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I love that what ultimately led to Littlefinger’s downfall is the fact that he didn’t know Arya.

This is a man who has built his life and his entire plan around manipulating the Stark/Tully women. He has always believed that he knows them well enough to predict every move they will make and use them accordingly.

But he never bothered to pay attention to Arya because she didn’t remind him of Cat. His own creepy obsession with Cat blinded him to Arya’s personality, motivations, and talents. She didn’t appeal to him. She was more Ned than Cat, and he already beat Ned, so what threat could Arya be?

I don’t believe that Sansa and Arya were on the same page this whole season. There was real tension and anger between them, and I think that when Arya walked into that hall, she didn’t know for sure what Sansa was going to do.

But Sansa knows Arya. And Littlefinger’s failure was that he thought he did too.

Arya would never want to be Lady of Winterfell. Sansa knows this. She has always known this, because despite the lying, despite the faces, she knows her sister at her core. Littlefinger implying that Arya would want to rule the North was the final push Sansa needed to know she was ready to outplay him.

I am so sick and tired of Final Three.

Ever since they switched from two to three, people who have absolutely no business being at the end have been slipping in.
These idiots literally do nothing all season except for follow somebody else and then want to act like they deserve a million dollars because they “played hard”.
You didn’t do shit. You only made it to the end because nobody thought you were a threat to win.

They do absolutely nothing all season and they have a 1 in 3 chance at winning? Gross.

People who actually play the game and fight all season and actually deserve a shot at winning don’t make it. Even when they make it to the end, nobody wants to vote for them because they’re all butthurt.

Ozzy plays. Ozzy should have won by now but he probably never will because nobody will take him over some moron.

Go back to Final Two. Take someone who actually deserves to go to the end.

I would much rather lose a million dollars to someone who deserves it than to someone who coasted their way to Final Tribal.

Dating Cheryl Blossom Would Include...

Dating Cheryl Blossom Would Include…

  • Going on dates at fancy restaurants
  • Spa days
  • Doing face masks together
  • Her doing your make up all the time
  • Sharing each other’s necklaces and shoes
  • She has a playlist for everything
  • Being the ‘scary’ couple at school no one wants to mess with

  • Pranking the other students together
  • She lets you in on all of her schemes
  • “Chaos?”
  • “Chaos.”
  • Being co-captain of the River Vixens with her
  • Secretly getting pizza together after practice
  • Cheryl is incredibly protective over you at school
  • The odd sass battle when someone is tired/upset/angry, but it’s easily solved

  • She isn’t shy about your relationship in public
  • French kissing PDA
  • Pulling all-nighters at her house when her parents are out
  • Playing games like celebrity heads at sleepovers
  • Watching LGBTQ girl movies
  • You always sleep in each other’s pyjamas instead of your own
  • Matching onesies
  • Comforting her from nightmares of Jason

  • You’re the only person she’ll be little spoon for
  • Dancing around the house together
  • She snaps between sweet and sexy in a matter of seconds
  • So many stripteases
  • She’s impatient during sex
  • But a total tease herself
  • Parading around the house in sexy, lacy underwear when you’re the only two home
  • Buying each other cute lingerie

  • Giving her a home away from home
  • You help her piss off her parents
  • Showering her with love and affection
  • She can’t help but smile every time she looks at you

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i was apparently doing really good with sombra tonight

anonymous asked:

What compels you about Ouma and Momota's relationship, if you want to talk about it?

It’s pretty obvious starting from how the two characters present themselves. Momota is constantly acting and treating himself as a hero character while Ouma is doing the same as villain character. Whenever Ouma moves into action, Momota is the one who takes center stage as his opposition.  I don’t count screentime, but to me it really felt like they both were the character each other interacted with the most (maybe not for Momota, but for Ouma I’m much more sure).

Their self-proclaimed hero vs self-proclaimed villain dynamic has a lot of potential and I think the game really delivered it. And the highlights are naturally spoilers.

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Chimps Outplay Humans in Brain Games

We humans assume we are the smartest of all creations. In a world with over 8.7 million species, only we have the ability to understand the inner workings of our body while also unraveling the mysteries of the universe. We are the geniuses, the philosophers, the artists, the poets and savants. We amuse at a dog playing ball, a dolphin jumping rings, or a monkey imitating man because we think of these as remarkable acts for animals that, we presume, aren’t smart as us. But what is smart? Is it just about having ideas, or being good at language and math?

Scientists have shown, time and again, that many animals have an extraordinary intellect. Unlike an average human brain that can barely recall a vivid scene from the last hour, chimps have a photographic memory and can memorize patterns they see in the blink of an eye. Sea lions and elephants can remember faces from decades ago. Animals also have a unique sense perception. Sniffer dogs can detect the first signs of colon cancer by the scents of patients, while doctors flounder in early diagnosis. So the point is animals are smart too. But that’s not the upsetting realization. What happens when, for just once, a chimp or a dog challenges man to one of their feats? Well, for one, a precarious face-off – like the one Matt Reeves conceived in the Planet of the Apes – would seem a tad less unlikely than we thought.

In a recent study by psychologists Colin Camerer and Tetsuro Matsuzawa, chimps and humans played a strategy game – and unexpectedly, the chimps outplayed the humans.

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Day From Night

I was tagged by littleevilisa with the prompt: Everlark tutoring. It’s not a drabble, it’s…just a touch longer…oops?

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As she pulled up to Abernathy’s, Katniss nervously played with the edge of her braid. She and her roommates found this little hole in the wall bar a few weeks ago for District 12 College’s first football game of the season and by now were generally well-liked by the other fans who filled the tiny bar. District 12 was one of those small but powerful schools when it came to football and the fans were always loyal to one another.

She lucked out getting the roommates she did. Madge and Delly both went to 12 for their undergraduate degrees. They were the girls who were always decked out in their game day outfits and were likely to get caught on ESPN at any given time. Johanna loved football in general but didn’t have a favorite college team, so she easily melded in with the others. Katniss was more than just a fan of the D12 Miners. She was born and raised in the heard of D12 country; if you cut her open, she bled black and gold. Her mother hand-knitted D12 blankets and hats and socks for her when she was born because her father refused to have anyone in the household not in uniform.

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