Top 10 Action Fics 2017

1. Blurred Edges (284) *New*

Description: Lydia’s powers get more and more connected to Stiles to a point where she hears his voice a lot, and even hears his thoughts when he is around + Lydia and Stiles switch bodies + Lydia was the one in the school instead of Malia and she got sick in Stiles’s arms

Rating: T

Author:  themightygladerss

2. Love is a Bullet to the Head (220) down from #1

Description: Stydia Bonnie & Clyde AU

Rating: MA

Author:  themightygladerss

3. Amortentia (207) up from #4

Description: Harry potter AU + Can we have stiles and Lydia hating each other but then eventually becoming attracted towards each other

Rating: K+

Author:  cinemariel

4.  I’m Okay (198) up from #6

Description:  After Lydia gets out of Echien house she starts to have these crazy nightmares every night. Stiles feels like it’s all his fault cause he couldn’t get her out in time. So he starts sleeping with her to calm her down and then she tells him how it’s not his fault and that he saved her life cause if he waited any longer she would be dead.

Rating: T

Author:  barefootsockmonkeys

5. You’re the One That I Love (193) up from #5

Description: It’s the final fight and the pack is in the midst of dealing with the benefactor and his assassins. And right when they all think they’re going to make it out alive something happens and Stiles needs to make a choice.

Rating: T

Author:  reportergirl13

6. She Will Be Loved (188) down from #3

Description: Lydia is the next to be taken on the list, the pack hurry to her rescue.

Rating: T

Author: Stydiafan89

7. A Death Too Human (170)

Description: Can you do a fic where Lydia was up in the middle of the night from a nightmare and it’s pouring rain outside. She had a nightmare about stiles death and thinks she is predicting his death so she asks him to come over to make sure he is safe. Stiles comforts her and maybe a stydia kiss in the rain?

Rating: T

Author:  cravingtheworld

8. In Those Amber Eyes (167)

Description: Stiles and Lydia are in a fight and then one of them yells “because i fucking love you”. And then they make out

Rating: T

Author:  stilestilikeslydia

9. Just A Scratch (158) *NEW*

Description: Stiles is hurt while defending Lydia and she offers to spend the night with him to help him. Lydia isn’t good with emotions but Stiles helps her with that too.

Rating: MA

Author: Araminia16

10. I’ve Nothing Without You (152)

Description: The five times Stiles and Lydia fall into a tight embrace, and the one time it ends in something more

Rating: T

Author: nee-socks

Giving (Bestfriend!Luke smut)

Originally posted by lipringsandsnapbacks

requested: yes

summary: Best friend Luke learns that you’ve never had an orgasm and decides to help you out

rating: nsfw

word count: 3k+

masterlist | ask box

“What?” Luke exclaimed from where he was sitting next to you. “You’ve never had an orgasm?” You felt your cheeks warm up slightly, avoiding the gaze of your friend next to you. “How?”

“I dunno,” You shrugged. “I guess I kinda faked it sometimes, but no one has really gotten me there.” You looked at Luke’s face, almost wanting to laugh at the shocked expression on his face. “Not even that guy you were with for a few months? The most recent one, what was his name again?”

“Logan, and no. I faked it with him too.” You told you best friend, cringing slightly at the mention of your ex. “Seriously Y/N, you’re missing out.” Luke said the look of disbelief clear on his features.

“I mean,” You paused, red tint on your cheeks as of the current topic. “It’s not my fault.” You shrugged. “You could always try yourself.” Luke laughed, nudging you with his elbow. “Luke,” You exclaimed. “I’m not gonna talk about masturbation with you.”

“Okay but listen,” Luke paused. “You’re being deprived.” You laughed, shaking your head at his words. “How have none of the guys you’ve been with given you an orgasm?”

Once again, you shrugged. “Like, I dunno. Guys aren’t generally as giving I guess. Or really know what they’re doing.” Luke shook his head at your words. “C'mon babe, a lot of guys know what they’re doing. You just seem to go for the wrong ones.”

“You know anyone off the top of your head?” You raised an eyebrow at your best friend, assuming the he was joking. “Well, I happen to know a few things to get a girl moaning.” He said, smirking at you. Your smile faltered, not sure if he was joking or not. “What are you saying?”

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margaretlouise  asked:

you mentioned you'd been reading a lot of iwaoi fanfics lately, would you mind giving some recommendations? only if you feel like it. alsoooooooooo you're so amazingly talented, you're one of those artists who makes the world a better place with the things you create. like i honestly feel privileged to have seen your artwork. have a great day and keep being your awesome self!!!!!!

At first: Thank you so much, your praise lets my heart go all bwaaaah!  

And then, of course I’m willing to give some fic recommendations!

Please take a seat and some cookies as there is a bit to come!

First things first: Most of these are nsfw or at least have some kind of sexual scenes. Rating provided.

Honey (G) - wc: 976 - hardcore fluff for sad days

just breathe through december (G) - wc: 1362 - Emotional fic with mental issues, wonderful caring Iwaizumi

 The Worth for and of Everything (G) - wc: 3057 - Wonderful fluff 

Lavender (G) - wc: 5457 - Iwaoi in college, this is just wonderful, dorks who are in love but don’t admit it. Bits of mental issues. One of my absolut favorites!

Diluculum (T) - wc 6211 - More mental issues, more fluff, perfect. 

Caught (T) - wc: 1291 - A really cute short, fluff

Shiver (T) - wc: 16703 - Angst, angst, angst, happy end!

because you’re special (G) - wc: 1824 - fine fluff

it’s not love, probably (T) - wc: 6946 - angsty fluff, wonderful emotions

We shine like diamonds (T) - wc: 26733 - angst, homophobia, this is simply beautiful, fine happy end

I Choose You (T) - wc: 9315 - Soulmate AU, this is really really cute, angst and fluff, I really like the idea of time counter on wrists and stuff

To be first, to be best (T) - wc: 26404 - angsty, nice getting together fic

For sinning

Exhibition (E) - wc: 2662 - hots in the storage room

Prelude (M) - wc 3696 - Very sensual, wonderful depiction of their relationship

Kissmarked (E) - wc 6205 - extra fine smut with plot, implied versatile

Things that change, things that stay the same (M) - wc: 8834 - getting together fic, angsty

death do us part (E) - wc: 5564 - this has a wonderful scene in the rain I could die for

oil me up baby (E) - wc: 3834 - total sin with oil and bottom Iwa/versatile

Until it breaks (E) - wc: 2600 - Versatile, Coffee Shop, sensual pwp

If you’re going to hit it (E) - wc: 2774 - sequel of Until it breaks

岩泉の日記 (Iwaizumi’s Diary) (E) - wc: 16150 - this is really cute, Iwaizumi’s POV

The weight of silence (E) - wc: 5531 - Kinky with fine aftercare

Victory (E) - wc: 2384 - fine smut

No touching allowed (E) - wc: 10478 - Stripper AU - this is fine, pure sin

Hot Mess (E) - wc: 2245 - Versatile

One thing (E) - wc: 1463 - more versatile

So much better than an axe murderer (E) - wc: 8706 - AU, normally I’m not really fond of AU’s where they don’t know each other but this one is just really good. 

Guns and roses (E) - wc: 215000 - okay, this is really long, AU with transgender Oikawa. This isn’t something I read normally, as AU’s in general are often nothing for me, but this fic got me after I read the first chapter out of sheer curiosity. Angst, smut, fluff, magical boys AU. Try it out

rationed breaths (E) - wc: 3640 - versatile, smut

Locker room punishment (E) - wc: 5866 - special favorite! Sub/Dom, should be read to the end!

Look (E) - wc: 3876 - bathroom smut

I Win (E) - wc: 1750 - fluffy smut (how is that even possible?)

Conquering the Great King (E) - wc: 105715 - great long story, AU

we can do better than that (M) - wc: 16686 - road trip after high school graduation

but for me, there is a storm (E) - wc: 276138 - long Pacific Rim AU story, lots of pairings, this is great if you like good AU stories! I’m a sucker for Mechas and Pacific Rim, so I really like it

make a bet, keep a promise (M) - wc: 13988 - ah this is so wonderful - long story, fine ending

Not so far away (E) - wc: 12408 - angst! dorks as friends with benefits but secretely in love with each other, happy ending

Yep, that’s my Iwaoi list. I really don’t know what it says about me that the NSFW is on the bigger side but it seems I just am very sensual?  (゚ー゚)

One thing I would like to say at the end because this is something I find to be often forgotten: most of the fanfiction are pure work of fantasy without real realism - gay relationships face a lot of trouble, be it in Japan or in western countries. Society is often forgotten in this fics, what’s okay for me, because I read them for my satisfaction but I just want to remind you that this is (at most) not a realistic depiction of gay romance. Real relationship often don’t depend on roles like top/bottom, some aren’t into anal sex (as it’s simply not a thing for everyone!) and if they have penetatrive intercourse then A LOT of preperation is needed (far more than a bit of lube and three fingers). I always search for fanfiction that is more on the realistic side, be it about sex or about the problems their relationship faces, because it’s something that I already experienced myself and if you have recommendations for me, I would love to get them! 

And if your made it until here, thanks for reading my tiny rambling and have a lot of fun with reading! (っ´▽`)っ


Terry Trudges: 4th man out

Rating: ☆☆ out of five stars

So I added a bunch of netflix’s LGBT catalog to my list and decided I’d watch them and I didn’t start out with a winner. The premise of 4th man out drew me in immediately and I thought it would be super cute. A guy, on his 24th birthday decides to come out to his incredibly hetero dude bro friends and they decide they wanna help him find a guy.

I thought I’d be getting into a fairly cute if possibly peppered with some homophobia movie about some dumb het dudes awkwardly trying to help their best friends navigate gay culture, and it kinda was except here’s my big problem with the movie.

Throughout the movie the guys make the predicted, if tactless, jokes about Adam the main character wanting to fuck them. However special attention is paid, to Chris his best friend who’s been the most sensitive about the issue out of all of them. He even goes with Adam to his parents when he tries to tell them he’s gay, and gets the guys to go to Adams ( and technically their ) first gay bar.

I was joking throughout the movie that if it doesn’t end with them hooking up I was gonna be so fucking mad. However around the last act I actually started to get my hopes up, Adam and Chris were drunk and end up almost kissing.

Chris has a slight crisis™ and basically secludes himself from his friends putting everything into dating this awful girl, who we were shown he had trouble getting it up for with Adam on his mind. Finally, Chris is taking this girl to the cheesecake factory when he should be going to his friends annual barbecue.

He’s sees the car of a guy Adam had recently been interested in and kinda snuffed by, and goes to get a hockey stick and vandalize it, breaking up with the girl and her stealing his car.

In a very, chasing her to the airport scene he gets a cab to the party and shows up. Here I was genuinely getting my hopes up for some cheesy romcom kiss moment where Chris realizes he was bi and kinda in love with his best friend.

Everything up until this point had been painted as a literal classic third act “Break up” you see in Romcoms, but … instead we get Chris and Adam arguing, their other friend proposing to his girlfriend and Chris realizing he’s been an ass.

Then we reveal …… Adam invited the girl Chris had been flirting with that I didn’t mention up until this point because I thought she was a misdirection. They connect, Chris dances with his mom and we get a fireworks transition before cutting to Chris and Adam by a fire having a heart to heart.

Here, I’m finally holding out hope that maybe, they’ll pull the rug under us and boom they’re in love. Chris does get in a “shut up” kiss ….. only for Adam to say it was like kissing his brother and they laugh. Ha ha heterosexuality confirmed and celebrated, meanwhile our ten years in the closet character gets one moment at the very end with the guy who’s car Chris vandalized because he drove into the repair shop Adam worked at. Yay?

I get Adam just came out of the closet and he doesn’t have to find the love of his life immediately but Jesus Christ this all sat uncomfortably with me, like I got queerbaited in a movie where the theme was a character coming out of the closet????????

There are some moderately cute moments but for what it’s worth this movie is kind of a wash, heterosexuality and what “good” allies these guys are seems to be more of the focus than Adam actually coming out of the closet. There are a couple meaningful moments with Adam but it’s … not worth it. Give a pass.

@bigmeangay tagging grell for reference in case anyone tries to recommend or ask about this movie, anyone is free to reblog this tho idc like …. save yourself and others the trouble cause I know I’m not the only person the premise sounds kinda cute to.

ZMD1 - Secret Lovers

OR: The One Where Sokka Doesn’t Find Out

Rating: T

Word Count: 1023

If there was a mystery that couldn’t be solved, Sokka had never found it. Something lost that couldn’t be found, he’d never encountered it. A secret that he wasn’t able to find out, didn’t exist. At least, this is what he often told himself.

Which accounted for his current state of utter frustration. He’d been at it all day, and now he and his friends rivals were having a civil dinner at the Fire Lord’s palace. Sokka wanted to throw one of the less tasty dishes at someone. Instinct told him Katara, and (a suprising amount of) sense told him not Suki or Toph. Even if this was all their fault in the first place.

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Asking Out ( Kurt Wagner x READER )

Title: Asking Out
Rating: T
Word count: 685
Warnings: None

Note: This isn’t my usually 1600+, but even so, have this cute drabble.

You’ve known for a few weeks that Kurt Wagner, the pure and innocent Nightcrawler, had the biggest crush on you. Your best friend, Jean, had told you about it secretly while the two of you were having lunch, knowing you have a crush on him as well. Although, you did do a pretty good job at hiding it, Jean still could read into your mind and find the answer, so you couldn’t deny it. It still struck you though, out of all people in the mansion and the world, his heart decided to fall in love with you. You aren’t sure as to why though; surely there are better people out there for him. Still, you couldn’t be more happy about it. You liked Kurt Wagner a lot, more than you liked your favorite foods. You loved everything about him; from the last piece of hair on his head to his hoofed toes on his feet. Knowing he loved you back was the best thing you could of asked for.

“I heard he’s going to ask you out today,” Jean told you, walking beside you down the hall of the mansion, “I’m sure it’ll be after classes are over.” You sighed, grasping your book tightly, as you pouted. You weren’t even close to being ready for this. What are you going to do when he asks? Play hard to get? No, that’d hurt his feelings probably.

“Don’t worry too much about it; if anything you should accept. You do like him afterall.” Curse Jean for reading your mind; she always knew how you felt. At times it was nice, but there were other times where you wished she’d leave your mind alone. It’s not like you could complain though; she’s your best friend.

Time in class flew by quickly, you now we’re in X-Men training, your last one. As usual, Raven and Hank were testing everybody’s abilities and told everyone to fight the sentinels that are monitored by the professor. You did this everyday basically and it was starting to get boring, but you didn’t feel like getting into an argument with Raven of all people again. Last time you tried, she ended up letting Hank teach the class alone for a week because her way of doing things weren’t up for your ‘standards.’ So, you decided to skip the arguing and kick the sentinel’s asses as soon as possible along with everyone.

An hour passed by like it was seconds. Next thing you knew, everybody was being dismissed. You felt a sense of awkwardness around you, as your cheeks were red and you squished between Jean and Scott, embarrassed to be by Kurt. He was going to ask you soon; you didn’t know how soon, but it couldn’t be long. You turned your head to look at Kurt, who was talking with Peter about something. The two were whispering, but you knew they were discussing things about you, especially since Peter keep snickering and pointing towards you.

“Y/n,” Kurt whispered behind you, as you guys walked into the entrance of the mansion, “can you come here?” You stopped in your tracks, the others proceeded upwards. Taking a few steps in front of you, Kurt began to blush. You giggled at his blushing; instead of the usual red, it was purple, something you found funny and adorable. Clenching your hands together, you got ready for him to ask the question. It was finally time.

“I-I was vondering, Y/N, if you-” Kurt shuddered, turning his head, as he scratched the back of it, “if you vant to go see a movie?” You simply smiled at his adorable attempt at trying to ask you out. Of course, you expected no less from him, but it was still cute.

“Sure, I’d love to Kurt!” you exclaimed awkwardly, your hands shaking slightly. Nobody ever asked you out on a date and having Kurt Wagner, as the first was a miracle. Kurt’s face beamed with joy; giving you the biggest smile and his eyes gleaming in the sunlight. Thank god nobody was around or this would be embarrassing.

JEALOUS (Luke Hemmings)

Requested: Yes

  • You are a famous singer dating Luke but you are at the VMAS bs he’s on tour and he gets mad because there are pictures of you and Justin Bieber close together (but you guys are just friends and Your proud) and you get into a fight but it all works out

Rating: No Smut

Word Count: 1 995

Storyline: You’re at your first nominated VMAs but your boyfriend Luke isn’t able to be with you, and he gets jealous when there’s photos of you and Justin Bieber together.

“Baby, you look so stunning, I’m so sorry I can’t be there with you.”

You looked at the shiny screen in front of you, Luke’s big blue eyes looking through at yours. You were skyping him during your dress fitting as he was on tour right now and him and the boys were missing the VMAs, the first VMAs that you were nominated in a category for.

“Are you absolutely sure you can’t make it out? Even if you’re not here for long?” you said, as he shook his head.

“y/n you know if there was a possibility, I would be out there with you in a heartbeat” he said, sadness clear in his voice.

“I understand, but you better at least be watching the lifestream” you joked.

“Don’t worry I will be! I’ll be fangirling with all the other people on twitter and trying to find the right link” he laughed. “Anyway baby I gotta go, gotta rest up for the show, have fun tonight okay” he said, as he blew a kiss into the camera. “I love you. Good luck, you look beautiful” he added, and with a click of a button, he was gone.

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Title: inhibitions gone
Summary: It’s only when he’s wasted out of his mind that he allows himself to want to be with her.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Night Out
Rating: T
Warning(s): Sexual tension.
Comments: inspired by ilabarattolo’s art of drunken!Sasuke and sober!Sakura.


She sees him on her way home from work, just a few streets away from a popular town bar. It’s been a pretty long day, and she’s more tired than she cares to admit, having dealt with too many pressing, self-entitled idiots, but his presence changes everything for her, tipping her world back in balance and instantly bringing a small, delighted smile to her lips. She loves that seeing Sasuke makes everything seem alright, in so little time. Loves that he can lift her mood by merely just being there.

Fondly, her eyes soften, and before long her mouth parts open to call his name. But she stops herself once she remembers how little time Sasuke seems to have had by himself, always in the company of others and being dragged to places he doesn’t seem to want to go to–and that perhaps he is alone right now because he wants to be. A little disappointed, but still happy to have seen him at all, she moves to turn to the road that would lead her home again, throwing one last glance to the man she loves.

But she freezes when she sees him already looking at her, with furrowed eyebrows and evident confusion. And she isn’t sure, but she thinks he might look a little ego-wounded, too. She wonders why.

“Sakura,” he finally manages to acknowledge, his voice a low murmur.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Sakura smiles and shifts to face him again, raising one delicate hand to wave at him timidly.

“Hi, Sasuke-kun.”

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SasuSaku Month; Prompt Seven

Title: Temper, temper
Summary: “You are honestly the last person I want to see right now, Sasuke-kun.”
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Night Out
Rating: T

Storming down the empty road, high-heels in hand, Sakura tried hard to steady her breathing and calm her mind, but she was simply too furious to think straight. She was sure the alcohol wasn’t helping much, but she wasn’t too inebriated. In fact, she had been planning on getting a lot drunker that night until a certain friend of hers decided to play traitor and abandon their outing…

When she’d met up with Ino earlier in the day and demanded to have a girl’s night out, she had meant just that: a girls’ night out. But of course Ino decided that it would be more fun for her to ditch her best friend in order to hook up with some random chuunin she’d met at the bar.

Oh man, she was going to hear it tomorrow.

Sakura wasn’t even sure what time it was, but judging by the emptiness of the roads and the complete lack of lights on in any of the passing windows, she was sure it must’ve been at least two o’clock in the morning. Last call at the bar was probably happening right about now, and as she thought about it Sakura’s glare deepened; if it wasn’t for Ino bailing, she’d still be knocking back drinks right now. But, knowing how dumb it would be to continue drinking by herself, she’d cut herself off and then proceeded to pout before storming outside the building.

Grimacing, she could still taste the smoke in her mouth.

She wasn’t a smoker in the least, but she’d been so angry that she’d just about demanded the group of guys hanging out by the door to give her a cigarette. It had felt good at the time but now it just left her with a gross taste in her mouth and a foul smell on her clothes. She inwardly scolded herself; oh, she was the real queen of great choices that night.

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Kiss Me Kiss Me

Pairing: Luke/Reader

Request :  Can I have imagine that I’m a songwriter working with 5sos and me and luke like each other but won’t admit it until he listens to a song I wrote about him and he find out

Rating : PG-13

Song inspo :  Kiss Me Kiss Me x 5SOS


You sat on the tour bus couch and your mind went racing. You had been sitting in the same spot for hours thinking how you wanted to go about writing the chorus to 5SOS new single “Kiss me Kiss me” and it was time to present your idea to the boys.

You actually had one boy in particular in mind.


He was the one you’ve known the longest and you were the closest to.

Anyway, while the boys were gone for an interview, you came up with the chorus.

Once the door opened, and noise filled the bus, your body stiffened.

Michael plopped down next to you and laid his head on your shoulder.

“IM EXHAUSTED.” He sighed loudly.

“I bet.” You smiled sympathetically and patted his thigh.

“You got anything yet?” Ashton asked, grabbing a water bottle out of the mini fridge.

“You can’t just go around asking songwriters are they finished every five minutes.” Calum muttered from his seat on the opposite couch next to Luke.

“I’m actually done …  that is, if you guys like it.” You mumbled the last bit, a lump forming in your throat.

“Let us hear it.” Luke said, motioning you to go ahead.

“Alright, no laughing.” You stated, specifically talking to Michael.

“Scouts honor.” He promised.

“Okay.” You inhaled deeply.

“So kiss me, kiss me, kiss me” You looked up at Luke and held your stare for a moment.

“And tell me that I’ll see you again cause I don’t know if I can let you go” You looked back down at your notepad.

“So kiss me, kiss me, kiss me. I’m dying just to see you again. Let’s make tonight the best of our lives, yeah. Here’s to teenage memories” You finished.

“You can fill it in with ad-libs if you want, but that’s it.” You smiled.

“That’s sounded perfect.” Michael hugged you.

“Yeah, you always write the best songs. I swear you were made to do this.” Ashton told you.

The boys were all complimenting you except for the one you wanted to hear feedback from the most.

“Hey, Y/N you got a second?” Luke asked, standing up.

“Yeah, sure.” You said setting your pen and notepad down.

You followed Luke to the back of the bus so you two could talk privately.

“Um, about the song …” He trailed off.

“Oh God, Luke. I know I was kind of staring at you and I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I just-” He cut you off by eliminating the space between the two of you.

“I-I just” You stuttered.

“Just ?” Luke asked, pushing your hair out of your face.

The contact of his hand on your skin made you blush, so you looked down at your feet.

“Who is the song about?” He questioned.

You could’ve even form words, so he just put his fingers under your chin, forcing you to look him in the eye.

“Y-you.” You stammered, your face burning from emotion.

“Good.” He said, leaning in and kissing your lips softly.

After a small moment, you placed your hands on his chest and removed your lips from his.

You admired the look in his dilated pupils again before crushing your lips to his. He caressed your face and you hugged him tightly, your lips still urgently on his. You parted and his swollen lips formed into a small smile.

“You are so pretty when you blush by the way.” He grinned, pressing his forehead to yours.


A/N : Hope this was what you were looking for anon ! Give me feedback or make a request xx

My Masterlist

SSMonth 2014, Day 7: Like Breathing

Title: Like Breathing
Summary: Sasuke and Sakura both hate parties, but find entertainment in each other.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
PromptNight Out
Rating: T
Comments: Waiting for the sort of prompt where I can really lay it on thick. In the mean time, here’s some fluff. Keep reading, and I’ll keep writing. Love you. <3

Sakura could not for the life of her decide what annoyed her most in that moment: the noise, the lack of space, or the smell of boozy-breath. Internally, she cursed herself. Of course she had succumbed, somehow, to Ino’s whining and sacrificed her first day off in a month to the preparation of a wasted evening with Konoha’s drunkest teens. Come, Ino had said. It’ll be fun, she said. It won’t be like every other time, she said. Despite her better judgment, like a good friend, Sakura had put on a brave face and promised to attend the party that her fun-loving friend had so typically thrown. Still, the title of ‘good friend’ did get her anywhere when she was stuck between two overly-passionate couples.

Rubbing her temples gently yet with a certain roughness, Sakura worked her way through the crowd and out into the garden. Her only consolation was that the Yamanaka residence was beautiful, complete with a blooming garden and a koi pond. Coming to sit by the water, Sakura tucked her legs beneath her and glanced at the reflection of the girl she hardly recognized.

Hair done up in a wild ponytail. Eyeliner too elaborate for her tastes. Lipstick a little bolder than she was comfortable with. Sakura didn’t feel like herself, which only added to her obvious discomfort with the evening. Adjusting the denim high waisted shorts and red crop top that Ino had so swiftly thrown at her just hours before, Sakura flicked a finger at the pond, disrupting her view of the reflection that taunted her with thoughts of a night wasted.

She could be at home, with her cat, and her food, and her books-

He cleared his throat to make his presence known. Still, Sakura jumped in surprise at the sudden company. Green eyes shot up, the breath catching in her throat. “Sasuke,” she acknowledged him, nearly inaudibly.

It was amazing, really- how someone could look so intimidating and yet so bored at the same time. He was dressed in slightly more civilian attire, as everyone was that night; a simple dark blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows paired with his typical black training pants. Still, it surprised her. She didn’t think he even owned a single scrap of anything so civilian. He had always been so shinobi, in every form of the word.

As if it were the most normal occurrence in the world, he took a seat beside her at the pond; legs tucked up to his chin as he crossed his arms over them. It struck her as too casual for someone as formal as he was and probably always would be. Onyx eyes turned to her, narrowing beneath raven fringe. “What,” he challenged nonchalantly.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Tony sees Steve training with the other spies.

Title: Fight It Out
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Tony catches a hand-to-hand demonstration between Steve and Peggy. It makes an impression. 

It wasn’t like Tony was unaware Steve could fight. Before he’d known what Steve did for a living, really did, Steve had joked sometimes about getting into the occasional fistfight. In Afghanistan, Tony had seen Steve break a man’s neck, and he’d seen the aftermath of what happened when people tried to attack Steve. He’d seen him jump Obie in the Iron Monger armor with nothing more than a couple of knives and determination. He knew Steve could fight.

He’d never quite understood what that meant, on the other hand, until today. 

Their relationship was public now – forcibly public, but still, it had its positives. Because he was Tony Stark, everyone in the country knew he was dating Steve. But that meant they didn’t have to sneak around, even at SHIELD, and Tony had come to realize that this meant he could visit SHIELD with his consultant’s badge and surprise Steve with lunch. Once he’d come to this realization (lying in bed with Steve asleep against his back, luxuriating in the warmth and comfort of having nothing to do and someone to do it with), it had been hard to wait for lunchtime to happen the following day. 

This was being a good boyfriend. A great boyfriend, even. And he was looking forward to the smile on Steve’s face when he showed up with Steve’s favorite lunch, the weird chicken pasta pesto salad from the deli near Stark Tower. 

He’d impatiently arrived at eleven, however, which was technically lunchtime but somewhat early, and a rather overawed SHIELD trainee had directed Tony to the physical training level, where Steve was (finally) being allowed to teach unarmed combat. 

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2010 Casas de Halloween Haunted en Sacramento

2010 Pánico en el Planeta ‘World Of listo para descubrir el miedo real Fear'Get! Pánico en el Planeta Casa Encantada este año va a ser más grande y mejor que nunca! El miedo es el planeta más grande casa embrujada en el área de Sacramento y atrae a los amantes de la emoción de cada año. Con cuatro refugios separados, cada uno tan temible como la siguiente, nunca se sabe quién está al acecho en la oscuridad! Esta es, probablemente, no una para niños pequeños como una casa encantada es intensa y está destinado a ser un poco de miedo 'de gritos! Los niños menores de 13 años deben estar acompañados por un padre o Guardian. Si usted está tratando de asustar a algunas personas este año, están llevando a cabo actualmente un casting, y están tomando las solicitudes de monstruos. Aplicar HereOpening Noche: 8 de octubre de 2010 (7p-10p) Programa Haunting Dónde: 6130 Birdcage Centro Lane, Citrus Heights, CA 95610 Costo: de domingo a jueves $ 16.95 Admisión General $ 25.00 VIP (sin esperas en línea), viernes y sábado 19.95 Admisión General $ 28.00 VIP (sin tener que esperar en línea) Las tarifas de grupo disponible. Venta de entradas de información OnlineFor en 'World of Fear’ Pánico en el Planeta, por favor visite su sitio web: FrightPlanet.com Callson Manor Haunted House 2010Callson Manor ofrece tres persigue aterrador para Halloween 2010. La venganza Menor es el nuevo albergue de Halloween de 2010 y el más grande que hemos construido hasta ahora. Lo lleva en pequeñas galerías donde tiene que escapar del túnel se derrumbó, ten cuidado con las explosiones, y trata de evitar ser víctima de un asesinato! Asegúrese de tomar un tour de la Funeraria y descubre lo que la actividad paranormal se esconde en el suelo. Para un final terrible para su noche espectral Callson, visita la cripta de los Vampiros y ver una batalla por el sitio de la humanidad, pero tenga cuidado de no quedar atrapados en medio de la lucha entre vampiros y asesinos! Callson Manor está a cargo de profesionales con experiencia en efectos especiales y escenografía, así que usted sabe que esta será una gran casa embrujada que le mantendrá detrás de su espalda para próximas semanas la noche de inauguración: 08 de octubre 2010 7: 30p - Programa Haunting 10p, donde : Feria del Condado de Placer, Rosevelle, CA 95678 Costo: A $ 10 por separado para cada atracción o $ 20 por un billete combinado (los tres sitios) $ 30 VIP - entrada VIP, sala VIP, y un acceso ilimitados en las noches. compra OnlineHaunted Hagan Grito Parque Heartstoppers Heartstoppers Este año trae tres terrible acecha Scream en Hagan Park. Con muchas mejoras realizadas este año es seguro que será aún mejor que antes! Grito Parque ofrecerá dos casas encantadas, y Hangtown Heartstoppers Haunted House Haunted House (de ScaryU). Además, usted debe tomar un tren de vapor a través de la niebla y la noche del Bosque Encantado para llegar a la Deadlands y casas embrujadas. Hagan Parque Grito asustar a los calcetines! Asegúrese de tomar el cuidado de las cosas que van topetón en la noche la noche de inauguración: 08 de octubre 2010 (p-10 07:30: 30p) 29,30,31 de octubre (7p-11P) Haunting ScheduleWhere: Hagan Community Park, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 DirectionsCost: $ 17 Adultos $ 12 Niños Combo (incluye viaje en tren y la entrada de cualquier casa embrujada) $ 25 por cada boleto de adulto de reserva de $ 20 para niños. $ 8 para adultos (tren solamente) $ 5 niños (único tren) para comprar boletos en línea casas embrujadas son una de las mejores fiestas de Halloween. Cada uno es único en su estilo y tema. Todos ellos darán una pista sobre lo que está alrededor de la esquina. Me da miedo … Quiero decir … Los esperamos!

Amazing Grace - Utilice sólo las claves Negro

¿Desea más información sobre la ayuda para el éxito de auto increíble? Al unirse a este sitio de pertenencia, es decir el acceso a la descarga de los materiales mensuales de alta calidad que incluyen la formación de la revista digital, Amazing Journey Sesiones, series de la riqueza abundante de vídeos y películas de visualización propia mente guiadas . Este sistema ofrece muchas técnicas de auto-ayuda y consejos para mejorar su salud, la riqueza, las actitudes y relaciones que son las cuatro áreas principales de la vida de una persona. 1. Examen de las opciones con diferente composición propia Amazing Este curso viene con dos diferentes formas de propiedad y las que sirven una suscripción anual o mensual. Personalmente, creo que es muy bueno en este programa y estoy muy satisfecho con la calidad de los materiales que se suministran cada mes para mí hasta ahora. Estos consejos hacer una diferencia en mi vida en cuatro áreas clave que los entrenadores. 2. Revisar algunos de los colaboradores del Programa de Mejoramiento de Amazing Auto diferencia de la mayoría del sistema de auto-ayuda para obtener más éxito que sólo incluye los principales contribuyentes, este paquete está compuesto por diferentes personas que han habilidades mucho mejor los diferentes aspectos que se enseñan. Por ejemplo, Marcos Ling, dueño de un exitoso negocio en línea, ofrecerá información sobre la sección de la creación de riqueza. Sarah Tracey Sanders y condensador de ajuste, que son profesionales de la salud y estado físico, contribuyen a la parte de salud, mientras que Slade Shaw Summers Mirabelle y contribuir a la relación de secciones. Ambos Slade y Mirabelle son expertos en las relaciones que proporcionan asesoramiento muchas relaciones útiles para el público. Este paquete descargable también viene con una serie de primas. 3. Estrategias en el sistema de auto-ayuda Amazing realmente funcionan? No hay afirmaciones extremistas hechas por los propietarios de este sistema usted tendrá éxito durante la noche. Se requiere un compromiso de usted, pero si usted pone en el tiempo para leer y aplicar estrategias, este sistema mejorará definitivamente su vida.

Carol&#39;s Daughter - Productos magnífica belleza

Allí estábamos, dos madre adoptiva es con nuestros hijos de crianza. Yo soy de raza caucásica con mi niña afro-americana, que es afroamericano con su hijo pequeño del Cáucaso. Ambos teníamos nuestros problemas. Quería saber si era normal para los pequeños bebés blancos a su vez todos los rojos cuando lloraba. Quería saber qué hacer con el pelo de Ruby. Durante el primer año que Ruby, busqué por todas partes los mejores productos para el cabello y la piel. Compré bastante de otros productos que se mencionan a ella. Durante un tiempo me gustaba de los productos suaves y preciosos hasta que encontré una esteticista que me dijo que los mejores productos para ella son los productos de “Carol’s Daughter”. En ese momento, Ruby es ahora Annah desde que la adoptó. Su pelo no es muy largo, pero lo suficiente para luchar para conseguir un peine a través de él. La esteticista me dijo: “Carol’s Daughter” Productos es una de las favoritas de Will y Jada Pinkett Smith. Una vez en casa, vi que Brad Pitt está comprando para él y Angelina Joelie pequeña Zahara también. Los precios son razonables y que quería comprar todo lo que yo sentí que por fin encontrar algo que funcionara. Empezamos con Tui Licuado y la vainilla Negro dejar en el acondicionador que huele tan increíblemente delicioso. El pelo Tui Licuado restantes en perfecto estado, con suavidad, luego con la vainilla Negro deja en su cepillo de pelo, y se mantuvo suave con un olor dulce y apariencia no grasosa. Su cabello brillaba con un color negro ricos mientras que el color siempre me pareció un poco aburrido para mí. Annah fue retirado en el útero y fue de 4 kg al nacer y me dijeron que una deficiencia nutricional antes del nacimiento pueden desempeñar un papel en la salud de su cabello. Creo que estos productos están ayudando a construir el pelo al lugar natural, hermoso es be.At Esta vez he comprado todos los productos de pelo de ella y nunca comprar nada por su piel o el pelo. Puedo comprar un valor de $ 75 de los productos y recibir el envío gratis. Una cosa que he descubierto es que cuando pongo el aceite de almendra de cookies en su pelo, sólo un poco, oler su cabello tan bueno es increíble. Los productos son útiles para todo el mundo de todas las razas. Todos ellos son naturales, muy hidratante, rico en oler y sentir. Puedo usar acondicionador del pelo en mi pelo grueso por supuesto, de forma natural y que rociar la vainilla Negro en el estilo. Tengo un niño caucásico, que tenía la tapa de la cuna peor que he visto nunca. Su cuero cabelludo se espesa y costras y el niño Cuna Cap Remedios siempre he utilizado antes para mis hijos de crianza no trabajó en ella, pero parecía tener la cabeza aún más irritada. No importa lo mucho que peinar a las escamas, parecía más enorme feas. Puse Tui Licuado en el pelo y lo dejó en la noche. Lo lavé en la mañana, poner la vainilla Negro y dentro de ese período de 48 de tiempo el pelo no era sólo escamas libres, pero tenía la más hermosa, brillo saludable a la misma. Para mí, personalmente, me voy absolutamente loco por SweetHoneyDipChocolateBrownSugah! Cuando usted huele esto, ¿sabe usted por qué le tomó todo esto en su nombre para describirlo! Un espeso, rico cuerpo fórmula mantequilla hecha con ingredientes como el aceite de almendras, cacao y manteca de karité, Sweethoneydip …. es la más fragante, deliciosa mezcla imaginables! Es tan delicioso y deja la piel muy húmeda y suave. También tuve que comprar mantequilla amor simplemente por el nombre, pero cuando llegué sólo olía demasiado masculino para mi gusto, aunque se describe como una fragancia unisex con una mezcla de miel, canela y azúcar moreno. Es uno de los favoritos de Will Smith. En general, me encantan estos productos para toda mi familia. Ellos son excelentes.