name: alice

birthday: dec 4th

zodiac: Sagittarius 

height: taller then sasuke that all you need to know

sexual orientation: bisexual 

favorite color: red and black

favorite book: do manga count?

favorite artists / bands: most of the artist I like from anime but I do like simple plan,choy suey and I list more but it be long ass list okay

last movie I watched:  I watch road to ninja love the bond naruto have with his parents and sakura had to understanding the pain of having noone around as naruto had

hogwarts house: not sure

random fact: I never get tired of watching the same stuff over again specially if it involved naruto, south park, dbz and sometimes hxh 

when did you create your blog?:  it been so long I don’t know 

do you have any other blogs? : I used to rp as kid haku but I lost his muse 

And I have a persona? nope

what made you decide to get a tumblr?: heard about it during my final year in high school so I decide to check it out myself

do you get asks on a daily basis?:  not often 

why did you choose your URL?:  I watch an episode of Naruto where Sasuke explain his backstory when he went to look for Naruto at the hotel after founding out his brother came to the village then the name click to me

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I want to get stronger

        so I don’t lose anyone else important to me again

           that why…that why I have to get stronger

        so I can someday beat him!!

 independent rp blog for the kid Sasuke uchiha

Accepts Crossovers/ Accepts OCs/ Will rp with anyone

rules ask

But the BTT Walking dogs tho

The BTT walking huge dogs is so important to me you don’t understand like, Prussia’s just walking these giant dogs with no problem because his little brother’s got some decent sized dogs and he helps with them sometimes so this is nothing right? And Spain, he’s strong too but he’s just struggling a little because he’s got about 2 dogs on each hand and they’re tangling up so he’s just like “Yeah amigo, I totally got this gimme a second” and France is just being pulled along because reasons and he’s got 2 huge dogs because for some reason they gave him the two biggest ones and just you don’t understand!

And then for the fems, like Fem!Prussia’s the same cause she’s got her little sister’s dogs and she’s just laughing because this is NOTHING! But Fem!Spain grabbed too many dogs because PUPPIES AND ANIMALS so she’s struggling trying to hold like 5 dogs and some are pulling and some don’t want to move, but Fem!France just has this tiny adorable mini dog because “Like hell you guys were going to talk me into walking a huge dog did you SEE my outfit?”

This is just very important to me okay XD