okay so as some of you may of figured out, I have lost my muse entirely for Cedric, which I am sad to say leaves me no choice but to put him on permanent hiatus. One day I may return to him, which I hope so, but until now I will be taking up a new character. If anyone wishes to know where and who it is, simply send me an ask and I’ll redirect you.

Best wishes guys. 

Okay so i decided against throwing out a random starter.

Like this if you want a starter.

And message me if you would like to do the tie thing bc srsly, you have no idea how much i want it.

The amount of time it is taking me to fill in this application is unreal. I don’t think I’ve ever taken 5 days to do one application

In other news guys, I should return to writing as Cedric pretty soon. I’m currently without a muse for him, so I’m rereading GoF, and writing headcanons for him. As soon as the muse has returned, I shall return.