outrageous lies

“Rosa Parks didn’t stand up because she was tired/her feet hurt” is one of the most outrageous lies we tell children in the guise of history and it is so harmful. It takes this brave, courageous and intentional act of civil disobedience and makes it passive and unwitting. Rosa Parks knew she would be arrested that day and she made a choice to do so. She was already heavily involved in the Civil Rights movement when it happened. She saw the opportunity and took it because she knew she could turn it into a moment that would change history. She wanted to change the law and she got arrested so she could do so. It was not an accident and telling Black children otherwise teaches them that history just happened to them instead of telling them about a woman who put her life on the line to change an unjust law. It sanitizes her, turning her into a little old lady (she was 42) who was just tired after a long day of work makes her more palatable to white people and that is a disservice to her memory and her movement.

cool things about star trek beyond
  • jim kirk not being an annoying dudebro, no weird/sexist interpersonal relationships with “foxy” alien ladies
  • the horrified look on bones’ face when spock starts laughing out of delirium
  • the sequence where the enterprise is basically decapitated and dismembered and then set on fire is pretty spectacular (also when kirk and chekov are running around being badasses in the wreckage)
  • chekov being a motherfucking pimp, literally flirting with anyone and telling outrageous lies about russia
  • also chekov being an absolute sweetheart and getting everyone else into their escape pods before getting in himself
  • the sequence with the beastie boys playing in the background was actually super-cool and not cringe like guardians of the galaxy
  • sulu is a bad bitch. this is just a fact. super cool. super gay. very pilot.
  • uhura kicking ass, sacrificing her own safety, saving spock lmaooo
  • jaylah being super rad, unsexualised, intelligent af
  • thank the lord for simon pegg he did a great job integrating women without making it sexualised and unnecessary, integrating sulu’s homosexuality without making it this huge deal, making the film funny without making it cringe niiceeee
  • the photo of the old cast was a lovely touch. very well done.
  • chekov and sulu lowkey dancing to the beastie boys while flying a motherfucking starship
  • i’m just really happy that chekov got so much more airtime, he was a central character with a lot to do and anton did a marvellous job
  • the dedications to leonard nimoy and anton at the end
  • “to absent friends” — did the camera linger on anton? idk?
  • it was just a really well balanced film with good action, lovely set design, comedy, tragedy etc and i think it was the best of all the three films so far
  • i miss you a lot anton, thank you for a lovely performance.
Hannibal Rewatch meets Hannibal Advent: Dolce


The universe contracts again. The girl with gentle eyes and violent hands, the man pushing Will to murder by proxy, the elegant woman intoxicated by her own outrageous lies - suspended animation. 

Whatever comes, this moment belongs to us.

Will stares into Hannibal. Sees himself. Blunted by forgiveness, remoulded by the need to understand. Feels the smooth edges of reconnection in the affection of Hannibal’s regard, the tender cadence of his voice. 

‘If I saw you every day forever, Will, I would remember this time.’

A tremulous sigh.

The pieces that are Hannibal’s Will reassemble like strokes of pencil on paper.


Past and future forgotten. Pain, lies and betrayals - on both sides - erased. Retribution and loss of liberty are only ghostly threats. Insubstantial. Inconsequential. They’ve pressed pause. Taken a time out. All that matters is here and now.

Whatever comes, this moment belongs to us.

Hannibal stares into his remarkable boy. Sees himself. Restored by acceptance, unreserved and unconditional. Feels softened by the healing warmth of Will’s unguarded grin; made malleable by his easy, eager closeness. 

'You and I have begun to blur.’

A satisfied smile.

Will’s Hannibal is whole again, recreated and reformed under the benign gaze of Botticelli’s Primavera.

Hannigram: Apéritif to The Wrath of the Lamb

President Trump is now speculating that the media is covering up terrorist attacks
He's pushed the media into the “against us” column, alongside terrorists.
By https://www.facebook.com/philip.bump

Trump, not so indirectly, claims the media is refusing to report on terror attacks. Afterwards, Spicer continues his campaign of lies. He states that the president’s policies have wide support from coast to coast and that the media is unjustly giving attention to the protests. Trump and admin are doubling down on their outrageous lies.

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Modern AU where Spock is stranded on earth and trying to hide the fact that he's an alien from his housemates, Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy. Alternatively, AU where Sulu and Chekov's personalities are switched, and Sulu tells outrageous lies about Japan

Spock always wears a hat and Jim thinks he might be secretly bald. Bones keeps leaving Spock flyers on chronic illness and ptsd and blood disorders because Spock is just so odd. Spock keeps making them watch alien documentaries to try and gauge what their reaction would be. 

Sulu actually knows very little about Japan because he grew up in San Francisco, which makes his lies all the more absurd and extreme. He occasionally accidentally gets things right, though. “UFO’s were first seen in Japan.” “Karaoke was invented in Japan.” “Gel pens were invented in Japan.” Uhura hates it, because he’s right but he thinks he’s being sarcastic.

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  • Sherlock: Mary, when I say you deserve this man, it is the most outrageous of lies of which I am capable.
  • Sherlock: We all know he only married you because it was too late to back out, you already knew about it. The only reason he decided to marry at all was because he believed I was dead. Its why he got into a committed relationship in the first place. Why he proposed at such an early date. He thought I was never coming back, so he did the only thing he could think of. Move on. Find someone else.
  • John:
  • Mary:
  • Sherlock: Come on, John. You're not fooling anyone. Certainly not me.
Honour' killings, hypocrisy and the moral policing reserved only for women

Let us be very clear that at the core of this violence against women is a society that sanctions it. Any time we pass moral judgment on women, we are crossing the line from bystander to accessory. At the heart of killing in the name of honour is a kind of moral policing that is reserved solely for women and a pervasive, toxic misogyny that expects women to be subservient to men and the patriarchal order. Any time a woman steps “out of line” by wearing what she desires, doing what she wants or even just by saying what she thinks – people are outraged.

But the real outrage lies in the fact that a legal loophole allows perpetrators of ‘honour’ crimes to go free. By law, murder victims’ family members can pardon the perpetrator. In ‘honour’ crimes, where the killer is usually a brother, father, son, husband or uncle, the woman’s murder goes unpunished.

For women who are victims of these crimes, it is this lethal combination of a law that allows perpetrators to roam free and of a society that clearly sanctions this behaviour by first policing the women, then blaming the victims and ultimately staying silent on cold-blooded murder. Qandeel’s father has said he will not forgive her brutal murder. Society failed her, let’s hope the legal system does not.

The big assumption we all make is that while every ad contains some bullshit, the basic facts have to be true. Like, what the product looks like and the gist of what it does. After all, there is little room to lie when your essential statement is, say, “It’s a phone. You can call with it and take photos.” But multiple companies have made the argument – in court – that not only do their ads not have to be factual, but only an idiot would think they were.

For example, when Coca-Cola was marketing their line of Vitaminwater by promising the stuff would “boost your immune system” and “help fight free radicals,” someone pointed out that the stuff was effectively sugar water. Coke responded that they were completely shocked that anyone thought their drink was healthy, or in their words: “No consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking that Vitaminwater is a healthy beverage.”

5 Outrageous Lies Companies Are Legally Allowed to Tell You

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Where was your first kiss?

Well I really thought it was going to happen when we were sitting in this little rowboat underneath the floppy boughs of a weeping willow. All the fish of the sea and the birds of the air were serenading us; it was so romantic! (There was also a singing crab, which I probably should have taken as a warning. Thanks a lot ERIC.) But then some jerk eels came and spoiled it.

Then there was some more drama with the sea witch using my voice to steal my man, my turning back into a mermaid, and Ursula turning my dad into a little seaweed monster. And Eric and I either kissed when I got legs AGAIN, or when we got married. I can’t remember. Post-traumatic stress, probably.

tl;dr - I’m now a married woman with crabs.

This isn’t an announcement I should have to make but...

I’m not a porn addict. Apparently my roommate, Santana Lopez, has taken to informing portions of the first years that I have been hoarding porn in my bedroom. As those of you who have known Santana for five minutes are aware, she has a tendency to create outrageous lies to entertain herself. I’m not sure why she would want to aim one at me considering Quinn and I were gracious enough to allow her to live with us after her other arrangements fell through, but I can assure you that the most embarassing thing you’ll find if you search my bedroom is a pair of Squirtle print boxers that my mom bought me. And you’re more than welcome to try, if it’ll put a stop to this nasty rumor.