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so its christmas now

this happens at least once a week let’s be real

Will: “See, I told you this would happen. Now my coffee is cold.”

Nico: -chews cocoa straw- …worth it.

They totally didn’t just finish making out behind the Apollo cabin.

I imagine Will Solace would definitely not be a morning person (or an Autumn/Winter person). Nico on the other hand, it seems like he’s always awake, and not too affected by the cool weather. Will tried introducing Nico to coffee (unhealthy, but helpful he says.) when they started dating, but Nico found it to be disgusting. He prefers hot cocoa (with a straw).

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Doodles I did at 2am because I was struggling to get to sleep, and I was listening to sweet jams to help me relax (Frank Sinatra and Little Richard). 

These were purely done for fun since these popped into my head while I was listening to my tunes. I figured I should upload these here since I’m jumping from project to project.


“Let me know what you decide. I like it, it suits you.”

In the end, it’s like trying to figure out if he branded Jesse, or Blackwatch did; either way, the mark stays. [x]

Solas and Sene Lavellan, as they appear in Chapter 23 of The Dead Season. In love at the party in Val Royeaux. Simpler times for them both, it seems.

Commission from the incredible and ever-impressive @destinyapostasy.

OTPs Week - 1/7