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The Fear of Being Yourself

In today’s society, not fitting in with a group of people is feared more than death. don’t believe me?When a teen feels hopeless and isolated. He or she thinks the only solution left is self-destruction.

As a teen I had trouble. My biggest issue was lying to myself and others. Just to fit in with a group that I don’t even talk to anymore because with age we move on.

Two of the biggest things I loved about myself, being sober / virgin. Were the two things I lied about not being most, just for the sake of fitting in. Just to look cool for the “ladies” and my so called “bro’s” How foolish and naive I was. To jump to every trend like a puppet on a string. Or whenever my friends said something “wasn’t cool” or “outdated” I would out it. But that was back in the 8th grade.

High school was a little different 

Honestly probably the worst years of my life. The year I started getting bullied by people i used to call friends. And it wasn’t that I was weak or anything. The Sweet Reality is I’m not Bruce Lee I can’t fight off 10 people.

But why did you start getting picked on? The answer is simple, I started being myself.

I was happy with being sober, a virgin and finding a group that suited me.

ARE YOU STILL A VIRGIN NOW??? Nawwww lol i lost that at age 21. and stopped smoking and drinking a year ago.

But enough about me. If you’re still looking for yourself Don’t let people determine who you are. There’s nothing worse than not having your own identity. Even if people judge you or don’t agree. KILL The Fear of Being Yourself. Even if it cost you your friendships KILL The Fear of Being Yourself. BECAUSE UNTIL YOU, DO YOU’LL NEVER KNOW WHAT TRUE HAPPINESS IS.

I thought this would be a great way to bring the new years in.

MY ONLY GOAL FOR 2015 Is to help people find themselves, through my art and my music, I feel that is my only purpose on this earth

PS i’m super grateful for you guys support


Yogscast Tag History Game

Type into your tags the following names:

  • Honeydew
  • Xephos
  • Lalna
  • Sips
  • Sjin
  • Lomadia
  • Rythian
  • Nilesy
  • Zoey
  • Will
  • Parv

and select the first tag that’s in your history!