up to look at Thomas. “Where’d you get that?”

“What do you think I needed the money for?” Thomas asked with a grin. He helped Alex stand, taking his hand. “Can you walk? My arm’s tired. Damn, you’re heavy.”

Alex laughed, pressing close to his side. “Sorry, I’ll cut down on the cheeseburgers.”

Liar.” Thomas had a strange way of showing his affection. Sure, there was the kiss here and there, and the sweet comment that made Alex want to melt, but most of the time there were endearing insults that made Alex laugh. He never thought hearing Jefferson call him a bastard would be so reassuring, or that calling him an asshole would result in a hug and a kiss.

But being with Thomas didn’t change how he felt about storms. This was some of the heaviest rainfall he had seen all year. Thank God it wasn’t windy, Alex wouldn’t be able to stand that, but even this was overwhelming. He held his breath, wanting to disappear inside Thomas’ coat, to wake up and be in his dorm on his couch arguing about conspiracy theories.

Thomas felt Alex trembling in his hand, wishing there was some way he could take his mind off the storm. “Hey, look!” He exclaimed, looking upwards. “A distraction!” Alex’s head followed his glance. Thomas swooped down and kissed him passionately, tipping the umbrella and drenching them in the rain. Alex grunted and pushed him off.

“Jerk! I’m soaking!” He tried to waddle back under the umbrella, but Thomas just stepped away. Alex huffed, though a smile played on his lips. “Oh, you complete and utter ass.”

Thomas grinned. “What are you gonna do about it?” He dashed off as Alex chased him, the two laughing like maniacs as they jumped in puddles to purposely splash the other. When they finally reached Thomas’ dorm, they were treading water. Not that the floor wasn’t already wet from other students.

Alex punched Thomas’ shoulder as they shuffled into the elevator. “I hope you plan on giving me a change of clothes,” he snorted.

“Of course. I’m not letting you ruin my couch,” Thomas assured. “How about that sweater that you like so much?”

“And the plaid pants?”

“Please, Alexander. That’s just tacky-”

And the plaid pants.”

Thomas sighed, pushing aside Alex’s wet mop of hair and kissing his temple. “Fine, and the plaid pants. You fashion trainwreck.” He smiled when Alex giggled and pressed into his chest, cringing at the sound of water squeezing from his clothes. He was going to have a lot of laundry to do this weekend.

book-of-thieves-private  asked:

*curtsies* Hi Duke! So, um, I came here to kinda rant but also ask for advice. So, the thing is that my school offers to teach upcoming 10th graders either English or math as an extra class (kinda outside "normal" school). None of my teachers notified me about the signing up for one of the classes, and when I asked my English teacher, he said he hadn't signed me up bc "I need to work on my presentations and other classes". This broke my heart, but I begged him to try to get me in anyway, (1/2)

although it was due a couple weeks ago. I never new about that.He said he’d try. I then told my mom when I came home, that he said he’d try but couldnt promise anything, but I didnt tell her why I wasnt signed up in the first place. I new just told her, about a week later, and she’s crushing my dreams and confidence. I get an A in both my native language and in English, and not getting signed up for the extra class hurt. And mom made it hurt even more, and made me question everything.help?

*Curtsies* So, this is a little confusing but I think I get the gist. It sounds like it was mostly a misunderstanding between you and your teacher. I absolutely know how disappointing it can be not to get into classes you want, but if a teacher is recommending against it there’s probably a reason. Maybe a longer conversation with that teacher would be a good idea: Why didn’t he feel comfortable recommending you? Does he think you need to spend more time on your core classes because your grades are suffering? Whatever you end up talking about, the most important thing is to stay calm, because if you freak out that’s just going to be seen as further proof that you aren’t ready for additional responsibility. The same is probably true of conversations with your mom. Again, I don’t fully understand the situation but if what your mom is saying is hurtful, I’d advocate pretty much the same approach. Explain to her why this is important to you and why her reaction was hurtful, and stay calm as you do it. Unfortunately there may not be much you can do to remedy the situation right now, but if you handle it calmly, like an adult, the next time something like this comes up you have much better odds of it working out in your favor. Basically, don’t give anyone a reason to treat you like a child.

anonymous asked:

I loooove this blog! ❤️ The simplistic writing is just enough to hit you in the feels heheh. I wanted to request a Mark scenario where you confess your feelings to him but he rejects you because he doesn't want to ruin your close relationship even though he feels the same way. Happy ending please? :3 Thank you!

Thank you so much, this is such a sweet compliment! We’re glad our simplistic writing is just enough to hit you in the feels wow ;; Sorry for the long wait and here’s your Mark scenario!


You fiddled with your fingers and constantly glanced at your watch. 3:55pm… Almost time, you thought to yourself. Mark had promised to meet you at the usual place, a small snack stall located between your school and the SM training building at 4pm. It was probably just any other time to unwind and relax with a close friend for Mark, but for you, it was different. You had decided that you were going to confess your feelings to him today.

For the longest time, you had just thought that Mark was your best friend and confidant, someone who you could vent all your frustrations to, call whenever you were bored, and scold for being too lazy to study for tests. That’s what you thought, but last year everything changed. You had recently started dating a cute upperclassman in your school, and you didn’t have as much time to spend with Mark.

“Yo Piggy, want to get some ddukbokki after school today?” Mark leaned over and whispered.

“Nope, not today! I got myself a date, so find another piggy.” You teased.

“What, are you serious? PIGGY GOT A BOYFRIEND?!” Mark shouted in disbelief.

“MARK LEE. I don’t know when your pig got itself a boyfriend, but please talk about your pig adventures after class. Hands raised outside, sir.” the math teacher scolded.

“Yes Saem…” Mark grumbled. The look he gave you before he walked outside was a bit difficult to comprehend. Something between shock, worry, and absentmindedness. It bothered you, but you shrugged it off thinking, he’s probably only pissed because he doesn’t have anyone to treat him to free food all the time.

As weeks passed, you noticed that he wasn’t talking to you as often anymore. You turned around and poked his head. He was lying sideways, head on his desk, scribbling in his notebook.

“Busy with training, M.Lee? You seem tired these days.”

“Yea…” he answered absentmindedly.

“_______! Jun sunbae is here to pick you up!” your friend squealed. You looked outside the classroom window and sure enough, Jun sunbae was there waving to you with a lunchbox in hand.

Before leaving, you instinctively placed your hand on Mark’s head to ruffle his hair, but he dodged your hand.

He must be having a rough time with training… I’ll cheer him up later, you thought.

After school, you texted Mark.

When you arrived at the snack shop stall, you noticed that there was an argument outside. When you looked closely, you saw Mark arguing with Jun sunbae, and another girl who was unfamiliar to you holding Jun’s hand.

“Why would you date her if you don’t like her?” Mark questioned aggressively.

“For fun. What’s it to you? And why did you drop the honorifics, bastard.”

“Screw off and don’t meet with ______ again.”

They finally noticed your presence and just when Jun let go of the other girl’s hand, Mark grabbed yours and dragged you away from the situation. You sat on the swings side by side until dinner time, drenching the jacket he gave you with all your sorrows. That’s when you first began to see Mark as a man.

Just as you were about to take another peek at your watch, you felt an arm casually sling around your shoulder.

“I have the menu planned for today. Fish cakes, 2 large bowls of extreme hot ramyun, and ddukbokki! Did you wait long Piggy?”

You shook your head and smiled. This is it, you thought. You were nervous, because if you didn’t say it now, you didn’t know when you would have the courage to do it again.

“Isn’t it cold toda-?”

“Mark. I like you.” You looked up at him and he looked startled. After a short pause, he placed a hand on your forehead.

“Woah, it looks like you might have a fever!”

You reached for his wrist and moved downwards, intertwining your fingers with his.

“It’s not that, Mark. I like you. I know it might sound completely out of the blue, but I realized it over the past year. Every time I get a text from you now, my heart beats a little faster than it should. Every time you look at me after pulling a prank in class, your sneaky smile makes me smile too. EVEN EVERY TIME YOU CALL ME PIGGY, I FEEL SO HAPPY YOU IDIOT.”

Everyone eating in the restaurant started giggling and embarrassed, you ran outside of the snack stall.

Mark followed you shortly after.

“Aren’t you going to give me an answer?” you questioned. “I mean, I did make a fool of myself in front of everyone at our usual hangout. I don’t know if I can go back there anymore.”

Mark sighed. “So why did you do that…”

“Because…” you started.

Mark interrupted before you could finish your sentence.

“I’m sorry. I just think of you as my close friend.”

“Forget I ever said anything, I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.”

“______,” Mark said gently.  

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Mark.” You walked away, wiping your tears, feeling like an idiot. It was obvious he didn’t feel the same way, you thought to yourself.

You were nervous it would be awkward between the two of you now, but things seemed to go back to normal soon enough. Months passed and it seemed like that conversation between the two of you never existed. The one thing that changed was that you never went to the usual hangout with Mark anymore.

You felt a sticky note stuck on the back of your uniform and peeled it off.

Uh…That’s a long-ass lecture was scribbled on the sticky note in black ink.

You stifled your giggles. Mark was about to place another sticky note on your head when the teacher walked past and put her hand between Mark’s sticky note and your head.

“Mark, detention after school, 20 laps.” she scolded.

When the teacher left, you whispered. “I’ll wait for you after school today, let’s grab some bubble tea after.”

He nodded. “Grab my backpack and I’ll meet you out front.”

After watching Mark run laps through the classroom window for a while, you realized that a tiny part of you still couldn’t deny that you liked him. Watching him running laps while wiping his sweat, the determination in his brows to finish quickly, the way his hair would blow in the wind… you hated that you still thought of him this way, even months after.

Mark signalled to you from the field that he was almost finished and you nodded. You reached for his backpack, not knowing that the zipper was still open and everything came tumbling out. You quickly placed all his textbooks back in, but one of the notebooks caught your eye. There was a cute tiny pig sticker on the front and curiosity got the better of you, as you opened it up slowly.

Date: February 10, 2015.
She’s dating some sunbae who seems like a jerk. I’m not jealous. Well fine, maybe a bit. You might wonder why I’m keeping this journal, I think it’s awkward too, for a guy like me. But SM makes us keep dancing journals and I guess it’s become a habit for me to write down what I feel, I don’t know. Anyways, Piggy is so dumb sometimes. Or clueless? Wasn’t it obvious?…I wasn’t sad because of evaluations.

You flipped to the next page.

Date: February 11, 2015.
So Piggy made my favourite jacket all wet with her tears last night. Probably some snot too. I don’t mind though. Ok I know that’s gross but I felt good for once, that I could comfort her and be by her side, even if I’m not her boyfriend.

You flipped to the middle of the journal, looking for Mark’s thoughts on the day you confessed to him.

Date: February 14, 2016.
She confessed to me today. I’m so happy. I’m happy that she feels the same way. But I couldn’t bring myself to accept her feelings. We’ve been close friends since we were 7. I can’t imagine not having her as my best friend anymore… I don’t want us to become awkward with each other if we ever break up. Things can’t go back to the way they used to be.

“Even every time you call me Piggy, I feel so happy you idiot.” Should I not call her that anymore? Why is she so cute (and why am I writing like this is a fangirl’s diary. Wtf. I meant journal.) I’m happy too, dummy. I’m happy that I get to spend so much time with you. Telling you about how I have to wear makeup for performances and having you tease me that I wear more makeup than you. When you ruffle my hair, it makes me feel funny inside. I wish I could tell you all these things. And that I think you’re radiant.

P.S. Piggy is dumb again. If I didn’t like you, would I spend Valentine’s Day with you…



You were reading for so long that you didn’t notice Mark was already at the door, looking at you in panic, completely out of breath.

“I thought something happened to you,” he started.

His eyes darted between the notebook you were holding, his backpack lying on the ground, and you.

“You’re really an idiot, aren’t you?” you asked.


“You can stop writing all your feelings in here now and tell me.”

You ran to him and wrapped your arms around his waist. When you felt his arms embrace you in response, you smiled.

“I didn’t think you would ever find that, why are you snooping through my things…” he sighed in defeat.

“M.Lee is so smart, putting this notebook in his backpack where anyone might find it.”

“Shut up.”

You could hear his smile through his words and he placed his head on top of yours.

“I think you have a lot of explaining to do,” you teased him.

“Like this?” He kissed the top of your head.

“Hmm, not exactly… like, I’m happy too dummy. And, when you ruffle my hair, it makes me feel funny inside. I wish I could tell you all these things. And that I think you’re radiant…..”

Mark stepped back and placed his hand over your mouth. “You have two choices. Stop reciting my journal. Or I’ll use my own method to stop you from blabbering, Piggy.”

“Okay, I’ll stop reciting your fangirl diary” you winked and ran away as quickly as possible.

“Come back here!” he yelled.

“Race you to the usual, Piggy’s boyfriend!” you laughed.

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Special Friends: Chapter 6

Submitted by: Panicattackkisses

Description:  When Stiles’ phone buzzed and lit up with the image of Lydia with two chopsticks in her mouth, he answered immediately.
“I thought I told you you can’t keep calling me up for meaningless, mind blowing sex, Lydia”.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Comedy

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5. “I’ll walk you home.” + highschool AU + hurt/comfort

Stiles categorizes the people in the yard in his head: there are exactly two types; which is good because two is a balanced number. He can look at a person and slot them into either A or B without thinking twice about it. It’s like pulling the petals off a daisy to tell if someone loves you or not - there’s always a definite answer: yes or no. There is no in between. No anomaly. It’s comfortingly predictable. 

He sits on the sun warmed slab of stone in the corner of the yard and stares at the people. The first category are the ones who are avoiding him like the plague, who want to stare openly but are too afraid to do so, as if death is something contagious. As if just by looking at the kid whose mother died, you were putting you and your family at risk too. Stiles calls them the ‘Turn Aways’ because that’s exactly what they do: they look at him with something akin fear in their eyes until he looks back. Then they avert their gaze because of course, eye contact can’t be made. It’s too dangerous.

But Stiles can deal with this category, no problem. It’s the second one that’s more difficult. They’re the ones who haven’t found out yet. They hover around the periphery of his day usually and Stiles usually doesn’t even notice them but today, each innocent smile and casual wave of the hand is like a sword in his gut, deep and shifting with each breath. It’s not their fault. They don’t know about his mom and they’re behaving in the manner they usually would but Stiles fingers still curl around the edge of the stone slab and he still feels short of breath and angry. Angry because they don’t know and they don’t care and when they do find out they’ll probably be the ones who’ll come and sob and tell him how sorry they are. He doesn’t want their pity.

He closes his eyes briefly, bends his head so that all he can see are his red shoes and tries to breathe. It’s funny how he has to put in an effort to do something that should come naturally, that needs to come naturally. He exhales slowly and sits up again.

There are no sandwiches in his bag because there’s no one to put them there anymore. He’s hungry but it’s just a dull feeling - something he can easily ignore if he wants to. He stares at the popular bunch of girls with their pink nails and perfect blonde hair and feels nothing. He takes in their high pitched laughter and their whispers and catalogs it someplace he doesn’t know how to access at the moment.

He thinks maybe he should get up and go inside and sit in the classroom. It’ll be quieter there. The only thing stopping him though, is that he knows that when he moves to get up, he’ll instantly become the center of hundred and twenty seven people’s attention, a single ripple in a big pond. It’s safer to keep sitting there, motionless, inviting as little attention as possible and wait for the bell to ring so that he can join the crowd of people going to their classes and blend in.

Blending in. He’s going to become a pro at it, he thinks as he shifts imperceptibly. The sun feels warm on his head because of his new buzz cut. He categorizes six more people: they fall three each into both categories. He’s tired because he hasn’t slept in three days but it’s not really his fault because every time he lies down on his bed, he’s wide awake, as if he’d had a million cups of coffee all at once. His dad hasn’t noticed yet. Stiles doesn’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

“Hey,” a voice calls out from behind him. It’s a somewhat familiar, kind of nice voice. It sounds friendly and only very mildly curious. Stiles turns, partly because he can’t figure out which of the two categories the owner of the voice belongs to.

“I’m in your Spanish class.” It’s a boy. Stiles has seen him before. He thinks he sits two desks down the row to his left. He’s never talked to him before though.

“I’m Derek,” the boy introduces himself. He’s looking over the yard wall so Stiles can only see his shoulders, arms and head. Stiles nods but doesn’t say anything.

Derek looks at him for a second before placing his palm flat on the yard wall and hoisting himself up and over it. He lands on his feet next to the bench Stiles is sitting on with a little 'oof’ but straightens up almost immediately. Without another word he drops down next to Stiles on the bench, hooking his thumbs into the straps of his backpack and staring out at the people in the yard like Stiles is.

They sit in silence for a long time. Stiles is a little irritated because he can’t slot Derek into Type A or B but the bell rings before he can solve the puzzle. Derek gets up with him and wordlessly they walk to Spanish class.


The next day he’s back. He hoists himself over the wall again, showing a little skin where his shirt rides up as he’s jumping. Stiles nods as he sits and they stare out at the yard in a strangely comfortable silence.


On the fourth day he takes off his backpack and sets it by his feet. Stiles stares straight ahead. The people in the yard have all become Type As and he’s trying to catch them looking curiously at him.

“I’ll trade you a sandwich for your Spanish notes,” Derek suddenly says, holding out a plastic wrapped sandwich. Stiles stares at the thin slice of pink meat and the lettuce peeking out from between the bread. He can’t remember the last time he had taken notes in Spanish.

“Go on, I’m kinda desperate here,” Derek says. Slowly Stiles moves his hand and takes the offered food. He unwraps it and holds it in his hand for a few seconds before looking up at Derek.

“I don’t have Spanish notes,” his voice is raspy and feels foreign in his throat. Derek just shrugs. Stiles doesn’t know what that means exactly so he looks back at the sandwich. The crusts have been cut off and the plastic wrap has been carefully folded into neat little triangles in the corners. He imagines Derek’s mom making it for him, slicing off the edges because that’s what her son likes, wrapping it efficiently so that it doesn’t get squished in his bag. He swallows and brings it up to his mouth to take a bite.


On the fifth day Derek has two sandwiches.

On the eight day he has a little pudding cup and two spoons. It’s chocolate pudding which is Stiles’ favourite.

On the tenth day he finds Stiles’ locker and is leaning against it when Stiles arrives, surprised to see Derek outside of the yard and Spanish class.

“Do you have Math now?” Derek asks, tucking his thumbs into the straps of his backpack again. He does that a lot. Stiles nods.

“Cool. I have English and it’s right next to the Math class so I’ll come with you,” he says. Stiles hands still for a moment as he’s taking out his math text book. He nods again, puts the book in his bag and shuts his locker. They walk to class together.


For some strange reason, Derek sticks by his side for two weeks. Stiles wants to ask why, is curious and confused because pretty much everyone else has left him alone. (Except for Kira; she came and gave him a hug and then left without a word). He’s almost on the verge of asking Derek one day (they still don’t talk a lot and this would be the first time Stiles would initiate conversation) when he overhears the principal’s secretary talk about a shooting at the station.

It feels like his stomach drops.

His breathing speeds up and his vision grows blurry and without thinking, he reaches out and grasps Derek’s arm, trying to steady himself. Everything is slowly fading into white noise and his hands feel shaky and he is so cold, so fucking cold but he manages to walk over to the secretary and ask her for details.

At his side, Derek has a palm flat over Stiles’ hand on his arm and is looking at him with wide eyes. He doesn’t look like he wants to escape though.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Stiles. It’s a shooting in the station in the next town, not in Beacon Hills,” she bites her lip and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, tapping her pencil against the desk with her other hand.

Stiles stills and feels like something huge has been lifted off his shoulders. He closes his eyes briefly and swallows and tries to immediately tamp down the ‘what if’s because he knows that they won’t help.

“Are you okay?” the secretary asks. Stiles can’t speak or nod so she reaches out to pat his shoulder. It doesn’t give him any comfort. “Your dad said to tell you he’s driving over to investigate and help and that he’ll be back late,” she  tells him gently. He finally finds it in him to acknowledge her words and nods, taking a step back. Derek’s hand is still on his and it feels strangely comforting.

“Hey,” Derek says very quietly, almost in his ear as he pulls him into the little janitor’s closet a little way down the hall. Stiles lets him.

“Was that a panic attack?” The closet is small and they’re almost chest to chest, Derek’s hands now anxiously fluttering over his forearms. Stiles leans into the touch and closes his eyes, nodding. It’s dark in the closet and he can’t remember the last time he hugged his dad. Or his mom. He wishes he could lean in and hug Derek.

“Are you feeling better now? Is there anything I can do?” Derek asks, voice concerned and hesitant. Stiles shakes his head and lets his head fall a little so that it almost touches Derek’s shoulder. He craves the touch so bad it’s an itch under his skin but he also doesn’t want to be the one to ask.

Derek, though, magically, somehow, understands. His hands shift from Stiles’ forearms to his back, tucking themselves around his waist and drawing him in so that Stiles’ head is buried in the crook of his shoulder. Stiles almost wants to cry. His breath hitches as he brings his hands up around Derek’s shoulders and turns his face into the slant of Derek’s neck and tries not to cry as Derek’s hands rub circles at the small of his back.

“I’ll walk you home,” Derek whispers as the bell rings. Stiles nods into his shirt and feels his heart return to it’s normal pace.