outrageous lies

“Rosa Parks didn’t stand up because she was tired/her feet hurt” is one of the most outrageous lies we tell children in the guise of history and it is so harmful. It takes this brave, courageous and intentional act of civil disobedience and makes it passive and unwitting. Rosa Parks knew she would be arrested that day and she made a choice to do so. She was already heavily involved in the Civil Rights movement when it happened. She saw the opportunity and took it because she knew she could turn it into a moment that would change history. She wanted to change the law and she got arrested so she could do so. It was not an accident and telling Black children otherwise teaches them that history just happened to them instead of telling them about a woman who put her life on the line to change an unjust law. It sanitizes her, turning her into a little old lady (she was 42) who was just tired after a long day of work makes her more palatable to white people and that is a disservice to her memory and her movement.

I went to go see Jurassic World again, this time with my family. And as I was driving my little brother back to his house, he expressed disappointment that the original cast (bar the scientist and the t-rex) didn’t make appearances. Then he said something that set me off in a Jurassic Wonderland of wasted possibility.

“What I want to know is why the two kids weren’t running the place. Why was some strange lady in charge of the park, instead of Lex? Why was some navy guy in charge of the raptors instead of Tim?”

And I just… can you imagine what the movie would have been if that had been the case instead?

Imagine that at some point, there wasn’t a choice. Hammond’s will allowed for the continuation of the park, or a creation of a new one, and InGen was going to do it with or without Lex and Tim, but the kids remembered what happened to them when they were little. They remembered, and they knew it would happen again. Of course it would. But they agree to it, they go back, because they figure that they can at least be there to handle the fallout. So they go back, they help design things, they fight for every precaution and for every reactionary defense. The park will never be safe, but they’re going to do everything in their power to ensure that if it’s happening anyway, they’ve got their hands in it to ensure the least damage and loss possible.

So Lex get put in charge of the park- the computer system isn’t just something she uses- she fucking designed it. She designed it and worked on programming it. She was the one who designed the tracking system they use with all the dinosaurs because she needs to be able to assure herself of where every single one of them is at any time, and she carries a tablet with her that does just that- taps into the network and shows dino locations. She fights the board on every new carnivore they want to create; It’s a bad idea, she tells them. Carnivores eat meat which in case you have not noticed, humans happen to coincidentally be made of meat. She also doesn’t just track the dinosaurs- there’s no way anyone will ever suffer through what she and Tim and Grant did. Every visitor to the island has a wristband that talks to the mainframe and gives their location at all times.

And Tim, head of the animal care and behavior department with his wife, Kelly (you know, Ian Malcolm’s daughter from the second movie). They don’t just know know anything about the dinosaurs; they know EVERYTHING about these dinosaurs. Tim has Hammond’s hearteyes wonder mentality partnered with Grant’s thirst for knowledge and fueled by his own curiosity and experiences. Kelly has her dad’s caution and her mom’s free spirit and drive for pushing boundaries. They are there for every birth, and have their hands in the raising and care of all the dinosaurs. Like Grant, Tim has a soft spot for the raptors, and they have a soft spot for him as well, after he raises them himself, imprints them on himself and Kelly at their island-side residence.

And we mustn’t forget Eric, the kid Grant and his team saved from one of the islands when he crashed on it parasailing. Eric survived down there on an island full of dinosaurs when pretty much no one else could have survived even a few days. He’s the one out in the field, in charge of containment and tactical defenses for when (not if, WHEN) things go wrong. Because they will. They’ve been waiting 10 years for it to go wrong. They’ll continue waiting, ready.

Imagine the look on all their faces when InGen admits that a dinosaur was created behind their backs, a hybrid of several species, because someone wanted to create more ‘wow’ for the park. Only what they created wasn’t what they meant to create. This new dino is smarter than anything they’ve ever made before. Bigger than the T-Rex. Stronger. It surprises everyone with it’s ability to mask its heat and change its skin color. It’s a mistake but ohhh what a mistake- the InGen folks have hearts in their eyes thinking about how they could apply these changes to raptors.

Imagine Lex’s utter outrage at being lied to, but now that the life has been created she can’t just take it. The animal didn’t ask to be born, but now that it has been, she ensures that it has what amounts to a bomb-proof enclosure in a remote section of the island. Heat sensors, sound sensors, tracking device, motion sensors- this thing has got the works in her pen. Lex forbids opening it as an attraction, this enclosure is for containment only. And the would-be social creature, deprived of social interaction with humans or its own kind or with anyone really, becomes the Indominus Rex we see in the actual movie; she does not understand boundaries or dominance or good behavior.

But the movie dynamics are now shifted. Instead of the park destroying itself from within, it is under attack from without. It isn’t because Lex was careless about security. There is no tension between Lex and Tim outside of normal brother/sister banter. Imagine that InGen wants those raptors badly enough to force a field test of them- imagine they purposefully release Indominus, thinking Tim’s raptor squad can beat it. Imagine the moment Lex asks him if the squad is ready for search and rescue, and he agrees they are.

Imagine Tim and Lex gearing up to go into the wilds of their park because there are people stranded at the far end. Imagine a movie where the wholesale destruction and terror are not because everyone is ill-equipped to handle the situation (because Lex and Tim? They’ve made fucking preparations for this shit, they have thought of everything for this kind of situation) but instead a story about how all of those preparations mean shit against this superdino. She outsmarts them like the Clever Girl she is, avoiding traps, clawing out her tracker, taking out their electricity, setting free the other dinosaurs. She talks to Tim’s raptor children, and they walk away with her- imagine how CRUSHED he is to see Blue just… leave him.

Imagine half the movie following two young girls, strangers, who got put together on the rolly ball ride. One is a mechanic’s daughter who can disassemble and reassemble whole cars if she wanted, who fiddles with the ride to let them free-roll anywhere they want. Imagine she does it because the other girl is a younger trans girl who has spent her whole life admiring Dr. Ellie Satler and wanting to be a paleobotanist just like her, but the ride doesn’t get close enough to the plants for her to see them well. Imagine that they escape Indominus by ducking under a plant that the botanist-in-training recognizes as basically a giant ancient fucking nettle plant and Indominus takes one faceplant into it before deciding WOW NOT WORTH IT BYE. And the two girls stick together until they meet up with Lex and Tim who are out trying to find the rolly ball inhabitants that went off road because they are the last two left, and Lex has been following their wristband signals.

Indominus finds the InGen beach camp and attacks with her new raptor compatriots. Lex and Tim, after seeing all the civilians (including the two young girls) safely to boats, split up to come to the rescue, Lex with Eric and Tim with Kelly. Tim and Kelly win back their raptor clan (let’s be real, they didn’t have to win them, they left to gather intel on the iRex) while Lex comes charging down the beach in the original Jeep the mechanic’s daughter fixed, road flares tied to the roll bars and madam Queen-of-All T-Rex chasing after her to start the final showdown.

No giant seamonster needed- T-Rex + Raptor Squad + InGen army + Lex and Tim and Kelly and Eric are enough to bring down Indominus. Barely, but they win. And T-Rex is there, but she’s had quite enough fighting against raptors after the first movie, and so she leaves, heading into the jungle to let the humans recover.

Lex fires everyone at InGen. They go get ice cream from the cafeteria and Tim eats an entire chocolate pie by himself. They call Grant the next day and say “You are possibly the only person who will believe the day we just had.”

Spot a Sociopath

10 signs for spotting a sociopath

#1) Sociopaths are charming. Sociopaths have high charisma and tend to attract a following just because people want to be around them. They have a “glow” about them that attracts people who typically seek guidance or direction. They often appear to be sexy or have a strong sexual attraction. Not all sexy people are sociopaths, obviously, but watch out for over-the-top sexual appetites and weird fetishes.

#2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people. They tend to do bizarre, sometimes erratic things that most regular people wouldn’t do. They are unbound by normal social contracts. Their behavior often seems irrational or extremely risky.

#3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Their brains simply lack the circuitry to process such emotions. This allows them to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it seriously harms others. This is why you will find many very “successful” sociopaths in high levels of government, in any nation.

#4) Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason it sounds believable at the time.

#5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and “win” at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity.

#6) Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent, but they use their brainpower to deceive others rather than empower them. Their high IQs often makes them dangerous. This is why many of the best-known serial killers who successfully evaded law enforcement were sociopaths.

#7) Sociopaths are incapable of love and are entirely self-serving. They may feign love or compassion in order to get what they want, but they don’t actually FEEL love in the way that you or I do.

#8) Sociopaths speak poetically. They are master wordsmiths, able to deliver a running “stream of consciousness” monologue that is both intriguing and hypnotic. They are expert storytellers and even poets. 

#9) Sociopaths never apologize. They are never wrong. They never feel guilt. They can never apologize. Even if shown proof that they were wrong, they will refuse to apologize and instead go on the attack.

#10) Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth merely because they say it! Charles Manson, the sociopathic murderer, is famous for saying, “I’ve never killed anyone! I don’t need to kill anyone! I THINK it! I have it HERE! (Pointing to his temple.) I don’t need to live in this physical realm…”

thewolfman1995  asked:

When I asked you how you handle real criticism, you mentioned that you used to be a black lives matter activist and a feminist. What made you change your mind?

I grew up being told that the color of my skin and my gender meant that I was automatically disadvantaged and a victim of a crooked, institutional conspiracy that benefited white men and oppressed everybody else. I believed it for a long time, all my friends believed it, I was taught it in school and it led me to be a social justice drone and feminist. I never felt disadvantaged, I have never felt white guys are more privileged than I am, but I went along with it because if everyone says it’s true then it must be true and to fit in, you must be outraged.

I was especially outraged when Michael Brown died, I was told that he was shot with his hands up and then shot again while he was helpless on his knees. I was told that Trayvon Martin was shot in the back for simply wearing a hoodie. I was with BLM all the way as I felt they were speaking out against injustices. Although the moment I discovered that Michael Brown wasn’t shot with his hands up, he was shot because he just robbed a store, attacked a cop and tried to take his gun, and Trayvon wasn’t killed for wearing a hoodie but because he jumped a guy and was on top of him beating him senselessly, I realized that to support BLM you have to support a false narrative.

This continued, I realized BLM were twisting these incidents to martyr criminals and demonize white people and the police. I remember watching BLM try to say Keith Lamont Scott was quietly reading a book. They said that Eric Garner was choked to death because he was black. Sandra Bland was hanged in her cell because she’s black, Korryn Gaines was shot because she’s black while holding her baby on her lap. These fabrications and utter distortions of truth I realized were a theme among almost every single violent BLM response, all I had to do was scratch a little deeper under the surface of twitter hashtags and moronic chants about cops and whites. 

I wanted no part in this intentional dishonesty and using these falsehoods to justify violence, racism and war against the cops, which is a big part of the black community anyway - making up myths of victimization and the idea that “blacks are being hunted by blood thirsty cops” is the perfect justification for even more violence and anti-white, anti-cop rhetoric. BLM could have done incredible things for the black community, it could have used its influence to educate young black Americans on the importance of education, family, following the law and working hard, yet all it has ever done from its very beginnings is create lies, spark outrage and use it to justify the failings and violence of black Americans. 

Similar realizations were made about feminism. I was told that I would be paid less for being a female, that I would be blamed if I were to be raped, that I was a 1 in 4 chance of being raped, that I lived in a rape culture, that I should be wary of every man I cross paths with, that I would be denied all these opportunities and be seen as an object and treated as a second class citizen, and the only way to overcome all of these injustices was to fight some invisible thing called “the patriarchy” and learn all about how I was assigned this gender role at birth by a cruel, misogynist doctor in order to serve men so once I’m woke about this evil plot on babies, we can reconstruct it and make everyone on the planet equal!

When I realized the wage gap and rape culture was a lie, my eyes instantly opened to the insanity and dishonesty of the rest of feminism, I realized that they’re just as guilty as BLM for creating scapegoats to blame all their own failings and miseries on and using it to justify their own violence, sexism and hatred. The moment you detach yourself from the left’s teat of bullshit, it’s amazing to look back at how naive you must be to ever go along with these ideas and how tempting it is for a young person to be suckered into having white males as a one-size-fits-all excuse for all your problems in life. 

I’m still discovering my beliefs, I think my blog is perfect proof of how my views and politics have evolved over the years. I’m pleased to have experienced life on the other side as every time I get assumed to be a white male for having ideas a young brown female is told she’s not allowed to have, or offered to be “educated” and then hoped I’m raped and killed when I decline, I can understand why they do it as they will always choose an emotional and outrageous argument over a factual one. After years of peddling lies in an attempt to fit in, I’ve realized it’s better to be honest and hated than dishonest and liked. Thanks so much for the question :) xx 

What’s The Deal? (MiniCat Superhero AU)

Craig and Tyler are currently dating and every so often, Tyler ends up having to cancel their dates. A few times turns into way too many times and Craig can’t help but wonder what Tyler is doing that involves him having to cancel so many dates. What is Tyler doing? Why is he lying? Can Craig even trust him anymore?

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cool things about star trek beyond
  • jim kirk not being an annoying dudebro, no weird/sexist interpersonal relationships with “foxy” alien ladies
  • the horrified look on bones’ face when spock starts laughing out of delirium
  • the sequence where the enterprise is basically decapitated and dismembered and then set on fire is pretty spectacular (also when kirk and chekov are running around being badasses in the wreckage)
  • chekov being a motherfucking pimp, literally flirting with anyone and telling outrageous lies about russia
  • also chekov being an absolute sweetheart and getting everyone else into their escape pods before getting in himself
  • the sequence with the beastie boys playing in the background was actually super-cool and not cringe like guardians of the galaxy
  • sulu is a bad bitch. this is just a fact. super cool. super gay. very pilot.
  • uhura kicking ass, sacrificing her own safety, saving spock lmaooo
  • jaylah being super rad, unsexualised, intelligent af
  • thank the lord for simon pegg he did a great job integrating women without making it sexualised and unnecessary, integrating sulu’s homosexuality without making it this huge deal, making the film funny without making it cringe niiceeee
  • the photo of the old cast was a lovely touch. very well done.
  • chekov and sulu lowkey dancing to the beastie boys while flying a motherfucking starship
  • i’m just really happy that chekov got so much more airtime, he was a central character with a lot to do and anton did a marvellous job
  • the dedications to leonard nimoy and anton at the end
  • “to absent friends” — did the camera linger on anton? idk?
  • it was just a really well balanced film with good action, lovely set design, comedy, tragedy etc and i think it was the best of all the three films so far
  • i miss you a lot anton, thank you for a lovely performance.
Evan, Heidi, Alana, and Jared in Good For You

I really like assessing how these characters feel and their deeper emotions, especially when relating to this specific song. It demonstrates many different aspects of every single one of these characters, so why not make an analyzation? 


Let’s start off with Evan. Good For You begins with the fight between Heidi and Evan after leaving the Murphy’s. Heidi is outraged that Evan’s been spending all this time with the Murphy family, and Evan’s response is to argue that Heidi is never there. Some people say Evan behavior here is really shitty and while I do think that his actions aren’t that good of decisions, we can really understand where they come from. I’m positive that Evan has an intense fear of abandonment. He fears that the people in his life will one day decide that he’s not good enough for them and leave him behind. (This most likely originated from his father leaving at a young age.) He’s terrified that he’s just a burden to his mom and that her life would be much better if he wasn’t there. This fear causes him to refuse to bond with his mom. He doesn’t want to create a connection or tell her his problems because she already has so much going on with work and classes. This is evident when Evan expresses that he thinks Heidi believes Evan is the worst thing that ever happened to her. (She denies this of course). This is also fueled by the fact that Heidi didn’t know of Evan’s broken arm until he was in the hospital. Heidi didn’t respond to Evan’s calls. This wasn’t her fault of course, she was at work. And even though Evan most likely knew this, it’s hard to shake off the fact that maybe…that wasn’t the case. His anxiety can cause him to overthink and he jumps to the conclusion that he really is just a burden to her, which is part of what caused him to let go in the first place. On the other side, he gets validation from the Murphy’s. It’s almost like the Murphy’s actually like him, even though it is all based on a lie. It’s like he’s a part of the perfect family. Evan finds false comfort in that. He really is good at heart and though he did bad things, we can really see where he’s coming from. 

A note on his treatment towards Jared, it really isn’t his fault. Evan is under the impression that Jared only hangs out with him for car insurance, that he doesn’t really consider him a friend. That has a huge affect on Evan, since Jared is really the only friend he’s got. So when he lashes out, he thinks Jared won’t care what Evan thinks of him, because why would he? (Of course, Jared has his reasons for doing these things as well, More of him below). 

Now for Evan in the actual song. He expresses extreme panic with his few lines. We can see how overwhelmed Evan really is with all the chaos the lying has brought. It’s taken a huge toll on him and he just wants to get out. He wants to erase everything and take back all these lies. But it’s not that simple. Evan’s newfound confidence that starts to shine throughout act II begins to break down as he realizes the affects of his actions. 


Heidi’s feelings are the most obvious, given that she has the most lines in the song. She just found out her son has been spending all his time with this family she doesn’t even know. She believes Evan thinks she isn’t good enough for him. She thinks Evan wants to escape her, while Evan is afraid of Heidi thinking the same thing about him. Evan was the best thing that ever happened to her, and he’s leaving now. Heidi is outraged at the lies her son has been telling her about where he’s been (and this is before the big reveal in words fail). 


For most of the musical, Alana’s been a relatively positive character. She seems well put together and hardworking, but it is revealed to the audience that she’s struggling as well. Her symptoms of high-functioning anxiety are much more obvious to the audience, given that she does sing some of Waving Through A Window in Act One. But her issues are technically revealed during Good For You, after Heidi’s singing. Evan questions why Alana is even a part of the Connor Project, angry and unable to see any possibilities other than her wanting something to put on her resumé. Alana debunks this, stating that she knows what it feels like to be alone and like know one can see you, just like Connor did. She then remarks how Evan used to know how that felt like too. This shows a feeling of anger towards Evan and how he disregards her feelings. She’s almost jealous that Evan was able to realize that he wasn’t alone in this and find solace. She thinks Evan doesn’t care anyone but himself, which isn’t true, but Alana doesn’t know that of course. “Do you even care that you might be wrong? Was it fun? Cause I hope you had a blast while you dragged me along.” 

Alana’s anxiety deserves more recognition, and more people need to realize that her sharing the note wasn’t out of malice, it was out of the sheer need to help people like Connor, people like her. 


Jared, oh Jared. Throughout the musical, he’s the sarcastic, funny character. The token asshole. Or so you think. It’s obvious to most viewers/listeners (more obvious in the actual production than the soundtrack itself) that Jared is putting up a mask of false confidence. He acts cool and put together while he is actually deeply insecure. He doesn’t know how to communicate his actual feelings to Evan, instead telling him they’re only “family friends” so he can get his car insurance. Jared doesn’t know how he’s making Evan feel when he says these things. He could possibly be thinking that Evan just interprets them as what they are, jokes. He fails to realize that Evan believes Jared doesn’t care for him. When Evan yells at Jared during one of the Good For You cutaway scenes, his real feeling show, but the aggression that Jared uses to cope is still evident. Jared’s “Fuck you Evan! Asshole!” isn’t just anger. His voice trembles, quivers. He sounds like he’s about to cry, or is already crying. He thinks Evan doesn’t care about him. They both really have the same problem and are unable to communicate what they’re feeling to one another. Some people are unable to see Jared’s inner struggles and disregard that part of him, only seeing the shitty things he did having bad intentions. It doesn’t excuse his actions, but as with all the deh characters, you can really see where Jared is coming from.

anonymous asked:

Why do I keep gotta explain it! KramerGate's an abusing lying drama vixen and Noah's an iunnocent victim. You only think he's a freako cuz KramerGate told outrageous lies about him constantly sending her pee sexts for a year. Like who the fuck would do that and whyu would she never mention it before she randomly pulled the story out her ass last month? She made it up to incite the gang to attack Noah. Our misery is her entertainment. She's like a real live disney villain. DOWN WITH KRAMERGATE!

I didn’t know it was possible to lie about getting sent asks for months about pee accross an entire group of friends/followers in order to cause a witch hunt for a fucking anon. keep on peein’ on (someone who’s into that and therefore not harassing people), peeboy.

@kramergate, you’re a supervillan! an anti-urine supervillain! you’re mother fucking cat liter!! you’re those rubber sheets you put down for someone who pees the bed!!!

sans title

1 word prompt: rumor

There were a lot of rumors on Sephiroth, he was the favorite subject for gossipers. To be honest, Genesis had propagated his fair share of shameful or ridiculous rumors during his years of excessive jealousy, before he noticed that it hide a very obvious crush on Sephiroth that he didn’t want to face because he was already with Angeal. Now he tried to  stifle those rumors by spreading more outrageous lies on other people, often High Heads of Shinra. Though, one persisted for longer than the life expectancy of other rumors, catching Genesis’ attention.

Sephiroht assisted to many drills of a certain troopers’ squad, searching for a student. Genesis knew the last part was false, but he wanted to verify the first part.

He went down, finding Sephiroth already there, on a perfect spot to observe the troopers that just arrived and started warming up. The silver-haired stayed immobile and calm for a long moment as Genesis observed him with wrinkled eyes, trying to find a clue to explain Sephiroth sudden interest in troopers.

Then Sephiroth’s eyes moved, like a cat that just found its prey, Genesis swirled toward the troopers that were taking a pause. One stood out, blond and spiky hair, making him recognisable.

“Zack’s friend, whatever is name is,” Genesis murmured.

The trooper looked at them and smiled, he had spent some time with Angeal and Sephiroth, that Genesis knew. Him had only seen the trooper two times and his shitty memory of names acted up. Also, both Angeal and Zack used nickname for the blond, which didn’t help him.

Genesis glanced at Sephiroth, who adored a small contented smile. He lifted his hand like he was going to wave, then aborted his movement

“So you have a crush!” Genesis cooed, making his pale lover blush and move from one foot to the other. “He’s lovely, at least what I remember from him.”

“Yes, he is,” Sephiroth said, the same entranced smile on his lips, his eyes glued to the trooper.

Genesis smirked and crossed his arms, amused by his lover’s behavior, “Why don’t you ask him on a date?”

Sephiroth’s face flushed in seconds, “I’d like.”

But he was too shy, that was the unsaid message. Genesis shook his head, their relationship wasn’t closed, but he didn’t expect Zack, then Sephiroth to fall in love with a new person when already part of a big group. At least it was the same person, though if Cloud refused Sephiroth and not Zack, ill feelings could grow.

But first:

“You!” Genesis shouted, freezing all the little things in troopers uniforms. He motioned for Cloud, scowled at one unknown trooper that thought too much of himself, making him back away quickly, and smiled when the blond finally stepped toward them. “You’re Cloud Strife, isn’t it? Zack’s friend?”

Cloud flushed hard, revealing he was more than a friend, he nodded mutely and glanced at the two First successively.

“You can ask him,” Genesis said at Sephiroth.

The man glanced at him with big and terrified eyes becoming pale as death before he met Cloud’s curious gaze as he arrived. Then the red hue returned to his cheeks.

“Good morning, sirs.” Cloud said with a mechanical voice due to the troopers presences not far away and his surprise.

“They can’t hear us,” Genesis said before elbowing Sephiroth in the ribs to make him talk.

Sephiroth cleared his throat, then cleared his throat anew. Genesis elbowed him stronger this time, making the silver-haired huff in pain, all that in front of the confused Cloud.

“Would you- would you like to have a coffee with me later?” Sephiroth finally said.

Cloud stared, and stared, mouth slightly agape. Sephiroth fidgeted under his gaze and glanced at Genesis who sighed.

“Well, refuse or accept, but said it out loud!”

Cloud jumped at the raised voice, then met Sephiroth’s eyes, “Yes! Yes, I’d love to!” He calmed down and glanced at Genesis, “Will you come too?”

Genesis was taken aback, but pulled himself together fast enough to give a gorgeous smile, “Would you like me to come?”

Cloud let his eyes fall on the ground, his red cheeks and his little smile answering for him.

“Well, not for this time. It’s Sephiroth’s date, but another day.” Genesis caught Cloud’s eyes who looked up at his refusal. He winked at the blond, “It’s a promise.”

Cloud hummed, then glanced behind himself. Genesis understood his unsaid worry about the squad observing them.

“Great, tell them-” he pointed the troopers and their superior officer, “-that we’re scouring for interesting addition to SOLDIER.”

Cloud opened his mouth, frowning but Genesis cut him, “If they ask more say it’s secret or send them to me.”

Then he dragged the lovestruck General away, sure Sephiroth would take Cloud out of his drill to take this coffee right now.


“It’s like this” Britland sighed trying to express what he knew for years. “Money is something tangible. Felix can see it. Feel it. Count it. He’s never been able to see his parents love for him through their actions; especially not when they stopped reacting to his tantrums, his lies, his outrageous behavior. Felix is good at pushing buttons and getting people to notice him. Everyone except his parents. Now the only time he gets their attention is when he needs money.”

“The constant flow of women” Carson nodded “I guess it does make sense.”

“Felix actively discourages commitment while at the same time wanting to feel loved and desirable.” Britland shook his head “he doesn’t want to commit and become his parents. The whole thing scares him.”

“He wants to be loved but doesn’t want the commitment that goes along with it” he shook his head “I don’t get it.”

“Neither does he” Britland leaned into him “it leaves him feeling hollow. He doesn’t know how to change the cycle he’s in. If I leave him like everyone else has it’ll only confirm to him that he’s as unlovable as he thinks he is.”


Marauders era breakfast club au

Remus is the brains w the pressure from home like quadrupled bc he needs to prove he’s not an animal

Sirius is the criminal w the abuse at home and the fuck you attitude towards everyone

James is the jock w his quidditch and he’s still a pureblood so the expectations from his family r still Wild(i love james having good parents I’m sorry)

Lily is the princess w her parents fawning over her magic but using her as leverage against petunia

Peter is the basket case bc nobody pays attention to him so he comes up w outrageous lies and stories and plans in the hope that someone will notice

Fade Away

Imagine: This little story was based loosely around this imagine from imaginexhobbit.

Word Count: 2,061

A/N: It started out as a story following the imagine above, but it quickly grew very angsty. Also there is a mention of Fading in here, which I’m not sure if all of the readers will know about. So let me explain. Elves typically mate only once with one elf. And if they were to lose that elf, then they will begin to ‘Fade’ away mentally and/or physically. Or at least that’s how I understand it. If anyone else knows different, please feel free to correct me. Anyways, this story kind of progressed past my expectations so please enjoy it. It also can but does not have to be seen as a sequel to this story.


No matter how many times someone said your name, or begged you to listen, you would not hear them. Not when they were only going to repeat condolences, or harsh words. Every time someone spoke you heard him again. When he spoke those awful, awful words you had thought it all a mere nightmare. For years you had stood by him, through the battle against the serpents of the North, through his father’s death. But it was all nothing to Th-to your once husband.

Once upon a time, you had been the Queen of Mirkwood with a son and happy life. It had all been yanked out from under your sure feet to leave you on your knees at the feet of the Lord of Rivendell. Years and years you had spent there, avoiding the messengers from your son, who had believed the outrageous lies. How could they believe them?

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Could you do 14 Tim/Kon/Bart?

14:Kissing booth AU

A Collective Effort

It’s not really a kissing booth.

It’s honestly more of a kissing counter.

Tim and Kon and Bart sit in a row, beaming in a vaguely intimidated way. The sign over their heads reads “WAYNE SCHOLARS FOUNDATION. KISSES $1.50.”

There’s a long line. In fact there are three long lines.

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Modern AU where Spock is stranded on earth and trying to hide the fact that he's an alien from his housemates, Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy. Alternatively, AU where Sulu and Chekov's personalities are switched, and Sulu tells outrageous lies about Japan

Spock always wears a hat and Jim thinks he might be secretly bald. Bones keeps leaving Spock flyers on chronic illness and ptsd and blood disorders because Spock is just so odd. Spock keeps making them watch alien documentaries to try and gauge what their reaction would be. 

Sulu actually knows very little about Japan because he grew up in San Francisco, which makes his lies all the more absurd and extreme. He occasionally accidentally gets things right, though. “UFO’s were first seen in Japan.” “Karaoke was invented in Japan.” “Gel pens were invented in Japan.” Uhura hates it, because he’s right but he thinks he’s being sarcastic.

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