outside inbetween

type of dunk person the boys are
  • Darry: the sentimental drunk, tells everyone how much he loves them and how much they mean to him and telling childhood stories abt "the good old days"
  • Sodapop: the happy drunk, literally so happy and excited about everything, even the fact that he just spilled his drink on himself and it looks like he peed in his pants
  • Ponyboy: he manages to be all of them throughout the night, he goes from happy to sad to lovey to mad he's a mess when drunk
  • Steve: he is an angry drunk he is ready to fight u, turn u location on bub he's coming for you, but then he also gets giggly too ok
  • Two Bit: the professional drunk ok, u literally cannot tell the difference when he's drunk and when he's not
  • Dallas: the sloppy drunk, he's like stumbling around and running into tables and peeing in your closet
  • Johnny: philosphical drunk, he usually holds his alcohol pretty well but when he gets drunk enough he's wanting to talk abt the meaning of life
  • Tim: the "broken" drunk, he gets in his feelings and is sad and mopey and talks abt how he does everything wrong until he passes out
  • Curly: the reckless drunk, he's running around the front yard saying "hold my beer and watch this" every 5 minutes

i wish i were a man so i could be a carefree black boy
i could explore softness and hardness and feel a sense of accomplishment and freedom

i wish i were a woman so i could have that black girl magic so i could cry to solange and really feel spoken to

but i’m neither
there are no hashtags
lyrics pictures or poems for the black inbetweens or outside-ofs

there’s a half assed tumblr post calling me valid but iont give a fuck about validity

i want gentle hands uplifting us with the rest of our community i want a song so fucking bad

i want the experience of being

When are people going to realize that we don’t have to put down one group to support another?

All genders are equal and deserve to be treated that way. Male, female and anyone who identifies inbetween or outside, cisgendered or transgendered. We don’t have to degrade men to empower woman or vice versa, and we don’t have to stick to any binary. 

All beliefs and religions are valid. We don’t have to disrespect the beliefs of others to validate our own.

All races are equal and deserve the same rights and respect. We don’t have to blame one race to empower another, we should stand together against intolerance and violence. 

Love is love, all sexualities are valid and deserved to be treated equally. We don’t have to insult another sexuality to validate or empower our own.

Every body is beautiful. Healthy is beautiful. We don’t have to shame skinny to embrace curves and vice versa.

Humans are humans. Though we might look, love and think differently - We are equal and deserve to be respectfully treated that way. We do need to stand together against hate.


All bots have their vox box at the adam’s apple spot. Every bot. Fembot to manbot and anyone inbetween or outside. 

It doesn’t bulge out normally, but Impactor here is giving a very pointed pout, so you can see the shape. Due to the placement, it’s pretty easy to rip out someone’s vocalizer. 

This is also why bots make gagging sounds when being strangled, because the vox box is being put under pressure.


I just met Fall Out Boy in the airport and I’m fReaking out they were so nice oh my god oh my god.

So I saw them on the plane while we were boarding and I wasn’t sure if it was actually them. And then I was sure. Like a lightning strike, I was SURE. So as I passed them I said “I don’t want to make it weird, but I love you” and Joe was like “thanks” and Patrick said “dude!” And I thought it would be left at that. Yes??? NO.

I get off the flight. Bypass my mother (who hasn’t stopped calling me a groupie/heckling me since) and basically run to see them but keep a distance because I’m too fucking star struck to move. Then my mom and I start whispering about a picture and their security basically mouths a no at me. And I’m like well, that’s fine. I put my phone away, try to get over the crushing disappointment, and do my best not to stare like a creep.


Pete Wentz (according to my mom) smiles in my direction. About a minute later their security says they’ll take a photo on their way out. I’m LOSING IT. Pete looks at me and asked “is that okay?” And I’m nodding like an idiot like yES THAT IS SO BEYOND OKAY.

Then we go in to get the picture. I’m shaking, stuttering. Pete asks me about if I’m coming home from college. I say yeah, and apologize for freaking out. A chorus of “hey you’re doing fine” erupts from all four of the lovely (SHORT. SO SHORT) men in the above photograph. And then it was over.

This was the best day ever. Thank you, Fall Out Boy for being so kind to a tiny weird kid on their way home for the holidays. I do not think I will ever or could ever forget this.

anonymous asked:

QP relationships are not a new concept or somewhere where language is lacking. if "friendship" just doesn't cut it, it's a romantic relationship. that's pretty much the entire idea of romance.

Hm… not really. I think the only reason we can a lot of times only conceptualize romantic/friendship is because our society labels things in a strict romantic/friendship binary. It’s kind of like the male/female binary - just because those things inbetween and outside of that binary aren’t recognized in our society, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I think saying romantic or platonic is the only way relationships can manifest is taking a very skewed view of the world. People’s feelings, relationships, and interactions are so much more complicated than that. 

I really don’t think it’s your place to try to tell other people what their relationships are. How do you know if someone’s feelings are romantic or not unless you’re inside their head? For you, that may be how things are, but the only person who can define relationships is the people involved in that relationship. 

 - Sam