Official Partnership announcement!


After a few meetings and some super sweet ideas us and the guys over at LolTourneys.com have decided to officially announce our partnership. Within the next few weeks some major announcements are to be made concerning some really cool things for the league players of OPG and tumblr alike.

Super excited to be affiliated with a cool team of people and to help bring our families into one! Hopefully you guys are as stoked as we are to get the show on the road!

Get apart of the movement and hop into OPG and LolTourneys!


New blog and forums coming to the site!

This week outplayedgaming.com will have a blog set up with new forums! A custom theme is being coded this week to match the site and everything should be live friday or saturday!

If anyone is interested in doing content writing for the blog posts please contact us!  

Also don’t forget about the fan art submissions! Excited to see what you guys come up with!


Howdy guys. Starting this saturday we are going to be hosting the OPG events. They will be on the websites calendar. Any changes to the events will be announced before hand. Check out the calendar and plan accordingly. Also OPG Fan art starts now. Every month we will choose the best fan art and send a prize to the winner. The fan art can be anything video game related or anime related and you can add the OPG logo for bonus points. Fan art can be submitted to the OPG tumblr and winner will be chosen on the last day of each month. So Feb 28th a winner will be chosen and march 31st and etc. :)



OPG league of legends events start this weekend. Check the calendar on the website for all events and updates. If you would like to participate in an OPG event Join us on teamspeak! Group IP: make sure to get on roughly 15-30 minutes prior to event so teams can be made. It is open for anyone. The more the merrier :)