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    Yooo it’s my blog & I can cry if I want to. Well not cry. But I am gonna get cheesy on you for a minute. Seasons of Love is even playing i’m fucking ready. yes but anyway, it’s been an entire year hear & while most of the people I had been friends with when i first started this blog are gone now, i have met some particular amazing people here. & i’ve stalked a whole bunch as well. (btw this entire thing sounded way better in my head). but no matter what you’re all gorgeous little cupcakes & everyone on my dash deserves a hug & some cookies & maybe some attractive arm candy

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For A Friend

I wanted to talk about something serious, just, I had a friend of mine just… he got got murdered today and I just.. I just want someone to just think about him. He was only 17 year old and got murdered, stabbed to death and I just.. Someone should be thinking about him, he shouldn’t die without anyone knowing who he is. 

And no, i wasn’t close, but I knew this kid.. I didn’t know him too well to be completely broken down from this.. Guess it what happens when you’re in shock… Just become numb to everything.. but if someone can watch the newstory or even just read about it.. it’s much appreciated.. 

(X) <— newstory  

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Free beer & two assholes dying

           S O, if anyone wants to watch @maskedhubris & @heliosnewhero kill each other. The P U R P L E     S K A G will be open. I’ll be serving free beers and V I D E O screen of the action live. And no before you ask, I’m on team August. you guys have fun and my P A C K will be watching.”