ABC questions

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Age: 22 
Biggest fear: Being alone, being a disappointment, the death of my partner
Current time: 8:41 am
Drink you last had: water
Easiest person to talk to: My husband
Favorite song: There is no way to pick one. So I will list a few: Hey pretty girl by kip moore, Vermillion PT. 2 by Slipknot, Stay together for the kids by blink 182, The way you look tonight by Frank Sinatra. The list goes on.
Greatest memory: meeting my husband and all the adventures that followed
Hometown: Northbrook
In love with: My amazing husband
Killed someone: No, But I would like to at times.
Longest relationship: 3 years on and off  
Middle name: Rose
Number of siblings: 1
One thing you cannot live without: my family ( specifically husband and puppy)
Person you last called on the phone: Mom
Question you’re always asked: When I’m due -_- and why I look so big
Reason to smile: because I got a baby in me!!!
Song last sang: Mama’s Song Carrie Underwood
Time you woke up: Which time? lol officially out of bed around 7 am
Underwear color: white, rocking the maternity panties
Vacation destination: Secluded wilderness with my husband or AZ for spring training 
Worst habit: Letting my depression get the best of me so I procrastinate on everything
Xrays: too many to count
Your favorite food: Well my taste buds change day to day lol 
Zodiac sign: Scorpio

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I was going to do an interview about this amazing blog, but decided against it as I thought it wouldn’t give it enough justice… (Sorry for making you answer all those questions Emily xxx)…but if you guys still want to see it I’d be happy to post it later on…

But this blog is one which I’ve followed ever since it’s started, and I can hands down say the person who runs this is amazing. She’s awesome to talk to…And who thought you’d make a new friend over the topic of GCSE Geography! But seriously it’s a blog I couldn’t recommend enough, if you have and interest in those cool little pictures of pens and notes (I think it’s now I should come clean and say I have an obsession with those kind of things…And is the main reason I follow blogs like these…)….or just want someone to talk to about exams and school.

And Emily, I’ve seen your blog from the outset and I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of where you’ve got and how many people you have falling in love with your blog…

Not to mention she gives pretty good advice when you’re about to quit your own blog ;

So check studyspark out, I know you won’t be disappointed and honestly no one deserves it more x

Have an awesome day guys x

Citadel Sociology: The Immortan’s Attendants

Haven’t done one of these in a bit. This is part of a loose “series” all tagged with “Citadel Sociology.”

From the first time I saw Fury Road (lol “first time I saw”–ah, nostalgia), I was kind of fascinated by the warboys and warpups who seem to wait on Immortan Joe. 

You know the ones I mean: in the first view we have of Joe, it’s him essentially “backstage.” There’s a warpup blowing white dust onto his (obviously diseased) skin (which I thought and still think is something if not outright medicated at least theoretically soothing to all those sores), there’s warboys holding up his arms for the procedure (implying at the outset that he’s not as strong as he might wish to seem), there’s a warboy (based on the white paint) who helps him with his armor, &c. Then, after he’s ready to send off the war-rig and disperse a pittance of water to the Wretched, the Prime Imperators (I learned that’s what they’re actually called; I’d been referring to them as his “wing commanders”) help him to stand and the four or five warboys and -pups give him a reverent V8 salute and disappear.

I mean, the whole scene is interesting–we’re introduced to the Big Bad at his weakest and most vulnerable, but only partially. For one thing, we hear him hacking and coughing, but we never see him without his mask–which is nightmarish itself. And he goes on to prove himself to be the Big Bad in no uncertain terms. But from this scene we know what the “wives” know: he really is a lying old man.

I love them. I love their super-reverent V8 salute. I love their turn-and-exit. I love how they look like acolytes. I love how they’re all silent and serious, holding Joe’s armor or blowing powder onto his skin. It’s so ritualistic. I love it. I love them. I adore them. Background warboys, y'all! But, of course, I have to wonder about who they are and where they came from. (Also, if anyone wants to screencap this foursome, I would love an illustration. I lack the necessary resources and tech, alas.)  wasteland-scraps sent some excellent screencaps, which can be found here!

I’ve been calling them “The Immortan’s Attendants” and I have a lot of questions and thoughts about them. Most of all: where do they come from?

So: How Do You Become an Attendant?

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“Unfortunately, nowadays with film you don’t really get the opportunity to shoot chronologically - unless you’re Boyhood. So I did know from the outset that we weren’t going to have that luxury. So the important thing for me was trying to educate myself on the specifics of the disease, and then I worked with a dancer, a woman called Alex Reynolds, who helped train my body to be able to sustain specific positions for extended periods. The reason I did that all in the four months before filming was so when it came to working with Felicity Jones, who was playing Jane, we could actually just play the human story, the emotional story, and I wasn’t thinking about the specifics and ramifications of motor neurone disease.” Eddie Redmayne on becoming Stephen Hawking.


Here’s today’s WIP Wednesday!

Last week I could only work three days, Thursday and Friday were a bit hectic, so I didn’t advance much. I’m also working on other projects at the same time (all related to improving my art/visual storytelling skills). I know it sounds like a bunch of excuses at this point, but please be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Along with today’s WIP Wednesday, I’m posting an exercise drawing I made last Monday dedicated to Satoru Iwata, who passed away on Saturday. This guy, although he wasn’t president all of his time at Nintendo, knew what the games were all about, because he was a programmer when he started. After he was promoted to be Hiroshi Yamauchi’s successor, he immediately caught the attention of Nintendo consumers, by taking the company into a direction that rivals criticized, and when they saw it worked, tried to imitate it. But why are we so sad about his death? I don’t think it’s entirely about taking Nintendo into new grounds. He immediately gained his way through the hearts of Nintendo fans (well, I’m speaking for myself, really) by being a humble person, he felt real and human because in his interviews (Iwata Asks) he talked about his past experiences as a programmer, not to mention he was directly talking to the people who worked for him. How many times have you seen a CEO interviewing his employees like that? He also participated at E3s, and then in Nintendo Directs, letting us know that a CEO can also be a bit quirky and funny, charismatic, passionate for his work, and not a serious, strict boss that only cares about his paycheck. Speaking of which, he reduced his own salary by 50% when Nintendo was doing poorly! This guy REALLY must’ve loved his job! And it was reflected in all the great games that he worked on, be it as a programmer, or as the executive producer.

So, Mr. Iwata, wherever your soul may be, please say hi to Mr. Gunpei Yokoi and Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi. We’re sorry we didn’t understand. You had something more important to care about but you didn’t let us see it, and we’re sorry you had to carry that burden on your own. Thank you for all your hard work. You’re a role model to all of us. In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy the games you so passionately worked on.


…As I’m posting this it seems a bit weird I’m in the middle of this page when this happened.

AU: Wake the Winds

Prologue: This is but one of the legends of which the people speak…

Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden. It was a prosperous land blessed with green forests, tall mountains and peace.

But one day a man of great evil found the golden power and took it for himself… With its strength at his command, he spread darkness across the kingdom. But then, when all hope had died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand…

…a young girl clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding the blade of evil’s band, she sealed the dark one away and gave the land light.

This girl, who traveled through time to save the land, was known as the Hero of Time. The girl’s tale was passed down through generations until it became legend… But then… a day came when a fell wind began to blow across the kingdom. The great evil that all thought had been forever sealed away by the hero… once again crept forth from the depths of the earth, eager to resume its dark designs.

The people believed that the Hero of Time would again come to save them… But the hero did not appear. Faced by an onslaught of evil, the people could do nothing but appeal to the gods. In their last hour, as doom drew nigh, they left their future in the hands of fate.

What became of that kingdom…? None remain who know.

The memory of the kingdom vanished, but its legend survived on the wind’s breath. On a certain island, it became customary to garb girls in green when they came of age. Clothed in the green of fields, they aspired to find heroic blades and cast down evil. The elders wished only for the youths to know courage like the hero of legend.

10 questions

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1. What was the last movie you watched? The City of Ember
2. What was the last song you listened to? Mama’s Song by carrie Underwood
3. What was the last show you watched?DOCTOR WHO Doo wee Doo
4. What was the last book you read? The Bible
5. What was the last thing you ate?Nutella pancakes and sausage
6. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? With my husband swimming in the tropics
7. If you could pick a decade to travel back to, what would it be? temporarily : the time of renaissance painters Permanently: late 60s early 70s
8. If you won the lotto, and won millions in cash, what would be the first thing you would do? Buy a huge piece of land 1000′s of acres in the middle of no where and build our dream house 

9. Which fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day? The Ninth Doctor (yes sunshine-and-baby-kisses we picked the same person cause he’s my favorite  I don’t know anyone else who feels the same way )
10. What was the last fandom you joined? supernatural but that was a while ago ?

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Publishing a Female Marine’s (Almost) Silenced Dissent.

On the NYT’s At War Blog:  

For decades the Marine Corps has tolerated, even encouraged, lower performance from the young women who enlist in its ranks, an insidious gender bias that begins with the way women are treated immediately after they sign up and continues through their training at boot camp. The results are predictable – female Marines risk being less confident and less fully accepted than their male counterparts, because the Corps has failed them from the outset.

That is the position of Lt. Col. Kate Germano, an active-duty Marine officer who commanded both a Marine recruiting station in San Diego and a segregated all-female training battalion at Parris Island, the Corps’ boot camp in South Carolina. Colonel Germano presented this argument in a draft article, “When Did It Become an Insult to Train Like a Girl?” that she wrote early this year and in which she argued for tougher standards and higher expectations, or, in her words, a movement toward “radical change.”

More here.


Snatched from the ‘net, a bootcamp sign from yesteryear. It could just as easily read, “Let’s be damned sure that no MARINE’s ghost will ever…”