Overwatch Fanart PSA

Well, really, any fanart applies to this

But something I would like to make sure is known in this new and growing fandom is that we need to make sure that whenever we are posting fanart, we are applying a proper link source for it! All it needs is a link to the place where the artist who created the work had originally posted it!

“But Boushi, can’t I just link to the site that someone else posted it on and be okay with that even though it doesn’t go back to the artist at all?” No, not at all. Artists live off their artwork and we should show respect by giving them the credit that’s due! It only takes a couple of extra minutes to make sure that the post you’re linking to if you’re uploading the art is to the artist’s page! Like DeviantArt, Pixiv, Twitter, etc. And if they have their art on tumblr, just reblog their post! And don’t delete their caption, either!

“But Boushi I don’t know who did the art I found on google with a search!” That is also not difficult, oblivious friend! Google has a really nifty feature called “Reverse Image Search” that allows you to use them to find sources for that image! And then sift through the results and find an appropriate page! These are also sites you can use to do that as well:

And I’m sure there are plenty of other websites that offer this for free as well!

“But Boushi, I thought all artwork posted on the internet is fair play!” No, it really isn’t. 

“If your photos, drawings, paintings or illustrations are first published in the United States or in a country with which the US has a copyright treaty, they are protected automatically without being registered with the US Copyright Office. It’s always a good idea when publishing digital photos of your artwork online to put a copyright notice on the image. You may put something like “© 2013, All Rights Reserved, … your name” .It’s also a good idea to put copyright information and contact information in the meta data area of your image files. Image files that you share on the internet all have hidden data in the file called “meta data”. This includes a description of the image, the author and contact information.”

But really, it doesn’t take very much to credit someone for their work. Just reblog their own post or add a link directed to where the artist posted it. Also, some artists don’t even want you to do that at all, so you might want to ask them if it is okay. But, remember this one rule:

If you don’t know the source or can’t find it, DON’T POST THE ART.

Thank you for reading :D

So I finally hit 666 on here (Luci, water u doin’?) after having this blog for almost six months now. I’m shocked and honored that this many of you like my blog and/or my OCs and/or even me (because let’s face it, I’m the dorkiest shyest awkward turtle-potato-panda there ever was, yo). But yes, here we go~

Special Snowflakes

nickmonroethedevilsvessel, drmarkmrdark - You two are awesome, you know that? I mean, you really really are. Holly, you’re like the greatest same-state buddy I could ask for. Beth…I just love ya, friend. Best best friend/sister ever.

xlostones, just-a-country-doctor, you-built-a-panic-room, tentoriumxlignum - I’ve known you guys the longest, and I love you guys from the bottom of my heart. If I hadn’t met you guys when I started roleplaying, I don’t know where I would be at this point. So thank you guys for sticking with me uwu

hesnotyourpet/jayxcollins, onexmanxdisneyland/jfc-misha - I am so so glad I met you guys months ago and got the guts up to talk to you both. You two are incredible people and amazing roleplayers, and I just…I don’t even know what to say. You’re just fricking amazing. I know I was really shy in the beginning, but I’m kinda almost past it now. There are still times when I’m like…off to the side (and stalking the Mack and Mishalecki things whatwhat), but that’s just me. But you guys are cool. Keep up the good work.

homicidaltendenciiies - BlakeBlakeBlakeBlake I freaking love you so much you are an amazing person and roleplayer and I love all your blogs so damn much. We need to do more things together, okay? Okay yes good -nodnod-

fouriisms - Sarah bbu~ I don’t even know where to begin with talking about you. I still remember that first ever thread we did on your Stefan with the lakehouse, and then that ones with Damon where Jan’s new nickname was Dorothy, and he gave her that necklace. Those were my favorite threads ever, tbh, and you’re just amazing. Your Four is awesome, and so far, so is your Lydia. I just love you so much. Keep up the good work.

Other special friends and/or stalkees (whatever the word is for people I stalk, y'all are mixed together because I suck at formatting, and yes there are some personals mixed in here) in no particular order-

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Okay, so after a little over two months being here - again - I hit 400. A lot of you came over from the old blog, and I appreciate you guys sticking with me thus far. And on the other hand, a lot of you are newer and have only known me from this blog. Consider yourselves lucky, because wow, that old blog– yeahhhh. Anywho, let’s get on with the show.

Bolded are my special peeps, those who have either been with me a long time, or have known me for like…I don’t even know how long, or that just have a really special place in my heart.

unexpectedredheadtimelady, ararehappyending, you-built-a-panic-room, xlostones, sulpiciaxvolturi, nickmonroethedevilsvessel, owmycheekmeatbyfob, thecaptainscure, xlustra, fractusanimus

Next up, we have the people I mainly stalk from afar because either I’m too much of a shy potato to try and start something as of yet, or I’m just not creative and can’t think of anything yet, or they’re from a certain show I haven’t actually started watching bUT I WILL START WATCHING IT EVENTUALLY WHEN I’M DONE WITH A BAZILLION OTHER ONES.

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And then there’s the rest of you who I love dearly, in no particular order (okay, that’s a lie, it’s in the order of people I’ve followed- most recent to not so recent; I just went through my following list, okay ._.). And if I forget anybody, I’m sincerely sorry and you can spray me with a bottle or something because I’m a forgetful butt. And I do realize that there are personals in here too. Because friends.

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August 5, 1991: the single for R.E.M.’s “Near Wild Heaven” was released in the UK… it was the third single from OUT OF TIME and featured Mike Mills on lead vocals.