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I don’t know why Lance being the youngest is such a surprise for people, I kinda figured he was either the middle or youngest child in his family. Maybe that’s because I saw myself in Lance, and still do. Lance acts “extra” or he acts out and feels like he has to just to get the attention of the people he wants to notice him, which team voltron probably just sees as Lance being self centred and obnoxious, but I can relate to Lance and know that when put in a situation outside of family it’s hard to change your behaviour so you do what you’re used to to get heard and it’s looked at the wrong way. Being the youngest is good in the aspect that you’re the baby and you get “spoiled”, but there’s also the older siblings. Always getting compared to someone else, and never being able to have your own actions/thoughts can make you feel inadequate. Or (as in most langst fics/art) insecure. This could just be me self projecting cause I’m the queen of that lmao. It kinda makes me sad seeing people be upset about Lance being the youngest. He’s still him, still Lance, why should him being the youngest of his family affect how you look at him?

Random Scott Headcanons #15

Friendship with Suvi

  • They painted each others tea mugs - Scott painted Suvi’s and Suvi painted Scott’s. Scott’s mug looks really cool with planets and starships, while Suvi’s has silly little flowers on them and a smiling sun. Also a little puppy, that does not look like puppy at all. Scott just thought it was cute.
  • When they talk to each other they often go into full scottish mode. Mostly just to mess with people.
  • Every now and then they climb over the railing in Scott’s room and sit down on the floor as close to the windows as possible. They watch stars and chat about literally everything that comes to their minds.
  • These moments are usually when they talk about sadder parts of their lives. Suvi is actually the first person outside of the family with whom Scott could open up about losing his mum. 
  • They can really connect on an emotional level and that’s why there is such a strong bond between them.
  • Scott sends Suvi a lot of pictures from their missions. Sometimes they are serious photos of flora, wildlife, or architecture, sometimes they are just stupid selfies with captions like: ‘ayyy, check out this cool rock’.
  • They have a very similar music taste so Scott shared his whole collection with her. 
  • Scott absolutely loves when Suvi talks about science and her research and he actually read all of her scientific papers, including the one about dirt, even though he did not exatly understand them. Suvi was more than happy to explain everything to him, though.
  • Suvi and Scott have a lot of inside jokes, that never fail to make both of them giggle. Nobody else understands these jokes and, honestly, a lot of people just assume it’s a scottish thing.
  • Together with Liam they often watch old movies in Scott’s quarters.

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About your HP AU! I wonder if Victor has met his blood family and if his father had more children. How is the relationship with the cousins you mentioned?

He’s never met any of his blood family outside his father. He wanted to meet his mother for a long time but had no way to contact her and neither did anyone else so eventually he gave up. On his father’s side, no-one wanted anything to do with him because of his heritage until he started to get famous (and rich). He has half-siblings but he’s never met them. Eventually his blood father approached him because the family was falling on hard times financially and offered to take Viktor into the family, hoping to use his fame and money. Viktor politely told him where he could shove that offer. Yakov is his real family, he doesn’t want anything to do with the rest because blood relation means nothing and he doesn’t care about them anymore 

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I don't know if this might be odd considering she's Papyrus' friend, but I think you and Ivy could get along pretty well! You two have a bit in common. Perhaps in less stressful circumstances, you two could be good friends.

Yeah, we got quite a lot in common. On the one hand, it’s good to feel less alone when it comes to overcomin’ some similar shit - but on the other, it’s kinda sad to see there are monsters here that went through some similar shit, y’know? At least in Fell, ya know what you’re gettin’ soon as you smell the Corruption.

But still, I am lookin’ forward to havin’ her over at our new place for dinner, once the work is finished an’ our stuff comes outta storage. An’ it would be nice to have a friend outside the family. So I guess we’ll just see how things happen.

my current job is way better than my last job in regards to bosses and pay but damn i miss my coworkers from last year and feeling like I had friends god what’s that like I haven’t seen someone outside my coworkers and family in a month

The Wakandan Royal Portrait offers clues to the dangers within the fictional nation


“What makes him different from other superheroes first and foremost is he doesn’t see himself as a superhero,” says director and co-writer Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station, Creed). “He sees himself as a politician. That’s the first thing on his mind when he wakes up in the morning. ‘How am I going to fulfill my duties as king of this place?’”

That means not just fighting external foes, but keeping the citizens of his nation happy. He’s a king, but not a tyrant. And Wakandans don’t speak with only one voice. There are many political factions, many clashing points of view. Some are ready for revolution. Some are being pushed.

“He has to keep harmony between the tribes within his country, and that means managing expectations and doing things that are unpopular,” Coogler says. “At the same time, he is the protector of that nation.”


Angela Bassett costars as Ramonda, once the queen, now the mother of the king.

“She is one of the advisors that he would look to,” Boseman says. “He has to look to her for some of the answers of what his father might want or might do. She may not be exactly right all the time, but she definitely has insights. She is the queen mother. And she’s that for not just him, but for everybody.”

Bozeman laughs. “She’s has her hands in everything — even his love life.”


“The one thing I will say about all the female characters in this movie is that they are very strong,” Boseman says. “It’s a very matriarchal society.”

One of them is Wakanda’s undercover operative Nakia, played by 12 Years a SlaveOscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o. She may actually be the closest thing to 007 in this movie, and she’s a former lover of T’Challa’s.

“She is a departure from what she was in the comic book,” Nyong’o says. “Nakia is a war dog. She is basically an undercover spy for Wakanda. Her job is to go out into the world and report back on what’s going on.”

She also boasts some unique weaponry. “We call them her ring blades,” says Moore. “The ones Lupita carries while in the green outfit are based on traditional African weaponry. However, she does get a hi-tech upgrade later in the film, compliments of Shuri.”


Letitia Wright plays T’Challa’s kid sister, who is no one you want to face in battle either. “She is also a genius and runs the entire Wakandan design group,” says producer Kevin Feige, whose also president of Marvel Studios and one of the chief architects of its interlocked universe. “She’s responsible for all these amazing technological advances that Vibranium has brought about from Wakanda.”

Here she is pictured with twin, panther-shaped weapons. It’s not clear yet what they do exactly, but it probably hurts.


She’s not technically family, but she’s just as close. This character played by The Walking Dead‘s Danai Gurira is the head of the Dora Milaje, the all-female special soldiers unit that protects the kingdom (and the king) from harm.

“They are a very powerful force,” she says. “They are not utopic, but what Wakanda has down well is it has allowed people to function within their strengths. These women, their strength is to preserve Wakanda. It’s more like the secret service in a sense that it’s not just military. She is head of intel.”

Okoye has guilt over the death of the previous king, and she’s generally a stoic presence. But she’s not unfeeling. “She can be serious, but she also has an unexpected sense of humor,” Gurira says. “She has a heart, but for her country and for her people. She’s not a person who doesn’t connect to human beings as a result of what she does.”


There is an enemy in this portrait.

In the comics, he was once a Wakandan known as N’Jadaka, but he took on this “death-dealing” nom de guerre when he became a dissident, then an exile, from his homeland.

Michael B. Jordan’s character is one of the antagonists of the film, allied with the mercenary Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis, reprising his role from Avengers: Age of Ultron), an arms dealer who has plundered Vibranium before and plans to do it again. He’s addicted.

In The Godfather terms, Killmonger has sided with this outsider against “the family,” his brothers and sisters of Wakanda. “I think Killmonger has his own opinion on how Wakanda has been run and should run, and what I think Michael brings to the table is sort of a charming antagonist, who doesn’t agree with how T’Challa is running things, frankly,” says Moore. “I think that puts T’Challa in a difficult situation. Killmonger is a voice of a different side of Wakanda.”


Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya plays T’Challa’s best friend, who is also a member of one of the most vital groups in the nation. “W’Kabi is the head of security for the Border Tribe,” says Moore. “They live on the borders of Wakanda and serve as the first line of defense for the country.”

In other words, he helps maintain the disguise that Wakanda is just mines, farms, and woods.

“To outsiders they appear to be what people would ‘expect’ of a small provincial African nation – but the truth is they are some of the fiercest warriors in Wakanda, intent on protecting the secrets of their advanced nation at all costs,” Moore says.

Now that T’Challa is king, he asks W’Kabi to join him as a palace advisor.


Another vital voice of reason for the young king is Forest Whitaker’s shaman, a longtime advisor to T’Challa’s father and the keeper of the Heart-Shaped Herb, a plant that grows only in Wakanda and absorbs the Vibranium-rich minerals. When consumed, it gives the new leader superhuman strength. (But in the comics, it only works on members of the royal bloodline.)

“He’s somewhat a religious figure or spiritual figure,” Coogler says of Zuri. “Spirituality is something that exists in Wakanda in the comics, and it’s something we wanted to have elements of in the film. Forest’s character, more than anything, is a major tie-back to T’Challa’s father. Zuri is someone he looks to for guidance.”

As wondrous as Wakanda seems, it can also be treacherous. For all the talk of honor in The Godfather, the families were compulsively driven to destroy each other. 007 may venture to the most beautiful places (and people) on Earth, but there’s always a villain determined to wipe those places off the map. If Black Panther owes thematic inspiration to those predecessors, the danger comes hand in hand with the beauty.

But that’s where the similarities will end. When the Marvel Studios movie debuts Feb. 16, the story will remain on Earth, but its creators pledge to take fans to a world they’ve never seen before nonetheless.

“I don’t think people are prepared for what this movie is going to be,” says Feige. “Not just Black Panther, but the Dora Milaje, and Killmonger, and the entire design of Wakanda – both its traditional African-inspired elements, but also the Vibranium inspired techno-elements. I can’t think of a blend that has happened like that before in movies.”

There’s only one Black Panther, after all.

No matter who wants to lay claim to his throne.

You know those Photoshops of Harry Potter books from Voldemort’s POV? I want titles of the TAZ arcs from Lucretia’s POV. Like:

Episodes 1-6: I Finally See My Friends Again!!

Episodes 7-9: I Almost Kill Two Of My Friends But It Turns Out Okay In The End And I Help Magnus Discover His Love Of Maiming Robots

Episodes 10-16: Of Course They Showed Up In Their Pajamas Why Did I Ever Expect Anything Else From These Chucklefucks

Lunar Interlude I: Oh Shit The Hunger

Episodes 18-27: GODDAMMIT BARRY 

Lunar Interlude II: I Realize I Can’t Trust Anyone Outside Of My Space Family With The Relics And Also Adopt A Small Child

Episodes 29-39: GODDAMMIT LUCAS 

Lunar Interlude III: I Have A Spa Day With Merle And Apologize For Erasing His Memories Though He Doesn’t Really Get It Because I Erased His Memories

Lunar Interlude III Alternate Title:  I Walk Into The Cafeteria One Day To Find Lup’s Name Burned Into The Wall In Giant Letters And Nearly Have A Heart Attack

Episode 41-59: They Spend Twenty Minutes Buying Shorts When The Fate Of The Universe Is At Stake Of Course Why Do I Even Try

Lunar Interlude IV: Magnus Is Being Super Weird Was It Something I Said?

Episodes 51-57: The Hunger Is Coming And I Think I Might Have Gotten My Friends Killed

Lunar Interlude V: Magnus Dies But Gets Better Also GodDAMMIT BARRY

Episodes 60-65: The Story Of How I Became Totally Awesome