outrageous pumpkins!

L&C Halloween

-Lockwood tagging along as the ‘responsible adult’ for Lucy and George while trick or treating in his new black trench coat and getting mistaken as a vampire (Lockwood accidentally winning a costume contest for his ‘vampire costume’)

-George convincing Holly to trick or treat with them just so he can take Holly’s candy after for himself (Holly is quite ok with this but she is limiting George’s candy consumption)

-Flo lowkey threatening people with strange relic weapons for their licorice

-Lockwood secretly loves Halloween and forces Lucy and George to go even though they’d rather spend it watching a scary movie

-Childish George and Lockwood hiding behind turn ways scaring people  

-Holly doing the team’s makeup so they can scare some Fittes’ kids

-Lockwood & Co. going as a group costume: Ghost Busters

-Holly making festive Halloween cakes

-Lockwood outraging about how somehow pumpkin spice tea exists

-Lucy and Lockwood absentmindedly clutch each other’s hands while walking around

-Lockwood, Lucy, George, and Holly just walking through the haunted houses like a badass and not frightened at all because they’ve been through much worse, these are nothing to them    

Fall CS fic prompts

OK guys where are all the Fall/Halloween CS AU fics!? Give me all the things


  • Emma taking Henry and stopping at Killian’s house, even though the front porch light is off
  • Emma handing out candy at MM&D’s house so they can take Neal. Killian is walking the neighborhood with Robin and Roland. 


  • Costume party where they’re both bringing other dates. He’s not romantically interested in his date - she’s just a friend. But he’s been pining after Emma, who’s been in a relationship for awhile. His date is dressed as Tinkerbell. The night wears on and Emma hasn’t shown yet. He sees the huge Tinkerbell wings outside of the tiny bathroom so assumes his date is in there. Proceeds to give drunken monologue to her through the door about Emma not showing and how he’s gonna die if she doesn’t break up with her boyfriend soon he loves her so much. The bathroom door opens and its a red-eyed Emma, having been comforted by Killian’s date, because she came to the party straight after breaking up with her boyfriend.
  • Masquerade party just for the pure eyefuck of it all. Strangers meeting for the first time or even better, they’re somehow familiar eyes…

Fall Festivals & Pumpkins (because Colin.)

  • Emma and her friends, Killian and his friends. Large group dragged to the town festival by the two mutuals - MM&D. Apple cider and pumpkin carving contests and flag football ensue. 
  • MM&D own a pumpkin farm. Emma is working there to help during the busy fall season. Killian comes looking for a last-minute outrageous amount of pumpkins to decorate his charter boat and dock for a fall bay tour of the trees changing color because a rich client demands it of him.


  • Killian and Emma as friends going to a tarot card or palm reader and accurate statements, although hidden from each other, begin to be revealed.
  • Killian and Emma as strangers go to a tarot card or palm reader and visions of the future are eerily similar to the man/woman they met while waiting for their reading.
  • Town legend says on Halloween if you carve the initials of your crush into a pumpkin and leave it on the pedestrian bridge in the park, if its meant to be, the pumpkin will mysteriously disappear by morning. Killian does the carving. Emma makes sure he believes the legend is true and steals away the ES pumpkin she watched him leave there.

Happy Writing!!! xoxo